State of Tigo – 3/24/14

Finally at last I got all of my stories saves set up and ready for new updates and stuff. Yeah it took about a month or so to finally complete it. It only took so long cause I had to build every lot, built some of the houses. If my SV save didn’t go to shit then it would of been done sooner. The last time I loaded it, it seemed okay since removing that lunar lakes trees. Last night I moved in the rest of Borage’s townies into town, assigned jobs & school. All was well since placing everyone in.



Solar seems a bit grumpy about the whole thing :p Like why did it take so long? And where is her twin brother?



I think she’s only grumpy about the whole teething thing. I do notice she bites the hell out of those dolls more than any sim tot lol



Those 4 little teeth are bothering her :p




The Lucky Palms makeover went okay.. not at first though. I was set back a day due to the current LP save I was working on disappeared into no return. I had to start all over again -_- Originally, I had no plans to makeover it again but I realize that the current save was a year old and 6-7 weeks in. There’s no way I can jump into gen 3 with a old save. Plus I had a lot of sims to rollback since the town was over ran by elders who never had any kids >_< A lot of the LP do need to be made over. Some of them are down right scary o_O but I’m in no mood to be in CAS forever in a day. I’ll make over townies as I play. I do love how this town turned out. You can find more pics here



I tried my best to leave no empty spaces, which it required to build new lots. They needed a roller coaster :p It’s pretty simple, it was a quick build for me. One of these I’m gonna build a huge one. I’m saving that for Roaring Heights. My other towns get smaller ones.




It might be small, but it’s scary… It does not obey the laws of gravity. I call this, Final Destination. LOL



Borage found the skating rink more scary than the roller coaster -_-




But he found ways to relax himself -_- “Dat ass.”




Oh it’s not that damn scary. Bunch of wimps -_- That clown makeup is scary tho o_O










Now with everything back in order, time for more updates?


My wrist is still in this annoying brace. I’ve been taking it off to see how my wrist feels, I can go a few hours without it but pain does return. I’ll see how it feels by the end of the week.

Then also I did get a summons for Jury duty. Duh, duh, duh…. As far as I know, they don’t need me… for tomorrow BUT I will know for sure by tomorrow evening if I’m not needed at all. I tried to get out of it but the lady said there’s 3 groups ahead of mine and mines is mostly likely not needed. I sure hope so. I like crime shows and all but I don’t wanna do jury shit. Speaking of crime, that’s a hint of what Gen 3 in Tango Inferno will be doing 😉

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