Ciderwood Lane: Chapter 1 – Twisted Love

Cergio’s POV

Today is the day I’ll bring in the final female. Regan Locke, a young witch whom I met some time ago. I’m unsure how Regan will take things when I bring her home. I haven’t exactly told her of what the arrangements would be. Regan is more delicate compare to Nina and Sasha, so I wasn’t upfront about things at first. I promise her I will take care of her if she comes live with me since she’s carrying my child. Regan agreed and I had an area set up for her. She’s in her 8th month of pregnancy and it is time for her to come live with me.

She had text me non stop for the last few days over her excitement about the baby and moving in. The doctor saw the baby would be a boy. My first son. I don’t care much for kids but I will admit to having a little excitement of having a male child.



I guess I should be getting dressed and ready to go get her. But since she lives with her sister who is almost the mother of Ada’s friend, I have to bring that annoying child with me so she can see her friend. It is the weekend and she is supposed to spend this time with her mother but always puts up a fight and wants to bother me. Nina didn’t want to fight with Ada over her spending time with her, so she left for town with Sasha and Fran to go shopping. She should have made the brat go with her. I swear that devil rat is a pain in the ass.

Today will not be fun.



“Annoying child! Hurry up or I’m leaving you here. I should leave you but I promise your annoying friend I will bring you with me.”




“I’m ready.”

“Not with that hair you are. What the fuck happen?”

“Mom didn’t finish unbraiding my hair.”

“Go figures.. I can’t bring you out in public like that. You can stay.”

“No daddy, I think it’s cute.”

“Child, please.”



“Daddy, you can’t leave me here all alone. Everyone is gone. I’m only 5 years old. There are laws about that, daddy.”




“Why the fuck is your eyes rolled in the back of your head? I always knew you were the spawn of Satan. I can’t have you looking like that in public. Rolled back eyes, nappy hair. You’ll make me look bad. What am I suppose to do then? I have to move in Regan in today.”




“But daddy, I wanna see Ender today. I didn’t get to play with him for a whole 4 days. It’s not fair. I wanna go. I think my hair is okay.”



“No, no it’s not. Look, I guess I will do your hair with this magically appearing brush. I can make you look more decent than what you already are.”




“No! You are just gonna make me look ugly! My hair is okay, let’s just go you asshole!”





“Not like I really have to try to make you look “ugly”. You’re just about there already.”

“I’m not ugly! If I’m ugly then you’re ugly! Momma said I look like you, you dummy!”

“You look nothing like me. You look like a wet bird on crack!”

“No I don’t! You look a wet bird on crack that got hit by a train!”

“I do not, you devil rat! You look like a frog crossed with a rat on heroin that got hit by a plane!”

“How can someone get hit by a plane when planes are in the sky, stupid!”

“You’re a flying frog-rat!”

“I hate you, dad!”

“I hate you! Now go get your nappy hair repair set so I can do something with that mess.”




“Now I gotta send Regan a text telling her we will be late cause you’re a nappy headed frog.”




“I’m not a nappy headed frog you ass!”





“Ouch daddy! You’re hurting me!”

“Then don’t be so nappy next time. You should have hair like your sister Fran.”

“But dad, she’s bald.”

“Exactly. And if I can’t fix this then you’ll be bald like her.”

“Don’t shave my hair! I don’t wanna be bald!”

“You can wear a wig.”

“I don’t wanna wear a wig!”




“Are you almost done? I’m bored.”

“Chill out, I just need to do this one area and then we can go.”

“If my hair is ugly then I’m gonna hate you forever.”

“Whatever. I think I did an awesome job. I think I should be a stylist.”

“Please don’t.. Just don’t.”

“Don’t be a hater. When you see what I’ve done, you’ll recommend me to all your nappy friends for me to do their hair.”

“If they wanna be ugly then yeah.”

“Shut up demon child. I’m done. Go look in the mirror but your face might break it.”

“Whatever loser.”




We were about 30 minutes late to get to Regan’s sister’s place. I am a bit annoyed of Nina leaving Ada’s hair like that. What I can’t stand is half assness, she could have finished undoing her hair then styled it before leaving with Sasha. She knew she was coming with me. I will have to deal with Nina later on but now I have to think on how I’m going to reveal the truth to Regan without her getting upset.

She has no choice with coming with me at this point. The child must be born and raise on my land. She doesn’t have to stay but I wish for her to do so. I admire her sweetness, gentleness and native nature. Something that is different from Nina and Sasha, plus she’s a lot younger than them both. With her younger, I have a feeling that she may not take this lightly as Nina and Sasha did.

