Love For The Ladies: Chapter 72 – Another Chance – Part 2

We have an extra member in the compound, Ahilac. She’s an old friend of mine whom I had some what of a romantic interest in. I’ve been keeping Ahilac here to protect her. Males are rare for Ahilac’s, Ahilac reported to her queen that Borage gave birth to twins and one being male, she was ordered to bring back the male child. Ahilac returned to retrieve her son but was denied by Borage. When she returned home, she was taken to jail for failing to return Orion. When she was release, she was ordered to retrieve Orion or face death. Ahilac was successful in retrieving Orion but had a change of heart before returning home. Ahilac wasn’t sure what would the queen do with her son and didn’t want to hand him over. Ahilac needed to go into hiding and came to me.

Naturally I agreed, perhaps she could be my mate. 




“It is a nice evening. Maybe we can go for a walk with Orion?”

“I would love to but I feel a bit tired. I want to relax for a bit.”

“Oh I am sorry. I guess I can understand, you work in the lab all day. I don’t do much.”

“You care for your son, that is hard work.”

“Teehee! I guess you are right. Orion is very hungry all the time. I do not understand why. I feel like I am feeding him enough.”

“He’s part Navox, they eat a lot. Aries was a very hungry baby like his father.”

“Oh.. I will let you relax for a bit.”




“Maybe you can relax with me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to tell you something.”


“I like you a lot. I’ve been wanting a mate and hope maybe you could be it.”

“I am a fugitive from my home land, I don’t think I am the best mate for you. Plus.. I am not Ziharian.”

“It does not matter to me. I think you may be the right mate for me. I long for a mate for a long time.”

“How do we make this happen?”

“You just say yes.”




“I do not know what he sees in her. If only he could forgive me.. I had no choice.”




“Yes. I will be your mate.”

“That is the answer I was hoping to hear.”




“I’m curious if it’s true about Ahilac. Is she a fugitive in her home land? If it’s true our compound could be in a serious trouble.”




“As mates, what do we now?”

“I am aware my host shown you the ways of love making of Earth.”

“Yes! It felt amazing.”

“My kind does the same thing.”

“Make love?”





I can’t say knowing that my former host had shown Ahilac the ways of loving making didn’t bother me. It bothered me a lot as I wanted to be one to show her. He got to her first but I felt I needed to be better at this than he was. I could tell she was enjoying it but was she enjoying it more than she did with my genie host? I have serious doubt, he is a love genie, gifted love maker. I know shouldn’t worry about it. I have her.



“Peidax! What are you doing?!”




“What are you doing here?! It does not matter of what I am doing! It is not of your business!”




“You should lock the door! I can’t believe you want to be with her! She is a fugitive! I did a search on her. We can get in trouble if the officials find out we are harboring a fugitive! There is a huge bounty on her head!”




“I know of that! Things will be fine! She is only staying until I find a safe place for her to stay! Why do you even care if I want to be with her!”




“She is not right for you! She took a baby from his loving father! She does not care for her offspring!”

“You cannot say who is right for me! You are not right for me for what you did!”

“I have explained things! I did not have a choice! He was sadist! He made me!”

“You terminated my child!”

“I did not want to! It was an order! Why can you not believe me! I still love you! I always had love for you!”

“I do not believe you! I do not believe the lies that spill from your mouth!”

“Peidax it was true! I did not enjoy the things the commander made me do with your friend! Just believe me!”

“Get out of my face! I do not want to speak with you no more!”




I still ponder rather Sha’tifa’s claims were true. I will admit I still have legit feelings for Sha’tifa but I want to start things with Ahilac. Could if even be possible as she is a fugitive? I plan to find a safe place for her stay, her staying could cause some trouble for the compound. Honestly I am not sure what to do.

“She is right, me staying here is not good idea.”

“I will find you a home. This I promise.”

“And I will thank you. I should go find a place to go now. I do not wish to cause drama here.”

“No stay, I promise she will not be any issue no more. She is jealous of you.”



“What is troubling you?”

“Your brother being with her..”

“The fugitive?”

“Yes her. Can he not see keeping her will cause harm?”



“Probably but he has feelings with her before then.”

