Love For The Ladies: Chapter 80 – Survival, Part 4

[Trigger Warning]


 I was amazed that I reached into my adult years. Life was hell in my teen years, there’s been times where I welcome the thought of death. If I were dead then I would finally have peace.

I spent many years in therapy sessions during my teenage life. My mom did everything in her power to get help for me. By the time I was 14, I was sneaking into bars in Monte Vista to flirt with much older guys to get free drinks. Soon the flirts turn into offers of sex for drinks, then for money and clothes. Before I knew it I was a teenage prostitute. I was finally caught when I was about 15, after flirting with an off duty officer. My mother felt living in the city was bad and we lived full time in Canosa. 

Soon after returning back to Canosa, I quickly found ways back to the city. I befriended a rich girl in school who could drive. I pretended I was going to a sleepover and we made our way to the city. She got us fake IDs, we partied all night. She introduced me to drugs, I thought the drugs would help me forget. It did for some time but my past events still haunt me.

Life got better when I was 17, my friend had moved, I haven’t seen Tyrese in years, I was in therapy and had been in rehab. I was finally clean and sober. My grades were getting better and had thoughts to enroll in photography school. I got a camera on my 16th birthday, my mom thought it would help but I tossed it in my closet. After cleaning up my act, I picked up the camera and found my love for photography.





 For the first time I felt my life will be okay until I found the old letter sent by Simona stating I was Tyrese’s life mate. I was getting closer to turning 18 when I found it.  I haven’t seen him since I was 10 but I knew there’s a chance of him coming back. No male lycan did try to date me however a few human males tried, 3 of them mysteriously ended up dead. Their throats were slashed, it was hard to tell if it was a coyote, a wolf or a lycan. There were rumors in school saying I did it but when there were reports on coyotes attacking farmer’s livestock the rumors died. I seriously doubt it was coyotes or wolves, I knew in my heart it was Tyrese.

Tyrese returned to me on the night of my 18th birthday, it fell on a full moon. I was told after my graduation, I was to moved in with him and how I had no choice. He admitted to killing 3 of my human boyfriends and threaten to go after my mom. 

Hell returned into my life once I step foot in his house. I didn’t attend photography school, or school of any kind. I lied when I said I taught ballet to kids, I lied when I said I was a photographer. Those were things I wanted to do. I could never tell Borage the truth.

I was a slave, a hooker, the only freedom I had was when Tyrese had to work. I would sneak out and visit the beach. I would spend hours staring into the ocean, wonder what would life be like on the other side of the ocean. One day I’m going to see what’s on the other side of the ocean.






 There was another thing that made my life slightly brighter. Turning.





As a wolf, I felt free and brave. I would roam around in the streets, pretending to be a lost pet just to get some affection by strangers. I was all alone now, my mom across the ocean, exploring Meria before settling in Evansdale County.





However one day, Tyrese came home early. He kicked me around while I was still in my wolf form, it was easier for him to abuse me that way. I had the urge to attack him but I never did. I would coward away, hide until I turned back. I didn’t understand why I didn’t feel brave around him….






 I was apart of his pack now, also we were married. I never told my mom we were married. I never told my mom about a lot of things. I just wanted her to not worry about me. As long as she knew nothing, I felt she was safe. If she knew about me married to a tyrant she would have a heart attack. Tyrese was so strict about everything, how I spent time of times, how I clean, cook, dress, ate and how I’m suppose to please. Anything that he didn’t approve, a severe beating was in order.

“What the fuck are you wearing?”

“It’s a new outfit. I wanted to try something different.”

“That is not on my approved list!”

“I know Ty but I was hoping you would like it.”

“Why would I like you to dress like a fat cow?!”

“I don’t think-“

“Yeah Clarissa! You don’t think!”






 “I’m sorry.. I’ll wear-“

“Damn right you are sorry! A sorry piece of shit! I don’t know why I picked some bitch who could be so stupid! You know how I want you to dress! Short dresses, no panties! It’s easier for our on-the-go clients! They don’t have to remove those disgusting pants! I swear you are the stupidest bitch I ever met!”

“Ty! I’m-“

“I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do! You’re gonna get ready for an important client today! Take off that stupid shit and toss it in the trash!”

“But Ty.. It’s something my mama got me. It’s a gift-“

“You back talking me little bitch?!”

“No.. I was just-“

“You were just asking for it!”

“No! Please. I wasn’t!”

“Shut your fuckin’ whore mouth!”







