Montigo Extensions: Phoenix C. – Update 4

It wasn’t long before the nursery was done for my daughter to my surprise. I did minor work on it like picking the colors I wanted it to be and finding the perfect wallpaper. My dad sent me a crib, toys, clothes and a diaper changing table in the colors that I wanted. The hard part was to put it together. My dad said he’ll make a trip and do it for me but I told him it was okay, I had 2 male roommates and I’ll make good use of them. Although one would be her father, I felt maybe it would be better to ask Kai for some help..



However it was Keith who did everything. He didn’t ask for his help or from anyone else. Lotus offer but Keith declined, according to her. Lotus did help some, rather Keith liked it or not, it’s her niece after all. I was amazed how beautiful the nursery looked. If only I had one myself when I was a baby. 




I’ve seen pictures of it, it was animal theme with neutral colors. I shared the room with 3 other siblings. Daddy was always good at putting together nurseries although he’ll never admit it. No wonder why he sent me the best for my daughter. I am thankful that Keith took the time to put this all together. He’s a great friend but something tells me that there’s a reason behind this.



“So do you like it?”

“Like it? I love it, you know you didn’t have to do this all by yourself.”

“I know but I had a lot of free time, I figure I should do something since you’ll letting Kai and I stay here.”

“You did a great job, maybe you can turn this into a full time job.”

“Like going into people’s homes and designing their nurseries like some creepo who obsessive of baby rooms? Ha ha ha.”

“Yeah something like that. Ha ha ha.”

“I think I’ll stick with computer repair. It’s more of my calling.”

“Yeah maybe, again Keith.. Thank you.”

“No problem.”



Maybe Keith is being a nice guy and doing the friendly thing of helping me out or maybe he stills has a crush on me and did this to impress me. Honestly it’s hard to say. He drives me to my doctor appointments and wait in the lobby for me. I didn’t like how he would have to sit there so I start asking him to come with me. I had an ultrasound and asked Keith to come see. I watched how he was amazed by the scan.

Daddy paid for me to have a 4D ultrasound so I can see what my baby looks like. I can already tell she’ll favor me more. “She looks like you.” Keith said with a huge grin on his face. The doctor was given the impression that Keith was the father and made a comment saying, she might have some of his features. We both got quiet, I wasn’t sure if I should correct the doctor but Keith let out a slight laugh. “I think she might look like her uncle.” Keith said, my doctor was a little embarrassed but smiled at Keith’s remark. I remained quiet as Keith’s words echo in my head. “You are her biological uncle.” Why can’t I bring myself to tell everyone the truth. If I wait too long, maybe they will hate me….




“You did all of this?”

“Yeah. Phoenix loves it.”


“Cause I figure it was a nice thing to do. The shop is slow, I had some free time.”

“Uh huh, you did all o this and she still friendzoned you, didn’t she?”

“I didn’t do it so she would like me. I did it cause I’m her friend.”

“Bullshit. Doesn’t matter what you bro, she gonna friendzone you.”

“Whatever.. I’m just trying to be her friend. She needs time. My timing does suck.. I mean she’s pregnant and the dad isn’t around. I think I can be there for her. She needs someone you know.”

“I guess so but expect she’ll magically fall for you. You’ll get hurt.”

“I’m no expecting anything..”



As time got closer to my due date, Keith stood near my side. If I made a slight noise of discomfort, he came running to see if it was time. It always gave me a chuckle cause of the look on his face when he thought it was time. However one night, 2 weeks before my due date, my water broke as we watched a movie. At first he seemed calm until I told him this was real.



After Keith was done being a scatter brain in trying to find his car keys, we headed to the hospital where I gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Ayana Nicole Montigo.

The occult test results shown she’s genie and witch. The test is mandatory to insure how the baby should be treated medically. However these results were revealed in front of Keith. “So he’s a witch. That’s cool, I can teach her how to use witch magic.” Keith said with a smile. The chance of Ayana having witch magic never crossed my mind. It could easily give Kai a hint that Ayana is his. However Keith remains oblivious even after looking at her eyes. She didn’t inherit mine or my daddy’s. She has Kai’s eyes.  




Ayana is perfect. I don’t regret my night with Kai, if I did then I would never have her.




But caring for Ayana can be tiring. She require more feedings than human babies. Genies love food and genie babies love food twice more than adults. One bottle wasn’t enough for her. Ayana needed 3 bottles back to back and she can be a bit impatience as I make the next bottle.

Keith was a huge help. When he sees when I’m tired he takes over for a while as I get a quick power nap. Keith often had to fight with Lotus and Laurie to get time with Ayana. “Blood over water!” Joked Laurie as she heads for Ayana who loves to scream her head off. I’m just glad to have some help.



