This week I hit the 50k and making this my 300th post as well. Plus gaining 200 followers on tumblr as well. I wish I could say this is a good week but not so much. My home phone line died so no internet and the assholes won’t come out til Monday to fix it. I knew I shouldn’t gotten a land line. I’m stuck using my phone’s data until then.


I got some gifts you all. These are long overdue. I didn’t get to post the gift for the 40k views mark or the one year. There was always a issue with loss of the internet connection like now >_< But I was determine to make this happen. Like I said in my previous post, this is a big readers appreciation gift. I have 7 gifts lined up.


I also want to mention that all of these lots are in package files so place them in your Library folder.


Yeah I know the last gift had the same name but this is the remix lol I hate the first one now and made a smaller version of it..kinda. Originally I made it for a sim who was gonna have his teen birthday in my random legacy. I couldn’t think of a name so I called it Planet Awesome until I decided to call it Roll Bounce after adding trampolines on the lot. It’s very colorful with a skating rink, bowling alley and a bounce house.  lot. It’s set as a Hangout. I was gonna set it as a arcade but I notice how sims go to hangouts more than anything.

Requirements: 1.63+, Seasons & Uni Life

Lot size: 30×30

EPs/SPs: Showtime, LN, SN, ITF, Diesel, GEN, Decades, AM

Store Items: Gumball machine, Wood fire oven, Ice cream maker, Deep fryer, Blackjack table, Pinball machine from RH, That big kid rug from AS, Climbing wall (included as a package) Basketball arcade (included as a package)

CC: Yes, it’s included. I did place a CC baby swing on the lot. You’ll need the actually baby swing for it to work. If you don’t have it, you can get it here, you can find most of the store items there for free. Most of the CC is from Around The Sims but I have it converted into packages.

Click here to view pics of Roll Bounce Alley.

Download: Mediafire // Mega 





Next is my bridal & formal shop. Felicity’s Day is set as a salon, your stylist sim can work there if you like. It’s great for storytelling as well. In Freudian, this is where Clarissa went to find a dress for her V-day date with Borage. I have another version of this where I placed down invisible Savvy’s Seller rugs so sims could browse. I would of shared that version but I don’t where to find the rugs or the site where it’s from.

Requirements: 1.55+, Ambitions

Lot size: 30×30

EPs/SPs: Uni Life, MS, GEN, SN, WA, IP

Store Items: A wall hanging from LP, Deep fryer, Wood fire oven

CC: Yes, some including. One item that wasn’t include can be found here. Or you can set down the big bulky salon station from AM. The small ones look better.

View photos here.

Download: Mediafire // Mega




I made this last summer but it has had some changes done to it. However I have 2 different versions of this coffee house. One has the new bakery set added on and the other one does not. So pick which one you’ll pick or take both! This lot is set on a 30×30 lot.

I used the bakery set that was converted into packages. If you have it as a sims3pack, I dunno if it will appear like I have it. It might, it might not. I got my set from here. She also writes sim stories, please check it out 😉

Note: You may or may not have to replace the coffee makers after setting these lots down. I have issues of it not being usable until I replace it. It may have something to do with my coffee mod, I’m not sure.

Version 1 – Photos here

Requirements: 1.55+, Uni Life

Lot Size: 30×30

EPs/SP: WA, LN, ODL, Seasons, Showtime, Pets

Store Items: Gumball machine & Wood fire oven

CC: Yes, included.

Download: Mediafire // Mega



Version 2 – Photos here 

Requirements: 1.63+, Uni Life

Lot Size: 30×30

EPs/SP: WA, LN, ODL, Seasons, Showtime, Pets, ITF

Store Items: Gumball machine, Wood fire oven, Bakery set (link posted above)

CC: Yes, included.

Download: Mediafire // Mega





Now it’s time for houses! These are the Desert Sun Townhouses. These homes were made especially for Lucky Palms. There’s 2 versions of this, a doubled sided and a single house. There’s 3 bedrooms on both sides. 1 double bed, 2 single beds and 2 cribs on side A. 1 double bed, 2 single beds and 1 crib on side B. This house would work okay for the TS2 apartment style mod. I tested it out with it but since I have the open house mod, the sims kept going into each other’s home. Simply locking the doors ended that.




This one is the single. It has 5 bedrooms, 2 baths. 2 double bed, 4 single beds and 2 cribs.




I also made a park to go along with the townhouses. I have it set in the middle of the area where I set down the houses. There’s even a Realtor office there too. I wish I had gotten pics on how I have this all set up but I don’t.




To make it even better, I also made a parking lot. All of this come as a set (including the parking lot).


Requirements: 1.63+ – Photos

Lot Size: Houses 20×20, Park 30×20, Parking lot 20×15

EPs/SPs: Almost everything but Katy Perry crap & Fast Lane.

Store Items: Lucky Palms stuff

CC: None

Download: Mediafire // Mega 




Annnnnnnnd saving the best for last. Borage posters (and with Cergio being in one of them)!! It’s a 4 in one.


Download: Mediafire // Mega


I hope you all enjoyed the gifts! Have fun and thanks for reading my stories!




4 thoughts on “50,000 views!!!!!!!!

    • Awww thanks 🙂 It takes time and a lot of building to get to a decent point. My earlier builds kinda suck but it’s better now. I did watch a lot of hgtv some time ago. I was kinda forced to watch whenever I visited family :p It paid off tho.

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