State of Tigo (5/30/14)

Hello all! I figure it’s time to talk about the status of this blog.

I hope you all enjoyed the most recent updates from Love For The Ladies, those are probably the last updates until around this time next month. I want to put my focus back on Ciderwood Lane.

I had ran into some issues on the new save for Ciderwood Lane, error 12’s and random crashes. I was using the world Great Bear which had the perfect layout for this story other than Moonlight Falls. Sadly I will not be using that world, I believe it’s just too big and the memory taps out often. So I opened a new save in Moonlight Falls and got to work.

It’s not how I want things to be like, adding extra lots in MLF is a bitch. But it looks better than the original file. So far the this save seems to be running pretty fine. However there’s no where I can set down Cergio’s house with the illusion that’s in the middle o no where.



But the creator of Great Bear does have another world that has a likeness of GB but on a smaller scaled, called Cape Garner Islands. It was perfect to set down Cergio’s house in but too small for the other townies. I decided to do what I did with Fang City (a short lived story), have a second save in a different town. So I’ll be introducing a second town in Ciderwood Lane.  The name Cape Garner Islands is a bit too much and I’ll just be calling it, Garner. It sets between Kamilah Grove (Cergio’s house) and Lansing Falls.


Last week I took the time to create some new families to add into the new town, plus made over a few families from MLF.




The Goodfellow family. Turned the stolen baby into a plantbaby.




The Macduff family, family of witches.





 The Ivy family, all fairies.




The Wolff family…. I can’t remember if they were werewolves already.




The Wolff family had 2 new additions.





The Swain family, Chester now Che Wai, an alien. Bailey now Violet Wai, Che’s plant kid that he grew :p



The new families.


The Vu family. They are a Vietnamese inter-occult family. Rhett is a vampire while his wife Sabrina is a Earth (healer) genie. Their kids, Kaiah and Spencer are genies while Anya is a vampire.




 The Oni family, a Nigerian inter-occult family. Marquis is a wolf, Mya a witch and their daughter Malika is a witch.



She’s so cute 😀




 The Reynolds/Davy family, just regular humans. Dominick Davy lives with his elderly mother, Aileen Reynolds along with his children Charity & Bryan. Charity is a teen mom, she has a daughter with one of the Macduff boys, named Lauren. She’s a witch like her dad Jules Macduff. Charity is out of control and all. There will be teen parents in the stories, not saying I’m about all it but this shit happens in life. I know some people get all touchy about it but just cause someone writes it, doesn’t mean they support it. I just wish people would stop being judgmental assholes.



Gwen Glover (human) lives with the Reynolds/Davy family. She’s suppose to be Aileen’s helper but she’s a bit on the crazy side.





But after placing all of the new families in Garner along with Cergio’s household, I ran into a issue. When trying to edit the terrain and more trees and flowers around the game had a annoying issue with crashing. >_< I couldn’t move anything around without it crashing. I had issues before when editing things in the house in the original save. The game would crash. I spent many hours on building that house and now I gotta trash it.



I started on a new house… but I’m really not in the mood to build one. The house will end up being a slow build. I’m starting to get burnt out on building. I’m not sure how long but I want to return to this story.




But I did set up a boat house for Cergio, something that he stays in time to time during the summer. I decided to move his family into this until the house is done. It’s gonna be a long summer in this story. As far as the animals, they stay on another home lot with Boragaia and Shilia. I couldn’t fit everyone on this boat house. But I find boat houses glitchy as hell. I dunno how I can stand to keep them on it. Since removing Cergio’s house, this save has been running very well.

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