Ciderwood Lane: Family Introductions – Part 2

The Flake family, After the birth of their son Ender Desmond and his new wife Penelope also known as Penny decided their cramp one bedroom apartment wasn’t suitable home for their son. Desmond and Penny browsed for a house to rent but to no avail. One fateful night, Desmond received a mysterious phone call from an anonymous person telling them they have a house for them on Ciderwood Lane and the house was rent free. They would just need to pay for the utilities. Desmond thought it was a prank by one of his buddies and hung up. The next morning when Desmond went to check the mail he found an envelope. Inside was a letter saying, “This house is yours, 225 Ciderwood ln. Its move in ready, here is your key. Take care of her.” Desmond still thought it was a clever prank and gather his family to see if this house was real. To Desmond’s surprise, the house was real and already fully furnished. Desmond saw a lot of things in the house was for Penny’s liking, such as a little art studio. Desmond wasn’t sure if they keep this house but he saw the joy in Penny’s eyes and decided they should stay. Desmond ponders who gave them this house and what do they mean by “Take care of her.”



Desmond – Desmond is one of the few vampire residents in Lansing Falls. Desmond is friends with most of the vampires in town cause of his friendly nature. Nina is his ex girlfriend whom he convinced to relocate to Lansing Falls and live with him. However he was a bit involved with Penny shortly before Nina moved into town. Desmond met Penny at the high school where he was a janitor at. Penny was 14 when he began to shadow her around. Penny felt Desmond was a bit of creep since he’s was 5 years older than her. There was something about Penny that Desmond was intrigued by.

A year later he started a relationship with Penny although he was still dating Nina. He loved Nina but was mesmerized by Penny. Penny ended things with Desmond and he asked for Nina to move into town. Things were going great until Penny came back in Desmond’s life. Desmond felt that he loved Penny more and ended things with Nina. Shortly after the break up, Penny became pregnant after they took a trip to La Suerte Palms with their friends Saul and Indie. Desmond wanted to marry her but because of her age, Penny would need her parents content which they refused. Once Penny was legally old enough to marry, they had a small wedding in the park with their close friends and son in La Suerte Palms.

As time passed Desmond fails to keep a steady job and prefers to work odd jobs around town. His last steady was at a vampire club called Red Velvet where he worked as a bartender. However the club closed down and Desmond started to work odd jobs. Desmond doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life until he came across of old nearly destroyed car. Desmond decides he wants to restore the car and sell it. He finds a new passion in restoring cars but runs into a couple of problem. He doesn’t have enough funds to replace old parts and the house lacks a garage. Since he is a vampire, working out in the sun is harmful, he’s naturally weak and sluggish during the day but strong and active during the night. The only time Desmond can work on the car would be at night but its difficult to work on it with the lack of light. Desmond is finding ways to gain funds so he could build a garage. Penny is annoyed by this and wants him to get a real job.



Penelope – Penny is the youngest all of her siblings, she was a surprise baby. Her parents weren’t planning on having anymore kids as they gotten late into their lives. Regan is Penny’s older sister and is a witch like her. Penny was a teenage mom at 15. Her parents were upset when they learned about her pregnancy with older male. Penny was determined to marry Desmond however her parents were against it. On Penny’s 16th birthday, she could legally married Desmond without her parents’ consent. She took her toddler son in the middle of the night and met up with Desmond and his friend Saul and Indie for a trip to La Suerte Palms where she married Desmond. Returning home, Penny announced to her parents she was moving in with Desmond along with her son. Penny finished high school and only her older sister Regan attended her graduation. Regan was the only one of her family who supported her relationship with Desmond. Penny calls Regan her best friend.

Penny wants to attend art school as she enjoys painting and drawing but its hard to find day care for her young son. Penny was convinced by her good friend Sasha that she sell her art online. Penny created a webpage to sell her art which was going well. Penny also decided to sell other people’s art on her webpage and earning 10% of the profit. Penny art site pays some but they are still need of money to stay on top of the bills. Penny finds a job online where she can work from home. She does online customer support for a phone company. It helps be wants her husband to get a real job. However her snarky comments made towards him doesn’t help.

Penny tends to be snarky towards other which make it harder for her to have friends. Desmond tried to her to be friends with Saul’s wife, Indie. However that didn’t go well. Since living on Ciderwood lane, Penny and Indie are rivals. However they do have to deal with each other during the weekly meet ups where the wives of Ciderwood lane gather every Sunday afternoon bringing their favorite dish, chat and share tips on various things. During the week, Penny spies on Indie so she can reveal dirt on Indie to the other wives. Their fight started when they both shown up at the Ciderwood lane club house with strawberry pies. One of the wives failed to find a sitter for her child and had no choice to take the child with her to the meet up. The child accidentally spilled vinegar over Indie’s pie, leaving it bitter in taste. Indie thought Penny tried sabotage her pie saying she was jealous cause her strawberry pie was the best in town. Penny felt insulted that Indie would accuse of her ruining her pie when she didn’t. Since that day, they became rivals and always completing with each other. When Penny discover Indie is working on creating beauty elixirs like Boragaia, Penny decided to work on alchemy to prove that she’s better at creating elixirs. They often sabotage each other unattended elixirs.