As I drove to Regan’s location with Ada, we chatted a little during the way. Ada is aware of what’s going on and is content on the nature of it. However the only thing that bothers my daughter is the curse within us. She often gets upset with me, blaming me I’m the fault of why she can’t be like normal kids. She wants to go on all night camp outs, go to slumber parties and go on summer night glow bug hunts with other kids. It’s mainly the tense between us when we fight. I do wish she was like other kids, out doing kids stuff so she wouldn’t be bugging me all the time. I hope some day she can be free.



“Regan is gonna live with us now?”

“Yeah, it’s getting close to her due date.”

“Am I’m really getting a little brother?”

“Uh huh, disappointed?”

“Nope! I’m kinda happy that I will have a sister and a brother. Maybe I won’t be so lonely at home.”

“Not sure how fun babies will be for you. Babies cry, shit and puke too much.”

“Is my momma gonna have another baby soon?”

“Actually I plan on that happening soon. You’re 5, it’s time for another one of you annoying brats.”

“If you think kids are annoying then why do keep making them?”

“I have to, it’s kind of my job.”

“Your job is weird. Why can’t you be a fireman? I want a dad with a cool job.”

“I’m a cool dad, Ada. I don’t have to be a fireman to be cool.”




“Now what?”

“How are babies made?”

“Annoyance and pixie dust.”

“That’s not true! Please tell me.”

“I will when you turn 505 years old.”

“But I’ll be all old and gross by then.”




Regan’s POV


She didn’t like it, she didn’t like him, she didn’t want me to go cause she didn’t trust him. I trust him, I know he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. I’m having his baby boy after all. I was excited this day that I almost didn’t sleep the night before. I never thought I would find myself into a guy like I am with Cergio. He has some quirks but I like him just the way he is. He’s always been so warming and loving around me. I eagerly leaped into his strong arms after inviting him in. I nearly knocked over his daughter in the process. My sister let out a loud sigh of annoyance as her eyes quickly scans him.

“He’s hiding something. There’s something not right about this whole thing.” My sister said earlier in the day. I assure her that he’s harmless. I didn’t find anything too suspicious about Cergio. I want to move in with him. I like him a lot however I question about the status of our relationship. Were we dating? What are we? Why ask me to move in? Is it because of our unborn child? I do have feelings for him, I think he might have feelings for me. Honestly I’m not sure. Penny thinks I’m crazy by being involved with him. Perhaps things will be official once I move in. 



I will soon learn that I was far from being right.

“I should listen to Penny. She was right.. Why did I do this? This is a mistake..”




I made my way to their spare room to collect the last of my items as Cergio loads my belongings into his car. I could hear my sister following me into the room. As light as she may be, her footsteps were anything but. Once again she let out a sigh. I know she wanted to grip to me so more about me moving but my mind is made up.

I gently pulled a few boys’ oneies that once belonged to my nephew Ender from the top drawer. “I can have these right?” I asked as I sat them down on top of the dresser. There was a pause for moment before she responded. “Yes.” Her voice was soft and faint which is unusual for Penny. “You can take them.” My sister continues. I could hear a crack in her voice as she were about to cry. I quickly turned my face towards her but she stood motionless with her palm resting on her right shoulder.

I know she only followed me to voice her worries once more. It’s almost like she’s the older sister at times. Penny did have to grow up fast when she had Ender when she was a teen. She naturally has that motherly instinct which I hope to have soon. I’m not sure what can I say to make her feel at ease with my decision. 



“I can’t see why you can’t stay here. Is he even plan on being your boyfriend? What is he to you?”

“I don’t know… We never-“

“See, something isn’t right about this. You’re not dating him, then why move in with him? There’s something, I don’t want you to go.”

“He wants to take care of me and the baby. He is the father you know.”

“So? You don’t need a man to take care of you. You always been independent. Were were going to school, doing great until he came along. I don’t want you to throw your life away for some guy.”



“I’m not throwing my life away. I plan on returning back to school after the baby.”

“Where does this guy anyway?”

“Actually he doesn’t say..”




“See…that is why I don’t trust this guy. Something is odd about him. How much do you know about him? You don’t know where he lives, he doesn’t tell you but wants you to move in with him. What if he lives in a crack house? Or under a bridge? Ada told Ender that they live in a tree. I don’t wanna see you get hurt. I don’t want any harm done on my nephew. How can I convince you to stay?”



“I’m going to be fine. There’s no need to worry. I promise to call you everyday so you know that I’m fine. After I have the baby, I’ll bring him by so you can see him. I know Cergio has a mystery about him but that’s what I like about him. Everything will be fine. Besides, it would be crowded here after I have the baby. It’s best if I moved out.”



“I guess you are right. You better hold onto your promise. I can’t wait to meet the little guy. Any names yet?”

“We haven’t talked about names just yet. I was thinking maybe Titus, Kingston or maybe Brenden.” 

“I like those names. Whatever name you pick, I would like.”


“No problem.”



“I don’t see why you have to take my sister. Like who are you to her? I really don’t care much for you.”

“Give him a chance sis.”

