Love For The Ladies: Chapter 78 – Survival, Part 2

Simona, she was supposed to be one of the most important people in my life. However for the first few years of my childhood she was. She promised to protect and train me. She trained me, she protected me to some point. Having a pack mentality cause her to not always be around. When they say jump, you ask how high. It would be reasons why my dad had hatred towards packs. My feelings about Simona are mixed but I want to believe that she truly cared about me and wanted to help but couldn’t.




Simona was around a lot, so it wasn’t always just my mom and I. However it was nice just being the two of us. I loved on the days she would make her famous spaghetti for dinner. I always had a home cook meal everyday. My mom loved to cook but having to make a 20 minute into the city everyday on a booming restaurant cause my mom to be late for dinner.

Simona was a great cook who often made me meals when my mom would be late. She often told me about how she hosted dinner parties for the pack. The parties sound so fun, I wanted to go. My mom didn’t allow me, she trusted Simona but was unsure about the other wolves. I was upset, I really wanted to be apart of Lycan things. Simona said she would love to take me but it was mostly a pack thing. I would need to be apart of the pack to join. I wanted to be in the pack, at least I wouldn’t feel like an outsider like I do in school.




“You’re quiet today Clar. Are you okay?”

“Sì….. Mamma. I’m fine.”

“What is bothering you Clar?”

“I wanna be in a pack, mamma. I don’t like being treated different. I want friends.”

“Clarissa, we talked about this. I don’t think you being apart of a pack is a good idea. Your papà hated those for good reasons.”

“Like what?”

“You’re too young to understand.”

“Mamma, I hate school. No one wants to be my friend. They say I’m a smelly dog with fleas. I wanna be in a pack and go to lycan school.”




“I know school is rough but trust me it’s gonna get better. I’m sure there’s some kids who want to be your friend.”

“Doubt it. This is so lame…”

“Don’t give me attitude young lady.”

“Mi dispiace mamma.. I just want to not be an outsider. Simona’s parties sound so fun.”

“I know they do but it’s for the best.”

“Bene… If you say so.”




My mom saw how lonely I am decided to at least let me visit one of the lycan parks that Simona’s pack owns. I got to play with other lycan kids which was a lot of fun. Simona’s pack didn’t want an outsider being at one of their territories but once learning that I was a pup of a Sliver back they allowed me to visit time to time. Simona told me if my dad was just some regular wolf, they’ll never allow it. Something about Sliver backs intrigued other wolves, I was well liked by the pack members. For the first time I didn’t hate being a lycan.




I was often asked by other kids if I had my first turn yet. I haven’t just yet and started to feel like an outsider again. Not being trained as well as the others, I haven’t unlocked my power to turn yet. I thought I could only turn when it’s a full moon. The kids laughed and said that’s Hollywood.

We can turn when it’s not a full moon but we become stronger on a full moon and do usually turn. We can turn after midnight for runs, we can turn when under a lot of stress or in fear. I was nearly 9 years old and haven’t turned once. When will my day come?




But on one sunny afternoon, my question is answered. I started to feel strange. I started to growl and clawed at the ground. My sense of smell was intense, I felt my fangs growing out.




I started to feel warm then hot. Hair rapidly grew all over my body. My body was engulf in a blinding orange light. I knew was turning, I was happy but afraid at the same time. My clothes began to shred off as I felt sharp pains all over my body. My heart started to race. I could feel my blood boiling. No one said this process would be painful. I thought I was about to die.




But didn’t. I turned. I finally turned! I was finally in my wolf form, I dreamed for this day since I was 5 years old. I thought I would be a big wolf but I was just a little pup.




A clumsy pup at that. I wasn’t use to my new 4 legs and often tripped a lot. I’m glad my lycan friends weren’t around, they would probably laugh at me.




“Clar? Is that you? I knew this day was going to come. You look so adorable. Your papà would be so proud if he was still alive.”




I never thought of what my mom would think about my wolf form but she loved it. She thought it was the cutest thing ever which I found embarrassing. She would pick me up and snuggle me like I was an actually puppy. I tried not to turn whenever she was around. I could only take so much. 




My mom went out and got doggie toys for whenever I turned. After our first turn, it began unpredictable until we are properly trained to control turn urges. I often turned a lot since first turning. My training lessons were starting to get irregular. It was hunt season and Simona found herself busier than usually with her pack. My mom thought the toys would entertain me while my body decides to turn back. I guess it help but I always had a feeling that I was being watched.




One day when I was playing in wolf form, I saw something in the corner of my eye. I quickly turned around to see a white wolf running away from the fence. Was that a Sliver back? I don’t know if there’s any other Sliver backs in the area.

I told Simona about it and she said it was impossible. My dad was the only Sliver back born on this side of the country in decades. She wrote it off as my wolf vision is still developing and I thought I saw a white wolf. I know that’s not true… I know what I saw, that was a Sliver back wolf.





