Love For The Ladies: Chapter 74 – Bittersweet



“You stay here Orion. You have siblings who live here. They will care for you, protect you. I will come and check on you. If I am ever caught by the queen, you will be safe here.”





“To make sure you are fully protected, I will deactivate you as I did to Solar. You’ll live normal, the queen will not have use for you.”




“Good bye for now. I will come see you again, Orion.”







“Orion? What are you doing here? How did you get here? You look a lot different from the pics but I can see you have some of our dumb ass dad in you. C’mere little guy.”




“Here, you can hang out with your niece, Deja. You both got a lot in common, such as shameless shitting on yourselves.”








“Hey L2, you’re not going to believe this but I found our brother Orion at my door here in Arcadia. I’m pretty sure it’s him, he looks different from the pics but he does look like Solar does now. I can send in a transfer for him to return back to Earth however it will take some time. The council of Arcadia want children to stay, so they will put off the transfer as long as possible. 5 years max before they have to honor the request of transfer. Since Orion is a toddler, they are most likely going to hold off for the next 5 years. I don’t mind keeping the little guy. At least I can train him how to not be a dumb ass like dad.”




Having Jairei around has been the most wonderful thing but caring for a young infant can be a bit time consuming. Perhaps if he was older, things would be a bit easier. However I am enjoying him as a small infant but my work has been slacking. I should improve before my commanders take notice. 





I had a small sample of an aging formula that Ahilac gave to Icia and Fikah. It’s enough to advance Jairei’s age a month older however I would want his age to be close to a year old. If I were to successfully double this sample, I could speed up his age.




I was able to doubled the small sample with success and carefully added the right amount into one of Jairei’s bottles. As I fed him, I cherished these last few moments of his infant hood. He’ll be at the age where he’ll be able to fed himself and such. As he drink the last bit from his bottle, I started to have second thoughts.




However it was too late. What was done is done, Jairei rapidly aged into a 10 month old before my eyes. As soon as I saw him rock back and forth with his feet and giggled, no I longer regret my decision. He’s healthy and happy.




The next couple weeks were a bit easier, he didn’t need around the clock feedings as much but still requires more than any other toddler. I remember this with Aries, he was always hungry and needed more feedings. I figure it because of their genie status.





It was a nice day and decided to pull away from the lab to spend time with my children. We went fishing at a near by pond.

“How we can’t do more often, Suziu?”

“I want to but my job and Jairei need me lot. I am sorry. I promise we will do of this more.”

“I really hope so, Suziu. This is loads of fun. I bet I can catch a bigger fish than Fikah.”

“Nuh huh! I can catch a bigger fish!”

“No you can’t! I’m a better fisher. Right Suziu?”

“Do not fight. Fighting is not good.”

“Sorry Suziu.”

“I’m sorry too.”




I later decided that we should go to the park to have a little picnic. I don’t recall ever doing this with my older children. I don’t recall doing much with them. I was wrapped up with my work, spent little time with them. It is one of my regrets. I hope to have a closer relationship with my 3 youngest children, something I wanted from my older children. My second born Luna resents me the most since I picked her as the breeder. However she is not required to do so, she remains upset with me. As for my oldest, Bora Bora, there was nothing I could do to win her love. I don’t hear much from my 2 oldest children, especially Luna. I made attempts to speak with them but they ignore me. I am hurt, but I won’t stop attempting to make contact with them.




“Food is good?”

“Yes, Suziu! I love PB and J. Thanks for making it for me.”

“Yeah Suziu, I love burgers. Icia is missing out on burgers.”

“Meat is gross! I’m not missing out, Fikah.”

“You’re a weirdo. A werewolf who doesn’t like meat.”

“I’m not a weirdo!”

“Do not call sister names. That is not nice.”

“Sorry but I think it’s odd.”

“Your sister is fine the way she is.”





“Can I ask you something, Suziu?”

“Yes, what is it, Fikah?”

“How come we only got one parent? Don’t we have a girl parent too?”

I knew one day they would ask about their mothers. I cannot tell them the truth, they’ll hate it even if I said it was not my decision. What do I do?

“We know how Jairei happen, he’s a clone but what about us? I look different from Fikah plus I’m a wolf and he isn’t.”

“We were created in a lab too? Are we lab babies? Lab baby clones?!”

“No, you and Icia have different mothers.”

“Then where’s our mommies?”

“I do not how to say… Your mothers had passed on after birth.”

“They died?”

“How? Did we kill them? Oh no!”

“No, your mothers….they were sick. I could not save. I am sorry.”






I told them the half truth, they mothers had died but I didn’t tell them that I had to kill them. They seemed to believe it, maybe one day I will tell them the truth but they are much too young to know the truth.





