Ciderwood Lane: Family Introductions – Part 1

In the Northwestern part of Merica lies a lushness valley called Lansing Falls. Surrounded by trees, mountains and rivers, Lansing Falls is the home for most of the supernatural in the country. Werewolves had taken a liking towards the land where most of the wolf pack districts lie in the Northwestern part of the county. Lansing Falls attracted several packs as much as it attracted the Tucanite tribe of Fairies.

The town is quite peaceful, people of different occult coexist with each other without issue. Lansing Falls is tends to a popular tourist hot spot, many humans come to visit the falls in hopes of meeting a super, fairies are desirable to most humans. The town’s ratio has a high number of witch, fairy and werewolf residents, while the number of vampires, genies, and humans are low. Vampires prefer big cities and freed genies are rare.

Among the town lies a colorful neighborhood on Ciderwood Lane. Families are different occults and backgrounds reside in this neighborhood trying to live peacefully together but it’s anything but peaceful….


The Families


The Montigo family, Cergio along with his twin sister Boragaia live on a land a few miles outside of Lansing Falls. Its hidden in a grove of trees and plantation. Kamilah Grove is a sacred land is unknown to many. It holds a source of mysterious power that nurtures and protects Cergio, Boragaia and their offspring. The land was created by an Alaula fae named Shilia.


Shilia raised both Cergio and Boragaia since birth. Shilia struggled with not trying to care for them like they were her own. She was instructed to not be a motherly figure to the twins and acted more like a nanny. Cergio and Boragaia see Shilia as a close friend. Shilia often used her power to transport Zinnia to Kamliah Grove to care for Cergio and Boragaia as their mother time to time. However Zinnia has no memory of the times she was taken, let alone that Cergio and Boragaia exits. When the time comes, Cergio and Boragaia can finally reunite with their mother and her memories of her time there will be restored.


The original Navox God, Kaeo wanted his children Cergio and Boragaia restored and picked Zinnia to carry them to term. Kaeo then instructed Shilia to retrieve his children and raise them until adulthood. However he wanted his children to live like that once did in their first life.




Boragaia mothered many children, she was the symbol of fertility in Navoxnia. Cergio had many lovers however he fathered one child before his death. Naturally Boragaia would be the one mothered many children like she once did in her first life however she discovered she’s infertile in her second life. This mean her brother Cergio would be the one to reproduce. Kaeo instructed Cergio to create a harem of 3 women to have his children. Kaeo told Cergio that his women must be of Witch or Genie occult. Cergio favors witches more and set off to collect 3 witch females to bear his children.




Cergio – Cergio isn’t thrill about his fate of fathering possibly hundreds of children. Cergio despises children and think they are very annoying. However likes the idea of having 3 females to handle his needs though out his day. Cergio has a demanding need of continuous sex though out the day. One female wouldn’t be able to handle such a task. In his first life he had a harem of 50 women and one of him had a son with him. Cergio would now have to settle with 3 women although he has a 4th woman in his life who isn’t apart of his harem. Boragaia suspects the 4th female may possible be Cergio’s love interest. If this is true, this could be problematic with his 3 women as he claims to love all 3 of them. News of a personal lover could cause an uproar in his household.

Cergio is much different from his first life, he’s often cold towards others, he has times where he appears the be a bit off however he’s desirable to many women he comes across. With a lack of charm, women still become pudding in his hands. During Cergio’s off days where he wants time for himself, he often pampering himself by hiring a personal masseuse. He had a spa installed on his land which he spends a lot of time taking mud baths, hydrotherapy baths with a rubber duck whom he named “Chick” and receiving massages. His masseuse happens to be a twin brother of one of his females.

Cergio is looking for ways to make money, although Kamilah Grove has its own special source of power, water and food, Cergio would still need to pay for special amenities like internet and cable. Cergio befriended a Hemorite named Saul. Cergio suggests that they should have an online company however he and Saul can’t agree of what that company should be. Cergio believes his kooky ideas are gold however Saul thinks Cergio’s ideas are insane.

