Love For The Ladies: Chapter 71- Another Chance – Part 1

It is me Peidax Xip signing in from Arcadia. Life in Arcadia has seem a bit fair. I was one of the first arrivals of my kind to settle in the colony on Utopian. Arcadia, the colony was built and funded by the members from Earth in a part of an experiment. The Earthlings wonder if humans and alien like can co exist in harmony as many alien like form find it a bit difficult to live on Earth. As the experiment progressed, androids were added to see if life would be easier if they were to run certain things. Later on the superiors from my planet had taken interest in the program in Arcadia. I had relocated to another city on Earth to continue my pollination  mission however I received an urgent call to return to my home planet  Ziharia. 

My commander who assigned me on the pollination mission was found assassinated. I was assigned to another commander who wasn’t interest in pollination mission. I presented Icia and Fikah to my new commander anyway which he was disappointed in Icia’s appearance being human skinned.  My commander needed a scientist on Arcadia to do research on the resources there. He terminated my mission and I was assigned a new one.



I was happy to return to my scientist job. My commander over looked my report from my time I stayed in Star City. I was the reason why Star City began to have some snowy winters although it was a fairly warm climate. Since relocated, Star City’s weather has turned back to normal, according to my daughter Bora Bora.

I send most of the daylight gathering and analyzing items that I collect on Arcadia. For once in my life, I feel honestly happy as I get to do the things I enjoy. The death of my original commander as been a relief to most of us Ziharians in the science field. Many didn’t mourn after his death. I for one rejoice after learning his death, he ordered to have experiments done on Aries as he promise they would do no such thing.



Another reason of my new found happiness would be the birth of my first grandchild, Deja over a year ago. She has been the light of my world recently. I do spend my weekends outside of the lab on the compound which I am living on. I take that time to see my grandchild and spend time with Icia and Fikah.



My son Toshi found love were staying on a colony called Lunar Lakes on another planet. Anais is the love as his life and they soon had Deja. However the program on Lunar Lakes was shut down due to a contamination found in the drinking water which was fatal to some settlers. Settlers would have to return to Earth or applied for the program on Arcadia. Anais wouldn’t qualified due to her pregnancy and job status. They were interest in scientist and ones into robotics. Aliens were automatic accepted into the program.

Toshi feared he would lose Anais and their unborn child. As Toshi mention his significant other was having his child, Anais’ application was approved.  As they are interested in alien-human hybrid children. Anais is a witch which peaked their interest more. Toshi was also allowed to bring one human which he chose his genie sister Lilah. Lilah would be granted a slot automatically due to her occult status. I was happy to learn he would join me for life on Arcadia. My daughters Luna and Dia also settled in the colony too.



Soon my sister Fayon joined the compound with her mate Eshu and new daughter Jaiky. Eshu was assigned to research resources along my side as Fayon studied robotics. I watched Fayon care for Jaiky, it made me miss the times my children were very young. Fayon often mention while caring for Jaiky she feels like she’s getting a second chance being a mother. Fayon often had to left Apollo and Nova behind after we return to Earth. At the time her children was left in the care of Borage and Lois.



I wonder about having another chance. I was away from my children often. Watching Fayon with Jaiky and Toshi with Deja makes me long to have another child whom I can raise from birth.




But would I have the time to do such a thing? Who would carry my child? If I had a mate, this would be easy. But I don’t have a mate. I never notice how lonely I was. I once had a mate some time ago but she had betrayed me. Since then I haven’t been able to trust another…




Perhaps I should focus on raising Icia and Fikah, they were still children. I slowed down their aging as there was no need for them to rapidly age. They would be considered 5 years old and I enrolled them into the academy where they will start school in the fall. Their early stages were rushed, something I didn’t get to enjoy. But the urge to be a parent again still lingers as I enjoy my 2 youngest children. I now call them my children instead of offspring, since they are no longer a “job”.



I am still lonely.. My heart wants to love again but I do not know if I can trust another. The betrayal of my former mate, Sha’tifa. Sha’tifa was assigned a job here and moved into the alien compound. It is hard to see her face knowing what she did to me. Having relations with my close friend whom was also my co worker. She discover she was with child and had it removed as she was unsure who fathered. I learned of the affair and the child. The results shown the fetus had my DNA. I was hurt, betrayed, the life of my would be first born was taken. She claims she was forced into it due to the order from his commander. She claims his commander enjoyed watching them engaged in sexual activities. I did not believe no such thing. But could it be true? As his commander was later mine. My commander was awful… the things he had done to Aries. The isolation, the experiments, the molestation.   

I try to block out the thoughts of what my former commander had done to my son by playing golf. But nothing helps, I feel nothing but guilt. I should have never taken the septuplets home. I ruined their lives, especially Aries’. Borage is making his life as comfortable as he could, I left cause I didn’t deserve to have such a sweet child in my life. I don’t deserve Aries’ kindness and love. Aries’ desires Borage’s attention more than me but I often write to Aries to let him know I still love him.

I hope things will get better for me during my life here on Arcadia. I’m assigned to stay here for the next 20 years. Maybe I could find a mate once again… However I am not sure if that would be possible.



“Getting any better, Peidax?”

“Trying. I lack focus.”

“Maybe I can help you.”


6 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 71- Another Chance – Part 1

  1. I’m glad that Pedro or Peidax is having a good life. But I’m wondering what his reaction will be if Aries tells him Borage is in a coma? It probably wouldn’t be a good reaction, considering that they developed an almost-friend status. I hope Borage is doing okay in his save, wherever he is at the moment.

  2. I like Pedro, I’m glad he’s not having to subject himself to the pollination experiments anymore. That seemed like it was making him miserable seeing his children go through that nightmare. Oh grrr not her!!! >.<

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