Love For The Ladies: Chapter 69: Live, Laugh, Love

It was Christmas eve and I was finishing up the last things I needed to do before we have some of our family come over for dinner tomorrow. Boragio asked me if it was okay if he invited his girlfriend, Vega. She wasn’t to make it to Moonlight Falls to see her family. I wasn’t aware that Boragio had a girlfriend but I suspect Vega was the girl whom he chatted with for a couple of years. I figure they must had recently met up. As I wanted it to be family, I figure why not. I couldn’t with a good heart say no. After all she is his girlfriend now, who would want to spend the holidays alone. Without hesitation I told Boragio that I was fine with it. The more the merrier right?

“Hey Vega, I was wondering if you wanted to spend Christmas with me and my family? It would suck if you spent it alone. I couldn’t enjoy myself if I knew you alone in your apartment.”




“I hoping you would ask me. I didn’t feel right trying to invite myself over. I would love to spend Christmas with you and your family. If I didn’t get an invite, I was gonna find an open bar and chill. I look forwarded in meeting your family.”




“You know I wouldn’t leave you all alone on Christmas. I know you were pretty bummed out on not being able to see your family. I could of paid for your bus ticket. It’s no big deal to me.”




“I know you could but I wouldn’t feel right about it. I know how most of your family is rich and you told me about your last girlfriend was pretty much a gold digger. I didn’t want you to think that I just want you for money.”




“It’s no problem for me. I’m your guy and I wanna take care of you. I know you’re not a gold digger like Melissa was. I would of known by now if you were or not. But the dinner starts at 7 and we are opening gifts first so I can come pick you up around 5:30 tomorrow. I miss you…”




“I miss you too. Can’t wait for tomorrow.”





It was only an hour away before guest would start showing up. I figure we would open gifts first since the kids are dying to see what they got this year. This Christmas is bittersweet.. It’s so strange hearing dad’s voice. He was always excited about Christmas, mainly cause he felt it would be the year we finally got him a stripper for a day. Christmas was mildly quiet. The girls stayed in their room, Aries worked on another painting, Boragio finish wrapping up a few last gifts, and Mordecai watched some football on TV. It’s not our usual Christmas morning, the house was always filled with chatter and excitement. This year, it’s a bit dull.

I decided to still go on planning a dinner with family who is in town. My other siblings weren’t able to come into town or didn’t want to come cause it wouldn’t be the same without dad. My grandparents weren’t able to make it either. I guess it’s okay, we at least have some family here. Dad would want us to still celebrate even if he wasn’t here. I just hope we can get into the mood.




The guest had arrived and we weren’t straight to opening the gifts. I called everyone down to the basement so we can get this party started.





I invited Ramiro, his wife Collette along with their 4 kids. I invited Alexia along with her son Axel. Since Alexia’s son would be my first cousin and she is pregnant with dad’s baby, she’s pretty much family now. Boragio went and got Vega, now things are set.




“I hope you got me everything that I wanted mom.”

“I got you what I could. Since when you gotten spoiled?”

“I’m not spoiled now, I’m super fresh. Ha ha!”

“Oh funny little girl..”

“I didn’t want much anyway mom. But if you can get dad to see me..”

“Dysko, we talked about this..”

“I know mom but he’s my dad.”

“And I remind him of that every time I speak to him. His career seems more important right now. Besides, you have Ramiro.”

“He’s just a step dad, mom.”




“Ahh yes! I got a Motorola razr! Now I’m the coolest chick on the block!”

“I’m not sure why you wanted that fossil phone for but your dad found one on EA-Bay.”

“So when I opened my phone it’s gonna say “Hellomoto!” “

“You were always a strange one, Saphria.”




“Awesome! I got the new Need more speed game! I always wanted this racing game! Wanna play with me, Morde and get beat?”

“Ha! You think you could beat me?”

“I know I can. I’m a champion in that game. I got platinum trophies in all it’s game. Haven’t you checked my trophies page on my Gamestation X 360 account?”

