Risky 10 – Update 1

Starting out my challenge with Devin Montigo, son of Borage and my good friend, VRS…somethingish?….shit I forgot how to spell your screen name LOL sim Pocahontas. Devin was born in my random legacy which isn’t much of a RL cause shit had to break -_-




Devin’s roll, I swear genies tend to always be firemen -_-

Runs in the family? Um like being a ho daddy? hahahahhaha




But before being a ho daddy like King ho daddy, Borage… Devin is gonna get his edumacation first.





“It’s time for the perculator! It’s time for the perculator!”

No..no it’s not. No perculating until you get your degree first -_-




“Mom, I might make football head children. Will would you love them?”






“Dad, check this out.”

“What is it?”

“That time you were with June.”




“Don’t remind of me of my mistakes!”

“Remember that time you fucked a pudding?”

“Shut up!”



 “I’m gonna be as awesome as you dad but gonna have sexy relations with hotter ladies.”

“You’ll never be me. You won’t find ladies hotter than yo mama.”





“What if dad is right. What if I won’t find ladies hotter than my mama?”




“Okay saying my mama is hot is little weird.”





“I need 10 ladies to have unprotected sex with. Who would like to sign up?”

“Where did I sign up at?”




“I would like to be one of your ladies.”“Aren’t you fucking my uncle?”

“Yes, but he’s mean.”

“Well I think you dig that.”



“I’m Astrid. I once had kids with your dad and uncle. I guess it’s time for me to move on the 2nd generation of Montigo men. I’m ready to spread eagle.”

“Um.. okay. You’re hot. I think you’re hotter than my mama.”





“My daddy said you made a movie with him. Can I watch it?”

“When you’re 18, you can.”

There’s a movie being made behind you :O




“I’m painting from my soul.”

I think that is YOUR soul.




“Wanna be bitch number… I lost count. Join my bitch collection.”


“Boobear! I thought you said no more collecting bitches?!”





“I love you, honey.”

“What’s your name again?” 





“I swear if I see anymore sims fucking here, I’m gonna scream. Isn’t anything private anymore?!”

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