After each turn, I was weak and tried. It was hard on my body and my mom started to worried. Without proper training, turning can be harmful. With Simona caught up with work, I hoped my body can withstand this until she has more free time. My mom started to reconsider her thoughts about me joining a pack.




One summer day, a stranger appeared in my backyard. His ice blue eyes glowed, he had a particular scent and I knew he’s a lycan. I do remember seeing him around the lycan park a few times. I had no idea I just met my living nightmare on this day. 




“May I help you?”

“You must be Muraco’s pup.”

“You knew my papà?”

“Sì. You can say I was a friend of his. My name is Tyrese Rizzo.”

“What do you?”

“I wanted to meet you.”




“You sure ask a lot of questions. You’re much like your papà, asking questions and such.”

“I’m just like him?”

“Sì. A much prettier version I must add. I can tell you’re going to grow into a fine woman. Your body is taking shape already.”

“I feel a little uncomfortable now..”

“Hmm. Well I came to you because I know of Simona. Your trainer right?”

“Sì. But she’s been busy..”

“I know, that’s why I am here. I know about your unpredictable turning. It’s harder on your growing body, it can kill.”

“Oh.. Did Simona send you to train me?”

“Well no but I figure I should step in. Obviously she doesn’t realize this is an important time. Show me what she taught you so far?”




Tyrese made me felt uncomfortable, there was something about him that made me feel uneasy. His comments about my 9 year old body was just the tip. But I figure if he was friends with Simona and my dad, I guess he wasn’t too bad. However after his short visit, he made me promise to not tell Simona that we ever met. He said him training me was a secret, a fun secret. I thought it was strange but I promised him.




When school started once again, I started to notice a wolf was always waiting by my bus stop when I came home. The wolf always followed me half way home and stopped. I wasn’t sure what to think of it. I thought maybe it was just a lonely stray dog. 




I started to run home, the wolf or dog was starting to make me nervous the closer it would follow me home. However running just made it start chasing me.




But one day the wolf or dog caught up with me. I nervously stuck out my hand to see if the animal was friendly. He nuzzled my hand with his damp nose and gave me a friendly lick on my wrist. His scent was of wolf, I figure he must be Tyrese.




Tyrese would often tug on the back of my shirt as I walked home. I would stop and watch him pick up a stick. He would bring it to me and give me a signal that he wanted to play. When we are in wolf form, we have animal instincts and often want to play like we were an actual dog. Tyrese like playing fetch and having his belly rubbed. But I couldn’t play today. I had tons of homework to do. I told him I couldn’t play and he whimpered before walking away.  




One day Tyrese was being pushy. I was having a bad day and just wanted to go home. Tyrese nuzzled his nose into my crotch sniffing me before pushed me down. He barked at me like he was telling me to get out now. If he were a dog, that wouldn’t be a big deal. He’s a lycan and I’m a just a kid, that made me uncomfortable.

I scolded him for that, remembering something Simona told me. Lycan males would turn and sniff unexpected human females’ lady bits. Of course they would think it’s just some poor dog and laugh it off. However this is disgusting with Lycan females. I was applauded and let him know that I wasn’t cool with that.



It didn’t sit right with Tyrese and began to growl and snarl at me.




“I’m sorry! I didn’t like being pushed down like that! Please don’t hurt me! I’m sorry!”




Tyrese started to lunge at me but I quickly ran down the hill as fast as I could. I never seen an angry wolf before and I was scared for my life. 




I saw Tyrese coming towards me, I started to panicked. I was frozen with fear and couldn’t move as he raced towards me. Without notice, I started to feel myself turn. It was something I was avoiding to do.




But in my wolf pup form, I felt brave suddenly. I barked at Tyrese which sounded like little yelps but soon I heard a familiar voice coming from the distance.




“Tyrese! You leave her alone! In fact stay away from her! I told you to never come near her! Now go away before I have you neutered!”




As Tyrese fled away, Simona gently scooped me from the ground. She carefully padded my head.

“I’m sorry that I haven’t been around like I should. Hunting season is nearly done, we can get back to training. Tyrese is a dangerous man, promise me you’ll stay away from him. I don’t want you to be his next victim.”

10 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 78 – Survival, Part 2

      • LOL it happens a lot on this blog for some reason :p

        I was sad when I had to age up the puppy. That was probably the first pup I had in my game. She was too cute. But yeah…bad touch Tyrese >_<

  1. OMG she’s so cute as a little puppy. I’m glad you did it this way instead of the manwolf style. 😦 I hate Tyrese, We need to take him and the guy that Bora is seeing and throw them into a fighting pen. To the death bitches! Feeling a little passionate about this now. 😛

    • The wolf pup was too cute 😀 I wasn’t happy about aging the pup.
      Yeahhh no way I was going the man-wolf style. I’m one of the few who using a wolf dog as a lycan. It looks better this way, plus man-wolves are so ugly >_<

    • Thanks. My dogs just love greeting visitors that way -_- The dog I had years ago was more of a butt sniffer LOL Everyone was greeted with a surprise poke hahaha

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