Love For The Ladies: Chapter 81 – We’re gonna make it


The past 4 months with Vega has been wonderful. Some may we might have rushed things but when you been in love with her for 2 years before meeting her, I don’t think anything was rushed. My siblings were supportive and happy for me. I was going through a rough patch when I first met Vega online. I ended a relationship with a girl who I thought was the one. I had my whole life planned out and things went to shit fast and hard.

Today I have a surprise for Vega. We been living back at my dad’s house ever since I accidentally set her apartment on fire. Today I’m showing her our new home but she has no idea. Vega has no idea that I already own a house in town. You’re probably thinking why did I move into Vega’s apartment and not into my house.

I couldn’t bring myself to.. I mean there’s a secret about this house…

The girl whom I once loved, Angela.. this was supposed to be our house. We planned to move to EC a year before my dad decided to relocate here. Angela who was 6 years older than me was nearly done with nursing, I was just a dumb 18 year old who thought she was the one.. I decided to buy a house here since she was accepted into special nursing program here. I wanted to stay with her and she told me that I must buy a house cause she didn’t want to rent. Rent was for poor people, she often said. Angela had a love, a huge love for my money I gained after my mom’s death. I paid for Angela’s schooling.. I paid for a lot of things for her.

Angela wanted a house in a private community. Maplewood Grove was the only private community in EC, though the houses were on the small scale, it was okay for Angela but asked if I’ll buy a second home that’s bigger. I made a promise once we moved here, we’ll find a second house. 

After buying the house, I guess you can say reality snapped in. Angela didn’t love me, she was not right for me. Angela loved what I could do for her, buy things she desired. It was painfully clear when I caught her in bed with a friend of mine.

I did have plans to sell the house until my dad wanted to move to EC. I decided to keep the house but a secret from my family. I didn’t want to more embarrassed about Angela, I decided to keep my house until I finally find the right woman for me. I found her in Vega but it’s probably a good idea to not tell her that I bought this house with my ex.  





 “Boragio? Where are we going? Can I see now?”

“Just a second..”

“Borgie! I wanna see! The suspense is killing me.”

“Promise me that you won’t get mad?”

“Okay but pleeeeese let me see?”

“Alright. I hope you’ll love it.”





 “A house? Who’s house is this?”

“It’s ours. Surprise!”

“Wait..what? Did you say our house?”

“Yep, this is our house. Do you like it? I know its small but-“

“Oh my gosh! Borgie?! Really this is our house?! Oh my Borgie! I love it! I can’t believe you bought a house!”

“So with it being small doesn’t bother you?”

“Are you kidding me? It’s our house! Ours! I never thought I would be a homeowner! Well I know you are! My name isn’t on the deed but oh my gosh! This is the best thing ever!”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Can we go in?”

“Yeah, sure.”




 The moment Vega shown her excitement over our new home, I knew she was the one. She didn’t care about the size of the house, she didn’t notice this house was in the Maplewood Grove community. She loved the fact that this tiny house is our home.

I did worry rather this house would be big enough, we are expecting a baby. But I think we’re gonna make it work.

“I can’t wait to put a nursery together. How many rooms do we have?”

“2 bedrooms and an office. We can always convert the office into a bedroom if we need it.”

“That’s perfect…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Well.. I just hope it will be big enough for our family.. It’s okay if we have 2 kids.. I mean.. how many kids do we plan to have?”

“I dunno.. 2 or 3? How many do you want?”

“I always dreamed about having a big family.. 5?”

“5 kids? Wow. Maybe I should have gotten a bigger house then.”

“It’s fine Borgie, really. Let’s be happy with this home. I mean, most families have a starter house right? When it comes time, we can get a bigger one.”

“Yeah, for now this place would be great. Maybe the baby can play with that grown woman over in the park. Looks like she could use a friend. I think she once randomly threw a water balloon at my aunt.”





 “Judge all you want! I’m having fun!”





