I need your help

I’m debating on how to go on with Borage’s story once I’m done with Clarissa’s bit. There’s so much that’s going on while Borage is in a coma, I feel like I’m dragging things along. I kinda feel like I’ll be going on forever with all of these extra things that are going on.

So I’m curious of your opinion. Should I write up a detailed summary of the happenings while Borage’s in a come then finally bring Borage back or should I keep on showing everything?

I have mixed feelings about how I wanna go with this. Yes I want to show everything with great detail but I do wanna speed things up and get to the part of him waking up and seeing the new babies. So I want another opinion on this matter.

I’ll keep the poll up until Friday. I hope there’s no tie cause my coin flipping skills still suck :p


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