Cergio’s personality grows dark when there’s a new moon in the sky. His hair turns dark and his eyes glow. He remains silent for the most part but does suddenly act more strangely than his usual. His sexual desires are more intense during this phase, it strikes fear in his females. They tend to stay clear from him fearing he may actually hurt them. Cergio tries to control the demon within by playing the violin. This made Cergio have an interest in music which he enjoys playing the piano and seeing live music in town.


Although Cergio has a dislike towards kids he has to have a close relationship with his kids and needs to keep his kids away from their mothers most of time. His reasons are if he ever have to remove one of the mothers from the land, their child wouldn’t be too broken up over it. He often fights with his oldest child but they are close. All of Cergio’s children must live on the land until adulthood. Cergio carefully selected his women when it came time for reproduction. Once Cergio learns about their pregnancy, he offers them to come stay with him. If they refuse, he would come for the child at birth and erase the memory of him and their child. His children must be raised in Kamilah Grove or the child will convert into a demon killing the mother and possibly die itself. On their 18th birthday Cergio would have to give his child a special seed for them to grow if they choose to live off of the land. It will control the curse they were born with. However it’s best for his kids to return to the mainland during the new moon phase.

Since Cergio needs to keep his kids from forming a close relationship with their mothers he suggest the mothers to find hobbies to keep them busy when he doesn’t have a need for their attention. However he needs someone to care for his kids since Boragaia and Shilia are busy caring for the land. Cergio places an ad for a nanny. Who will that nanny be?



Boragaia – Boragaia is opposite of her twin brother Cergio. She’s much softer and gentle. She’s a lot like she was in her first life unlike Cergio. Boragaia loves nature and animals. She has a cat named Nimbus whom she say is her best friend. Boragaia enjoying tending her garden. She grows various vegetables, herbs and spices and sales them at an open market. Boragaia recently taken interest into alchemy and uses her herbs to create elixirs. Boragaia’s beauty is admired by many, so she create various beauty enhancing elixirs. Boragaia often drop hints about selling her beauty elixirs to Cergio and Saul when they are brainstorming over an online company. However Cergio and Saul are oblivious.

Boragaia once became depressed after learning she was infertile. She longs to have a child of her own since she deliver Cergio’s first 2 kids. She job on the land is to grow food, care for the animals and act as a midwife when the females are pregnant. Due to her infertility Boragaia refuses to date. Her lack of social skills also prevents doing so if she wanted to.

During a trip into town to sell her elixirs, she made a trip to the science lab to see if she could buy a rare plant seed to grow. She befriended a scientist named Maddox Yager. Like Boragaia, Maddox has difficulty in speaking to others, especially females but him and Boragaia seem to have no issue speaking to each. They formed a close friendship and Maddox revealed a solicitation to resolve her childless issue. She learned about his experiments in cloning and splicing human DNA with a plant to create a plant base child known as a Botanian. Maddox gives Boragaia 2 options, he could use her DNA and genetically engineer a baby or she could study genetic science and Botany and grow a Botanian offspring.

Caring for the garden and having a high demand in creating more beauty enhancer elixirs is a tedious job. Boragaia doesn’t have a lot of time to study and growing her own Botanian child. Maddox would offer to grow one but felt it was best if she does it herself. Will Boragaia be granted her dream of being a mother?



Shilia Shioh – A Alaula fae, meaning “light” had lived on Earth for a couple of centuries. Shilia created Kamilah Grove half a century ago, just a few years before the births of Cergio and Boragaia. Shilia was hand picked by Kaeo to take on the task of creating the land and raising his children. Shilia formed a close friendship with Kaeo and he tends to visit earth just to see her more than to see his kids. Over the years Shilia has fallen in love with Kaeo but knows she can’t have him due to him being a spirit and she being an earthling. Shilia hasn’t had any children due to her dedication to Kaeo.

