I finished Borage’s new house this week although it wasn’t my plan for the week. I wanted to work on the first chapter of Ciderwood Lane but it crashed on me twice before I could really do anything! Then the save wanted to take forever in a day to load.. I was watching a episode of Deadly Women and noticing how I was nearly 30 mins into the show and that fuckin’ save was still loading. Annoyed, I shut my game down but later decided to finish Borage’s house.

This game is really started to bummed me out. I didn’t bother loading it last night. I watched more of Deadly Women til I feel asleep which made me wake up this morning, a normal time like normal people LOL

Here’s the official unofficial tour of the house. I did do minor changes since taking the pics, like removing the playpen and building one cause they were getting on my nervous about placing the tots in there for 3 seconds just to pick them up and then put them back in. Over, over, and over. There needs to be a mod for that annoying shit like seriously. There’s one for the crib, which I have. We need one for that playpen.


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One thought on “Finished!!

  1. It looks really amazing! Good job on the house! Sorry your game isn’t loading. But thanks for the update!!

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