Love For The Ladies: Isladiso – Day 1

Tada! This year’s Father day special. Last year, it was the first set of kids. This year is the second set of kids but as children since I really didn’t get to show them much. This Father’s day special is Borage’s vacation in Isla Paradiso which in my legacy its known as “Isladiso“, a resort town made up of several islands in Spain. I couldn’t do everything in just one update, so its broken up by days like a vaca would be :-p . How many days? I dunno… I’m not done getting scenes yet 🙂 


Vacation Day 1: June 13, Friday, 11:21 AM


It was near noon when we arrived in Isladiso, Spain. I originally placed a 4 day vacation with my lady Lois. I was booked for a gig for a party at one of the resorts, all expenses paid. Why not bring my lady along? We could use a vacation away from the brats. Its been so long since we could hold each other and not have a kid coming in every 5 seconds to whine about something. We don’t make love much and I’m starting to have some magical back up. Its painful on my balls, it turns me into a moody dick. I was looking forwarded for this until everything went to shit..

No babysitters for the brats.. I was forced to book extra plane tickets and came out of pocket to book a different room whom can bring in my 12 kids, plus my two year old granddaughter. L2 and his girl has issues returning home from college in Newbrey, Fayon and Pedro had to do alien things suddenly. BL and his girl were gonna keep my kids with Lois but their plans had change. This is going to be a long stressful vacation….




 “Hey, I’m checking in..”

“Name, please?”

“Montigo.. I was the one with the last minute change.”

“Ahh yes, Montigo. We were able to get the family suite like we promise, however we weren’t able to get 12 extra beds as you requested. We can offer you a second room.”

“I have little children.. and its only 2 adults. Its okay, I told them to pack their sleeping bags just in case.”

“Oh  I see. You should check out the boat house rentals. You try one if things get a little crowded. We’re refund the days you didn’t use here.”

“Cool thanks. Is the bar room open yet?”

“Yes, its open 24 hours. There’s no special time to drink here in Isladiso.”

“This is my kind of place!”





 “I’m gonna check out the bar.”

“You’re kidding. We just got here, hun.”

“Yeah but that was a long flight and I need a drink.”

“It’s hardly noon and you’re thinking about drinking? Can we settle in first?”





 “But here it’s 5 o’clock all day and all night long. Drinking now is okay. I really need this drink.”

“Borage! Don’t be silly, let’s gather the kids and find our room.”

“Its room 305. I’ll meet you in a bit…”

“Borage no! No drinking til 5. Let’s get settled.”

“But I’m thirsty…”





I really want to check out the bar. Lois said no drinking til 5 pm but I’m a grown ass man and I’m gonna do what I want. I’m gonna tell her how it is.. I’m gonna lie about where I’m going..






 “They said there’s a little daycare for the little, little ones. I’m gonna check it out with Ally.”

“We’re not done unpacking things yet.”

“I know but make Apollo help, he’s almost 13. Not so much of a little kid anymore. I wanna see how Ally likes it.”

“Okay fine, stay away from the bar.”

“I got a little kid with me.. She can’t drink yet..”




 “Okay Ally, this trip is a secret between you and me. Don’t tell Lois on me. You don’t want your daddy B. in trouble, do ya?”


“Good, if you don’t tell then you get ice cream. Now don’t leave this room. Daddy B. just needs one drink.”

“‘Kay! Want billnila cream!”

“Alright, but you can’t tell.”





 “What can I get for ya?”

“D cups, please.”

“Excuse me?”

“Your tits are distracting, lovely by the time. You have any drink specials?”

“Normally I would tell you to go fuck yourself but I think I’ll let your comment slide… We do have a special today, Spanish Fly. It’s made 1 part butterscotch schnapps, 1 part cherry liqueur, 1 part vanilla schnapps and 1 part cola. It’s very sweet and a favorite here.”

“I bet its sweet like those titties.”

“Ugh.. do you want one or not?”

“Yeah I do.”

“Coming up in a bit.”

“You know any hot spots for kids by any chance?”

“Oh family man I see. Ya coulda fooled me… The amusement park is your best bet. How many kids do you have?”

“If I tell you, you’ll know why I want my drinks extra strong..”

“Ha ha.. Maybe you could use a watered down drink, you don’t wanna make any new ones here do ya?”

“Ha.. I got protection.. My lady is on the pill.”