Shilia cares for the animals and helps Boragaia with the garden. Shilia became a regular visitor at the science lab to sell special items that grew on the Omni plant. She also sell rare seeds that she gathers around Lansing Falls. She also formed a friendship with Maddox Yager but he has a hard time talking to her. Over time she senses he has a liking towards him but doesn’t call him out on it sensing that Boragaia has a crush on him. Shilia acts oblivious Maddox’s hints that he likes her thinking he’s better off with Boragaia than her. Shilia only has eyes on someone she can’t have personally.

However one night Kaeo came to earth in human form to greet Shilia. Things took an unexpected turn when Shilia found herself making love to Kaoe. Kaeo had returned to earth several times just for that which left Shilia confused each time. This only intensified her feelings for him. Its been several years since Kaeo made his last appearance and Shilia longs to see him once again. She often speaks out to him but he never replies. Shilia began to look at Cergio in a different way when she found him lounging outside naked. She found herself attracted to him. She knows Cergio is the closest thing to having Kaeo. But she must fight off her urges and ponders why Kaeo won’t speak to her.

Shilia takes pride in growing a special fruit called the Tandie fruit. It has an orange glow and can light up a whole room. Growing tandie fruit is a specialty of Alaula fairies. Its sweet, juicy and warm to adults but sour and bitter to children. Ingesting the tandie fruit every 2 days after 2 weeks will act like birth control to females but increases fertility in men. Shilia gives the females this fruit during the off seasons when Cergio doesn’t want them to get pregnant.




Nina Simons – Nina is the first female Cergio chose for his harem. Nina met Cergio a bar one night. She was the vocal in a jazz band. Cergio enjoying her singing voice and made his move on her. Nina moved to Lansing Falls 10 months before she met Cergio. Just 2 months before her fateful night with Cergio, Nina found out her vampire boyfriend named Desmond Flake left her for a younger female. She was outraged by Desmond’s decision and became depressed. She later joined a jazz band and sang out her disappointment over her failed relationship.

On the night she met Cergio, she invited him over for more drinking. One thing lead to another and Nina found herself pregnant. Cergio make her an offer to stay with him and promise he would take care of her. Nina knew she had nothing going for her and knew she couldn’t care for her unborn baby. She took Cergio’s offer and moved in with him. Nina and Cergio became close during her pregnancy and believe she and him would be together. After she gave birth to Ada, Cergio revealed to her about his harem. Nina felt betrayed and wanted to leave with her newborn but she knew that she couldn’t. Over time Nina became to accept things how they are, for the longest Nina was the only female living with him.

Nina dislike her time with Ada being restricted, Cergio doesn’t tell Nina his reasons. Nina is conflicted about staying, if she decides she wants to leave then she knows her memory would be erased. Nina was told she was free to go after Ada turns 18 but knows Cergio will need 4 more children out of her. Nina doesn’t know if she wants to stick around to have 4 more kids as she longs to have a male all to herself for once. She was unaware that she was sharing her long time boyfriend Desmond with another female. Ada’s 5th birthday had passed and she knows it will be time for her to have another child as Cergio began to restrict her eating of the tandie fruit. Nina looks into having a treatment to increase her chances in having quadruplets, so her stay won’t be so long.

When Cergio brought in the second female whom he seems to favor a lot, Nina has a change of heart and find herself wanting to get most of Cergio’s attention. Nina is slowly falling for Cergio until she discovers Ada’s friendship with her ex boyfriend Desmond’s son. Nina dislike Ada being friends with Desmond’s son but allow them to be friends. She learned that Ada and Desmond’s son is the same, it meant Desmond got his new girlfriend pregnant shortly after they broke up. This news angers Nina more. However when Nina has to pick up Ada, she has to face Desmond. The more she sees Desmond, the more she remembers the good in him and finds herself falling for him again but this makes her torn between Cergio and Desmond.




