Love For The Ladies: Chapter 83 – Real, Part 2

I visited the hospital anyway, rather I was mad at him or not… I should still see. If I’m a Dream Catcher then every dream with him is real.. I could at least ask him about Alexia to see if it’s true that he gotten her pregnant when we started to date. But time seem to running slow when I got on the elevator.

“I swear these things are slow. C’mon already!”

“Yeah.. I’m in rush.. Not like he’s going anywhere.”

“Which floor?”


“Yeah, your friend isn’t going anywhere if they are in Ward C.”





 “Hmm, maternity ward? Nice.. I’ll be there in 9 or so months…”

“Really? Congrats.”

“Thanks. Visiting a new baby, I figure.”

“Naw… I gotta get familiar with this place. My mom will be here a lot and I know it.”


“My mom had a dream she had 83 kids then moved to a resort town to have 17 more. I have 5 siblings, I know my mom is gonna make that dream into a reality at some point.”

“Your mother isn’t a Dream Catcher lycan by any chance?”

“God no! I’m sure she’ll be looking a lycan boyfriend since my dad and her broke up. We moved here for a fresh start. So far so good.”

“Same here.”

“Well here’s my stop. Again, congrats.”






 I made it to the third floor only to find Borage’s recent baby mama, June working at the nurses station. I haven’t made any encounters with her but I remember Alexia saying she’s creepy and remember Borage saying he wasn’t fond about her.He expressed that he didn’t trust her and was seeking to get full custody once Eli was born. Of course the coma prevented him, Eli is in June’s care.

I talked to Liam a week ago and Eli is due to come home with June this week. Liam isn’t thrilled about it. Even Liam is uneasy about her. I was soon to find out why.





 “What do you want?”

“Just wanted to say hi.”

“Well hi. If you want to see Borage, you gotta check in.”

“I know, his family is strict about visitors. I’m on the list.”

“We’ll just see about that..”

“I’ve been on list since the accident.”

“Hmm.. I guess you are. You gotta wait.”

“May I ask why?”

“He’s having his weekly check by a specialist.”

“That was yesterday.”

“Well they decided to do another one. I’ll call you when he’s ready.”





I knew she was lying, trying to find ways to delay my weekly visits with him. Normally June isn’t at this nursing station but I heard a rumor that the staff was suspicious of June making Eli ill. Since moving her from the maternity ward, Eli’s health improved. June made a request to be transferred to this ward, replacing Shae. It was always nice to see Shae, she never made me wait.

Then I realize an hour had slipped by as I waited… 




 “Clarissa, right?”

“Yes that’s me.”

“I knew I remembered you. It’s me Vega, Boragio’s girl- fiancée. I gotta get use to that. He he.”

“Really? He proposed?”

“Yep, a week ago.”

“Congrats! Here to see your future father in law?”

“Yeah after I visit my friend. She had surgery today.”

“June making you wait?”

“Yeah… such a bitch about it too.”

“She figures you’re wanting to see Borage afterwards. I been waiting for an hour cause he’s having his weekly check up by the specialist.”

“What? He came in yesterday. I was in the room when being seen. That bitchy witch.. I guess I’m gonna have a chat with the head nurse. She and I are best friends. June will get put back in her place. They need to move Shae back up here.”

“Yeah, I know.” 





 June finally eased up an hour before visiting hours was up. I think it was a shitty thing having to wait for 90 minutes cause of her jealously. I feel different as I gazed at him. Uncertain rather to be happy about the news of the pregnancy that might be his or upset is involvement with Alexia.





I only had an hour to be near him, I figure I should go see him.









 “Hey lady, I miss-“

“I met her! I met her, Borage!”


“Alexia! I met Alexia!”

“Okay?! So why are you mad at me?”

“You slept with her! Didn’t you? Right when we were starting to date!”

“Oh… Yeah. I did but you and I weren’t official yet. I was still unsure…well I was mainly annoyed by you not wanting to at least kiss me. I’m a love genie, I got needs.. Those needs gotta be handled…. I’m sorry.. I’m really am.”

“She’s pregnant.. With your baby!”


“I have my reasons for holding out but when I think about it.. maybe I shouldn’t keep you waiting that long.”

“I should had just waited..”




 “Borage… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I was being an asshole.”

“I didn’t come here to fight.. I want to see you.”

“I know. I miss you, you miss me but we gonna stop this.”


