Montigo Extensions: Bora Bora – Update 1

Home… After several years of traveling around as a psychic telling bogus fortunes to any gullible ear, I returned back home to Starlight Shores. I longed for a place to call home once again. The only place I felt was suitable for a home was in the Star city, my old stomping grounds. It felt so good to return back to this place. I’m not sure why I left.





I was born and raised here, my childhood wasn’t the best. My daddy ignored me and I often got into fights with one of my sisters, PC. I hated how he favored her so much. She was so perfect in his eyes and I was basically nothing compare to her. I hated my sister, I hated her for many years.. I’m not sure how I feel about her now..




The city had a bit of a change but one place remain, The Edge. It was the club where my daddy once DJ at. He loved this place a lot, he was always here. It was probably cause he didn’t wanna deal with all of the kids back home. Daddy was a bit of a baby making a while back but sounds like he slowed down. He haven’t had anymore kids since the set of twins he had with that whore, Lois.

However.. its been some time since I last spoke to daddy. We don’t talk much, he didn’t like me for long. But I do know that he cares about me and love me but the way I treated as a child weights heavy on my heart. I was desperate for daddy’s attention, I needed his love, I needed to be his favorite. Kindness and love came later in my life. Maybe it came a little too late.. I still love daddy but.. I find myself filled with anger towards him when I think about my childhood.



I tried to drown out the thoughts of my childhood with sweet ol’ liquor. I want to keep loving daddy, drinking and not thinking of the past helps a lot. Daddy was always a bigger drinker, naturally I felt I should do the same. After my first taste of liquor, I saw why daddy loved this stuff so much. It makes me feel so alive.




I glanced over to the DJ booth were daddy once played at. The club owner was there and instantly recognize that I was a child of daddy’s. “Borage’s daughter are you?” I nodded my head with a slight smile. “Your daddy was probably the best DJ I had. I’ve been through a few DJs since he left. I got a new one, she goes by Feather , tonight will be her first night. I hope a female DJ will bring in a crowd. How is your old man doing now days?” I lowered my head some, I didn’t know what he was up to. Its been 5 months since I last spoke to him. “He’s fine.” I said, I hope he’s fine.. I’m not sure if he’s fine.

I know he’s been torn up since he learned the truth about Lois. “Tell if he ever makes a visit back here, he got an opened slot to play here again if he likes. I would sure like to see him again.” I’m not sure if daddy would ever return back, this city had a dark cloud over it since the Lois factor. Daddy was hurt, so he relocated.



The club was a bit dead, however it was still early. I leaned on the bar and watched as people started to enter the club. Word got about the new DJ, Feather. As far as I know she’s a young 18 year old DJ, just starting out. The club owner has high hopes for her just as he did with daddy. Giving her a starting point on being a famous DJ. You made it big once you’re doing shit in Roland Heights, it’s where all the stars live. Star city is just a starting point.



It wasn’t long before I was approached by a dark haired male. He was easy on the eyes, his slicked back and he had a strong scent of expensive cologne. I was never fond of the smell of cologne, it made my nose born. My half alien blood makes me a bit sensitive to man made fragments. “May I buy you a drink, lady?” He asked with a friendly smile across his face. I scoffed a little at first, why is this guy approaching me and offering to buy me a drink?

I mean, I do appear human to others until they see my eyes and they panic. Some guys believe I’m looking for a male to impregnate and do freaky experiments on. But the other guys see that I’m human skinned, they figure I’m a hybrid. It peaks their interested and I’m asked to have sex with them cause they are curious about sex with an alien. No guy has actually approached me cause they wanted to be my friend or wanted to date. And here I have this guy offering  me a drink..



I wasn’t interest, a simple no would do but I figure I should do it the fun way. The alien way.

“Only if you promise to be a host for my babies!”

“What?! No! I don’t wanna do that!”

“Why not? It would be fun for you to carry my babies!”