 He slapped me around a few times, pushing me onto the floor. I tried crawling away from him only for him to kick me, I dropped onto the floor before Ty kneed down to flip me onto my back. He firmly holds my throat with his dry and callous hand, pinning me down. He began to choke me slowly, I tried to grasp for air. His cold eyes glared at me with hate, I tried to plead but a word couldn’t escape. “You made me do. When will you learn.” Ty said coldly. Tears began to stream from my eyes, I was able to whimpered a soft plead. Tyrese’s frozen face began to melt into a sinister smile as I tried to beg. It’s one thing that he liked. If I could turn him on, he won’t kill me.

“You know how daddy likes it. Good girl.” Tyrese said before letting go of my throat. He forcefully removed my pants with the hand that was now freed. I knew what was next, I had to pretend that I liked it or he would hurt me more. “Fours.” Ty demanded as he lifted himself off of me. I slowly lifted myself from the floor and got on my hands and knees. It’s the only position that Tyrese preferred. It wasn’t so much as a wolf thing but more of a dominance thing. He felt more powerful this way. This time it was different, as I waited on all fours for him to enter me, he kicks me down. “Get up.” He demands. I get back on all fours again only to be kicked down again. I started to beg him to stop hurting me.

“You want me to stop?” Ty questioned me. I quickly told him yes before being kicked down once again. “Tell me that you want it bad.” Ty demanded. “I want it bad.” I said, fighting back tears. Tyrese kicks me down harder than he did previous. “You got to say it right, you stupid bitch. I thought I trained you better than this. Now again, tell me that you want it bad.” Ty scoffed. I got on all fours again, “I want it bad, master.” I heard Ty’s pants quickly unzipped, he knees down behind. He quickly wrapped his hands around my neck and forces himself in me. It hurt, it hurt a lot as his thrusts were swift. His grip around my neck tighten. I felt myself not being able to breathe as freely. I let out fake moans and his grip loosen. I knew if I know signs I like it, he wouldn’t be so hurtful. Ty normally doesn’t finish inside of me. He releases himself on the floor and force me to lick up the mess. But this time, finished while still inside. He pushes me onto the floor after pulling out.




 “Fuckin’ bitch. You fucked me up. That was not supposed to happen.”

“I’m sorry..”

“I’m not ready for pups, you better hope and pray you didn’t just make any.”

“What if-“

“What do you think it gonna happen?”

“I don’t know…”

“I could never kill any of my pups. I certainly could kill you, well not until it’s born. Find a way to make it dormant if you wanna live.”

“Ty.. it’s not something I can control on demand.”

“If you want to live, you find away to make it dormant. Now go get cleaned up. Your client will be here in 45 minutes. You better not screw this time. We got 50k if these goes well. He’s an important person ya know.”




 I got myself ready for this important client, Tyrese tossed me into the prostitution ring. There was a huge demand for lycans, human males were willing to drop large sums of money for a night with a lycan female. The thought of Ty demanding me to make a pregnancy dormant race through my mind as I got myself cleaned up. How would I do that?

It’s not something I can control, its natural survival instinct lycan females can do when they are ill or in a great mount of stress. They’ll pause their pregnancies until its safe, normally it can be done early in the pregnancy. It’s rare to dormant a pregnancy pass the first trimester. But I don’t know rather I’m pregnant or not. It was extremely early, conception takes at least 72 hours. But I needed to figure how rather I was or not.  




 It wasn’t long before the special client was here, a politician from the city. Politicians were no strangers to the Lycan prostitution  ring. He had a smug look on his face, way to eager to have him. I was a bit of a specialty in the Italian prostitution rings because of my occult, ethnicity and eye color. Turns out human males had a thing for biracials, lime green eyed, and lycans. I was all 3 but still unknown to most. If things went great with this politician, he’ll put my name out to all his buddies. More money, more clients coming my way. It’s something Ty wants and something I have to accept.

Normally Tyrese watches, it’s a turn on for him. He enjoys watching me with other men but this client wanted privacy. Normally Ty would honor his wishes but since he’s dropping 50k and a politician, Ty gave in to his request.




“Mmm yes, you got the best of all 3 worlds. I know tonight is gonna be great.”

“I guess.”

“Mmm, some sass too. That’s a plus. So how do you like it? Rough? Doggie style? I know you gotta love it doggie style. I’m picturing you on all fours, man that would be so hot.”

