State of Tigo


I got some things to tell and stuff. I would like to update more but I find myself still having to fix things. I got all the time in the world but I do get burnt out eventually. Staying in Edit Town/Build Mode for weeks can be draining. Borage is still technically homeless, meaning he doesn’t have a secure home save. After setting up his new save in SV, I was bombed with Error 12’s like no other. Then the save began to stutter every 15 seconds to the point it wasn’t playable. Feeling defeated, I opened a new save in EC and did some work on it. Before I knew it, I had a new save that’s move in ready. However I was nervous about dropping sims in and wasn’t sure if my game was even playable. I haven’t loaded any of my other saves in so long. I decided to set in June’s younger sister, April in town alone to see how the save runs.


So far the save has been running pretty smoothly and April is having fun given she’s all alone. But she’s insane, she doesn’t mind not having no one to talk to, she talks to herself lol. But I do like how the town looks. I like it better than Borage’s older EC save.



There was one more important lot that I needed for his story, a art & dance studio. So I created this lot and loved how it turned out.



Building this would give me a reason to try this thing out which originally I wasn’t too interest in. I still don’t find this thing appealing. But it does make the art studio look nice.



I had mention of Clarissa teaching ballet to little girls, reasons why this was made. I plan on showing more of Clarissa after showing the creepy man :p April approves of the dance studio. I just love this place!


These were my favs..



Before I could think about moving Borage into the newer save, he needs a new house. His current house grew on a 64 x 64 lot which was a mistake. Rendering sucks and takes longer on a bigger lot. The size of the house has change many times but still, it’s too big even when it was more yard than house. So I set down a 40 x 40 in a new save and got to work.



The house is coming along quite nicely and all. All that’s left is the basement and then the house would be done. I’m doing a slow move in the newer save. April now has a few neighbors. I figure I’ll drop in a couple families after 1-2 sim days. It seems to do well besides the annoying routing issues which is the creator’s fault.


A view of the first floor.



I was told about the tree from Lunar Lakes was known to cause some lag in other simmer’s games. I haven’t issue with lag until now. I wanted Lunar Lakes but not the tree however the tree was attach to the world >_< So I decided to go without the world which means I’ll be losing Lilah’s save. BUT I still found all the things from LL still in my launcher.. Wtf?! (-_-) I had to clear my DCCache and reinstall all of my store stuff >_< Last time I did that the game wasn’t recognizing that Lucky Palms was installed. This time it was Monte Vista…



This fuckin’ game >_< It’s seeing Monte Vista now but still… *sigh* I really didn’t wanna lose Lilah’s save cause I wanted to move them. So I took LL into custard and removed the tree. But I couldn’t help but notice that all the other stuff from LL isn’t appearing in my game….


Lunar Lakes, y’all


Obviously this isn’t gonna work out. So…


Lilah’s household took a trip into the future which they will be staying for now on.



Since removing that damn tree the SV save runs better and isn’t stuttering anymore but now I’m torn… Do I give the SV a go or do I continue moving in sim into the new EC save. I hope I figure it out soon…




I’m getting closer to start on the first chapter of Ciderwood Lane. I needed a spa for it since half of the characters work there. I didn’t want to build a new one. I was getting burnt out on build. Remembering how Celsia’s didn’t get to take off, I decided to use her spa but it edit some. It got edited a lot haha. It came out lovely. I hope to start on something this week.



Today I mention on my facebook that I’m skipping Rio’s gen and moving onto Gen 3. Honestly I’m not too interest on working on his generation as I don’t have a direction. Adding a few of Borage’s siblings into it did help some however Rio wouldn’t get much attention as Tequila, Martini and Niro tend to be more interesting due to their personalities. It would of been a choice if Niro was the heir however his dad was a secondary heir. I do plan to push out a couple more updates from Rio’s gen before jumping into Gen 3. I’m only doing that cause some of the events are important in Borage’s story. Gen 3 probably won’t happen until the summer. I figure I will start when they are a teenager, instead of waiting until they are an YA.

3 thoughts on “State of Tigo

    • No kidding. I’m constantly amazed Nay goes to all that trouble. I would have gone mad by now – then again, it does sound like she was getting burned out but getting back into it again. Good luck, Nay! It’ll be fun to see wherever you take everything, and I’m looking forward to more Clar. She’s just awesome like that. šŸ˜›

      • So far the game runs fine since removing the tree. Apparently patch 1.66 fixed the tree issue but I’m not gonna listen to EA’s lies.. I’m sure that patch would also break something else. I have no plans to patch beyond 1.63.. I’m so tired of patches.. it’s a hit or miss with those.

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