Love For The Ladies: Chapter 70 – The Awakening – Part 1

This whole time I was alone in this strange place, I had no idea anyone would be here. But how? Who is this douche bag who decided to sneak up on me? Please tell me that he isn’t my spirit guide. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to turn around and face him but I figure I should in case he’s gay and tries to do anything to my nice ass.

“I had you shaking like booty meat. Got you good! You gonna turn around. I rather not see your bare ass.”

“You don’t have to look. Closing yours eyes will help.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t smart mouth the one who can help you.”

“Well if you weren’t such a-“



“Hey! You stole my face!”

“I did not! I was born with this face! Besides I wear it better than you. You’re kinda fat.”

“I’m not fat! You’re fat! I work out 5 times a day! I bet you eat donuts all day!”

“Hey! I like donuts! Besides I do work out…fucking the shit out of my bitches.”

“Lucky you… I guess you’re my spirit guide?”



“Actually I here to deliver you to him. First I gotta oil you up.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“For all the butt sex you’ll be having with him. He likes his men all oiled up and shit.”


“It might hurt at first but you’ll get use to it for a while.”

“A while?! What the fuck? What kind of spirit guide is he? An Spiritual rapist?!”



“Prepare your anus, dude. Spread them booty cheeks and get ready for a wide load.”





“Whoa! Hold the fuck up! You are not delivering me to no spirit rapist! I rather stay here than to be some spirit jerk’s ass toy! You can tell him that. I’m not going anywhere with you!”



“Ha ha ha ha ha! You should see the look on your face! Just kidding dude, you have no spirit guide because of what you are. That means you just saved 100% of not getting your asshole ripped but switching to Cergio. These spirit guides are all about ass play now days.”




“You’re an asshole y’know. And I think that wasn’t very funny. You enjoy toying with others emotions like that? You’re pretty twisted, just saying.”



“I thought it was funny.”

“Well it wasn’t it.. You got a twisted humor.”

“I think you have a tight asshole, maybe if I add extra lube on my jokes then maybe it will fit in your asshole easier and you will enjoy it and laugh.”

“Your joke isn’t impressive. I bet you’re told that by your females all the time. You could use a few more inches.”

“My joke is well endowed if you must know. My bitches loves my joke.”

“They fake the laughter so you wouldn’t feel insecure.”

“I know my joke is better than yours as I can clearly see it. Wanna compare jokes and prove that I’m the better man?”

“I don’t wanna see your dick!”

“Dude.. you broke the pun.”

“Fuck your puns! Are you gonna explain yourself anyway? Why do you look like me? Why do I not have a spirit guide? How am I gonna leave this place and wake up? What am I?”




“Well for starters, I’m Cergio. I’m your some way. I’m a reincarnated Navox God, my father chose your mother to be the host for my rebirth along with my twin sister Boragaia. Your mother is a descendant of one of the Navox Gods. She held a special key within, which is why she was picked. I’m your counterpart, we are the same person in some way but I have my own life and personality. That is why you don’t have a spirit guide, I’m a Navox God, well really human-God hybrid in this life. I’m not as powerful as I was in my first life but I’m not an average genie, you’re not an average genie neither. The same goes for your twin sister Celsia and your mother. But I’m much more powerful than you all still, thus why I’m able to travel into this realm.”




“You’re my brother? Counterpart? Navox Gods? This isn’t making any sense to me. I mean my mom said nothing about giving birth to quads. It was just me and my sister. And if my mom is your mom then what happen to you? Is this another lame joke of yours cause I don’t like it.”




“No joke this time. Your mother.. I guess I can say my mother too has no memory of giving birth to quads. You and Celsia was born about 2 hours before my twin and I. Mother went into labor again however once my twin and I were born we were taken by fae whom my father sent to retrieve us. She erased the memory of our birth from mother and the hospital staff.”

“Why did a fairy take you? Why couldn’t mama raise you and your sister?”

“Because of what we are.. born with a curse due to events from our first life. We had to be raised on a special piece of land in *Lansing Falls, it protect us.”

“Protect you from what? I thought you were all powerful. And what curse do you have?”

“Long story short, I was killed in a war against a Kaianite fae army. There were 7 Navox Gods all but one was assassinated. The one is my father, he’s spirit.. he was never a living thing which is why he survived the war.. However the Kaianite fae began to die off slowly over the centuries, my father is behind it. There are some Kaianite still around now but they are few in numbers. The Kaianite who murdered me and my sister placed a curse on us before we killed in case we ever were reborn. There’s a demon in me and the land weakens the demon. However when there’s a new moon, a little bit of the demon emerges.. Things sometimes gets crazy but as long as I remain on the land, Kamilah Grove… no one gets hurt. Plus my children have to remain on the land until adulthood and that’s fuckin’ annoying. Like I wanna be bothered by those creatures.”

“So you stay on this land protects you from fairies? I didn’t know fairies could kill genies.. well genie gods.”