Ender – At the tender age of 5 Ender is proven to be a child prodigy of being able to create professional webpages and hack online servers since he was 3 years old. Ender was born vampire and witch, which make him naturally smarter than most kids. Ender has a high enough IQ to start in the 5th grade but Penny doesn’t want him to grow up too fast and plans to enroll him as a kindergartener in a school for the gifted. However Ender wants to attend public along with his 2 new friends, Ada and True whom he gained this summer. Ender doesn’t believe he’s a vampire-witch hybrid. He believes he’s a witch like his mom and how it was a government conspiracy of them imprinting false information in his parents minds to convince them that he’s both vampire and witch. He believe it’s all an illusion. Although this makes no sense to everyone, Ender believe this is true and comes up with new reasons. Ender ignores the fact of his father being a vampire. Ender often denies being a vampire which annoys his friends.

Ender 2 closet friends are girls which his father teases him about it. However Ender has 2 male friends who lives on around the corner on Honeywood Lane. They are a set of twins, one being a werewolf and the other a vampire. Ender visits them time to time but enjoys the company of Ada and True. The twins often tease Ender being girly but Ender often gets them back by setting a prank. Ender later befriends Dodder’s youngest son Marcel, who is close in age. Marcel may be his only close male friend.




The Daniels family, Saul and Indigo, also known as Indie are newlyweds and live across the Flake family. They recently bought a house on Ciderwood Lane after Indie had a streak of luck at Montigo Palms, a casino in La Suerte Palms. They used Indie’s winnings to pay for their long planned wedding and the rest for a house. Saul and Indie are excited to start their new life together as husband and wife in their new home. Will children come next on their list?



Saul – Being gifted in art, Saul naturally surrounds himself around art by becoming a traveling art appraiser. During his off time he teaching art history at the local high school. His students don’t take him seriously since he’s a bit young. Like Ender, Saul was a child prodigy in art. Saul was smart for his age and advanced quickly in school. He finished school at the age of 13. Saul is a Hemorite, meaning “Blood fairy”, a vampire-fairy hybrid. Naturally his IQ would be higher than anyone else.

Saul enjoys his art appraising job but dislike having to leave for weeks at a time.Saul rather appraise in town but so far there isn’t any openings for it. Saul dislikes his teaching job at the high school  and wants the quit but the bulk of his money is coming from that job. Saul decides to partner up with one of his best friends, Cergio in starting an online company as today most people shop online and business would be better. However Saul and Cergio can’t agree on an idea. Saul feels Cergio’s idea are silly but Cergio refuses to listen to his ideas. Saul only stick with Cergio since he would have the bulk of the money to start the business up. Cergio also has a master’s degree in business when he doesn’t. He hopes him and Cergio can agree on something. Once they have something and if things go well. Saul can quit is traveling job and the high school. During his free time he will sell his artwork at the open market.

Saul doesn’t want his wife to work and rather she stays home as much as she can. Saul does all of the shopping although he exhausted most of the time. The sun does weaken him so but not as much as a normal vampire. Saul’s reasons for keeping Indie at home is due to the disappearance of his older half sister Astrid Foster. Saul fears Astrid’s disappearance has something to do with his shady past.

Saul was involved in some illegal drug transporting. Saul’s former associate convinced him into smuggle the drug in his art sculptures. Saul was offered 20% of the profit, Saul agreed but was hesitant about it. During a transport, things went south when Saul’s associate was busted. Saul refused to admit that the art sculptures or had any involvement in the drug activity, when being questioned by the police. Saul made his associate take the fall alone which angered him more. Saul was supposed to do the transport that night but was running late due to him attending a yoga class with Indie. Saul’s associate warned him his has connections and he will pay one day. When learning about his sister, he felt his former associate is behind it. Saul was asked by child services to take in his niece Chanel but didn’t think it was safe for her to remain in town. His mother Jasmine who’s a resident in Sundale in the Eastern region agreed to take in Chanel. Since Sundale is far from Lansing Falls, Saul felt she would be safer there.

Saul would like to start a family with his wife but doesn’t want until he thinks its safe. When he leaves for his traveling he insists Indie stays with her cousin Amelia who lives across the street. Saul hates leaving even more after his sister going missing which leaves him looking over his shoulder.