“No but you check mine. It say I’m pretty awesome.”

“I saw your gold trophy for the my little pony game. Yeah.. so awesome.”

“Hey, I am proud it.”




“Cool! I got a Nokia 1100! Love this! Thanks daddy!”

“What’s with you and your twin with old phones? I doubt that you could get those activated. What’s so wrong with the smartphones your dad and I got you both?”

“Saphria and I like to collect old phones. It’s so retro ya know.”

“Oh okay, I guess.”




“Wanna know what’s the best gift that anyone would love?”

“What’s that, Morde?”


“Seriously? What’s so great about you?”

“I make cute kids. You gotta see little Kiara.”

“Speaking of which, why isn’t she here?”

“Her mom has her.”

“Shouldn’t you be with her too? I mean it’s her first Christmas.”

“I invited Piper but the Labbores are doing their own thing. I told her I would bring the girls after our thing is over. But I remember Piper’s is a morning and I figure Piper can have her in the morning and I get her this evening. But she then said hers was an all day thing.”

“You gotta make better arrangements with those Labbores, Morde. They tend to be pretty possessive. They may never let you have a holiday with the baby.”

“I can tell Piper wouldn’t mind it but it’s her parents. Werewolves and their damn loyalty, she wouldn’t go against their wishes.”




“Well hi there young lady, I don’t think I had the pleasure to meet you. I’m Ramiro and this is daughter Saphria.”

“I’m Vega, Boragio’s new girlfriend. Nice to meet you Ramiro.”

“Ahh, well I see some beautiful children coming its way.”

“Huh? Um.. I’m not pregnant. Do you think I’m pregnant? It wouldn’t be possible anyway.”

“Well, I’m just saying cause you’re very pretty. You seem a little nervous.”

“Well um.. just when you mention babies.. I thought you were implying I’m pregnant or something. You’re a vampire right?”

“Yes, I am.”

“My mom is one too and I know how you vampires can sense a pregnancy early on.”

“I see, that’s interesting. I think you and Boragio will have beautiful kids one day.”

“Dad, am I getting a car this year?”

“Saphria please..” 

“So lame..”




“I hope I get another pony for my collection. I need Bubblegum Star and my world will be complete.”

“I can’t believe I’m having another baby.. I just couldn’t leave him alone.”

“Do you like Rainbow ponies too, Alexia? I hope I get a new one today.”

“Where am I gonna put the baby at? My crappy apartment is too small for another kid.”

“Huh? You’re gonna have a baby? My dad had another baby but he’s sick.”

“I know little girl. But yeah, I’m gonna have a baby.”

“Why aren’t you happy about it? If daddy was awake he can give you some magic and you’ll be happy. Daddy said his magic makes ladies all happy.”

“I think your grandpa gave me enough of his “magic”.”

“Then you should be super happy.”

“If you only knew kid…”




“This gift is from Shae! I wish she was here so I can tell her thank you. I got new paints! I’m the coolest genie alien on the block!”




“I got some new cologne. Now all the ladies want a ride on the Morde train. I’m the coolest man on the block.”




“A dirty DVD? Really? I’m the angriest guy on the block.”




“Very funny Morde..”

“I figure you could use it. Like when’s the last time you was with a female?”

Mordecai had some what of a point. When was the last time I was with a female? I haven’t dated anyone since Ashley. I’ve been so busy caught up in raising Alyssa, my nieces and younger siblings that I forgotten about my life. Maybe it is time to put myself out there. But would anyone be interest with nerdy guy with a teenage daughter? I don’t have much experience with dating or females. I only been with Ashley. I think about Selene time to time but I doubt she’ll have any interest in me.




“Socks? Mommmm! I don’t want socks!”





Dad went shopping for the little ones just before his accident. At first I wasn’t sure if I should give this to Mariah, fearing she might get emotional. But it was something that she always wanted. Dad spoils her. I decided to set it down for her. Best decision I made today.

