Desert Sun Townhouse Set


These homes were made especially for Lucky Palms. There’s 2 versions of this, a doubled sided and a single house.


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There’s 3 bedrooms on both sides. 1 double bed, 2 single beds and 2 cribs on side A. 1 double bed, 2 single beds and 1 crib on side B. This house would work okay for the TS2 apartment style mod. I tested it out with it but since I have the open house mod, the sims kept going into each other’s home. Simply locking the doors ended that.



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This one is the single. It has 5 bedrooms, 2 baths. 2 double bed, 4 single beds and 2 cribs.




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I also made a park to go along with the townhouses. I have it set in the middle of the area where I set down the houses. There’s even a Realtor office there too. I wish I had gotten pics on how I have this all set up but I don’t.



To make it even better, I also made a parking lot. All of this come as a set.


Requirements: 1.57+, I used a bit from everything I think.. except for KPT crap and Fast lane for sure. No ITF either.

Lot Size: Houses 20×20, Park 30×20, Parking lot 20×15

Store Items: Lucky Palms stuff

CC: None



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