“You’re slowing me down. How am I ever going to awake up when you pull me into your dream realm.”

“This is just a dream.”

“No. This is real… You’re special Clar, you have your own magic. Every dream with me is real. My feelings for you are real. But if you want me to awake from my coma, you gotta stop pulling me here. When I’m awake, we can be together, officially, for real.”


“I want you to be my lady. I was going to ask you before the accident.”

“I would have said yes! We can be official now..”

“No. I want to ask you in the waken world. But for now, let’s just enjoy each other until we meet again. When I wake up.”

















 “Borage… Something is happening..”

“Clar.. No… You’re waking up. Please don’t.. Not at this moment. Not until I tell you that I’m in lo-“





 “Wake up! This isn’t a hotel! Get up, Clarissa!”






 “I think it’s time for you to leave. You can’t be sleeping here!”

“I got 20 minutes left!”

“You can’t sleep in the patient’s bed! It’s against the rules!”

“Since when?!”

“Since forever ago! Now leave before I have you removed!”




 I left his room but didn’t leave the hospital just yet. I was upset, that was my last dream with him until June had to ruined it. She seems to ruined a lot of things. I knew what Borage was going to say… I wanted to here him say it.

Fucking June, fucking annoying June! Learning my dreams were real, spending one last time with him until he finally wakes up then June comes in. I curled up into a ball and cried. Who knows how long before he awakes… I don’t know how much time I delayed his journey. Now I’m starting to feel selfish but suddenly I had a visitor.




 “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“June, she’s being a bitch. She kicked me out cause I was napping next to Borage.”

“What? Why?”

“Something about it being against the rules.”

“That’s bullshit. There’s no such thing. My sister once worked here, you can nap next to a love one, as long as you’re not fucking them. I’m so annoyed by that ho. You seem pretty upset. You’re close to him, huh?”


“I’ll deal with her. I’m annoyed by her. Borage is the father of daughter so I’m sure she’ll be bitchy with me too.”

“No it’s okay..”

“Well I’m feeling extra bitchy today, I wanna.”

“If it makes you feel better.”

“Oh it will!”






“What do you want?”

“That’s real professional. I want to talk to you about Borage.”

“No visitors now, he’s being seen by a spe-“




 “Look here you lying bitch! You need to stop your shit and stop being so damn obsessed! We know you were stalking him! Borage hates you! So you can’t stop thinking that one day he’ll be with him!”

“He doesn’t hate me! When he wakes up, he’s realize that we are a family. We got a baby together! We will be together, married and raise our baby!”

“You really think just cause you got his baby that you’ll be with him?!”

“He’s going to do the right thing! I read his blog! He mention there’s a special lady in his life and he knows its time for him to do the right thing. That would be to marry me!”

“You stupid narcissist delusional bitch! That special lady is the one he was dating! Anyone knows that means make the relationship official! He wanted to make things official with Clarissa! I know how special Clarissa is to him! He texted me about the night before the car wreck! Him and I are good friends!” 




 “That’s not true! That wasn’t true at all! I have his baby! He wants to be with the mother of his child!”

“Then I guess he wanna be with me too since I’m having his baby.”

“What! You’re lying!”

“Believe it, bitch! This baby girl is his! So I suggest you start being nicer to my friend!”

“How can you like her if she’s involved with Borage?!”

“Unlike you, I walk away when I’m not wanted. My heart belongs to another guy! So why don’t you try moving on!”





“Not like he’ll remember her when he awakes! That happens if coma people.”

“Your lame magic doesn’t on a genie idiot.”


“I know what all you did, you cunt. Setting fire to your own house. Making Eli sick. Using a memory erase on Borage.”

“Tha-that’s not true.”

“Bullshit June, I’m in your mind. Reading your thoughts, viewing your memories. Bitch, you’re going to burn.”

“No… No no one is gonna believe you! Mind reading? Yeah right!”

“Everyone knows vamps can mind read. Now go away cause you’re really stupid.” 




I didn’t follow Alexia to see what she said to June. I have this feeling that Alexia knew who I was when we first met. She seemed extra chatty. I wasn’t at her, she probably wasn’t aware we just started to date. So far she seems nothing but nice. I like she isn’t bothered with me being close to Borage instead of being bitter like June. I didn’t tell Borage about this pregnancy. I figure its best to tell him in the waken world. Besides, it’s uncertain of which father these babies belong to. My only wish that these precious bundles belong to him…

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