“You think you can just waltz in here and take what you like.”

“Because I can. Deal with it.”

“You ass!”




“I see where the blue boy gets his annoyance from.”

“What’s that suppose to mean? Are you calling me and my son annoying?”

“I feel for your husband…”

“Answer my question, jerk!”



“Look at me. My name is Penny and I’m a flat chested annoying nagging woman. Look at me nag, nag, naggity, nag.”

“Look here asshole! Don’t come in my house and insult me! What is your problem?!”




“My problem is that I can’t hear you over the sound of your nagging!”

“I’m not nagging! I am showing concern over my sister cause I don’t trust you! We hardly know anything about you or your background! Your daughter doesn’t much either.”

“My business is none of your concern. I’m not going to do anything fucked up with your sister.”

“Something tells me that you’re not fully up front about everything!”



“Ugh! Do you have an off button. All I hear is blah blah blah, I’m a bitch.”

“You know what… I’m done talking to you since you won’t stop being an asshole! I’m only not kicking you out cause of your daughter and Regan!”

“Yeah? Whatever.”



It was close to sundown and we needed to head home, to my new home because of Ada. Again I promised Penny that I will call, text, email, IM or whatever everyday so she will know that I’m fine. Cergio loaded the last of my things as I gave goodbye hugs to my family. The car ride was quiet but I realize we were starting to head outside of the town. We headed out on the highway passing the lake away. I was getting a little nervous of where we were going. I have no idea of where Cergio lives and had no clue it was outside of the city limits.

My heart start race the further we drove away from town. I wanted to ask where were we going but I felt a lump in my lump in throat that prevented me from speaking. “You took too long to say your goodbyes.” Cergio said to me without glancing over to me. His voice was cold and distant, it made me even more nervous. I clenched my phone with my almost sweating hand debating if I should call for help. I heard Ada humming in the backseat, he wouldn’t try anything with his daughter around would he?

He quickly places his rough hand on my thigh and squeezes it tight. I jerked back a little and glanced over towards him. His focus was on the road and he remained silent. “Shit! I’m losing time! Ada, how are you feeling?” Cergio said as he glances over at Ada. “I’m fine daddy.” Ada replied back. I felt the car go faster which made me feel afraid. I held my pregnant belly trying to comfort myself as we raced down the highway. 

Cergio began to slow down as we were about to turn into a dark wooden area. I felt my heart sank as I began to fear for my life. I thought to myself and wondering why was he taking me into a dark wooden area in the middle of no where. “Daddy, my tummy hurts.” Ada whine from the backseat. Cergio began to drive faster on the dark road, hitting every bump on it. I started to feel dizzy and thought I was going to throw up. It wasn’t long before I could see lights in the distance. Before I knew it the car stop. I quickly turned my head towards Cergio with fear in my eyes. Cergio slowly leans over and places a soft kiss on my forehead. “Welcome home, Regs.”



“This is your bed, your living area. You’ll be sharing this room with Nina and Sasha. I’ll let you settle in while I get your things from the car.”

“It looks nice.”

“I was hoping you’ll like it.”




“Cer, I’m a bit confused about something. You say this is my living area? What’s going on here? Who are Nina and Sasha? Are these roommates?”

“No… not exactly.”

“Okay then what? Don’t beat around the bush, Cergio. Tell me what’s going on.”




“I guess it’s time that I tell you the deal. Nina and Sasha are the mothers of my 2 daughters. They live here with me, my sister and godmother. You’re apart of my harem and it’s now complete with 3 witch females. You will have to stay here with me and bare my children along with Nina and Sasha. My children will be born with curse and have to be born and raise on this land until they are 18. My children must return to this land before sundown, that why I rushed to get back. We were pushing it. Not only will you be having my children but you’ll be pleasing me as well. I have an extreme high sex drive and it needs to be dealt. Don’t worry about threesomes unless you’re into that sort of thing. I have to have harem of lovers, I might was well make my lovers as my mothers as well. I haven’t told you that I’m a reincarnated Navox Genie God. A harem is required for my well being. Each female is required to bare me 6 children. No less or more.”



“What?! Are you serious?!”


“I can’t believe you! You want me to have your kids and be your sex slave?! I don’t think so! I thought we had something special! You seem like you were into me! I liked you, Cergio! How could you trick me into being apart of your twisted sex games?! I don’t want to have 6 kids with a man who makes with minds?! I want out! Take me back to my sister’s! Penny was right! There is something not right about you!”



“I can’t take you back. Not until you give birth to my son.”

“I’m not leaving my baby here!”

“Regs, you can’t take him from this land. He’ll be born with a curse.”

“How bad is this “curse”? Why should I listen to you!”

“It’s bad enough to have you killed by your own child. You don’t have to stay after the birth but I will have to remove your memory of us if you choose to leave.”

“Oh my god.. You cannot be serious.”

