Montigo Extensions: Bruce-Lee, Update 2

Note: It’s been forever since I did a life update on BL. Since the last update, there’s been a change in the course of his update. Mainly because of Love For The Ladies turned towards a new direction. I’m trying my best to sync Bruce’s life with Borage’s life. The new name for Appaloosa Plains is Auburn Grove.


It was near the end of summer and about a month away before Lakey and I make our way to Newbrey to attend university. I can’t say I’m uber excited about it. Yeah I do want to take business courses in the hopes of running a night club, something Lakey doesn’t know about. I guess being a mechanical would be cool but music and late night scenes is more of my taste. I thought about sneaking in a music production course but I know Lakey would question it. I feel like I shouldn’t have to hide things from her. She knows how I love music, so maybe she won’t question it so. After all, she does plan on having a culinary course  for one of her classes.



I spent most of the evening chatting with my siblings, telling them about my college plans. I got a bunch of “about time” comment and playful teases about I should do all math course cause of my Asian descent. Over all they were pretty supportive of my decision although it was mainly Lakey’s. Tonight I chatted with my sister PC more. Of all over my siblings, she and I are the closest.

She sent me some photos of her daughter Ayana. She’s cute and looking more like her mom as each passing month. PC adores her but told me that she’s keeping a secret regarding Ayana’s father. All she told me was the father of her daughter doesn’t know he has a child. I got a feeling there’s more she’s not telling me. But I never try to pry. I figure she would tell me at some point. I often encourage her to tell him, it would be fair to Ayana and the father. Having both parents in her life is important. I never got the chance to have my mother in my life. But knowing how she was, I didn’t miss much.




Whenever thoughts of my mom crosses my mind, I’m reminded of the 2 sisters whom I haven’t met yet. The whole situation is just strange, I haven’t told Lakey about it yet. How do you explain that 2 of your sisters are also your nieces? I find it hard to look at their pictures that my dad sent some time ago. They both look like our mom so much.




The next morning I watched Lakey work on a new painting. She doesn’t mind me watching her, in fact I think she kinda likes it. Since moving to Auburn Grove, she seems more happy and relaxed. This town has a beautiful scenery and all but still, not my type of town to live in.

As much as I miss Star City, The Grove would be an ideal place to raise a family in. I do have thoughts about starting a family. I guess its natural, I’m in no rush by any means. I figure Lakey would be since she’s aging. But she wants to be stable, have a degree and a good job. I guess I could understand.




“You don’t mind if I watch?”

“Not at all, I think it’s cute.”

“What are you working on?”

“Something I’ve been craving.”


“Sushi. Too bad there isn’t any sushi places in town.”

“Sushi? Really? Ha ha. It doesn’t get any more stereotype than that.”

“Oh hush, Bruce. I’m just in the mood for some. I guess it’s one thing I miss about the city.”

“Yeah? Maybe Newbrey would have a nice sushi place.”

“I hope so. Not gonna work on that car today. After I finish this, we should go to Odessa Grove. It’s such a nice day and all.”

“I guess I could do that. I would need to work on my car skills. Is this your way of telling me to buzz off?”

“Ha ha ha, no silly. I figure you would being as much as you could. I wish you for to on top of your skills for good grades ya know. He he.”

“Ahh? Ha.. I guess your wish is my command.”




Not like I wanted to work on this car today, but she used the wish command on me unknowingly. In a way she’s right, I do need to brush up on my skills. I have a few mechanic courses along with my business and music production classes. I tried to filled up my schedule to not leave anytime to party. I might go overboard with it and Lakey won’t like that so much. I like how I can make Lakey happy and all, but maybe I should do things to make myself happy.




I worked on the car for an hour, I notice Lakey was done with her painting. I decided to get cleaned up and asked if she was ready to go to Odessa Park.

“You always smell so nice, BL. Have you been using my shower gel?”

“No.. As much as it smells pretty.. No I swear.”

“Ha ha okay, you always smell like fresh roses. It is a genie thing or something?”

