Risky 10 Challenge

A week ago or so I decided to create a new challenge for fun. I came up with the Risky 10 challenge. It’s a spin off of my Risquecy. It’s more of a speed Risquecy you could say.


How it is done?

I’m starting this challenge with a sim named, Devin Montigo. He’s one of Borage’s kids in one of my freeplays.

So basically it goes, Devin will have 10 risky hook ups with risky woohoo set at 10%. Devin would be given the fertility treatment, after all with risky set so low, there’s a good chance of 1 or 2 of the 10 ladies getting knocked up. This goes on for 10 generations.


For extra fun, I used the Random Legacy roller. This was my roll for Devin.


For more extra fun, give your founder the Heart breaker Lifetime Wish. I did give Devin that LTW, he got some random LTW but I plan for Gen 2 to have that LTW.



  • Of course risky woohoo set at 10% must be used. You’ll need Twallan’s Woohooer mod.
  • They can have the fertility treatment. It’s optional but highly suggested.
  • They don’t have to teach the toddler their skills. However if you rolled Deadbeat parent with the RL app, you can’t anyway.
  • They can have a job, especially if you plan to use the RL app.
  • You can use a babysitter.
  • Your sim can be male or female. They can be any occult.
  • The kids don’t have to live with your sim. It’s optional, it’s up to you rather you want the kids with them if using a male.
  • Your sim can have girlfriends/boyfriends or get married. But I suggest you wait until the 10 hook ups are done. Unless you want your sim to cheat on their partner, go for it! But you’re evil for that lol
  • The use of the RL app is optional, you could choose to follow your sim’s LTW if you wish.


This is a very relaxed challenge, basically the only rule is, you must use risky woohoo at 10, as that’s the whole point.

Just 10 hook ups? Seems pretty quick and easy.

It does seem that way BUT you can do variations of this challenge as I plan to do.

Risky 20, 20 hook ups, risky set to 20%, 20 generations (optional)

Risky 30, 30 hooks ups, risky set to 30%, 30 generations (optional)

You get the point right? Say you wanna go for Risky 20, do you have to do it for 20 generations? You can if you like but this game is like a egg, I seriously doubt anyone could hit 20 gens, if you did then you are freakin’ lucky!

My Risky 10 save is purely just game play, I do plan to do a story base with the variation of: Risky 50, 50 hook ups, risky set at 50% for Love For The Ladies 2 later this year or so.


I think this is gonna be fun. I haven’t really gotten to play it just yet. Devin is attending university first before he follows in his father’s footsteps 😉


If you have any questions or suggestions, drop me a line 😉


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