Indigo – Indie enjoys playing online blackjack which she often make trips to La Suerte Palms to given into her gambling addictions. She often visits her aunt Kensi who lives there and is the pianist in the lounge at Montigo Palms. During a trip to LP, Indie scored a big win during a blackjack competition. Indie used her winnings to have her dream wedding in Konani Tide. Indie and Saul had a small ceremony on the beach with a few close friends and family.

Indie likes to spend extended time alone which happens often due this Saul’s appraising job. With her extra time she works on improving her witch magic and alchemy when she’s not playing online blackjack. Sometimes Indie gets too lonely and begins talking to herself. She’s unaware of her rival Penny watches and records when she has her moments of “crazy”. During the day, Indie walks around the neighborhood as she enjoys the fresh air. Sometimes Indie hears a voice telling her there’s treasure in the bottom of the trash cans. Indie usually gives in and digs in her neighbor’s trash cans only to find nothing but trash. Indie mainly digs in the Flake family’s trash in hopes of finding dirt on Penny that she can share with others.

Since declaring Penny as her rival she became obsessed with being better than Penny at everything. She’s been recently obsessed in baking strawberry pies trying to make the perfect pie to prove the neighborhood, she’s better than Penny. Indie grows her own strawberries but noticing her plants aren’t doing so well. She believes Penny is sabotaging her strawberry plants. Indie bought a mega phone just to stand in Penny’s yard and announces that Penny pees in other people’s gardens to kill their plants.

Indie has a few friends in town, she’s close friends with Amaya Lex. They often work on improving their witch and finding seeds to plant in the woods. However Amaya’s vampire side does make Indie a little nervous but often forgets her own husband is part vampire as well. Sasha is her cousin and she considers her a close friend as well. They hang out whenever Sasha comes into town. Amelia who lives across the street usually suggest they all should go shopping together. Indie doesn’t like crowded places and rather not go shopping but she enjoys spending time with her cousins. If Sasha see that Indie is uncomfortable she convinces her to leave with her which they usually ditch Amelia. They don’t mind doing that since they both find her annoying.

Indie is ready to have a baby and even got a crib. She doesn’t understand why Saul isn’t ready to have a bay which makes her sad. She now believes Penny placed a spell on Saul that makes him not want to have a baby with her.

10 thoughts on “Ciderwood Lane: Family Introductions – Part 2

  1. Love it! The Penny/Indie rivalry is gonna be so great! It’s perfect, cuz seriously…Indie has problems making friends >.< And nice job connecting my family together, that makes it simple and let's face it…Jasmine, Astrid and Saul pretty much all look the same haha
    Can't wait for more!

    • I did find Penny & Indie having disagreements in my random legacy time to time LOL. I felt it would be fun to bring that in here. Both Indie and Penny tend to have trouble making friends in random legacy haha. At first I wasn’t sure how I was gonna connect your family together. At first I was gonna say Astrid and Saul were cousins but they look so much like Jasmine. So I went with half siblings cause of the different occults and surnames :p I thought about making Jasmine a vampire like she was towards the end of her life in your WOL but I decided she’ll be some special ageless human :p I guess we can say Saul’s father was a vampire-fairy too or something. I’m likely to show Jasmine visiting Saul time to time. I dunno about Buffy’s girls. I’m trying to keep them closest related too.

  2. Love it! The Penny/Indie rivalry will be so funny. I love how you mentioned that Penny thought Desmond was a creep because in Dagny’s story she really did. Also with Saul and his art appraising. Can’t wait for more!

    • Yeah I do remember how Des was a bit of a creep in Nova Park and Dagny reminded me about it. He’s a creepo but a sexy creepo :p Indie & Penny will be fun 😀

  3. Hmm I wonder who would be looking out for Penny. Desmond really can be such a creep sometimes. He’s just a little too friendly, lol.
    Oh man the Penny/Indie rivalry is great. Pen really does have a difficult time making and keeping friends and most of them tend to be guys (and related to her, lol).
    Eeee little Ender. I just love him! I like that he already has his conspiracies about his hybrid nature.
    LOL peeing in people’s gardens? That’s gross.
    The story is gonna be great. 😀

    • I wonder who’s looking out for Penny too cause I have no idea LOL! I felt some mystery belonged there :p Gotta do some brainstorming and stuff.

      I checked Penny’s friendship panel, she has no friends LOL She kinda like her son and I made her like Desmond so they would stop having random break ups. Remembering how she was in your story and in my random legacy, she didn’t have many friends so I figure why not stick to it :p

      Ender gets to grow up in my game 😀 Along with True and Ada just get to grow up again… Maybe she’ll have a better childhood :p

  4. Haha… hilarious stories about Ender, Indie and Penny/Des. It’s cool how you remember everyone’s stories so well, and how we can also relate to how they are in their original saves or alternate saves. 🙂

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