“Engaged. The wedding is next month.”

“Congrats, this drink is on the house then.” 





I chatted with the bartender lady a bit. Once she learned how I was taken, she started to get all flirty with me. It’s probably cause she knows that I won’t try to get with her. She is sexy though, I wonder if I could get a 3 way going but Lois isn’t the type that will go for it but I know this lady would be all about it. I should of been less chatty and keeping my eye on my grandchild.








 “Damn this drink is heaven… I was supposed to be watching something but what? Lady.. whatcha put in this drink again cause I feel good now. You should 3 way with me and my lady.. I think I love you..”





 “Ally? Ally?? Oh shit.. Alyssa! Where are you?! If I lost the baby… Lois is gonna kill me cause I lied about coming to the bar. Shit, Ally, shit!”





Thankful I found her playing in the playground. I guess she got bored and wondered off. This has no been a good start of the vacation. I just know this is gonna suck balls. And I would love to have my balls sucked but I got a feeling that shit won’t happen when you’re stuck with 13 kids.





“Damn it Alyssa.. I told you to stay put… Lois would have killed me if I lost you while I had a few drinks.”





 We head for the resort’s beach. The kids had loads of things for them to do while I could sit back and relax. At least I knew I would get a break here and there happens to be a bar. I could use a refreshing beach drink. Lois was busy playing with Junior, I’m sure she won’t notice me ordering a drink or 2.. 





 “Daddy! Its back! The wind people are trying get to me! Save me daddy!”

“Raquel.. not now. Daddy is relaxing.”

“But daddy! They are gonna take me to their wind kingdom!”

“I hope they do..”

“Don’t say that, daddy! They can hear you and they will do it!”

“Seriously Raquel, dad is not in the mood for your silliness today. Can you let me chill?”

“Daddy, they are choking me!”

“Khlamydia Raquel! Enough with the wind people today!”

“Sorry daddy…”





 “Hello handsome, what can I do for ya?”

“Any drink specials?”

“Yep, Sex on the beach.. cheesy, I know.”

“Ha.. sex on the beach for real would be nice.”

“It’s not as sexy as you would think. Try digging sand out of your ass crack.”

“I always have a towel on hand.”

“You don’t think I used one before? It wasn’t long before my man and I were off of the towel ha ha!”

“It must had been good. I’ll take the drink though.”





 “I made it a bit strong, there’s a lot of kids around. Strong drinks help.”

“You get me then. Those kids are mine, I drink daily.”

“Whoa, all of those are yours? Even the alien looking ones?”

“Yeah… long story about them..”

“I think alien children are adorable. My niece is one. My sister has a thing for alien men.”

“Aliens are freaky, don’t fuck them…”

“I’ll keep that in mind then.”





After having a few drinks, I decided to relax under the sun. I love how the rays of the sun feels on my sexy body. I would love to tan all over but I can’t bring kids to the nude beach. I would be nice to sunbathe naked this weekend.. Even nicer if was just me and my lady here…






“Now what…”

“I think I saw a spider!”

“You’ll be okay..”

“Daddy! I think this whole beach has yucky spiders! Can we leave?!”

“Dasani, there’s no spiders here. Let daddy relax okay?”





 “Daddy, I saw one! Can you kill it?! It might get me!”

“Daddy wants to be left alone… There’s no spiders here.”

“But daddy!”

“I’m gonna count to 3 and if you’re not gone, I’m gonna feed you to a spider..”







 “Your turn loser. I betcha ya can’t beat me at this.”

“You always smack talking, Apollo. Watch me win!”

“Show me what you got, Freddy boy!”




 “Oh crap!”

“Well, well, well.. looks like you took a step too early. Face it guys, I’m the king of this.”

“I want a do over. Its hard to see this rock on the sand.”

“Excuses, Freddy. Just call it cause I’m gonna win.”





 “No fair, Apollo. You have longer legs than us…”





 “This looks fun! Can I play?”

“I guess but playing with Apollo isn’t so far. He’s a douche.”

“Toshi, what’s a douche? Is that bad?”

“Yeah, you don’t wanna be a douche. Douches are hella lame.”

“Oh.. so can I play with you guys?”








“Just kidding. You were shaking like jello!  Ha ha!”

“Daddy! Journey is scaring me!”

“I’m ignoring you…”





 “But daddy… Journey is being a jerk..”