Sasha Shaine – Sasha is the second female who mothered Cergio’s second child. She met Cergio at the coffee house where she hosted an open mic night. Sasha plays the guitar which interested Cergio. However Cergio how no interest in adding her into his harem collection since she’s human. Once Sasha expressed her interest in alchemy and wanted to turn herself into a witch, his feelings changed about her. Sasha stayed busy for a while, working at the coffee house and attending school majoring in fine arts. She didn’t have enough time to work on alchemy. She did notice Cergio was losing interest and decided to work on becoming a witch.

On the day she was successful, Cergio appeared at her door asking if he could come in. Sasha didn’t get a chance to announce to Cergio that she’s a witch now, he suggested that they should have sex. Sasha thought it was odd behavior since he was showing disinterest then suddenly appears on the day she turns. Sasha still likes him but couldn’t resist him and gave in. Sasha didn’t see or hear from Cergio afterwards but made her regret sleeping with him. Cergio randomly appears at her door asking if she’s been feeling sick few later. Sasha admits to feeling under the weather and he hands her a pregnant test. Cergio requests that she takes it, Sasha thought it was strange and didn’t think she was pregnant. When the test shown it was false, Cergio suggested they should hook up again. At first Sasha refused but gave in. Cergio goes M.I.A. again and appears again with a pregnancy test. Sasha wasn’t pregnant and again request to hook up. Cergio pulls the same stunt for the third time which angers Sasha. When Cergio appeared, Sasha refuses to invite him in telling him she doesn’t want to get pregnant and felt he was creepy. Sasha faints after telling Cergio and Cergio rushes in and takes her to the ER. Sasha found out she was pregnant.

It was long before Sasha joined the house. Cergio favored Sasha and gave her special treatment. All the females had their own beds and aren’t allow to sleep in his bed however Cergio had let Sasha spend the night with him time to time. Sasha is the only female Cergio will spend extra time with and sometimes takes her on dates in town. Sasha feels special and falls for Cergio hard and fast. However Sasha’s world is shaken up once Cergio brings home the final female who is younger and Cergio is now spending his weekends away from home. Sasha found clues that there might be a 4th female involved with Cergio. Sasha grows jealous and slowly becomes possessive over her.



Regan Locke – Regan is the final female that Cergio brings home. She’s currently pregnant with his third child and is the youngest of the 3. Regan was once an intern at the child protection services in city hall. She help discovered the truth about Tykisha’s son for her good friend Florita. Regan had another calling and decided to enroll in school for architecture. Regan met Cergio at a park to practice her archery. Cergio was impressed and suggest that they should hang out. Their meeting was cute short since Ada demanded Cergio’s attention. Regan later met up with Cergio at the same coffee house where he met Sasha. Regan express her love for drawing building designs and hope to get Lansing Falls a makeover. Cergio was only interest in taking her to bed and requested he should go home with her. However Regan just moved in with her youngest sister and her family as she grew tired of her roommate Isabelle failing to have her half of the rent. Since was night, Cergio they should take a walk in the park. Regan wasn’t sure about going to the park at night with a man who she just met. However she agreed.

Weeks later Regan discovers she’s pregnant which her sister Penny wasn’t too happy about her getting knocked up by a guy she hardly knew. Cergio took Regan on dates before offering her to stay since he didn’t think he would get her pregnant so fast. He felt he should date her first. Regan was on cloud 9 as she felt her relationship with Cergio was blooming. Regan had struck out with men over the years and never been treated as well as Cergio treats her. Regan believes Cergio could be the one. Cergio finally makes Regan the offer but doesn’t tell her everything. Regan believes he’s in love with her like she’s in love with him and happy accepts his offer to stay with him. Penny doesn’t want Regan to leave with him cause she doesn’t trust him. Regan ignores her sister’s pleads and gets herself ready to live with Cergio. Regan has no idea of what she’s about to walk into.