“You could say, but anyway are you ready to head out?”

“Sure, let me go finish putting up my paint set and we can go. I heard today is the pie eating contest. I’m thinking of entering. It’s something that I never did before.”

“They had those all the time at the fest in Star City. I always won.”

“I didn’t go to the fest. My parents were always too busy to take me.”

“That sucks. We went all the time, mainly cause my dad was looking for ladies to hook up with.”




I haven’t been to this park since we moved here. I was usually at the bar where I work or at home locked away in my basement man cave. Lakey has been there usually after work at the farm with co workers for a little down. Lakey really does enjoy this small town living where everybody knows everybody.

My dad always told me to keep a lady happy and pleased but I’m pretty sure he means by a sexual nature. I did take his advice to heart with Lakey. But what at cost? Taking away my happiness just keep hers?I remain quiet as we drove to the park. Lakey sat in the passenger side happily, looking out the window, humming to herself. I like seeing her happy, so I’m trying to adjust living here. Maybe I’ll like this day at the park.




Our first stop was the pie eating contest. We were just in time for it start. I was surprise that Lakey was serious about the contest. She was always self cautious about what she ate. I guess maybe she’s getting comfortable or just trying to fit in. I figure I would join in since I always won these as a kid.

















I use to call myself the Pie King when I was 8. It seems like I was natural at these type of things. It didn’t stop my siblings from still competing against. Just had high hopes of finally beating me and they never did. These were fun times in my childhood.
















However there was always a downfall after these. The tummy ache from hell. Greta seems had a solution for these type of things. It was some nasty tasting witch brew that she makes up. It was the worst thing to drink but it gave has instant relief.




It my surprise, Lakey won. I see that I now have some completion.




But like always, stomach ache of regret…





“Let’s take a pic.”

“Like this?”


“No.. I got pie all over my face.”

“That’s why we should. No one is ever gonna believe you joined a pie eating contest.”

“I look silly, BL.”

“As do I. We’ll look silly together. It’s for memories.”

“Okay, it’s a fun day.”






















After taking a silly pic together, we decided to enjoy the rest of the day at the park. We played some horseshoes which I won at. Lakey was a good sport and didn’t mind that I didn’t let her win. We were having a great time as a couple for once. Lately our outings were one sided enjoyment. But for once, I’m having fun in The Grove.




“Wanna ride?”

“Do you know how to drive a tractor?”

“It’s like a car, right?”

“Oh dear..”

“Ha ha, kidding. I know how, I got to once when I was a teen. We had a class trip here and some of use got to drive a tractor.”

“Okay, I really hope you know what you’re doing.”

“You’ll be fine and have fun.”





If I’m gonna live in this hick town, then I might as well do what they do and drive a tractor. Hayrides were fun from what I remembered when we took a 4 day long class trip to Auburn Grove back when I was a junior in high school. PC and I got to go and we did have fun. Neither one of us could see ourselves living here. She got a good giggle when I told her that I moved here with Lakey. She teases me about it since I said I’ll never live here. Now look where I am. PC often mention if Lakey wanted a calm town to live in then move to where she is in Clover hill Bay. I have thoughts about it, it would be nice to live near family. We know no one here.




“Bruce! Slow down!”

“But I’m not going fast, it’s kinda slow.”

“I don’t feel so well. Can you please stop?”

“I can’t stop it here, I gotta ride it around the track.”

“Bruce! Please! I think I’m gonna throw up!”

“Okay.. hurry and hop off so they don’t notice.”




I made a quick stop, pretending that the tractor was having some issues. Lakey quickly hopped out and made a mad dash towards the restrooms. I didn’t think Lakey had motion sickness. After all we did eat a lot of pie an hour ago.




“That was just horrible.. I’m not gonna get use to this..”





“I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, it’s not your fault.”

“Oh.. I just thought I made you sick.”

“Don’t be silly, we ate a bunch of pie.”


“The next time I have a crazy ideal like this, stop me.”

“Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.”




“I still feel bad though. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

“Hmm.. maybe there’s one thing.”


“I wish for a little kiss. It will make my tummy all better.”

“Well I like that, I can do that.”

“You didn’t say it..”


“That cute thing you say when I say “wish”.”




“Your wish is my command.”




I wanted to try out some archery. I tried to convince Lakey to joined me but I notice how she was eyeing the peach trees. I smiled at her and said “Go ahead, I’ll be fine.” She smiled back and gave me a kiss on my cheek. “I’ll make you the best peach cobbler with them.” She said before making her way to the tree. Peach cobbler does sound pretty good. It’s been a while since I had some. Lois use to bake them all the time for dad and the others. She usually made 4 of them cause us genies could eat. I didn’t think Lakey was much of a cook but recently she has been trying to make good use of the kitchen.



“So how was the peach hunt?”

“It was great, I picked a few good ones. Now I just gotta google a good recipe.”

“You seem to taken an interest in cooking lately.”

“I love art and all but I was thinking of being a baker.”

“What’s with the change?”

“People love to eat, and I always like baking goodies with my mom. She’s a great cook. I could still do my art on the side. The Grove doesn’t seem to be much of an artsy type of town. It’s mainly farm life and food. I think a bakery would be great here. A cute little country bakery.”

“You had your heart set on bring art into this town. Didn’t they open an art center and dance studio?”

“Yeah, and I still plan on doing that. But wouldn’t a bakery be nice too?”

“Yeah, maybe you could have a little art studio on one side.”

“That’s a neat ideal. You’re so smart, BL.”

“I try.”



Suddenly Lakey set down her plate and excused her. She made another run towards the restroom like she’s been doing all day. I’m not sure of what’s going on but she says she’s fine. She has been acting different and now she has a change of plans of what she wants to do with her life.




A country bakery. I was hoping she would go for art, that way she’ll see this town isn’t so arty like she hoped. A bakery would keep her here for good. Now what do I do? I don’t want to stay here for the rest of my life..




“Are you sure you are okay? You keep making trips to the restroom. Do you want to go home now?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“It doesn’t seem like it.”

“I just had a little too much pie.”




“That’s crazy talk. There’s no such thing as too much pie.”





“Maybe not for a genie but for a human, we have our limits.”

“I guess, we can go home if you want to.”

“No, let’s stay. The day is almost over and I’m having fun.”

“Okay, would you like to dance for a little bit?”

“Yes, I would love that.”




It was near sundown and half of the visitors had left for home. It was just us on the dance floor which I didn’t mind. It was nice being just the 2 of us.




However my footwork wasn’t too fancy. My dad only taught me how to dance when a female is grinding her backside of your crotch. He often said the best dance a lady can do is twerk. It would be years before I notice that my dad is an idiot.




“Woah.. What are you doing?”

“You’ll see and you’ll like it.”








Lakey was feeling a little tired and I figure we should head home. We had a fun and eventful day although she made many questionable trips to the restroom. I’m not sure if I will continue to have as much fun as I did today later on. But as long as I have Lakey by my side, I’m happy.





I wanted to watch a show before heading to bed. Lakey was ready but knew I wanted to watch this. She came into the living room and sat next to me. With her legs crossed and with a sad tone in her voice, “We need to talk.” I wasn’t sure what does she want to talk about. By her tone I figure it wasn’t something good. She has been acting different recently. I turned down the volume on the TV and gave her my full attention.




“What’s going on?”

“I was thinking… Maybe we should enrolled in the community college in town.”

“But we already enrolled in Newbrey. Why the sudden change?”

“I think we should stick close to home..”

“But we already-“

“I know but we can get everything transfer here. I did some calling around.”

“I don’t understand why these sudden changes.”

“I can explain..”

“Please do.”




“We’re pregnant. Bruce? Did you hear me? We’re pregnant. We are going to have a baby. Bruce? Please say something? You’re scaring me..”

