State of Tigo *4/8/14*

As I was getting scenes for a new chapter for Tango Inferno I had run into some major issues. I was barely half way of getting scenes for part one until the save wanted to be an asshole. Ever other save resulted in a Error 12. Mainly if I went into CAS more than once then it wanna Error 12 >_<

Then I notice how the swimming pool bar that came from IP doesn’t seem to work correctly in Montigo Palms. I wasn’t sure if it was a routing issue cause the bartender just stood there like a idiot. I’m not sure if the patch broke it or it was another sign that the save is fucked. I tried setting up a new bar area for the pool area an of course…Error 12. It was taking so much time just to do this little cause I had to keep starting over -_-

So I decided to reset the town and annihilated some useless LP townies in hopes it would act right. It did for some time before it decided to randomly crash. It mainly tend to crash whenever I tried to get Rio and hi ex set up. Then finding another issue, my pose player add on didn’t seem to be working. And I need for that to work in order to pose sims with ease. I couldn’t stand the old school way of scrolling over to find the pose player marker. So I’m wondering, did it suddenly break?

I reverted back to a back up and only placed the sims whom I updated. Once again, it crashes when trying to set up Rio and his ex. Pose player add on still doesn’t work. I gave it one more go and some odd shit happen, such as him going randomly bald. I scroll over to find his ex, crash! >_<

Fed up, loaded up the base save I made and moved in all my townies again. Same issues still. WTF?! Trying to load up the file, it hangs for 40+ mins each time I attempt to load it. I tried uploading a back up, it hangs for 40+ mins. Needless to say, none of the back ups would load.

So now what? I didn’t feel like creating a new save for the 5th time and I am furious at Lucky Palms for this shit. I wasn’t sure what would be the next move. I don’t have enough scenes for a full chapter. I could of instead write up a summary and start Gen 3 in a new town. My only issue was “why/how” they would suddenly be in a new town. I rather it stay in LP but I thought about downloading a world that is like LP but there’s not that many CC desert like worlds. I really wanted to show the send off party cause it would be fun plus some of the events there has affect in Love For The Ladies.

Last night I loaded up my game pretty late and wasn’t sure which file to load. I decided to give LP a final go, the makeover would be fairly quick since binning most of my lots for that world. A save was made and finished but I didn’t move in my townies just yet. I got a feeling, one of them is causing these odd issues. The pose player add on is not broken, I was able to use it for the 2 new chapters this week. So one of those sims is fucking things up. It has to be a sim attached to the active household. I added extra sims to Rio’s house in order to control them with ease as I set things up. I think its either Rio or his ex Daniela who are my problem sims. The game tend to crash whenever I attempted to set them up. So I plan to open a new save and set them in and see what happens. I’m more likely have to generate a new copy of both just to be on the safe side.

I’m not sure when I will return to working on Tango Inferno but I had moved on to Love For Ladies. I plan to push out 2-4 more chapters before moving on to Ciderwood.

My blog is getting close to a milestone of 50,000 views! I do have some gifts lined up πŸ˜€

That’s it for now, I’ll leave you with this photo shoot I did for fun πŸ˜€


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