Montigo Extensions: Phoenix C. – Update 3

One day Keith asked me to come with him some where. He didn’t say where cause it was a surprise. He had a gentle smile when he made his request, I figure maybe it was a nice surprise judging by his smile. I followed him to his car and we took a short trip just a few blocks ahead. We made a stop at some creepy looking building. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get out of the car but Keith insure me it was okay. It was a toy shop, the owner is from *Moonlight Hallow, a town between Moonlight Falls and *Aurora Springs. The town is a bit dark and edgy, the owner wanted to bring a piece of home with him. “He’s a nice guy. This place is harmless, trust me” Keith said to me with a warm smile. I nodded my head, unbuckled my seat belt and followed him into the shop.




The toy shop was an interesting place I must admit. The toys were colorful and cheerful that any child would want. I figure the place would have a bunch of creepy toys but to my surprise there wasn’t except for the few doll display. They looked a tad creepy for my taste. I looked around for a bit, wasn’t sure why he brought me here in the first place. I waited quietly for Keith to give his reason but he remained quiet himself as he looked around.




Keith soon broke his silence and came my way.

“Why don’t you look around for a bit. If there’s something you want for the baby, I’ll buy it. There’s something that I need to do.”

“Oh okay, what do you need to do?”

“That’s the surprise. You’ll see it soon enough.”

“Um okay. I guess I could look around for a bit.”



I wasn’t sure what Keith was up to but he enter into another room and left me alone in the room. I took another look around and found a couple of things that I would like to put in the nursery.




Keith’s surprise was his attempt to build a doll house for my daughter to play with. During my last ultrasound it shown that I was having a baby girl. I think Keith was more excited than I was. I called my dad and told him the news, for a while I didn’t tell him that I was pregnant. He took the news well when I told him the news about my pregnancy. I made another call to tell him that the baby was a girl. First first he sounded a bit disappointed but made a little joke saying he might treat her as a boy cause he was hoping for a grandson. But my dad will still love her as he does with my 3 nieces. I need to make a trip to see him after I have the baby so he could meet her.




Afterwards we took a trip to the beach. It was a nice day and figure it would be fun to hang out there for a bit. It wasn’t like I needed to do anything. Besides, I kinda like hanging out with Keith. He’s a good friend to have during this time. But again, I found myself thinking about Kai as I stared into the ocean. I wonder if he’ll stay with Kailyn for good this time.




“Hey Phoenix.. Are you okay? You seem down. Is it cause I suck at building doll houses? I’ll try again soon, I promise.”

“No Keith, ha ha. It’s not that. I just have a lot on my mind ya know. I’m bringing in a new life all alone.”

“You’re not really alone. You got me, were friends right?”

“Yeah but you know what I mean, without a father.”

“I wouldn’t mind being her dad. I don’t have much experience with kids but I’m learning. I’ve been taking parenting classes and helping out at a daycare so I can be ready for when she comes.”

“Ha ha. Really? That’s very sweet Keith. I could use all the help I can get but I know I’ll do fine. My dad had a bunch babies so I was always around babies. It’s nice to know I can count on you though. You really want to be her father figure?”

“Yeah.. If it’s okay with you. I can be just Uncle Keith if you prefer that in case the real dad comes back in your life. But I figure you want a male role model in your child’s life.”

“I wouldn’t mind it at all. Uncle Keith has a nice ring to it.”

“I was also thinking.. Maybe I could be a little more than “Uncle Keith”…”

“What do you-“



Keith caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting this at all. He was always so nice to me, he was such a good friend but I had no clue that he was into me. Probably cause I was always so busy thinking about his brother and how I’m going to tell Kai about the baby…that if I could. Keith is sweet but I don’t about this.




“Keith! What are you doing?”

“I like you. I like you a lot and I was wondering if maybe-“

“Keith.. I can’t. Not right now at least..”


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lead you on if I did.. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that… Honestly I couldn’t help myself. There’s just something about you..”

