Into the falls and stuff….



Maybe I should of post this on here instead of the facebook page, probably would get a better response here….

This week I put in some work on prepping for the new story. It’s just about done. I just need to get pics for the intro. I kinda have a name for the story but I’m not 100% sure on it. What I can say about it now it’s a story showing life in Moonlight Falls (which may be renamed, I always felt “Moonlight Falls” was a okay name for a lot not for a town ) Anyway the story features 7 different families, however the main family is a Montigo family. But all 7 families have connection with each other. Most of the 7 families live on the same street. I wanted to name the story after the street they all live on however its kinda lame, Wood Street. So I would have to do a spin off of the street, something with wood and lane in it. I’m open for suggestions on names. We can have a poll. Currently I came up with Ciderwood Lane. I’m just not sold on it just yet.

As far as the style of the new story, its influence by shows like Desperate Housewives and Hemlock Grove. The town is mostly supernaturals than humans, apparently its werewolf heavy. I left some original townies of MLF in town and I guess all the ones I kept happen to be wolves but I need to check the town’s ratio. I guess it could be a werewolf heavy town but………. they are ugly as fuck when they randomly transform. I always hated seeing them walking around town in wolf form. I always kept wolves minimal. I wanted MLF to be fair heavy but I guess about half of those wolves would be changed and made over at a later time.

Here’s some pics of the main family’s house. There’s been some slight changes since taking these pics.

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6 thoughts on “Into the falls and stuff….

  1. Sounds like fun. XD Desperate Housewives for the sims? haha Sorry, I’m already amused by the idea cause sims get up to some pretty crazy shenanigans themselves so it should be enjoyable to read about. Your builds look pretty awesome.

    • Thanks 😀 I use to watch that show when it first came out but I slowly fell off the band wagon randomly.. Not sure why I stopped when I liked it but I did catch it a few times here and there. My mom watched it from start to finish, so I caught glimpses of it when she was watching it. It was pretty funny and some of the families have some desperate housewives lol It’s insane trying to think I can control 7 families lives in one save but I may end up with 1000s of Save As’s for this story to keep things in order :p. You can’t trust SP haha

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