State of Tigo *4/22/14*

As I hoped to have a new chapter out from Borage’s story, that’s not going to happen. I don’t know why this game has been a bitch lately but I’m not able to get pass these annoying Error 12s. What pisses me off is that it seems to only attack the fresh and new files. First with Rio’s save, now with a new save for Ciderwood Lane and Borage’s save. If it’s not giving me a error 12 then it’s crashing while saving. WTH, EA?!

With all these stupid shit going on, looks like it’s time to uninstall, clean out my registry then reinstall everything again. That’s not fun when you have every EP & SP there is. *sigh* I should probably download a new copy of Hidden Springs while I’m at it seeing how when I open a new save to test out Roll Bounce Alley, it was stuttering. I can’t believe it’s still doing that shit, given that’s it’s a new file. I even had the fix applied on that world and still it’s shitty.


On a lighter note I’ve been working on some no effects mods recently. I was able to remove the ZZZs when sims sleep, the annoying effects with snowcones, annoying effects after a sim drinks a energy drink from Uni Life, I removed chat and thought bubbles, I removed stink clouds but I haven’t been able to remove all headline effects period. I would love to no longer have to type in the hideheadlineeffects anymore. I can’t remove the plumbob but I found a mod where someone made it invisible. I’ll share what I have after I’m done reinstalling my game once again.

4 thoughts on “State of Tigo *4/22/14*

  1. I really hope that you don’t have to reinstall everything. I know, (and I can imagine you have a lot more files, and downloads than me), I would probably cry if I had to go through all my files. My game was having a lot of odd glitches, and crashes a few months back to the point i couldn’t play more than ten minutes, and then suddenly, without explanation fixed itself. I feel like they made the sims game extremely hormonal -__-

    • I just finished installing the last sp, I had to redownload KPT crap since the installer somehow got deleted off my ext drive. Dealing with my files was no big deal, I just move my folder on to my desktop and just copied my important files into the new sims folder. Reinstalling was my big issue. I couldn’t get the launcher to open so I can load the game for a little bit before installing my eps and sps. I had to reinstall the base game 3 times. But everything is in order. I’ll load my game after my doc apt.

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