“Daddy don’t care cause you suck.”

“No I don’t. You are rude!”

“Whatevs… You are just a big scaredy frog!”

“No I’m not! Daddy!”





 “Mom, why is dad in a bad mood? Is it true that he doesn’t want us here?”

“No Junior, he’s just tired. After a rest, he’ll be in a better mood.”

“I hope so cause I wanna go swimming with dad.”

“He just need rest and everything is gonna be fine. Trust me.”





 “Why isn’t anyone over here. I can be a fun person. I wanted to start a search for merpeoples. I know there’s gotta be some merpeoples here.”





 “This is your fault wind people! No one wants to help me find merpeoples cause you told them mean things about me! I hate you and I will set you all on fire and your wind kingdom!”






 “I am the queen of the beach. Bow before me!”

“You mean the queen of the jerks.”

“Shut it Rae or I’m gonna tell everyone that you pee in the bed.”

“I do not! Daddy said it’s not nice to lie!”

“Whatevs! Luna said people love a good rumor and bed pissing is a good one.”

“I’m gonna tell daddy on you!”

“Journey, don’t be mean..”

“Oh my god! You guys are babies! Daddy is right. This vaca is gonna be lame!”




 “Daddy! Daddy! I want plway!”

“Not now Ally, I’m relaxing.”

“Want play pleawese! Plway in wada!”

“Ask Mama Lois.”

“I want plway wif daddy, pleawese?”

“Since you asked all cute…”




 I got up and play with Ally in the ocean. Water was nice and cool, the air was sweet with the scent of fresh pineapples. I could feel myself craving one of the pineapple drinks that I heard about. I had planned to watch the sunset with a couple of pineapple drinks with Lois. Now that could never happen.

This trip was for the sake of relaxing, Isladiso is the perfect location for it. I did find it a bit relaxing playing in the cool waters with Ally. Her giggles with soft and cute as she splashed her little palms in the water. These were moments L2 should be having with her. Instead, I’m the one taking her on her first vacation.






 As I played with Ally, I notice how a grown ass man had his eye on Nova. She’s 3 months away from turning 13 and its a day I dread. Seeing her as a teenager makes me nervous. Boys at her school are already curious about her being half alien.

Nova has my good looks and Fayon’s high IQ. She’s a goldmine for boys and I don’t like that one bit. It was a miracle getting through my other kids’ teenage years. Mi’Kaia and Miyoko turned 18 this year and moved out 2 weeks ago, raising them were a headache and now I gotta go through this again…





I felt my blood boiled as I watched the guy approached Nova. She’s too friendly and talks to anyone about  anything. I told her over and over to avoid strangers, especially grown ass men. I quickly shorten Alyssa’s playtime to get that perv away from my daughter.





 “Get the fuck away from my daddy! I don’t like the way you’re looking at her!”

“I’m sorry but I wasn’t look-“

“Daddy! He wasn’t looking at me. He asked me a-“

“Shut it Nova! I know you’re a creep and if I see you looking at my kid again, I’ll send you to hell!”

“Look dude! I’m not some kind of pedo! I just wanted to know what kind of alien is she!”

“It doesn’t matter! Stay away from my daughter!”





 “And you! I told you to avoid grown ass men! You wanna get raped?!”

“No! I was just-“

“I don’t care! You wearing that swimsuit probably attracted him! I told you not to wear a 2 piece! You give pedos the wrong idea!”

“But daddy! All the girls my age wear 2 pieces! Even Lotus is wearing one!”

“I don’t care! Go back to the room and change into a one piece!”

“But I don’t have one!”

“Then go back to the room and stay! Don’t you dare come out!”





 “Daddy.. I’m sorry. Do you really mean that? Do I have to stay there the whole time?”






 “Rae, I gotta talk to you.”

“Let me finish-“

“Get up!”

“Okay.. Am I in trouble?”






 “Why are you wearing that?!”


“Are you girls really trying to get yourself hurt?! These men here are thinking of one thing! Go back to the room and change!”

“Daddy! I’m confused!”

“You heard me! Go change or you stay in the room!”





 “Daddy.. I’m…I’m…I’! I..I…I…didn’t mean to be bad! I’m…I’m..”


“I…I..I..didn’t mean! I..I..”

