Love For The Ladies: Chapter 73: Another Chance – Part 3

After dinner I decided to do more research on a plant that I found a few days ago. As I was getting ready to start, I was interrupted by my sister. Wanted to speak with and I do know it is about Ahilac, everyone wants to speak to me about her and it has been a bothered. I promise Ahilac I will protect her, I promise the members that I will find a place for her. I just need a little time before I can do so.




“It is about Ahilac, I know. I had told others, I will find a place for her.”

“I know but I have some great concern for you. You tend to be a bit of a risk taker. I fear keeping her will cost you much more than losing your job. Perhaps you should let me place her somewhere. I befriended a settler, she may take Ahilac and her child.”

“No, sister. I promise her I will do it.”

“Brother, you hardly have the time to do so. Allow me to do so. I believe most of the compound is upset with you.”

“I am aware but I made a promise to her.”



“Brother, I know you care deeply for her but are you sure you wish to keep her as a mate?”

“Why are you questioning me?”

“I know you want another child. Another chance at raising a child from birth. You know it is not possible of her kind to carry a child.”

“I am aware of that. I would not mind carrying the child for us.”

“It would be hard on your body to carry a child of her kind. It is easier if you had someone close to your kind,like Sha’tifa.”

“I will not be involved her. I am done. She cannot be trusted. I cannot forgive.”

“What will you do, brother? It is not like you can have another child with the genie.”




My sister was right, Ahilac cannot bare a child for me and I cannot carry out child. What must I do? Another child with Borage would not be possible due to his current state and besides, his body would not be able to handle another pregnancy of my kind since the septuplets. He would miscarry if I try. I have no thought much of him until my sister mentions him. I do miss him.. I find myself missing him a lot.




If only I could see him again. Why must I think about him? It is not like I love him or anything. It was pure lust I swear. Nothing but a tool of my sexual desire. Imagining his perfectly chisel body excites me but confuses me as well.




I opened my eyes to find him standing before me. Is this just my imagination? I can feel this warmth from his body pulling him closer to him but I am unsure of what to think of this. He feels so real..




“Can I hold you?”

“Not even in your fantasies do I wanna be held by you. This dick is for the ladies.”

“I do not understand? You stand before me, naked. I thought you want?”

“You out of your fuckin’ mind? I’m not gay. I don’t want alien dick in my ass.”

“I miss you.”

“Isn’t that nice.”

“Why give cold shoulder? I thought we are friends.”



“Friends? We are not friends, Pedro! Friends don’t rape friends! Friends don’t pull freak alien babies in friends and force them to give birth out their ass! You are a rapist! A terrible father at that! You took our kids to an ass backwards planet only for one of our kids to get molested, have his childhood and peace of mind robbed.  You fucked him up, I’m doing all I can to keep his shit together. He was raped mentality and physically. It’s your fault!”

“I am sorry. I did not know those things would be done. If I knew, I would stop.”

“You know damn good well that was a possibly of that happen. Your sister said so. She said it happen to you! Why put our kid in danger? Why?!”

“I do not know.. I really do not. I regret it. I live with regret everyday. I do not deserve Aries.. I am terrible.”



“That’s an understatement, Pedro. You got some nerve thinking of having another child with me. You don’t deserve another child!”

“I can make right this time! I know I can! I promise you.”

“Take your promise and shove it up your ass!”

“Borage, please I beg you! I can do better. I will do right this time. Give chance? Please?”

“You don’t deserve another chance.”



I live with regret of what I had done to him. Friends do not force their friends into intercourse. The regret is so great that it has manifested into an image of Borage appearing before me. He is right. I am terrible. I do not deserve another chance but I believe in my heart that I can do right this time around. I want to prove.




I have not tried the cloning process yet. I wanted to see if I could combine my DNA with DNA of Borage’s that I had kept for years. Perhaps I could create another child this way. It is not the way I want a child but I believe this would be the only way at this point unless I create an embryo with his DNA and impregnate myself.



I was extremely careful with this process and may sure there was no error. This would take a matter of a couple of weeks to do so. I had extra time seeing how Ahilac was no where to found. I am hurt to know that she has left without telling me. I take it as a sign that she does not wish to be my mate.



After 3 weeks, I couldn’t believe my very eyes. It was a success. I was able to genetically create a child with our DNA. The baby was a little boy whom I named Jairei. After doing a quick scan of the newborn I learned that he had no traces of my Ziharian DNA, the infant was 100% Navox genie and heavily favored Borage. Normally I would have be disappointed to learn this but I was overjoyed to know I will be a parent once more.



I still given him the Ziharian bath ritual that my kind is a custom to. Jairei didn’t seem to mind it much unlike most Ziharian infants. This was probably to most peaceful ritual bath that I had ever given.



I gotten Jairei all clean and dressed. I carefully placed him into his crib as I prepare to get things in order to register his birth. I promise I will do right with him.


4 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 73: Another Chance – Part 3

  1. I’m glad that Pedro now has another baby, but he shouldn’t be so hard on himself. He would’ve died or been tortured if he had not followed his commander’s demands. Aries doesn’t like Pedro for taking him to the Ziharian planet, but he knows that Pedro had to do it. But, this was a great and caring chapter overall!!

  2. Such a great chapter, I’m glad that Ahilac has disappeared since he’s now a father on his own again though it’s kind of worrisome for Orion. I know Pedro will love his little boy, I think he was a pretty good dad early on but his shame over Aries really did a number on him. 😦

  3. awww he looks so cute when the baby comes out of the machine. He’s so happy! XD
    Poor guy is feeling so much guilt, I hope that taking care of his new baby will help ease the pain a bit. hmmm where did Ahilac go?? and what about Orion??

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