State of Tigo 3/19/14

Just as I was getting ready to start updating once again, something happens. I gotta wear my wrist brace once again >_< Typing with it on is not very fun. The pain started as I was typing the first chapter of Ciderwood Lane. Normally its best to wear the brace for about a week to allow my wrist to set, it’s been 5 days since I’ve been wearing it but my palm is a bit swollen still and I do feel some slight pain when I take a break from wearing it. It’s probably best if I wear it for 2 and half weeks to be on the safe side. *sigh* So no updates until then.

For the moment I’m creating a new save in LP for Tango Inferno. My current save is about a year old and the game is in it’s 6th or 7th week. After some time, the file won’t run so well. I shouldn’t try to go in for Gen 3 in a old save. Plus I had a bunch of age ups and the town are surrounded with a bunch of elders whom didn’t have kids yet >_< The town would surely die off before Gen 3 starts. I though about rolling back ages but it will take a lot of times. Plus I have this issue of the game replacing LP things with base game shit -_- even when it’s a brand NEW save. WTF?!!! So I’m hoping by uninstalling LP and downloading a new copy then installing will stop that shit when I open a new save. Which I did uninstall only to see that launcher is saying it’s still installed… The fuck EA? I’m not clearing my DCCache and reinstall everything again for the 4th time in 2 months. It did that shit with Lunar Lakes.

I hated Rio’s house so I built a new one. It came out pretty nice and shit. I also hate Montigo Palms but instead of building a new lot, I edited a previous lot that I’m not using. It was suppose to be Borage’s night club but I have a different layout in mind. At least my build won’t go to waste.

These are pics of Rio’s new house.


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2 thoughts on “State of Tigo 3/19/14

  1. Sorry about your wrist, but thanks for the update. I was starting to get worried (I worry A LOT) when there were no updates or new chapters. Thanks!

    • Haha, I meant to give an update about the status of my stories sooner but kept putting it off. But it’s nice to know that someone worries about me :p I’m fine for the most part, just my wrist wants to act up.

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