When Vega and I learned that we were expecting, I was taken back a little. Yeah Ramiro told me she was pregnant on Christmas but I wasn’t sure how would be know so early. Vega was excited but was very nervous during the first trimester. She’s now in her second and things are bit smoother. I wasn’t sure if I’ll be ready to be a dad. I spend time with my nieces a lot, Morde sometimes get to spend time with Kiara when he’s not fighting with her family with visitation. When Kiara is over, I do get some one on one experience with a little baby.





 “Check this out, Kiki likes to be held like a sag of potatoes. She giggles when I do. It’s cool though, her neck is strong now.. I think….”

I just hope I’m better at parenting than Morde… 




 “So whatcha think?”

“I love it! It already filled in. Neat!”

“We can move into it today.”

“Really? Your dad house’s has a really nice spa room…”


“Ha ha! Of course I wanna move in as soon as possible. Just promise me that we can move weekly visits to your dad’s.. That spa room is great for this pregnancy. Plus I’m going to miss your nieces and little sister. I think they like me.”

“We could but Morde is moving out and taking the girls with him…”

“So L2 will be all alone in that big house, huh. I really like spending time with your family. I miss mine back at home.”

“Maybe we can take a trip there.. after the baby is here.”

“I would love that.”





 “I’ll do anything to make you happy you know.”

“Yes, it’s more I can say about that other…”


“Yeah.. That’s all in the past now. I think I’m gonna have a pretty bright future.”

“I think so too. Anyway let me show you the rest of the house. Maybe we can stop by that baby shop you mention.”

“Bun in the oven? I heard they have some nice things but it’s pricey…”

“You don’t have to worry about the price. I got it.”

“I know but I think it’s a little over the top. I just wanted to see what’s there.”

“Maybe but that’s where my dad got his baby things from. He often say, “Nothing but the best for my brats.” We owe him once we get older, ha ha.”

“I’ll be happy with anything. As long as our baby isn’t sleeping in a laundry basket, I’ll be happy.”

“Morde just let Kiara sleep in one as a joke, ha ha.”

“Please don’t be like Morde. Promise me you won’t hold the baby like a sag of potatoes?”

“I can’t promise you that, ha ha ha.”





We made a visit to Bun in the Oven, it’s a new shop that opened in today. It was a shop that started online and now it’s making its way into towns. Like Vega said, it’s over the top but I think we should shop here. We now have a nice house to place for it. Price is no big deal to me.





 “What do you think about this crib?”

“I guess it’s okay.”

“I kinda like it but if you don’t we can still look around.”

“It’s fine if you really want it.”

“No, no. There’s plenty to look at. I’m not gonna pick the first thing I see. I just wanted your opinion.”

“Whatever you want, I’ll be happy.”

“Awww, okay.”





 “Oooh, I like this cute highchair. Come look at it.”

“I would but Sansa is in my way. Why are you here, Sansa? You’re not pregnant.. Please tell me you’re not.”

“No, future step son. But my mom might have another baby. She loves having babies.”

“Will stop calling me that? My dad isn’t gonna marry you..”

“Yes he will. When he wakes up, he will know that I am his wife to be.”

“You are delusional, Sansa. You talked to my dad once. You were his waitress once…”

“Don’t be jealous of our true love!”

“Can you excuse us, Sansa? I want Boragio to see this highchair.”

“That is a cute highchair for my future step grandbaby. You should get it.”

“For goodness sake, Sansa!” 





After that strange encounter with Sansa, I made my towards the toy builder. I wanted to make a cool toy for the baby. I wasn’t sure what should I attempt to build. A doll? A car? We don’t even know the gender yet. I bet Ramiro knows since he knew about the pregnancy very early on.





 I made this awesome robot… I got a feeling this baby is a boy. So far all of us had girls, maybe I’ll finally give my dad a grandson… But only if he was awake to know that he’ll be a granddad again…





 “Hello, are you finding everything you need?”

“That’s the problem.. I don’t know what I need…”

“First time mother? This is my third.”