“Oh my! Oh my! Daddy got me Bubblegum Star!! I can’t believe it! He got me this! I always want this pony! I’m the happiest girl ever!”




Dad got the twins and Kimora a new activity table. I set it in the basement in case they are down here, they’ll have something to play it. Sadly, only Kimora and Solar would get to enjoy this. I hope Orion is doing okay..




After we all opened our gifts, we went upstairs and had a non traditional Christmas dinner. Everyone had different taste and they brought they wanted. We were making the best of a bittersweet situation. We minimize the subject of dad, Eli and Orion. It would damper the mood if we were to talk about their absence. But I think we all had a nice family dinner.





We let Kimora sit at the big table this year. She turns 4 next month and she’s gotta too big for the high chair. Kimora loves that she can sit at the big table now, it makes her feel like she’s apart of the family. I pulled Solar’s highchair close to the table so she wouldn’t let out and alone. It wouldn’t be bad if Orion was still here, that way she wouldn’t be alone.

Morde thought it was a good ideal to give Kimora a plate of spaghetti. I love that he’s stepping up and fixed plates for both of his kids but spaghetti wasn’t a good choice. Kimora decided she needed extra hair and worn the spaghetti in your hair. Then she decided that Solar needed extra hair.  She tossed spaghetti in Solar’s hair. That prompt Solar to start crying. She’s been sensitive since Orion was taken. Needless to say, Morde had to clean it up. Oddly, he didn’t mind it so much.





After dinner, we all socialize with each around the house. I watched Ramiro danced with his wife, Collette. They are so in love and happy. I remember being that way with Ashley so many years ago. But she changed and things went sour fast.

She wasn’t interest in studying. She wanted to party and be one of the cool people on campus. Then she was turned to drugs. The drugs is what change her. I was so worried about her so I failed school. I returned home alone with a degree. Ashley left me for another guy saying I was too boring. She needed fun in her life and Alyssa and I were holding her back. It’s been years since I’ve heard from her.




I decided that I’ll send Selene a greetings text. We exchanged numbers so she could keep me in the loop about Eli. But I found she sent me a text: Merry Christmas! I hope u and your family are having a great one! *hugs* Usually when Selene calls or text it’s about Eli but this one was personal and friendly. I sent her a back saying thank you and hope she’s having a good Christmas too. She replied back with a smile text face. It made me smile. I wonder if she would ever talk to me outside of the hospital, her text shown me she would. I was never good at telling a girl that I liked her.




I remember when I was a teen, I convinced Bora Bora to give Ashley a note saying that I liked her. She claims she gave her the note but honestly I’m not sure. It was kinda lame but when Greta moved Ashley in, she made a move on me. Now that I’m grown, I can’t just leave her a note. I gotta be man enough to tell her but I’m shy..




“Hey sis, what’s going with you? You seem more bitchy than usual.”

“My life sucks!”

“Don’t be dramatic, Lexy.”

“But I’m not!”




“Lexy, tell me what’s going with you.”

“I’m lost, Collette. I dunno what to do now.”

“Lost? What do you mean?”




“Borage put too much of his magic in me! It created a baby. I’m pregnant! And I don’t know what to do! Borage is in a coma, my job sucks, my apartment sucks! My life sucks! What am I gonna do with this baby?! Dealing with Axel is a pain, he’s a little brat.. but a cute brat. He wants his dad and doesn’t want me. I try to good right with him! What if this baby hates me too?!”




“Oh Lexy.. does mom know?”

“No.. I haven’t told her. She might get mad at me for getting knocked up by another guy who I’m not with. It’s bad when Axel’s dad and Borage are brothers! How am I gonna explain this to Axel? I knew I should had left Borage alone! But I couldn’t… I couldn’t resist him.”

“I’m sure you can find a way to explain to Axel. But are you saying that you don’t want to keep the baby?”

