Love For The Ladies: Chapter 75 – Aftermath

“I am sorry little one. I am sorry you lost your parent. I did not know Ahilac’s queen would hurt him. I am at fault, I made you an orphan. With your Suziu’s dying wish, I will care for you and your siblings.”




“Sha’tifa, you do not have to worry about caring for my brother’s offspring.”

“What do you mean?”

“I received a message from the commanders, they request I have them sent to their living parent. However Icia and Fikah’s mothers are deceased, as for Jairei..well Borage remains in a coma. The next of kin would be their older siblings, they have some who reside in the colony.”

“I promised Peidax that I will care for them. His dying wish.”

“I know but it is law. You can still keep tabs on them as much as you like for Icia and Fikah.”

“But Jairei?”

“You can until his transfer to Earth goes through.”

“You say the other parent is in a coma.”

“Yes, but by law he must be returned to his living parent by any means. Borage has adult children whom live with him. They will care for him until..if he were to awake. Do not worry so much, transfers are slow for young children.”




There was a knock on the door, I wasn’t surprised to see my aunt Fayon showing up but was a bit surprised to find the kids with her along with suitcases. I didn’t attend my Suziu’s funeral earlier in the day. I didn’t see the purpose in doing so. I didn’t tell Dia or Toshi that Fayon planned one for him. If they knew, they would try to pressure me into going.

Yeah I got my own issues with him and I know it wasn’t fair for my siblings but it wasn’t like he was the father of the year or so. So busy with fucked up projects, raping my dad, he didn’t have much time to really raise any of us. That’s especially towards the septuplets. Dumb ass finally did some stepping up and care for them in some way..mainly cause of how Aries turned out. He fucks up one kid’s life and leaves Dumb ass to pick up the pieces. At least he did something right for Aries, that’s more that I can say for my other parent. He has some nerve to have more.. It pisses me off.

“You missed your Suziu’s burial.”

“I know. I didn’t want to attend.”

“Toshi and Dia were not there either.”

“I didn’t tell them there was one.”

“Why would you do such thing?”

“Gee… cause I don’t give a fuck? You’re just putting him into the ground. What’s the big deal?”

“I know you have issues with Peidax but Toshi and Dia did not.”

“I know, it’s not fair but I’m kinda a bitch if you haven’t notice. What’s with the kids?”

“By law, the kids have to live with next to kin if there’s no other parent alive. Icia, Fikah and Jairei will be living you. However I contacted your brother Liam and informed that I had submitted a transfer for Jairei for earth.”

“Isn’t that great… Another diaper bandit in my care. I just brought another crib for Orion.. I don’t have room for another one. I guess I’ll see if they even sell fairy houses here but I seriously doubt it.”

“I am sorry if I am causing you any burden.”

“It’s okay, i guess.”



The first week was a bit difficult for my little brother and sister. It’s understandable but they make me not want to have any kids. I try making different foods for them so they would at least eat something. I know they are sad over our Suziu’s death but they gotta eat. Icia was easy to please but Fikah seemed to be more difficult.

“I don’t like this.”

“That’s too bad, kid. You said you wanted grilled salmon.”

“I change my mind, I want pizza.”

“Either you eat that or have a burger.”

“Those are veggie burgers. I want real burgers like Suziu makes.”

“Icia doesn’t like meat so all we got is veggie burgers. Besides, Toshi went out and caught that fish and grilled it for you. You should be lucky that he goes out of his way for you.”

“It taste weird. I want pizza, please.”

“Saying please isn’t gonna make it happen. I made veggie burgers, Toshi grilled fish, you can have one or the other.”

“But I don’t wanna neither. I’ll just ask Lilah to make magic burgers.”

“No you’re not! You’re gonna sit your green behind down and eat your dinner.”


“You both get ice cream when you’re done.”



“Okay, I’ll eat the fish.”




“And you, how is the burger?”

“It’s yummy! Can I have another one, please?”

“But you’ll be too full for ice cream.”

“No I won’t! I eat a lot cause I’m part wolf.”

“It’s bad enough Lilah eats a lot, I guess it’s okay if you’re still hungry. I’m just glad you’re eating again.”

“I’m extra hungry cause I’m sad.”

“I know, I guess I could make extra food for you then.”

“You don’t have to.. We’ll have more time to play!”

“True but I want you to have enough food in your tummy.”

“I’ll be fine.. I just miss Suziu.”

“I know..”




Jairei is more difficult than the others. He reminds me so much of dumb ass, mainly cause he’s identical to him but he acts like him a lot, this baby is an asshole. Feeding time sucks cause he hates everything that we give him. He throws food and cry all the time. I’ll be happy when he’s sent to earth to live with dumb ass and they can be assholes together.




“You gonna drink your bottle, bubbles?”


“Drink your bottle, it’s good for, bubbles.”


“Hey! Put that down.. Don’t you do it. Don’t you- Ouch! You hit me!”

Jairei giggles.

“That wasn’t very funny, bubble butt!”



For the most part, Dia attends to Jairei more. I guess she enjoys the abuse by Jairei, it’s clear he isn’t a fan of hers. She adores him a lot and act as he’s hers but she should cut her loses. The kid is an ass.

“I’m gonna eat your belly. I’m gonna eat it!”


“Wanna be an airplane? let’s fly around.

“Down! Down!”

“Vroom! Vrrrrrroom! Look at the air- Gaaaah! You puked on my face!”

Jairei giggles.

“That wasn’t very nice, bubbles! Puking is rude!”




“Let’s get you all cleaned up okay, bubbles?”


