Ciderwood Lane: Family Introductions – Part 3

The North family, Amelia and True are 2 sisters living in a house on Ciderwood next to the Flake family. When True was having trouble in school, their mother Kensi Walker asked if Amelia would take in her 7 year old sister. Kensi hopes life in Lansing Falls would scare True straight where she would be face to face of real vampires. True had a habit of biting other kids at school claiming she’s vampire. Since La Suerte Palms has a temporary vampire ban within the city limits, True has no idea of how a vampire really is. Kensi offered to send money to Amelia if she agrees to take in True. Amelia was hesitant at first but the idea of extra income fancied her mind, Amelia agreed which later regrets. Amelia hasn’t seen True since she was 3 and True is a bit of a problem child.


Amelia – Amelia cares about nothing but her look goods. She’s very flirtatious, social and likes to party. Amelia did some modeling while living in La Suerte Palms however Amelia wanted something different, love. Amelia dreams to married a rich handsome man however she discovered a secret about genies. Amelia learned about a power which Love genies hold. Being married to a love genie can freeze their current age, marring young leads them carrying their youthful appearance for an extended time. After remaining married to the genie for 80 years, their genie spouse can grant them immortality. Amelia never wants to grow old and the thought of being immortal excites her. Amelia left for Lansing Falls in hopes of finding a love genie to married.

She rented a house on Ciderwood Lane which she could barely keep up with the rent. Amelia decides to use her beauty and sex appeal to her advantage by seducing her landlord when she can’t pay rent. However could this be a mistake has her werewolf landlord become obsessed of her?

Amelia is good friends with her neighbor Penny although she’s unaware that Penny finds her annoying. Penny often belittles her but Amelia is too oblivious to notice. She often attempts to flirt with Desmond but he doesn’t entertain her lame attempts and ignores her. Amelia takes it as a sign that he lusts for her and she leaves him speechless.

She thought she strike luck when meeting Dodder Montigo, but she was disappointed to learn he’s married to her former co-worker. This doesn’t stop Amelia from flirting with him when she gets the chance. By nature, Dodder flirts back but regrets it as it leads Amelia on. Amelia knows Dodder would never leave his wife for her and she continue searches for a love genie.

Amelia works at the local spa as a masseuse which pays well but Amelia tends to spend a lot of her money on clothes, shoes and her partying habits. One day Amelia was given a special client when his personal masseur was sick with the flu for a week. The client happen to be Cergio Montigo. Amelia learned that not only Cergio is a love genie but a genie god as well. Amelia fell in love with him instantly which made Cergio uncomfortable, leaving him to never step foot in the spa ever again. Amelia stalks Cergio around town whenever he visits. Amelia tries desperately to get Cergio to love her. Sasha is Amelia’s cousin which gives her more of a chance to see Cergio. Cergio dislikes her and often insults her but she confuses his insults as flirts. Amelia is unaware of her jealous werewolf landlord is watching from the distance.

Although Amelia is single, she’s still invited to the Sunday afternoon gatherings of the wives in the neighborhood. Her cousin Indie invited her.



True – True was a surprise baby between her parents. Her older siblings were almost adults themselves when she was born. She doesn’t have much of a strong bond with them since they moved out before she was 3. True often feels like she’s an only child. Despite being 2 years older than Ender and Ada, she likes being friends with them. True moved into town near the end of the school year in La Suerte Palms. She didn’t have any friends and quickly befriended Ender before meeting Ada.

True is fascinated by vampires and wants to become one when she’s of age. She often pretends to be a vampire and even wears fake fangs time to time. True gotten into a lot of fights with other kids at school. They teased her about being a weirdo since she pretends to be a vampire. True refuses to be bullied and often fights back. True is short for her age and it surprises them that she’s willing to fight back although she’s small. Most of the time the kids often pick fights with True and she’s usually the one who gets in trouble due to her odd behavior. This angers True which leads her to be more difficult. Kensi doesn’t believe True is starting fights due to her small size however she began more aggressive which made her mother believe she may indeed picks fights. True is upset that her own mother no one believes her and she began to bite other kids in an attempt to drink their blood. It was the last straw and True was sent to live with Amelia.

At first True didn’t want to live with Amelia but she read that vampires do live in Lansing Falls and became excited. Her excitement  quickly faded after her first night with Amelia. She finds Amelia annoying and thinks she tries too hard. They often fight with each other. Whenever Amelia gets mad at True she calls her “False” which annoys True a lot. She gets her back by setting embarrassing pranks just before Amelia invites a guy over and tells her that her thighs are getting fat.

True adjustment to the move wasn’t going great until she met Ender and Ada. True enjoys playing and hanging out with them. For once she feels accepted.



The Roommates, Joey Shaine and Brielle Yager are roommates living next to Indie and Saul. Joey inherited the house on Ciderwood Lane along with his twin sister Sasha. After his twin left to stay with Cergio, Joey found it hard to kept up with the bills. Joey placed an ad for a roommate and an insane fairy named Brielle was the only taker. Joey didn’t want Brielle to move in but had no choice. Can they stay under one roof in one piece?




Joey – Joey and his twin Sasha were products of a teenage pregnancy between their parents Simone Shaine and Fenton Gardiner. His parents were just 14 when they were born. Simone and Fenton opted for an open adoption as they still wanted to be apart of their lives. A long time family friend of Simone’s parents offered to adopt the twins. Joey and Sasha were adopted and kept their names. They were raised to know Simone and Fenton are their birth parents.

Tragically struck when Joey’s adoptive parents were killed in a boating accident during a trip to Lake Keono in Lansing Falls when he was 16. Joey and Sasha were taken in by their grandparents and later learned they inherited their vacation house on Ciderwood Lane. After turning 18, Joey along his twin moved to Lansing Falls to live in their late-adoptive parents’ vacation home where they both had found memories of.