“Lotus, don’t cry.. I’m sorry.. I’m being a jerk. You’re not in trouble. I just don’t trust the men out here. One was looking at Nova in ways he shouldn’t… I’m sorry princess.”

“I wasn’t being bad?”

“No.. daddy was being bad.”





I felt like an ass making Lotus cry like that. I gotta get this magical back up handled soon.. Things aren’t gonna get better if I keep yelling at my daughters over things they were innocent about.





 I returned back to the room 45 minutes after scolding Nova. I needed to cool off before I have a chat with her. I found her outside, sitting on top of the table crying a little bit. I was such an asshole, yelling at her like I did. I better make things right before things get worse.





 “Nova, we need to talk.”

“I know.. I’m-“

“No, Nova.. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t yelled at you like that. I didn’t trust that guy. You gotta understand that there’s some fucked up people in this world. There are men who wanna do things to do you, things you are way too young for you..”

“I know dad. I know about rapist and child molesters. I’ll be safe. I can use my alien attacks on them. You forget that I’m alien.. I can protect myself.”

“I’m your dad and its my job to protect you from creeps..”

“Daddy, one day a boy is gonna ask me on a date. You’re scared about me turning 13. Is that what you’re freaking out about?”

“Yeah, I’m not ready for you to grow up. I wanna enjoy you being my little girl. I’m not ready for you to be my little lady. Your bitch mom took you away from me when you were 2 years old, for 5 years. That’s 5 years that I can’t get back. I missed out on you being just a girl. Now I got you back, you’re about to be a woman.. I’m not ready.”

“Dad, I know most dad dislike the coming of age. It’s gonna be okay, besides.. Ziharians reach puberty sooner than humans. I’ve been blossoming until  “womanhood” since I was 8.”





 “I don’t want you to grow up..”

“I know but it’s happening, dad.”

“I’m sorry for being an asshole. You can return to the beach and wear your swimsuit. Just stay away from that guy.”

“I will but daddy, I’m getting hungry. Can we eat now?”

“Sure, anything you want.”

“I can pick the place?”


“I did some research before we got her and Rebecca’s Cafe has the best island seafood. Can we eat there? They had an A rating for 5 years.”

“Sure, we can go there.”





 We soon made our way to Rebecca’s Cafe. Nova was smart to pick this spot out. The food was amazing and everyone seemed to like their meals. Dinner went okay, the kids were happy but I wasn’t too thrill about how the trip was going.

I did want to have dinner here with Lois if we were alone. Lobster meal and upside down pineapple cake for desert. That would be nice. I wish there was a way we could have our honeymoon here but with loads of kids, we can’t go far. I wish we could have sat at the same table at least…





Lois sat with the children we had together, she seems happy. I need to get out of this mood, maybe I could actually enjoy things..





It was near sundown. Lois and I were given so much needed alone time. I can finally bust a nut, these hormones are raging. I think my bad mood would be gone… I just need a good fuck.

“Hmm.. I almost forgot how sweet you smell, hun.”

“I haven’t forgotten how sweet you taste. Now that the brats are playing in the play area maybe we can get nasty?”

“Honey… I just wanna hold you just a bit longer..”





 “You took your pill today?”

“Honey, we need to talk about that…”

“Now? Just tell me you can’t get knocked up when I bust a nut.”

“Not exactly…”

“That’s all I gotta hear. I was thinking we could start with you tasting my sugar stick.”

“Skipping the romance part I see… Ha ha.”

“You have no idea how horny I am. I just wanna fill ya up with my sweet cream.”

“That sounds charming.”





 “You sure its okay to do this? What if-“

“Shhh… They won’t bother us.. Let’s enjoy this time.”






 “I’m feeling sad… I’m gonna get a hug from daddy!”













 “Lois is always taking my daddy when I need him… I’m really sad now..”






 “Borage.. I think I hear Aries crying.”

“He’ll be okay..”

“Go check on him.”


“Yes, now!”

“I’m just getting started.”

“Borage, please.. he’s your son.”

“Fine… I’ll go check on him..”





Stopping in mid fuck isn’t so great for a love genie. I could feel my balls growing more sore because of the sudden pause. I swear his reasons better be good. He has no idea of how painful this shit is.






 “What is it this time?”

“Daddy, I’m sad. I wanted a hug but you and Lois were doing things..”

“Making love, something wonderful that I would love to be doing now. Why are you sad?”