“I am. My father’s orders, if you leave, your memories stay.”



“You can’t- I don’t wanna be here.. Take me home…”

“This is your home. I want you to stay. I care about you.”

“How can you when you have 2 other lovers?”

“You’re all special to me in your own different ways. Especially you Regs, I knew there was something special about you when I first met you. Like I said, I will take care of you.”

“I just… This is… This is too much to take in.”

“I’ll let you settle in and think. But please stay with me. I don’t want to remove your memories of us.”




“I guess you’re the new girl. I’m Nina, Ada’s mother.”

“I’m Sasha, Francesca’s mother.”

“How can you 2 be okay with this?”

“Well Cer was up front about it… Well after he knocked us up. He told both of us the deal on the day we told him we were pregnant. I liked the idea of having a man take care of things for once. I was dragged out of my hometown by my boyfriend who was cheating on me with some teenager. I was depressed and met Cergio. I didn’t take any precaution and now we have Ada.”

“I wonder why he didn’t tell you right away. We thought you would know.”

“I didn’t! He asked me to come move in with him and I agreed like a fool! He said he cares about me and I’m special to him. Bullshit!”

“I know you ain’t gonna believe this but Cergio does.”

“I don’t believe it..”

“I’m sorry Regan but things are gonna get easier. You just need a few days to settle.”

“Thank you both but can I be alone now?”



Cergio’s POV


As predicted, Regan didn’t take it well. I let her be and hope she would come around to it. But in the meanwhile I have to get my annoying devil child to bed. Nina usually does it but Ada fights with her more lately. She always want me to read her a bedtime story. I really don’t want to but she won’t leave me alone if I don’t.



“What story are you gonna read to me tonight?”

“The one about the annoying girl who won’t go to bed so she gets eaten by a pterodactyl.”

“You told me that yesterday, daddy!”

“This one is the remix.”

“Okay, daddy.”



“Actually I’m gonna show you things that will happen if you touch boys, seeing how you are fond about blue boy.”

“I like Ender.”

“And that scares me. This is a picture of gonorrhea.”

“Eww that’s gross!”

“It gets better. This is herpes.”

“So if I touch Ender then I’ll get gonorrhea and herpes?”




“Yes. Don’t touch Blue boy, ever. In fact, don’t touch boys period. When you see  boy, run and think of gonorrhea.”



“Does momma have gonorrhea and herpes? You’re a boy and I saw her touch you.”

“No, I don’t carry the nasties cause I’m a god.”

“So what if the boy is a god? Then can I touch him?”

“No! No god-boys either.”

“If I can’t touch boys then can I touch girls?”

“Well… maybe after you turn 18 but no boys!”




“What now?!”

“I don’t want to be a lesbian.”

“Yes you do.”



“Daddy, can you do the puppy dance? Pretty please? I’ll stop being annoying if you do the puppy dance. It’s funny!”

“No, look at this picture of chlamydia. Boys will cause this.”

“Puppy dance, daddy!”









“Ugh! You promise to not by annoying if I did the puppy dance.”

“I love you.”

“I tolerate you too.”




Don’t get me wrong, I do love my daughters. I just have a difficult time on saying it…..




Ever since….








7 thoughts on “Ciderwood Lane: Chapter 1 – Twisted Love

  1. Awesome chapter! 😀 Slightly hypocritical of Penny getting after Regan considering her situation but I guess she knew how creepy Des can be before they got married. 😛 I love all the interaction between he and Ada, he really seems to care about her but of course it’s in his own way. 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 Maybe Penny doesn’t want her to make the same mistake as her :p But of course, Des is harmless since he’s so friendly. Maybe a little too friends -_- I get pop ups about him lol

      Cergio has his own special way of showing “love” although others won’t see it that way haha.

  2. Wow… so powerful and wonderful. You did a really good job with the start of this story. I feel bad about Regan not knowing what she was getting into, but she will really like her sister wives (I’m gonna call them that). Cergio seems to be a nice guy, and smart, unlike Borage at the beginning of his story.

    • Thank you 🙂 Sister wives LOL I like that. It’s kinda like that though. I think I watched that show once.

      To be fair, at the start of Borage’s story he was fairly young in his early twenties. He’s gotten better over time. Cergio on the other hand is a lot older at the start, already in his 50’s with 2 kids already :p

  3. Poor Regan! I’m sure she will come around eventually…I guess she doesn’t really have much choice though. :/ It would be quite a shock to any woman!
    Cergio and Ada are cute 🙂 Cergio doing the puppy dance lol 😀

    • Yeah, she doesn’t have much of a choice and that may make things a bit uncomfortable for a while. Cergio with his surprises lol. Maybe if he written it on a cake, Regan would take the news better. Can’t get mad if cake is involved lol. Or maybe he should of done the puppy dance for her hahahahaha :p

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