Ada – Ada is Cergio’s first born. She just turned 5 and is eager to start school in the fall. Ada is very lonely and has no other kids to play each which is why she’s eager to start school. During a trip into town with her mother, he met a boy named Ender. They became fast friends after exchanging conspiracy theories and their joy for setting pranks on unsuspecting people. Ada only sees her friend Ender whenever she goes into town with Shilia or Boragaia. Then tend to go into town almost daily. Ada would love for Ender to come to her house but its forbidden. Ada isn’t allowed to get Ender her location. Ada learns if she annoys Cergio enough, he’ll drive her into town and drop off at the park with a cell phone and leaves. Ada takes this time to call Ender and ask him to come play.

During Ada and Ender’s play dates, they met a new girl in town named True. The three soon became close friends. Nina began to take Ada into town more so she can be more social and she can spend extra time with her. Ada isn’t too interest in hanging out with Nina and rather stay with Ender and True during their time out.

Ada gets annoyed whenever Nina wants to spend with her and demands that she wanna see her dad. During the weekends, Nina has Ada full time but she rather spend that time with Cergio. Ada cries when Cergio takes off for the weekend and Nina is left to handle her which never goes well. Nina can only get Ada to like if she takes her to see her friends.

Ada can’t stay out too long, she has to return home before sundown. Its one of the reason why she must live on the land until adulthood. Ada could turn if she’s not home before the sun sets. Child demons are more vicious than adults. It’s impossible to contain them once they turn. They don’t stay turned long but they can cause serious damage. Ada has been good about returning home, mainly cause she leaves with an adult. Cergio worries when Ada gets older and is able to go into town without an adult. Due to Ada’s curse, she isn’t allowed to travel or attend sleepovers. It saddens Ada but she learn about the tandie fruit. If she has a tandie in the morning, she can stay out pass sundown however the fruit is gross for children and Ada isn’t able to stomach it. Ada hopes one day Cergio will allow Ada to have a sleepover.



Francesca – Fran is Cergio’s second born. She’s currently 6 months old. Since Sasha is nursing Fran, she gets to spend more time with her mother. Sasha hopes this will form a bond between them but Fran gets fussy a lot and Cergio tends to be the only one who makes her happy. Cergio does spend time with her which makes Ada jealous. Ada often steal things from Fran to get back at her. This only cause Cergio to spend more time with Fran since no one can make her stop crying.


14 thoughts on “Ciderwood Lane: Family Introductions – Part 1

  1. Wow… I’m really enjoying this.
    I love all the thought and the creation of mythological “lore” for your own world here. Boragia’s character I think interests me the most with the whole infertile thing.

    Can’t wait to see how this all turns out and loving all the sims

    xoxo Aideybabes ❤

    • Thanks 😀 To be honest it was easy coming up with this stuff. I would give a name to a certain breed of an occult and then forget how I spelled it LOL Coming up with the lasts took so long, google is my friend and helped a bit on giving me ideas.

  2. Loving the whole idea of this story and all the “lore” you’ve created.
    Boragia’s character probably interests me the most 🙂 and shes very pretty :3

    Can’t wait to see how this all plays out

    Aideybabes ❤

  3. Awesome so far! Interesting mix of characters, and I love the bio’s, a lot of detail which I love. This looks like its going to be a great story as all your others are. 🙂

    • Thanks, I knew it was gonna be long but I wanna explain everyone’s background first and then jump into the story without spending several chapters explaining things.

  4. Really awesome start! I really love Boragaia especially, I hope she’ll get her wish one way or another some day. For once I actually also feel a bit bad for Nina, I don’t really in your random legacy but she’s kind of in a sad situation in this story. 😦 Can’t wait for more! 😀

    • Boragaia’s story seems to be likes a lot :p I kinda few for her tho. She gotta watch Cergio have kids whom he don’t like and she loves kids and can’t have her own 😦

      Nina was a bit of bitch in my random legacy lol but she got her traits changed for this and might be likable. She cares about Ada but her daughter doesn’t seem like she wants any of her attention. It’s pretty crappy of what Des did to her :p

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