Since living with his biological grandparents after his adoptive parents’ deaths, he was able to grow closer to his birth parents, especially his father. Joey often goes out of his way to impress his dad who is a radio DJ who often travels. Joey usually listens to Fenton’s radio station online and often heard him make jokes on how he will be a young looking grandfather cause his son has his great looks. The joke bothers Joey cause he’s secretly gay.

Joey works at the same spa as his cousin Amelia but he’s a personal masseur and goes into his client’s homes. His biggest client is Cergio which he’s madly in love with in secret. He often has wild sexual fantasies about Cergio that he sometimes gets carried away with. His fantasies usually happen during his session with Cergio. Cergio likes his massages done in the nude which doesn’t help Joey at all. Joey began to secretly take pics of Cergio during their sessions which he later pleasures himself to. During that time, Brielle usually busts into his room and Joey quickly hides the pics, leaving him acting awkwardly.

Joey hasn’t told anyone that he’s gay and the secret is eating at him. He knows he could never have Cergio so he fills the void by sleeping with various women. After a drunken night at the bar, Joey ends up sleeping with his new roommate Brielle. Since their hook up, Brielle often flirts with him in front of Cergio whenever Cergio is at the bar. She uses Joey to make Cergio jealous but Joey often fantasize that Cergio is getting jealous over him flirting with Brielle. Things get awkward when Joey finds Brielle with Cergio and act jealous. Brielle thinks Joey is jealous cause he wants her but doesn’t have a clue that it’s the other way around. Joey feels awkward and lets them believe that he has the hots for Brielle.

Adding more fuel to the fire, after Penny got into a fight with her husband Desmond which Joey offered to comfort her. Joey had been drinking and fantasizing about Cergio just before Penny shown up at his doorstep. His comforted went too far which Penny delivered some unwanted news that turned Joey’s world upside down.




Brielle – Her existence is remarkable however no ones believes how she came to be. Brielle is from another universe. After spying on her younger brother Maddox in her universe, she began curious of a machine that he was messing with. Brielle found herself being sucked into a vortex that appeared after she randomly tapped buttons on the machine. Brielle found herself in Lansing Falls. Confused, Brielle roamed around town searching for answers. Her crazy story about a vortex appearing and how she lands downtown in Lansing Falls made others think she was insane. Later on at night her questions were answers when a mysterious alien taken her. The alien revealed that she successfully traveled to a different universe. Brielle demanded the alien return her to her universe but they alien told her since she’s a fairy in this universe, she’s immortal. Brielle likes the idea of living forever and changes her mind about returning. The alien releases Brielle, leaving her alone in Lansing Falls.

Brielle finds an ad for a roommate and answers it. Joey didn’t like she was jobless but promises to find one. She lands a job at the spa along with Joey and Amelia. Brielle is just the desk rep but believes she should be a masseuse.

Brielle often tells others how she traveled from another universe which no one believes her. Brielle became teary eyed once she saw her “mother” Regan. However Regan in this universe isn’t her mother which made Regan feel uncomfortable whenever Brielle calls her mom.  Brielle found some of her family but learned the family ties are slightly different. Regan, Penny and Maddox were siblings. Brielle finds it difficult to come to terms of the change. She wonder if there’s another copy of her wandering around.

While at the park, she was approached by Cergio. Without saying a word, Brielle embraces Cergio with a kiss. Cergio appeared to like it but suddenly yelled at her. Brielle was confused and didn’t know why he yelled at her. She yelled back and they found themselves fighting to undress each other. In front of several park goers, Brielle and Cergio made love without knowing each other’s name. Brielle felt an instant connection upon meeting Cergio which became intense when arguing. Cergio later reveals he was draw to her, know something was special about her. Brielle revealed her alternate universe travel. Cergio is the only one who believes her as he know its possible.

Since meeting Cergio, Brielle became the 4th mystery woman in Cergio’s life. Brielle doesn’t know what her relationship is with Cergio. During the weekends, Cergio usually stays with her and acts like a boyfriend but insists he’s not. It secretly saddens Brielle as she falling in love with him. Brielle hates his harem cause she can’t be apart of it. Brielle feels like a side lover but Cergio insists she means more to him. Brielle wants things official with Cergio but he explains that it could never happen. This sends Brielle on insane rampages, she often yells for no reason, streaks downtown, and act oddly in public. Brielle is slowly becoming fed up with her weekend relationship with Cergio and wants something real. But she struggles to pull herself away from him. Brielle wants to be loved and be the only one but her hold on Cergio is too tight. Brielle decides to sleep with her roommate Joey in hopes it will make Cergio jealous. However Brielle knows something is a little odd with Joey when she requests sex. Joey often ask if she would use a strap on, on him. Brielle doesn’t get much pleasure from it and starts to suspect that Joey is gay.

4 thoughts on “Ciderwood Lane: Family Introductions – Part 3

  1. OH LOL Amelia, she’s always trying to get with the wrong guy.
    BUAHAHA the False nickname is hilarious. As you know I’m going to love seeing True, Ada, and Ender running around together.
    Oh man Joey is in a crazy “middle of everything” position isn’t he? 😦
    hahaha Brielle and Cergio, they really do have a magnetic attraction to each other. >.<
    Hehe can't wait for more! 😀

    • LOL Amelia is Amelia, she believes her good looks will give her everything :p
      I thought “False” would be funny but if True was my name I wouldn’t think it was funny.
      Poor Joey, he’s just caught up in some shit.
      Brielle and Cergio is gonna be fun with their yelling then suddenly making out. I watch them do that all the time. They yell, then head to the bedroom. I swear its foreplay to them LOL

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