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It was a close race between the 2 possible names for the new story. Ciderwood Lane 10 and Honeywood Lane 11. I asked my brother on which name and he voted for Ciderwood which would make it a tie. He wasn’t able to physically vote due to lack of internet -_- So I did a coin flip. Mind you my coin flipping skills are terrible and the coin went flying across the room with my cat running after it. She may of altered the results by playing with the coin hahaha. The results is……



Thank you all for voting!!




Now for some bad news.

Borage’s save in EC is failing. Some of you knew about my struggle with Evansdale County recently. Since that damn counter things have gotten more annoying with that save. Objects randomly go missing, Eli tends to randomly appear outside in the cold, Solar has disappeared a few times, and now a graphic issue that only appears in that world..


That was the straw with this annoying world. I decided to pack up the town before this save becomes unplayable. I’m not ready to move Borage to RH as that is suppose to be written in and the makeover is about 10% done. I need a world to place them in before the move. No way in hell I was gonna start another save in EC and make it over all over again. I’m done with that world and don’t wanna be bothered with it anymore. In fact I’m done with every world that creator has made. Brooklyn Heights lagged bad, Storybrook County had a slight lag. I couldn’t get through a sim week before the save was problematic. EC run the longest, I got 4 sim weeks out of it.

Shopping for a new world wasn’t fun. It have to have certain requirements, medium size with city life and a beach. A lot of the worlds I came across were too large or lacked city life. A lot of the medium size worlds were too much of a mountain type of town like Moonlight Falls. I had no choice but to pick a EA world and give it a serious makeover. I picked Sunset Valley. The makeover is about 55% done. I gotta replace those ugly houses, makeover a few SV townies whom I plan to keep then place families in their new homes.


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Whenever I do update Borage’s story it will be in the new save so everything is gonna look different and stuff. I’m not sure what will I call SV cause I never liked the name “Sunset Valley” plus there’s nothing “valley” about this town since I made it over.



Solar was not happy about this sudden move :p




She’ll be okay tho haha

7 thoughts on “Results & Stuff

  1. haha lol@ the coin flipping. YES my choice won, I was worried there for a minute as the other one looked like it might win. Not that it was a bad name but I wanted to win. 🙂

    • LOL You won! Your prize is cake :p

      I gotta work on flipping coins LOL The last coin flip resulted with my dog almost eating the coin cause it went flying across the room and he ran after it LOL Course Moo Moo had to run after the coin and I think she may of flipped it. Heads for Cider and Tails for Honey. After pulling the quarter from under Moo Moo’s paw, it was heads.

  2. That sounds like the best tie-breaker hahaha And best yet your cat is impartial because she doesn’t speak English. 😛

    Man, you’re pretty stubborn. If I’d had as many issues with Elena’s saves as you’ve had with Borage’s, I would have quit my story ages ago…well, I kinda did but nothing as massive as entire worlds not working. But I had to admit that pic of a glitch was funny…it looked like he’d done the impossible and grown an extra leg where his arm should be. I wouldn’t want to touch food with that foot though lol.

    I’m happy Ciderwood won too. 😛 It rolls off the tongue better.

  3. Too bad Honeywood Lane 11 didn’t win, but I really don’t care. What counts is that you are able to be willing to continue Borage’s story. I don’t have enough time or will to do that. >.< But thank you for the update!

    • Hmm some of my comment got cut off. Note to self don’t post “heart” emocon on wordpress. Anyway, I was saying the make over looks awesome so far, sucks that you’re having to put so much effort in to move so suddenly but can’t wait to see the results. 🙂

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