“It’s the whole love genie thing, it happens. I’m sorry.. Sometimes I forget about it..”

“I don’t think it’s the irresistible thing. I really do like you.”




“But Keith-“

“I know.. You can’t. I guess I can understand.”

“I’m sure there is a more deserving girl for you than me.”

“Maybe but I’m hoping it was you.”

“I’m not in the right place right now.”

“So are you saying there’s a chance.”

“I’m not sure if there is but can we still be friends?”

“Yeah, sure. We can be friends.”




It was getting close to sundown and I suggest that we just watch the sunset. It looks beautiful as the sun disappears behind the ocean. Keith agreed and thought it was a great idea.




But of course Keith took this time to get a little closer to me by placing his hand over mine.


“I never know how warm and soft you genies were. It’s nice.”


“It’s just a friendly interaction. You’re warm, the water makes me a little cold..”

“Okay Keith, I’ll let this slip by but remember, we are just friends.”

“I know.”

14 thoughts on “Montigo Extensions: Phoenix C. – Update 3

  1. hahaha “just friends” why do I get the feeling that’s in one ear and out the other for Keith? He is sweet, though, I hope maybe PC will get over Kai since he didn’t seem into her much except for being friends.

    • You’re probably right lol. She is irresistible after all and for the most part, Keith really can’t help himself. Shame that PC doesn’t show interest in Kai until she learns he’s gotten back with his ex. But yes, she needs to move on.

  2. I couldn’t see Borage not loving any child PC has, he adores his baby girl. Aww, that would not be a good place to try and start a relationship, especially with the overzealous half brother of her baby daddy. >.< It's going to make things awkward for the three of them when the truth about that little girl comes out. 😦

    • Yeah, I could see Borage’s favourite child’s child becoming the favourite grandchild! Except that Borage has matured and will always have a very strong relationship with the grandchildren who live with him.

      • He loves all his kids and loves all his grandkids but can still probably have a grandchild he favors much, at the moment he favors Mariah over Alyssa & Kimora. When he wakes up, he can finally meet little Kiara. He’s going be bummed to learn he still doesn’t have a grandson lol

    • Borage would love any of his grandkids, reguardless of which child has them. But he is bummed out about not getting a grandson. So far Gen 4 has been nothing but baby girls. Keith with his inconvenient timing lol. Yeah.. this would not be the time of her wanting a relationship. She’s about to be a first time mom and needs to process that. It’s gonna be hella awkward when or if she confess about Kai fathering her daughter. Will Kai take the news well? Will this hurt Kailyn?

  3. Aww, my heart is breaking for Keith right now. 😦 He’s been so good to PC. Making a doll house for the baby was so incredibly sweet! It’s such an awkward situation…

    • If Keith knew he would probably back off but he is a sweet guy. If only he moved on her before her night with Kai.He wants to be “Uncle Keith” and not realizing he is the child’s actual uncle. Poor, poor Keith.

  4. Keith…. She is kinda busy with the baby to be looking for love! Ah well, most young adults always seem to have love on their minds, and other “stuff”. Great extension, though! I really liked it!

    • Thanks. Yeah I knew some who were more focus on dating than preparing to bring in a new life >_< Keith really can't help himself, really. He isn't thinking and realizing this isn't the best time for her.

    • I do feel a little bad for Keith but only he picked better timing. He might be hurt when he learns the truth. If PC doesn’t pull a Lois and withheld the truth like she did with Borage about Junior.

  5. Aww Keith is so sweet, and he is trying so hard! Even if PC wanted to be with him it would be so awkward since Kai is the baby daddy. But she should give Keith a chance with how hard he is trying to be with her…or at least not completely write him off yet! 🙂
    At least she knows he will be there for her and the baby.

    • Yeah it would be kinda awkward if something were to happen between them two and the truth coming out. But PC’s family tree is kinda twisted, it would kinda be “normal” lol.

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