As far for Kai, his time with Ayana is minimal. I did like seeing him with her but he remains clueless that she’s his. I still don’t know how to break the news to him.




“You like that baby?”

“I guess so, she’s drools a lot but I guess she’s cool. Ha ha ha.”

“I can’t help but notice that she has your eyes. I mean you and Keith have a unique color. I haven’t seen many guys…WITCH guys walking around with those eyes.”

“What are you implying?”

“You the daddy? I know Keith isn’t cause my sis is so friendzoning him.”

“Wha- what?”

“I didn’t stutter, Kai. Did you knock up my sister?”

“No! ..I couldn’t.. She said it’s some guy. Ayana isn’t mine.”

“I’m calling bullshit. I kinda remember you leaving my sister’s room 9 months ago.”

“Key word is “kinda” You’re not sure if you saw me.”

“I do remember ya’ll acting weird for sometime and then she’s pregnant.”

“Look, Rae.. Ayana isn’t mine. Phoenix said it’s some guy.”

“I think you’re that “some guy”.”



“Ya know.. You have a bit of a crazy aunt saying that I’m you’re dad. Yeah I was with your mom one night but I’m not sure what all happen. I was pretty wasted. I mean if you were my daughter, your mom would have told me. Wouldn’t she? I wouldn’t mind being your daddy. You’re a cute kid, but damn you can eat. I’m not sure if I can afford to feed you.”



“But Rae has a point, you do have my eyes. Are you my daughter?”



Ayana is 7 months old now. Her hair is growing thicker, she’s getting bigger and eats twice more than she did as a newborn. I see more of me in her than Kai. She’s the light of my world.



Naturally Ayana has an attachment to Keith since he spends so much time with her. He offers to pick up Ayana at the daycare since his job is near by. The caretaker mentions how happy Ayana is when he comes to pick her up. She haven’t started to talk just yet but we heard her say “Dada” once so far. She’s seeing Keith as her dad since he’s so close to her. But no, I have not told Kai yet.





One week Kai asked if it’s okay if his girlfriend can stay the weekend here since she’ll be in town. I told him I was okay with it. I thought I could handle it but I couldn’t as I watched them suck each others’ faces. I cringe as I watched. At that moment I wanted to announce that Ayana is Kai’s daughter but I couldn’t bring myself to ruined their moment with my jealousy. I remained silent and headed upstairs to get Ayana ready for bed.




Before I could I was stopped by Kailyn, she wanted to speak with me.

“Thanks for letting me stay. I see you have a little one so I’ll stay quiet as much as possible.”

“It’s no big deal, Ayana is a heavy sleeper by nature. The whole genie thing, ya know.”

“Oh, I don’t know much about genies. Can you grant wishes and stuff like on TV?”

“Ha ha ha, yes and no. It’s not that simple like the TV implies. Certain types of genies do certain things. Genies of my kind aren’t really the “wish” type.”

“Oh okay. I promise you that you won’t have to worry about me asking to stay much longer.”

“Why so? Moving into town?”

“Um no.. We plan on moving to Auburn Grove. I got a job at the horse ranch there and we want to take our relationship to the next level.”

“Auburn Grove? It’s so far from here. My brother Bruce staying there with his fiancée.”

“Really? You should drop by when you visit your brother.”





My heart dropped when Kailyn told me they have plans to move to Auburn Grove. I don’t know how soon. Maybe its time that I should tell Kai about Ayana before he goes. How will he take the news? Will he still move to Auburn Grove? Will he hate me?



It wouldn’t be fair to Ayana to grow up not knowing who her real father is. It wouldn’t be fair to Kai not knowing that he has a daughter. What do I now? I should have opened my mouth the moment I learned I was pregnant. Why did I have to be so selfish? I don’t blame if Kai hates me and never wants to speak to me again. I deserve it.



As I watched Ayana sleep, I know I need to Kai in the morning. I hope I have the courage to do so..

4 thoughts on “Montigo Extensions: Phoenix C. – Update 4

  1. 😦 I feel so bad for Phoenix in this cause she’s kind of stuck. I does seem like Keith might already know and hopefully Kai will take it well since he already has an inkling. Ayana is freakin adorable too, how could he not just love her? 😀

  2. Phoenix really needs to tell him. It’s really hard when you’re dad doesn’t really do much for you when it comes to school and stuff. Kai needs to be part of Ayana’s life for sure.

  3. Hopefully Kai will not be too upset when he finds out the truth. She does need to tell him though, the longer she waits the worse it is for everyone when the truth does come out!

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