A possible delay…..

So there might be a slight delay on update from the main stories. There was a hiccup in my game and there’s a lot of damage control to fix before I can really do anything.


I tried out this one beautiful world called Chinatong Village and did a photo shoot there.

Pretty isn’t it? …Well this fuckin’ piece shit came with this…



That fuckin’ Arezzo counter. If you don’t know already, that is a corrupted CC that can harm your game. Now this world is supposedly empty and CC free. But yet I see other than the Arezzo counter a few other things were attached to the world..


Not sure if that other stuff is on the bad CC list but it’s clear to say, I’m avoiding that creator and probably just set that person on fire…


Not yet boys…..


After uninstalling the world the fuckin’ counter remained in my launcher! I had no choice but to clear my DCcache and reinstall all of my sims3packs, twice (I have 2 accounts on my computer, Legacy play & Freeplay. I use different mods, and different age spans, so I need 2 accounts) all on the night of my birthday (Tuesday). That wasn’t how I wanted to spend my birthday.. Fixing this damn game >_<

Having to reinstall sims3packs means all of the cap patterns I used were reset… And I used them a lot, on sims, in homes, and just a few lots >_< That’s my damage… I have to recolor pretty much.. EVERYTHING! So there won’t be much story updating until I undo all of the hurt. To save myself from future error, I got rid of the cap patterns and stick to the package format patterns. I lost a bunch of cute patterns now BUT I just replaced them with 162 new one patterns.

And to add salt to injury, the game replaced all the stuff from Lucky Palms with base game shit! Mind you LP was installed >_< I had a lot of shit to fix in Borage’s house. Plus I will have to fix some of my com lots >_<

Tonight I just installed LP 3 times on top of itself in hopes the fuckin’ game will get a hint and see that LP is installed!!! Sometimes with store worlds, you gotta install it a few times on top of itself so the game gets a clue. So fuckin’ annoying! I almost dread opening any of my saves at the moment knowing there’s a lot of work to do.



Well Brielle did break CAS that one night…





As I was in Borage’s file, I did get to dress up Eli with some new clothes.

He got a little hat to cover his bald head. He doesn’t get any hair just yet 😉



Borage did get to bond with his little baby some…



Awwww, he’s a proud daddy.


>_< UGH! You tend to make a lot of those….


I may end up avoid my loading my game for while.. I did find something to keep me busy. I got my hands on creating artwork for the game.

The disco pic is actually one of my original art I made about 2 years ago. I’ve been thinking of pulling out some of my artwork and put them in the game 😀 I do plan on sharing once I create a set of photos. It’s quite fun and not too difficult to do.



Of course Borage was excited to see himself LOL


I do plan on making some posters of Borage to share haha.

I will do 2 more life updates in the meantime but as for main story updates, it may be some time before I do :/



I’ll leave you with this 😀


13 thoughts on “A possible delay…..

    • I’ll be sending Cergio your way, he wants to yell at someone LOL

      I should of been more cautious and doubled checked >_< But I figure it was okay. I haven't heard anyone getting bad CC from a world, its usually from a sim but now we know its possible :/

    • Yeah it sucks. I hope by installing it a few times did the trick. I’ll have to do the same on my other acct that I haven’t touched yet.. Ada & Ender’s house is from LP.. I’ll be pissed if their house didn’t show >_<

  1. Hope your game works, I have problems with some stuff on my game too (glitches, “earth quakes”, etc.). My game hates me… >.<

    • My game works fine, it’s just recoloring everything isn’t so appealing. I tend to have a perfectionist trait at times and everything gotta be “perfect” or I can’t move on :p

  2. I liked because of the cool pics, not the bad news. XD I have to say, that hat with ears is adorbs. I bet my aunt would like that for my new baby cousin, she’s taken to dressing him up and showing him off on FB. Today it was a chick hat. ❤

    *smacks Borage* Dude, get some darned condoms or at this rate your great-grandkids will be growing up at the same time as your newest 'awesomes.'

    • The little hat is cute. I’ve seen other simmers had their babies wear it but I just recently found it. I disliked Eli’s bald head and it will be a few more chapter before I can add hair on him. The little hat helps and gives him some cuteness. A chick hat, awww that sounds cute. With my 2 second nephew when he was infant I use to put a wig on him with the caption “Beyonce ain’t got nothing on me.” LOL he use to giggle and love wearing the wigs. He’s about to turn 3 on the 17th. Times goes by so quick. My oldest nephew who is now 11 use to wear my mom’s heels and put her rollers in his hair and walked around. I gave him a purse to carry LOL. I do have a pic of it, he’ll be 12 this year, I would love to show his friends that pic *evil laughter*

      The only time Borage knew what a condom was, was back when he was married to Fayon LOL.. He did well for the most part until one night :p Fayon always demanded his love even when he wasn’t in the mood, he was never in mood with her LOL. He may of not have enough time to put one on :p

      • LOL! You must be the evil aunt. I haven’t met my cousin in person yet but I will on my birthday in a week which will be a sweet birthday present as long as I don’t hear about any stupid family drama popping up again. (Mom of cousin is driving everyone up the wall.)

        *snort* Yeah, good thing for Borage Fayon eventually gave up on him and married her twu wuv.

  3. Ugh, that sucks 😦 That damn counter is everywhere! I swear it’s worse than those freakin’ boots! 😡
    Man four years into the Sims 3, and bad cc is such common knowledge, yet creators still aren’t checking their shit before they release it to the masses to be downloaded. 😕

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