“I dunno what I wanna do with it. Let’s say Borage wakes up and found out I got rid of his kid.. He’ll hate me. I wish he was awake then we could make a decision.”

“Keep the baby.”

“But Coco..”

“Keep the baby. Ramiro and I will help you. I’ll talk to mom about Axel, maybe she can keep him while you get your head together. You gotta stay strong and not stress not or your body will decide for you. You can move in with Ramiro and I. We got a lot of space for you, Axel and the baby.”




“You would really let me move in?”

“Yes, I’m your big sister. It’s my job to look after you. You know you’ll always have my love and support. I wish you came to me sooner.”

“I shoulda… But thanks. This means a lot.”

“My house is always open for you. Maybe tomorrow, we can go baby shopping for your little one?”

“Okay.. You know I love shopping!”

“Me too. I hope this one is a little girl since you got a son already.”

“I was kinda hoping for another boy. Girl pregnancy are gonna make me look ugly.”

“Oh good lord… Yeah you need to move in with me if your worried about your appearance so much.”

“Ha ha ha! You know me!”




“Hey Miro..”

“Hey.. I know that look. What’s on your mind.”

“I was thinking maybe we should add onto our family.”

“You want a puppy?”

“No, something with less hair and has 2 legs.”

“A baby.”

“Why not? Ramon is getting older and doesn’t need me so much. The girls are teens and I miss having a little one.”

“I thought we were done after Ramon. You got on those pills.”




“We only had one child together. I think we should have another one. Besides, I think Ramon hates being the only boy.”

“What if the baby is a girl?”

“He’ll be older at least and not have to worry of her tormenting him like the teens do.”

“I know where this is coming from. It’s Alexia. She’s having a baby and you want one too.”

“How you know she’s pregnant?”

“You forget that I’m a vampire. I can sense it before anyone else can.”

“Oh yeah.. Maybe we should start making a baby tonight. I stop taking the pills a month ago. I’ve been thinking of it before Alexia.”

“Borage has a nice sauna room we can check out.”




“You locked the door, right?”

“Of course, no one will bother us. Let’s make our baby.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

The kids all played Alyssa’s new video game that I got for her. She impressed me by bringing home a 4.0 report card last month. I made sure she got everything she wanted, besides an actual car. She has a few more year before that happens.




Boragio spent time with Vega. She seems nice and I like her. She seems like the right girl for him. I’m just that everyone is having fun. I’m not sure where Ramiro and Collette disappeared to.




“Your dad has a nice house. I can see why you’re living here.”

“Its nice but crowded sometimes.”

“Ever thought about moving out?”

“Sometimes but I dunno.”

“Well I have an extra room. I could use a roommate.”

“You want me to move in?”

“Maybe.. I’m not trying to rush.. Sometimes I speak before thinking..”

“If I move in, I think I wanna be in your room.”

“I would hope so! Ha ha. So?”

“Let me think about it.”





“A penny for your thoughts..”

“You met Vega, right?”

“Nice girl, yes.”

“She just asked me to move in.”

“Okay, what’s the issue?”

“I dunno if I should. I think my brothers would need me.”




“Your brothers will be fine. These are their kids and their responsibility. I say go live your life. You’ll need to be there for your own kid anyway.”

“My own kid? Vega’s not pregnant. We had sex once last week.”

“It only takes one time, silly kid.”

“That’s impossible for you to know anyway. Way too early.”

“Vampire senses. I didn’t want to spoiled the surprise she’ll be getting a few weeks from now but I figure I’ll tell you, it will help you with your decision. Go be with Vega your baby.”

“Should I tell her?”

“I wouldn’t. I didn’t bother telling the wife about the surprise in her, tonight.”

“You just got her pregnant?”

“Yeah, us vampires can tell instantly. Well some of us can. The older, the wiser.”




“Vega, I thought about it..”


“I’ll move in with you.”


“Yeah, why not. Life is too short..well yours is. I have forever but I think we should start our life now.”




“Really? You’ll really move in with me?”