“Yes, this is my first baby. Wow your third?”

“Yep, I’m excepting a little boy any day now.”

“Whoa! You’re still working?”

“Well, I own this shop. I come in to check on things. I’ll be happy to help you.”

“Oh thanks! We just got a new house and I’m not sure what to put in the nursery.”

“Congrats, you and your husband are very lucky.”

“Thanks… we aren’t married..”

“It’s fine, I don’t judge. Ooh! I got a kick.”





 “Mind if I feel?”

“Sure, he’s quite a kicker. I think we got a future soccer player in here. How far along are you? When are you due?”

“I’m about 19 weeks, due on September 7th. I can’t wait to have a big cute belly like yours. I can’t wait to feel mine kick.”

“I love feeling him kick but I’ll tell ya the last month is a bit rough. No one ever talks about the last month ha ha. My first baby wasn’t very active, probably my easiest pregnancy. My second baby love to feng shui my organs and this one enjoys kicking at my ribs. It’s all worth the minor abuse. I love being pregnant, it’s the most wonderful thing.”

“Does child birth hurt? It sounds scary.. I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Child birth is beautiful, honey. There’s nothing scary about bringing a precious new life into the world. Don’t believe that all of the hype that you see on TV. You’re gonna be just fine.  Yeah there might be some pain with labor but trust me sweetheart, it’s worth it at the end.”





 “Ohhh.. I’m just afraid that it might hurt a lot. Did you get pain killers?”

“I did with my first birth, I wanted to go without meds but chicken out at the last minute. I went all natural with my second one and I plan to do a water birth with this one. I read wonderful things about it.”

“That kinda of sounds cool.”

“Are you interested? I have some pamphlets about it up front. I can give you one if you like.”

“Sure that would be great.”

“Great! Would you like a checklist for baby items too? I made some out for first time mothers. I have those up front too.”

“Really? That would be great. I didn’t know this place would be so helpful.”

“I provide the same kind of attentive care from my website like I do here. I really enjoy the in person touch. I’m not able to do the same in my other shop in Auburn Grove as much as I want to. I do the best that I can do.”

“Cool, you’re an amazing person. I bet your kids are just as great as you. I hope you don’t mind me asking but is this your last?”

“Heavens no! My husband and I plan on have 4 more. I love children. I came from a big family and would love to have a big family of my own.”

“Whoa 7 kids? That’s amazing. I kinda want a big family, not sure if I want 7.”

“Ha ha! I dreamed to have 7 kids since I was just a girl. I think 7 is reasonable. I heard there’s a man in town who has over 20 kids. I think that might be a bit much for me.”

“Ohhhh yeah.. That guy..”

“You heard?”

“Yep, my boyfriend is one of his kids..”

“Seriously? Hmm, how would you like a discount?”

“Really? Yeah, that guy is keeping me in business.  My top buyer, ha ha! He’s been buying things from me for years.”





Vega scored us a discount on everything since dropping my dad’s name. I had no idea that my dad has been a loyal customer for the past 27 years. With the extra money leftover I took Vega out for dinner. I originally planned to take her out afterwards though. Maybe the waiter will get a very nice tip, it’s not Sansa. 





 “Borgie, I have another ultrasound next month. Should we find out the gender?”

“If you want to. It would be cool to know so we know which things to get.”

“I wonder how many we are actually going to have….”

“What do you mean?”

“You have a twin and I’m apart of quads.. I didn’t tell you this but when I had blood work at my last appointment the doctor notice a spike in my HCG levels. It was higher than it should be a singleton. Everything else checked out fine but my levels were high.. His only guess there might be another baby.”

“Come again?”

“There might be more than one..”

“But we only saw one baby on the screen thingy.”

“Yeah but he said sometimes one baby can be hidden by the other. The baby will be bigger next month, hopefully the next scan will show some light.”

“I guess we have to see but I’m sure there’s only one in there.”

“Multiples are high in my family. Didn’t you say your dad gave birth to 7 alien babies? What if I have 6 hidden babies?!” 