“But you have to. A clean ass is a happy ass. That’s what daddy always say!”





“What are you doing, bubbles?”


“Wait! No! Don’t poop in your bath!”





“Okay bubbles, I know it’s not your usual diaper but your bubble butt is hard to keep in normal diapers. I think you’re be okay. Now go have fun!”










Anais has a better time with the jerk baby. He likes her, I’m guess cause she’s the only female who wasn’t related. This does make Deja jealous when she does attend to him but Toshi is sure to step in so she doesn’t feel left out.





Being surrounded by all these kids makes me wonder about kids. Would I be a good mother? I love going out, drinking and having fun but it seems like my siblings are starting to have little families of their own. Toshi is having thoughts of making things official with Anais since they now have Deja. Lilah and Dia don’t have anyone but they go on dates in hopes they’ll find the right guy. 




For the moment I keep myself busy with the kids, especially Orion. L2 has kept contact with me and was able to send his medical records to me. After a check out, I was told to work with Orion and his motor skills. Although he’s younger than he appears, he’s falling behind in development. I took out an hour for a day, teaching Orion how to walk. He was scared at first and often cried because he took a hard tumble on the first day. I assure him that’s it’s gonna be okay. After a week, Orion walking but stumbles time to time. I’ve tried with talking but he’s just not having it at the moment. I guess I will try again when I think he’s ready.




I had a night for myself for once since taking in my younger siblings. I got a call from my friend Atom asking me to meet him at the cemetery. Atom was the first friend I made since moving to Arcadia. Normally I has dislike towards humans but there’s something interesting about Atom that I like.




Like conjuring zombies from their graves!





As I waited for Atom to show up, I thought to myself about possibly dating. I don’t think I would ever date Atom, he’s a human. Sometimes I feel that Atom may like me but I don’t want him to. I’m a bitch and really don’t like humans although I’m half myself. I’m sure the right woman for him is out there some where.





“Hey sis, high five!”

“Um, no. I’m not touching your greasy hands.”

“What’s your deal? Why are you just a bitch?”

“Because I am.”

“Ya know, if you get laid once in a while.. Maybe you won’t be such a bitch.”





Maybe Toshi is right.. Maybe I should get laid but the problem is that… I’ve never had sex…

“Lovely night isn’t it?”

“I guess so. What took you so long?”

“My sis was being all haggity, running her nag mouth. I added a roofie into her drink so when I get home, she’ll be knocked out.”

‘Ha! Nice. Maybe I should do that to my sibs but we got little ones at home but.”

“Lame, didn’t know you were playing mommy now.”

“No choice really.”

“Why so?”

“I don’t wanna talk about…”




“Um..okay. How many zombies you made for tonight?”

“Just 3, for fun I gave one a jet pack.”

“Awesome, I wonder if a body part will fall off.”

“I’m hoping so. It would be funny especially if a whole ass was left on the mayor’s lawn.”

“You’re so wicked and I love that. Ya know Luna… I kinda like you.”


“I’m starting to like you. You’re just as fucked up as I am. I think we would work well together.”




“You’re sure you wanna get involved with an alien?! I could implant a baby in you that would rip your asshole to the size of China!”

“Where did you get that thing?!”

“Does it matter?! Drop the pants so I know your asshole is fit for birthing my alien babies!”

“You’re fucked up! Will you marry me?!”


“Kidding! Would you like to on a date with me?! Please say yes!”

“Whatever! I’ll go on a lame date with you!”



15 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 75 – Aftermath

    • Yeah, nothing turns a man on like threaten their assholes LOL Luna has her own unique way of flirting with men. It probably explains why she’s still a virgin hahahaha

  1. LOL… Luna really needs to learn to calm down. I know she doesn’t like the idea of Borage in a coma and Pedro being dead, but she really needs to calm down and relax. Everything is ok when you’re not worrying.

  2. I’m a bad friend Dx
    These are for you:
    I hope it’s not too late :3
    Let’s see…um…as far as their personalities are concerned, all that really matters is that they come across as intelligent and mature enough. That’s one of Lala’s big things, she really pushes to raise kids that are responsible, intelligent and mature (so, as Borage would probably put it, boring…xD) but yeah, any questions you know where to find me 😛

    • Thanks. I guess I could figure the rest of their personalities by their traits. You’re not too late, I got a couple of filler chapters before getting to that point of showing them.

      • Yeah, I’m lazy and I don’t pay much attention to their traits so I tend to just give them really generic personalities and round them out a bit in their short stories. I haven’t written theirs yet, I’ll likely do it after seeing what you write about them so you can have more freedom with them, though 🙂

        • You gave me their sim files as toddlers so I had to pick their traits. I think I gave one of them Irresistible and another one Party Animal haha

  3. I think everyone is probably going to be pretty bitter at Sha’tifa for a while. Poor Luna suddenly thrown into pseudo motherhood when she wasn’t even sure she wanted kids in the first place. Hopefully she and Atom work out though, they seem like a fun pair. 😀

    • To be fair Sha’tifa wasn’t aware the queen would actually show up in person let alone have intentions to kill. She figure the police from Ahilac’s planet would come, not the queen.

      I didn’t plan anything regarding Atom, we’ll just see what happens 😀

  4. Lots of funny moments in this chapter. Seems like the kids will be alright, even if Luna doesn’t really want kids she does a pretty good job with them. She and Atom are funny. XD
    Zombies with jetpacks lol

    • She’s pretty good with the kiddos so far. She hasn’t stolen their candy yet. She mainly sets her siblings on fire instead lol

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