“You just made me the most happiest girl ever!”

“That’s my goal.. Besides.. I rather live with the girl I love than anywhere else.”

“Wait.. Did you just say that you love me?”

“I do.”

“….. I love you too.”




The party was over and everyone went home. Boragio announced that he was moving into with Vega after New Years and this was his last week here. I’m happy for him and glad that he will be moving forwarded with his life. Mordecai didn’t get to take his girls to meet the new baby at Piper’s. She finally gave the okay but it was late and it was Kimora’s bedtime. Mordecai headed over while I tucked Kimora in. 

Today was good but could of been great. I just hope next year, we will have everyone here.




“I not sleepy!”

“You had a big day, you should be. Anyway its night, night time.”

“No! I play! I not go sleepy!”

“But you got to. Goodnight sweetie.”

“I no like big nose!”

“Kimora, don’t be mean or you won’t get any cookies tomorrow.”

“I sorry. I go sleepy now.”

“Thatta girl.”




Solar was easy to put in bed for once. She had a big day, first Christmas and all. I just wish she got to spend it with her dad and twin. It’s so sad but I think Solar had fun. She got a lot of love from Collette and Alyssa. They wanted to make sure she’ll be happy.




I thought about what would our family photo would of looked like if dad wasn’t in a coma, if Eli was never sick, if Orion was never taken and if dad finally made things official with Clarissa. It wouldn’t be picture perfect but it would of been great.




It’s been a fun year and all. Writing Borage’s story with it all its ups and downs. It’s been one hell of a year! I hope you all enjoyed the back to back to back to back updates. However this is the last update of the year. Borage’s story will return early February, I plan on tackling the other stories. So stay tuned and shit. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday or something like that! :-p

9 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 69: Live, Laugh, Love

  1. Wow… so sad! L2 is really being the “bigger” man and taking his role as being a supportive dad, uncle, and brother. I hope Borage wakes up soon… I really wanna see him pound Ahilac! Morde has also matured quite a bit, I think that it was time for him to mature anyways. This was a good chapter! 😉

  2. A motorola razr! Haha. I remember having a pink razr back in the day.

    Lol @ Kimora and her extra hair 😆

    Awww, I hope L2 can find some confidence and ask Selene out. He’s been the glue that’s holding everything together, but he seems so lonely. 😦

    Love the holiday photo! This was such a great chapter to end the year off with. So great they were able to have such a nice Christmas, despite the circumstances. 😀

    Borage is going to wake up to so many changes! He’s got a new son, and another baby on the way, plus one of his donor babies is in the picture. He’s got a new granddaughter and another grandchild also on the way. Not to mention one of his kids has been kidnapped. That’s a lot to take in after being in a coma! :O

  3. Great chapter. A motorola Aww, Boragio and Vega are cute together. I can’t wait to see their baby. Lol, Lexy got too much magic. Hopefully Borage will wake up and see all of the new things happening.

  4. What a sad Christmas. 😦 I do think Borage would want them to have a happy party though.
    BUAHAHAA Hellomoto. I had a razor, it was one of those fancy tattoo ones with a dragon on it. *facepalm*
    LOL “I think your grandpa gave me enough of his magic”
    Aww the picture at the end made me tear up a bit. Great chapter!

    • Yeah, it was sad but he still would want them to celebrate since he loves to party.

      Anyone born from the 1980s and up will remember that phone LOL My mom had one and I wouldn’t leave that phone alone. I kept opening it “Hellomoto!” And dance around to the music. My mom started to hide her phone LOL Anyone with that phone was the coolest chick on the block haha.

      Yes, grandpa gave enough of his magic LOL Mariah is so innocent.

      Yeah…. kind of a sad pic of what it would of been 😦

  5. aww L2 did great pulling a nice Christmas together for his family despite all the sad stuff going on. Borage would be proud!
    haha “Life is too short…well yours is.” LOL
    They are too cute though, can’t wait to see their baby!

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