 “Vega, don’t be silly. You know you worried too much.”

“I know… It’s ridiculous but I read stories about it. It can happen ya know.”

“Maybe but everything is gonna be fine. You seemed to have a nice chat with the owner.”

“She’s really nice, she didn’t turn her nose when I told her we weren’t married..”

“That’s good, it’s common now days.”

“Yeah.. I always felt people are gonna judge me. I’m an unwed pregnant lady.”

“A sexy unwed pregnant lady who I adore.”

“Awww.. This was a nice meal. You like your spaghetti?”

“Yep. Clar was right about the spaghetti, it’s the best.”

“I bet..”



I could tell Vega was struggling over the chat during dinner. Marriage. It’s a big deal for her. She’s a bit older than me and has been through broken engagements before. Her last engaged with Jeremy was short lived, she had a hard time with the break up. I remember her telling me that she believes she’ll never get married. She blames herself for her broken relationships. Those guys were just assholes, they don’t realize that they lost the best thing that came into their sorry lives.





I’m going to give Vega her dream. I am a genie after all.






 “Hey come follow me. I wanna show you something.”

“Like what?”

“You’ll see.”

“Oh another surprise?”


“I hope it’s not a lizard this time.”

“I thought you woulda  liked it. It was kinda cute.”

“Yeah but lizards aren’t my thing. I like fish you know.”

“Yeah…. but you’ll like this better than fish.”





 “But first I gotta tie my shoe.”

“Borgie, you’re not wearing laces. What are you up to?”

“There’s a rock in my shoe. I gotta dig it out.”

“Uh huh..”




 “Wanna add your name on the deed of the house?”


“Be my very married pregnant lady, please?”

“Oh my gosh! Yes, Borgie! Yes! I’ll be your very married pregnant lady!”




 April 20th, I made the best decision in my life for once. 





Slipping that ring on Vega’s finger erased any doubt in her mind.

I remember that fateful day when I logged into the chat room to kill some time.

I saw her… vega-rose84

She was sad, she was hurt. I was sad, I was hurt.






 I remembering saying to her…

We’re gonna make it.





7 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 81 – We’re gonna make it

  1. Wh-whats this? A happy moment in the Montigo line? O_o I’m so happy Boragio and Vega are actually in love and doing so well together but I’m terrified of getting too emotionally involved in their happiness because you keep breaking my heart!

    Just… just let one of Borage’s kids be happy. Please. (Or more. But at LEAST one.)

    • Some of his kids are doing well in their lives, the ones in Arcadia are doing fairly well even having to take care of Orion and now the clone baby, Jairei. Bora Bora is the only one who’s worst off but the others just have a few rough patches in their lives. It’s how life is ya know.

      • L2’s girlfriend became a druggie and left him with the baby. He’s only just now moving on. Morde lost his first love and is basically a train wreck now. Aries is Aries. Pheonix C may go to hell once she finally tells her baby daddy HE is the daddy. Bruce Lee is in an unfulfilling relationship and may now be stuck in it.

        Plus Bora Bora is my favourite. (Chapter One of her extension made her my favourite).

        • First of all, don’t tell me what’s going on with my own characters. I know what’s going on when I’M the one who is doing the writing. L2 is over Ashley, been over her years ago. Generally he’s fine, caring for his daughter and Solar. Morde is generally happy, a father to a new baby girl whom he adores, caring for his older daughters as well. Sonoko’s death was years ago, he did loved her but has moved on and enjoying his single life. Aries is upset over Borage’s coma naturally, but generally is okay. Although PC is hiding a secret, she adores her daughter and is generally happy over motherhood. BL is generally happy although he hates living in AG and not being himself, he’s still happy overall. Like I already mention, Bora is the only one who is worst off.

  2. Aww this was awesome. They have seemed really right for each other though from the start. 😀 I’m really curious about the multiples though, maybe Borage will get his grandson! Hehe very married pregnant lady. ❤

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