Honeywood Park


This is a honey bee theme park for your sim kiddos. There’s even bee hive boxes for your sims to collect honey 🙂 It’s been tested out and works without any issues. No CC or store items were used.

Requirement: Seasons & Supernatural.

EPs used: Sand from SHT, Trees from Pets, Seesaws and hopscotch from GEN a vending machine from Uni Life

Size lot: 30×20



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3 thoughts on “Honeywood Park

  1. Reblogged this on Montigo Legacy and commented:

    I just reuploaded this lot. There was some weirdness going on with this lot, such as random base game items appearing on the lot and the sand was changed. I’m not sure what’s going on but I made this lot of my CC free computer. When setting it on my desktop computer the weirdness happen. My game might be smoking crack but I decided to reupload it. Instead of using sand from WA, I used sand from Showtime.

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