“No you fool, Kaianite faes isn’t like these fairies you see around today. Kaianites are a hybrid of a werewolf and fairy, they are powerful and vicious. They have a natural lust for genies and were mad cause they couldn’t get any genie dick so they started a war. Kaianites toady are weaker than their ancestors, but still have the power to control a genie, however they are only interest in Navox genies and prefer the special powered ones like you.”



“I knew I was pretty awesome but I didn’t know I have extra magic. Why don’t I do anything differently from the other genies? And if these Kaianites are weaker now why do you have to still be protected by them?”

“Because I haven’t unlocked your hidden power. You are doing something differently that you are unaware of, you’re keeping me hidden from Kaianites but if you don’t stop crying like a bitch every time your heart gets broken, you won’t be hiding me so much. There is a Kaianite searching for me but I remain invisible to her. I feel its time to unlock your power so I will remain invisible. These powers will help you deal with the annoyances involving those bitches you keep knocking up. Especially, June… she’s keeping your boy sick.”

“My son is born? How much time has went by? I gotta get out of here now! If she’s keeping my son sick then why aren’t you doing anything about?”

“My father… I am not allowed to intervene in your life. It is his law. As much as I want to stop her, I can’t. I can only watch.”




“My son… that bitch is hurting him.. You gotta get out of here. Unlock my power and wake me up!”

“I know but I will but I have things to tell you first.”

“I don’t care! I gotta save my son!”

“Where are you going? You can’t leave this realm without. Plus this is very important… you have a demon inside of you as well.”


“However yours is only provoked by certain magics. You tend to have different reactions to witch magic, fairy magic and vampire magic instead. Luckily the recent witch magic that used on you didn’t provoke the demon inside of you. However I believe vampire magic would be the one to provoke it. I advise you to stay clear of female vampires for now on.”

“I fucked a vampire once and nothing happen.”

“That’s cause Alexia didn’t attempt any of her magic. However Alexia would be one vampire you have to remain in contact with. Just don’t do anything that would provoke her into using magic on you.”

“How do you know about her? And why do I have to stay in contact with her?”

“She’s pregnant. Congrats Borage, you’re gonna be a daddy….again. Before I unlock your power, I have to unlock your hidden memories as well. You have more children out there, Borage. However your memory of hooking up with these various females was taken. You gotta do something about your freaky alien children.”

“I have more kids?”



13 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 70 – The Awakening – Part 1

  1. LMBO… the Kaianites were mad because they couldn’t get any genies!
    And about time he wakes up… by the way, Borage reminds me of a friend I have who is constantly telling me how awesome he is. I shall call him Borage junior from now on. lol

    • LOL… I got a friend like that too. He talks about he’s so awesome and I keep telling him that he’s not so awesome. And he’s not.. he’s kinda nasty.. Now I’m reminded that I really don’t like him LOL But he’s no Borage… so far from ever being one!!

  2. hahahaha yeah, he does have to do something about his freaky alien kids, I mean really! XD Luna and her replacements in the fine art of erasing memories are getting out of hand…I think it was Journey who erased the other memories? Eh, any of them could probably do it.

    Cergio makes me laugh. I wonder if Borage is going to use his new status as brother of a genie god to make himself seem even more important once he’s gotten through the shock. XD Bet it would just make his ladies laugh at him if they heard that one come out of his mouth.

    I hope Cergio sticks around, I’d like to see what other insanity he adds to the household. x)

    • Yeah he does… evil alien kids who don’t like him so much LOL. Journey was the last one to erase him memories, she’s a lot like Luna and looks up to her. Journey will be showing her face soon somewhere.

      Doubt he’ll use his brother’s status to make himself look good cause he’s still self-centered and thinks highly of himself lol

  3. “I have more kids?”
    More kids? I won’t be surprised if some of them are aliens, Borage has a problem with that. I’ve really been waiting for this chapter, and it was better than I expected!

    • I didn’t plan for this to come out but a new story is coming so this chapter needed to be out before the new story starts :p I was in a “Meh” when I wrote it, I’m glad others enjoyed it cause I was about to scrape it cause I thought it wasn’t good :-/

      • It explains a lot of stuff from Dodder’s Story with the fairies. Which is helpful, because when I read his story I went crazy trying to figure out how to make sense of all what was going on with the fairies. I was waiting a really long time about when Borage was going to get into view again on his story.

        I never realized how much Cergio and Borage are alike. LOL

  4. lol Cergio really had Borage going there…that would certainly be a scary thought. Hehe Spirit Rapist.
    Great chapter! I’m always amazed by your imagination, so many different things going on that tie together. I’m excited for the new story, sounds like it will be very interesting.
    Awwww yeah June is gonna PAY!!!

  5. Hahaha I always love seeing Cergio. I’m intrigued where this is going, no wonder fairies are so attracted to him, they really do want his magic, it’s just in their nature. Poor Borage now knows about June, hopefully his new powers will help him do something about her.

    • Fairies can’t help themselves but Witches are worse at it LOL As soon as I can get Borage’s new save set up.. I can update again :p

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