“I dunno, I just had the feeling. I wanted a hug and I’ll be better.”

“Seriously Aries? You’re cock blocking me cause you wanted a hug?”

“Daddy did I make you mad?”

“No but I am a bit annoyed. We talked about this. If you are feeling sad, try drawing a happy picture first. If you are still sad then you need a hug.”

“I know daddy but I wanted a hug first.”

“You know it doesn’t work that way.”

“I’m sorry…”





 “Can I have a hug? I feel super sad now.”

“Yes you can. Do you feel happy again?”

“Yeah daddy. I feel happy again!”

“Good, now go play with your siblings. Daddy needs alone time with Lois.”






 “I wonder if I adjust the sink like this, will my victim be greeted with a cold shower? If this works then I’m gonna do this to Lois cause she totally deserves it. Luna said she’s such a hag face.”





 “Ahhhhh! Oh my word!! I thought I had this fixed!”






 “Muhahahaha! Excellent!”

“What’s so funny little girl? Did you do this?”

“Oh you gotta blame the alien kid cause she’s an alien.. Racist!”

“I’m not racist! I was just asking.”






 Lois and I didn’t finish what we started in bed thanks to Aries. She was nervous about another kid walking on us and decided we should cuddle. We could try again when the kids are asleep but there’s no way to fuck wildly with sleeping kids near by. I wish there was a day camp that I could send them to. If I could have just 2 hours, I’ll be okay.

Lois and I decided to have some pie. She talked about how we should have a doc see Aries about his issues. Pedro always said human meds won’t help Aries and we just need to cope. But now I just wanna see if that’s true.. I can’t handle Aries being clingy all the time.





 “Did Aries snub me?”


“He said hi to you and hugged you but said nothing to me. Aries always says hi to me. He just turned his little head away from me.”

“He’s just a little off today, Lois. I’m sure once he adjust to the surroundings, he’ll be okay.”

“I hope so. It’s almost like he suddenly doesn’t like me.”

“He wants you to be his mom, of course he likes you.”





 “If I run away then daddy won’t marry Lois cause he’ll be sad and it will be her fault! Luna was right about Lois. She is a bad person who wants to steal my daddy!”










We are in the middle of potty training Alyssa… So far it’s not going well…






 “No potty! No potty!”

“Yes potty! You potty like a big girl!”

“I not like potty! Potty bad! Bad potty!”

“Potty is good, still changing diapers is bad!”

“I not potty! I no potty evers!”

“Damn it Alyssa! Why can’t your parents do this?!”

“No potty! Nooooooooo potty!”





 “It’s bed time but tomorrow you’re gonna use the potty.”

“No, you use potty!”

“I did and now I use big potty cause I’m a grown ass man. You can’t keep shitting and pissing on yourself like some drunken trashy person. One day you gotta use the potty chair.”

“Uh uh! I not use potty evers! I like diappies!”

“Diapers are for little babies. Are you a little baby?”

“I big girl!”

“Well big girls use potty chairs.”

“Uh uh!”

“Ally, its sleepy time.”

“Nite daddy!”

“G’night Ally.”





 “Ready to lose, losers?”

“Apollo! Don’t be a jerk face!”

“Face the facts, Dia. I kinda rule this game. Morde gave me some tips and he’s an awesome gamer.”

“Hey! You’re cheating, Apollo!”

“Am not, Boragio. Your guy sucks. Why did you pick him?”

“Cause he’s awesome, Apollo.”

“Yeah, awesome at losing. Ha ha!”

“Good one Junior.”

“You boys are about to lose to a girl. Watch this.”

“WHOA! How?!”

“L2 told me how. You boys suck monkey balls,  ha ha ha!”

“We gotta chat with L2 more…”






“Journey! Don’t sneak up on me!”






 “Admit that you eat bugs, Tuscan!”

“Why? Why would I do that?”

“Because you are a nasty bug eater!”

“Well Jour, we are part Ziharian and it’s kinda natural to eat bugs since our species are lizard like creatures. Bug eating is normal for our kind. I’m sure you had cravings for certain bugs. Crickets are mostly desired.”

“Shut up! I don’t wanna hear your dumb facts!”

“I am just stating the truth…”

“Na na na na! I can’t hear your ugly mouth!” 

“Of course you can’t hear my mouth. I think you mean you can’t hear my voice. The voice sound come out of the-“






 “It’s been quiet, has anyone seen Aries?”