“I hate seeing him with her. She is no good. Taking a baby from his father. He loves him, she does not.”

“Borage was never the best father to honest but I had seen change in him.”

“You still watch him?”

“Of course, he is my first love. I don’t watch often. I am busy now. I have Eshu and Jaiky.”

“A mate and an offspring. Something I wish to have.”

“You will one day.”



“I cannot see myself with anyone else. My heart is still with Peidax.”




“I know perhaps it is time to move on. No need to love someone who does not love you back. As much as I wanted my first mate to love me, he would not. The Lois was who he wanted, not I. I moved on, found love with Eshu.”




“You had it easy, Eshu was handed to you. It is not like I can be with the human father of my daughter. He is married now. Sometimes I wished I gave up on Peidax and try my daughter’s father. I figure would be angry with me. I did not bother.”




“We have eligible males here. Perhaps one would be suitable for you. Anyway, have you met your daughter yet?”

“No, she is reaching an important stage in her life. I think it is time. Do you think she will hate me?”

“Of course not, you are a wonderful being. She would love you.”

“I know her father will. They implanted my egg in him. I know he was not thrilled about the pregnancy.”

“I am sure he would be over it by now.”

“I hope.”

“You should come down, dinner should ready soon.”




“I heard some yelling going on. What was that about?”

“Sha’tifa expressing how she does not like my relationship with Ahilac.”

“It is true about Ahilac, she is wanted in her homeland?”

“Yes it is. Do not worry, I will find a place for her. We will not get in trouble.”

“I will say I am not comfortable with her here given she is a fugitive.”



“Where will you place her? There is not many places available to place her.”

“I am aware but I will work something out.”

“I hope soon. We will have a visit by our superiors soon.”

“She will be gone before.”




“You are insane for allowing her to stay for the time being.”

“I am aware.”

“Just hope Sha’tifa does not report her to her kind.”

“I will make sure she does not.”



“You seemed very silent at dinner tonight. You are normally chatty, is something wrong?”

“Peidax and Ahilac, I think they are mates now.”

“I thought you had moved on. I think Dylo may have eye on you.”

“He does.. I did not know. I guess Dylo is okay.”



“If you do not take, I will. Dylo is attractive in my eyes.”

“Of course you would feel that way, Tixa. Maybe Fayon is right, I should move on. But I still feel Ahilac is not right for him.”




“Are you two talking about the fairy? I heard she stole that baby.”

“I thought the baby is hers. Was she suppose to hand the baby over to her leader or something?”

“I do not know. It is risky keeping a fugitive but I do like danger. This is exciting.”

“I just do not want to get in trouble.”




“Peidax say he will put her in a safe place.”

“And you by that bull? Peidax is going to keep her but just hide her when the commanders visit.”

“I am not sure what to think. Maybe we should report her? We could lose our jobs if we do not?”

“Peidax would blame me if we report her.”

“She does not belong here. I do not want to lose my job over her.”

“I do not want either but I do not want any more drama between us.”




“Like it or not, Sha’tifa we will report if she is not removed. Our jobs are more important than Peidax’s love affair.”

“I wonder what will happen to the baby. I wonder why do they want him so much.”

“Males are rare, only 2 has been born since their kind was created. Their queen wants to turn him into her love slave.”

“I thought they do not know what intercourse is.”

“The queen does, she leads the others to be oblivious about it. It is a bit selfish.”

“Then we should not report. It is not fair for the baby.”

“Look Sha’tifa, I know but our jobs are in risk. Perhaps you can hide the baby then we report.”

“We cannot keep him as adorable he may be.”

“Return him back to his human parent. I worked very hard to get where I am now. I will not have it taken away cause she is here.” 

4 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 72 – Another Chance – Part 2

  1. Woww… the aliens look great! I’m glad Ahilac didn’t hand her son over to the queen… yet. It may be possible Ahilac’s queen has some messed up powers. But overall, this was a good chapter/part!

  2. I am so glad she didn’t end up taking him to her queen, that sounds like an awful place for a little boy. 😦 Hopefully Sha’tifa can get him home to Borage’s family soon. He belongs there and his mother is going to be in trouble no matter what.

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