While Icia and Fikah went to go play, I felt it was time for me to teach Jairei how to walk. He seemed to be a bit eager to learn how to walk which I enjoyed. However I am worried about teaching him how to speak. My English is not good and I do not feel I should teach him. Fayon taught the septuplets, Icia and Fikah to speak, Borage taught Bora Bora and Luna. Fayon has done so much for me, it would be a bother to ask her since she now has one small child of her own.




“I can help you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can teach the baby to speak. My English is pretty good.”

“How did you know this was an issue? You read my thoughts?”

“Yes! But for good reasons!”

“Reason of?”

“Never mind that, would you like my help?”

“I could not impose..”

“I do not mind! I love babies!”

“Okay, if you insist.”




I left Jairei with Wanzi in hopes she could teach him how to speak. I returned to the lab to continue on with my day’s work.

“Okay little baby, I’m gonna teach you how to say some words.”


“C’mon little baby, it’s gonna be fun. Can you say puppy?”


“You didn’t even try!”




It has been sometime since I last saw Ahilac. I do think about her a lot. I do miss her but I try to focus on my work and children. I do wish she returns back to me. I wonder if I did something to make her leave. My life will feel complete if she ever returns back to me.






I couldn’t believe my eyes, she returned back to me and embraced me with a kiss. I did not care where she went, or why she left. I was happy to see her once again.




“I am sorry for I had left but I did not want to be a bother.”

“You was not. I promise to protect and find a place for you and Orion. Where is Orion?”

“He is safe. He is with your older children here. I can see him when I please.”

“Oh I see. I will still find a place for you.”

“Thank you but I found a place. I came to see you. I miss you.”

“I miss you too. I am happy you are back.”

“I will visit you often. Make love often.”

“I would love that. I can take break, we can catch up.”




“She’s back? I thought she left and we were safe. I had enough of this. I will take care of this problem.”







“Queen?! Oh.. no!”

“We have been looking for you. You failed to bring the child! Where is the child! Bring me the child then you will suffer your fate!”

“Queen! I am sorry! I am sorry that I failed you!”

“Bring me the child!”

“You can not have the child! You can not have her!”

“I am not speaking to you lizard man. I come forth the child. Bring him to me!”




“I will not give you Ahilac or Orion. Leave! Before I have you removed!”

“Peidax, please. Let me handle this…”

“No! I promise to protect. I will protect you with my life!”

“It is best if you listen to your whore, lizard man if you know what’s good for you.”

“Leave this place! You will not harm her in any way! I do not care of what she had done! You plan to turn the baby into your love slave once you age him? You cannot force love!”




“You will regret stepping into this, lizard. You could of done as the others and stay out. You just had to open your big mouth.”





“Queen, please! I beg of you. Do not harm Peidax! You only came for me! Please, do not hurt him!”





“He will know when to shut his mouth! It will cost him dearly!”






“I do not have the child… I deactivated him..”





“You do not have him? You deactivated him? He is useless to me now! For years we waited for a male child and you deactivated him? I will make your death more painful than your lizard friend!”








“Peidax?! What happen?! What is going on? Please tell me what is going on?!”







“Brother! What happen to my brother!”

“Sha’tifa? What happen in here?!”

“I do not know.”

“Is my brother okay?! Brother please speak! Please!”





“Peidax! Oh my stars! Please don’t go! I’m going to get you help! You’re gonna pull through this!”


“Peidax, don’t speak. Save your energy!”


“Wha-what? You forgive me? Never mind that! Stay with us!”

“Ta…ke care…my… Please.”

“Peidax, no! Do not leave us! Please! Peidax!”

“Care……child…ren.. please.”

“I will… I promise… Do not leave us! Please, Peidax! I still love you!”

“I never stopped….loving…you..”

“Peidax? Peidax?! Noooooo!”




10 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 74 – Bittersweet

  1. D: No not Pedro! He was messing with dangerous forces outside his control though. It’s just sad cause he finally is getting to settle into the life he really wanted.

    • Yeah, it’s like life ya know. Things are pretty great then BANG someone dies suddenly 😦 If he would of listened to his ex Sha’Tifa, he would of been alive. He followed his heart and was happy until the end.. Bittersweet you can say.

  2. NO! Poor Pedro! He had just started to be in his children’s lives! But, life is a roller coaster. I guess his cart fell off the track 😦

  3. Nooooooooooo not Pedro!!!!!! 😦 😦 Yes he did a lot wrong but he was starting to try and change things for the better. But it was wasser-face who summoned the Queen — she should suffer.
    On another note, I loved that pic of Orion after he was changed. Such a cutie.

  4. Also, I really love all the shots during that scene, with the edits and poses and expressions. e.g. the one of her touching Pedro’s body and looking up, and the one of lifeless Pedro in her arms. And the queen pose with the dress and hair. All cool.

  5. Oh no! Pedro! 😦 Aww I wasn’t expecting him to die, poor guy!
    Sha’tifa is gonna really regret what she did 😡 She got him killed.
    Poor kids 😦

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