“I think he’s still in the play area, Freddy.”

“I haven’t seen him in hours. Maybe you can check, Nova?”

“Why me?”

“Cause you’re the oldest..”

“And I’m a girl, a man might rape me. Daddy said girls shouldn’t go out at night without a guy. Toshi, join me?”

“No way… I’m a cute boy, they might wanna rape me…”

“Don’t flatter yourself, Toshi…”

“Guys… we are Ziharians.. We can blow up the rapists!”





 “No one looked for me… I guess they don’t love me anymore…”





 “I think we should send the kids to bed. Some of the kids are picking up your bad mood. They know this trip wasn’t planned for them and they feel guilty about having fun.”

“I just wanted some extended alone time with you. We haven’t had sex in a month and I need it. My nuts are so sore right, I’m in a pissy mood. Besides I plan to rent out a boat house for the kids. Some want fish, some want to snorkel. I plan on diving. I promised the girls I’ll collect some seashells for them. Once I bust this nut and show the kids the boat house, things will be cool.”

“A boat house? That sounds nice.”

“Yeah, so.. let’s get them to bed so we can have some naughty time.”





 “Daddy.. Can I sleep in here?”

“Aries, no. Bed time is Lois and I time. We need this bed.”

“I wanna sleep with you daddy. The bad man might come get me.”

“Aries, honey. The bad man can’t hurt you anymore.”

“I was talking to my daddy..”

“She’s right, the bad man can’t hurt you anymore. You got your sleeping bag, you’ll be safe in that.”

“No daddy! I wanna sleep in your bed!”





“I’ll sleep on the couch..”

“Lois wait, I told him to sleep in his sleeping bag.”

“I think he’s just nervous. It’s just for one night, Borage.”

“Lois….please.. This can’t wait..”

“One more night won’t hurt, sweetie.”

“Yes it will! It’s hurting now..”






 “Well, Lois let you have the bed. Lights out I guess.”

“Daddy are you mad at me?”


“You sound mad, you wanted Lois to stay.”

“Yes I do want her to stay, she can do nice things to me.”

“I can do nice things to you too, daddy.”

“Not they way you’re thinking, son.”

“Why do you like her?”

“Cause I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her. Don’t you want her to be your mommy? You’ll finally get to have one.”

“I don’t need a mommy. I got you and Suziu.”

“It would be cool to have a female parent too.”

“I’m happy with just you and Suziu.”

“I’m not marrying your other dad. I don’t swing that way like he does.”

“You don’t have to marry him. We can still be a happy family.”

“Lois is apart of our happy family. How many kids you know have 3 parents? Don’t you think it’s cool?”

“I guess but 2 is okay.”

“What’s with the change?”





 “Daddy, I run away today. It’s Lois’ fault. Are you still gonna marry her? She’ll make me run away again.”

“You what? Ran away? Why on earth would you do something insane like that? You coulda  gotten hurt!”

“I’m sorry..”

“Don’t do that shit again. I’ll be sad if you got hurt. Why would Lois make you run away?”

“She’s trying to steal you from me. That makes me sad.”

“Lois is not trying to steal me from you. I will always be your dad.”

“You will spend a lot of time with her… Like putting your private parts in her mouth.”

“You saw that?”


“Sometimes when a man likes a lady a lot, he will put his dick in her mouth. And sometimes the lady likes it a lot. Sometimes adults need to be alone when that happens. It’s an important thing that adults need to do everyday.”

“So tomorrow you gotta put your privates in Lois’ mouth.”

“Yes, and I need for you to give me enough time.”






 “So when I get bigger and meet a lady I like, I gotta put my privates in her mouth. Daddy, what happens if she bites it? It’s gonna hurt a whole lot!”

“You break up with her. Only crazy bitches bite dicks and sexy ladies suck them.”

“Oh.. okay. Um… does it feel good?”

“Hell yeah, it’s bed time now.”





Now that Aries and I have an understanding, he’ll stop cock blocking me..






8 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Isladiso – Day 1

  1. Aww poor Aries. 😦 He just loves his dad so much but it’s good that he and Borage had a talk about everything so hopefully he’ll be more understanding now. 🙂

    • Yeah, he was starting to get better at parenting around this point. Being left with Aries a lot kinda made him. He took more action when it came to Aries but let the others do whatever lol

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