I was in a lost of words when she announced we are expecting a child. I sat there with my mouth open as I continue to hear the echo, “We’re pregnant.”. Why didn’t I put 2 and 2 together. She suddenly having craving, the pie contest, her running to the restroom all the time. Clear signs that she’s pregnant. Yes I wanted kids, but now? I’m not sure if I’m ready.

“Were gonna have a baby?”


“Yes.. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and found out. Nausea is starting to kick in. I’m 8 weeks along, we have an appointment for the first ultrasound on Monday.”

“That’s in 2 days.”

“I know it’s sudden. I wasn’t sure how to tell you. I was in denial cause I knew before having it confirmed by a doctor.”

“Wow.. I don’t know what to say.”

“Are you mad? I’m sorry…”




I wasn’t mad, I wasn’t happy, I was unsure of what to feel. It’s the same feeling my dad had when he learned my mom was having me. It took some time before my dad came around but I don’t wanna be like that with my first born. I want this kid to know that I love and care about them at the start. I didn’t answer her question and placed her on my lap, embracing her into a kiss. It’s the only way I could avoid answering. 

I had a million thoughts racing in my mind as I kissed her. For the first time ever, I’m not sure if I truly want to settle with Lakey and start a family in this town. I love her with all of my heart but I don’t feel like I can truly be myself with her. The pregnant news hit me like a tons of bricks. What do I do now?

7 thoughts on “Montigo Extensions: Bruce-Lee, Update 2

  1. Another grandchild on the way… too bad Borage cant see the new baby because he’s in a coma 😦 . But, BL needs to realize they can share happiness equally. If he doesn’t, he wont really be happy when the baby comes. Great update for him though! 😉

    • Thanks, I wouldn’t say Borage won’t be able to see the new kid. He or she isn’t born yet :p Plus this pregnancy happen a few months before the coma. Borage knows about the pending grandbaby.

      True, he’s already indifferent about the news of the pregnancy. BL was raised to treat a lady well, do whatever to make her happy, which means by ignoring his own feelings. Bad on Borage’s part. But then again, Borage didn’t know any better himself.

  2. “It would be years before I notice that my dad is an idiot.” BAHAHA

    Anyway, hopefully BL can communicate with Lakey about what he really wants. He is sweet to compromise for her but that can’t last forever without him feeling unfulfilled.
    mm hmm I figured she was pregnant! The pregos always win the pie contest lol
    😀 Great chapter

    • Those poor kids look up to Borage too much. They really don’t notice that he has the worst advice LOL

      Yeah he needs to talk to her and stop letting her have her way. She’ll think he gotta do what she say.

      I do notice the pregos tend to win those lol

  3. No he really shouldn’t have to hide the things he loves from the one he loves. Uneven relationship but we kind of already know that with her. 😦 She seems to “unknowingly” wish a lot. -.- Hmm.. she is getting sick a lot.
    ROTFL I love how he talks about his dad, it’s like you can tell he loves Borage but knows he has his shortcomings. Oh man she just kind of laid that news on him a bit weirdly but hopefully he settles into the idea. He’s a loving guy, I’m sure he’ll perk right into being a good daddy. 😀

    • I thought I replied to this. I guess it didn’t go through >_< I hate when that happens.
      Yeah, he isn't going to be happy if he can't be himself. It's a uncomfortable thing when you got to hold stuff back fearing that you'll upset the other party. She doesn't know about the "wish" thing, she figure its just some cute and harmless thing seeing how BL is a genie. She's a bit oblivious and very oblivious about genies.
      LOL Borage's kids all do love him by nature, BL did look up to him a lot as he was growing up. He thought his dad was the coolest dad ever since he didn't get mad when he and the other sneaked into the night club and danced lol That was too cute, I wish i could of made them go to the club more than once. BL is kinda how Borage was when he learned that Sonoko was pregnant. Indifferent at first but Borage later warmed up to his kids, they were coming left and right. BL doesn't realize but he's a lot like his dad rather he likes it or not.

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