“No it wouldn’t! I’m sorry but I just wanted to buy you a drink. Not have your alien babies!”

“Something tells me you once been pregnant before!”

“Huh? That’s not possible!”



I giggled at the frighten male as I pulled out an alien gadget from my purse. It’s harmless for the most part but its fun to scare humans with. I did feel bad for doing this. Maybe he was trying to be nice but honestly I don’t know. It’s hard to trust males now days. This poor guy took off running for life, he probably left a trail of piss behind him.




The club starting to fill up and I figure I should do some dancing with the others. I don’t have any friends and figure maybe I can make a few tonight. However it was mainly small talk and I didn’t seem to catch anyone’s interest. Surprisingly I had people who would speak to me cause of the alien thing. But the club wasn’t well lit, they really couldn’t see my eyes well, plus most of the club goers were drunk. It’s not like they would even notice.




The guy who offered me a drink early of the night returned. I saw him dancing with a vampire chick. Maybe he has a thing for non-humans or something. I should had taken his offer… I have a bit of an issue here…




I’m nearly broke.. Without a job and just recently moved here, I have next to nothing. Traveling around cost a lot, I didn’t make much as a psychic. My spent most of my inheritance money from both of my parents with traveling and partying. I have a bad spending habit, I don’t know how to manage money well. I wanted to live like daddy but unaware that he invested some of his money in something well and manages to keep loads of money around.

I thought about asking daddy for more money but I can’t bring myself to ask him. I feel he might think I’m a freeloader, he might stop liking me and treat me as he did when I was a kid. Fear of losing daddy’s acceptance prevents me from getting help. I could ask my alien parent but he would probably be disappointed  in me some more. He never supported my psychic career, he always saw me less of an alien as I acted more human than anything. It disappointed him but he still loves me but as I enter adulthood, I tend to disappoint him a lot.



It was near last call and I decided to head out early. Since I’m almost broke, you’re probably wondering where I stay.




I stay at a hotel in the downtown area. I checked into Los Suenos hotel, a 4 start hotel around the country. However staying here is rapidly decreasing the funds in my bank account. I couldn’t see much self staying in some low end motel or being homeless. I needed a place I stay until I could find a home but I need money. And I need money quick.




I tried my luck at the slot machines here and there but it was taking away more money than actually giving me money.




I figure the machine could use a little tune up.





“Now you give me lots of money you asshole or feel my wrath!”




“Awesome! That worked!”

However this wasn’t enough money for me to stay another week at this money. It bought me a few extra days, I guess it’s something.




I returned to my room and relaxed a bit. I have no need for sleep and I didn’t have a need to recharge my energy. I decided to watch some TV but knowing that I only have enough money to stay here for another few days weighted heavy on my mind. I need to come into some money… But how will I do? I’ve been job hunting but my alien nature scares them away.




I know what I have to do. I do have some creative ways of earning money fast….





“Hey, it’s me Bora.. I know you gotta still be up. I saw you at the club tonight. I was calling cause I need your help again. Can you come over in 30?”

8 thoughts on “Montigo Extensions: Bora Bora – Update 1

  1. lol! I had to laugh at Bora Bora going after the guy. Poor dude. At least she can scare off the creepos.

    I’m wondering if it’s one of her sibs or a relative she saw at the club. I guess she could always wear contacts to hide her eyes. Or sunglasses. 😛

    • She just gotta say no the fun way LOL She regrets doing that and she has good reason to 😉

      That will be revealed sometime this week :p ..Hopefully..

  2. I agree with Dagny, intriguing intro! Poor girl had a hard time growing up watching her sister be favored. Hopefully she figures something out so she can have stable income…sounds like she’s got some ideas. Curious who she is calling!

    • Thanks 😀 Growing up wasn’t so great for the poor girl. Not like she asked to be born the way she was. She got a very interesting way of making some money. Hopefully I can get that update out tonight or tomorrow.

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