“You know you’re not allowed to do that with me. It’s one of Ty’s rules, doggie style isn’t allowed. Rough housing isn’t either. It’s his thing, you don’t wanna step on his territory now do you? Ty is a very territorial man, powerful too. You value your life, right?”

“Sì but not like he would know. Plus if you guys want my money, you’ll do what I want.”

“How do you know there’s not cameras in here?”

“I see your point. How about we play daddy’s girl?”

“How about we don’t. Missionary is okay.”

“Mmm, more sass. I think we are going to have a good time but were playing daddy’s girl if you want my 50k.”

“Fine whatever.. Let’s get this over.”

“Now daddy doesn’t like sass. I think someone has been a naughty little girl. Maybe naughty little girl needs a spanking.”



 I was happy it over, playing daddy’s girl is something I rather not do ever again. Something that brings back painful memories. Oral, spanking and being fingered while sitting on his lap given the first sexual actions between Ty and I. I think Ty personally tell clients that I like that, it’s the one thing I hate. He chose this mainly cause he wasn’t ready for penetration. Testing out the waters before going forward. He felt it was less bad since he’s married with children.

When it was all over, I cried. He thanked me and said he’ll be making another appointment. Once I heard the door shut behind him, I cried even harder. I knew “daddy’s girl” is what he’ll want to do for now on. And I was right. 



 Since getting this big client, Ty was nicer towards me. The beatings were less often, I was allowed to dress how I wanted, I got attend photography school. Things were better for once…






But good things don’t last forever……




Over the years the beatings were worst, he began to beat me until I was black and blue. Normally he wouldn’t touch my face but since we were getting fewer clients, my face wasn’t off limits. I would spend 2 hours caking on make up to hide bruises before meeting a client. Ty would get mad cause I took too long and its my fault why my face was messed up. I just knew that I need to get out of this.

The pack wouldn’t help, they had blind eyes due to Ty’s rank. He could abuse me if he wants to, there’s couldn’t stop him. All they could offer was make up tips on hiding marks, and ice packs for fresh ones. There’s so much loyalty in the pack, it didn’t matter if I was being hurt. I need to get out or I’m going to die.




 One day, I finally had enough. I was tried of being beat for no reason. When Ty was bored, he beats me. When Ty was upset at another pack member, he beats me. If Ty was happy, he beats me. If Ty was aroused, he beats me. The beatings were becoming daily after he released inside of me once again. Again it was my fault and he felt I was trying to get pregnant on purpose so he could kill me so I could be free. Honestly I just wanted to kill me so I would be.

As I was getting ready for the pack picnic, Ty decided I needed a beating before heading out. However before my beating, he wanted sex but I fought him. This angered Ty as I refused to submit to me. Ty leans down into my ear and whispers, “I had my eye on a pretty little girl of a lone wolf. I wouldn’t think twice of killing you and making that sweet baby girl mine. She’s about to turn 10 and she’ll be nice and ripe for me. Now if you don’t act right, I’ll trade you in for her. Do you want that? Do ya?”




I snapped.





 If I could do the right thing in my life is save that little girl…

I know the moment I die, her innocent life would be eternal damage.

I refuse to die! I refuse to allow another girl live the same hell I did!

I needed to survive! 





 In order to survive, Tyrese needed to die..



With no regrets, with no after thoughts, I ran. I ran and ran, not looking back. I ran to the ocean and jumped in. Once the cool water touched my bloody paws, I began to turn back. I didn’t care I was now nude in the water. I was free, I was finally free to live! I survived. I saved a life. My life can finally began. My life can begin across the ocean…

6 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 80 – Survival, Part 4

  1. Woo! Go Clarissa! Well no wonder she wanted to take it slow with Borage. Poor girl has got to have some serious PTSD. So glad she got out of that, and I guess we don’t have to worry about Tyrese stalking her. Though it might be that silver wolf….

    • I had started to reply to this but I had to leave to meet up with you and I forgot what I was going to say LOL
      I can tell you that Ty isn’t the silver wolf, Ty is that dark colored wolf that stalked Clar as a child.
      If Borage knew of all of the things Clar has been through he would understand why she wants to take things. But slowing down thing was good for B, he might actually have something real if he stops trying to bring a lady to bed the moment he meets one lol.

  2. *sniff* I hope her gifts for making her dreams a reality don’t cause this nightmare to come back to haunt her and she can be free to continue her life and find happiness. 😦 Fucking Tyrese.

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