Love For The Ladies: Chapter 68: Isn’t She Lovely?

“How long are we gonna keep this up?”

“What ever do you mean?”

“Pretending they we are together in front of your parents. This kinda an insane plan of yours. Your parents will be pissed when they find out. I’m not taking the wrap, this shit is on you.”

“We don’t have to pretend..”

“I see where this is going and I don’t like it.”

“Morde.. Why not?”

“Cause I’m just not ready for a relationship. I wanna start up my own gym soon. I don’t need distractions.”

“I wouldn’t be a distraction. You know that.. I like you Morde.”





“Anyway where is this kid wanna sleep at?”

“Don’t you see the crib? I want her in here with me.. Well us..”

“And this crappy place? Looks like the 70’s threw up in here. Besides, don’t you think it’s a little too cramp in here?”

“Hey.. I love the decor in here. However my mom did set up a nursery for her in the main house.”

“I don’t see why you don’t just move in there. A lot better than this dump. And what do you mean, us?”

“You kinda gotta stay here cause of the situation. Things been easier with my parents and all.”

“I can’t stay here nor pretend to do this with you. I got 2 little girls back at my dad’s. Mariah is gonna be 7 soon and Kimora turns 4 in a month. L2 has been on me about not parenting the girls. They call my dad “daddy”. That shit kinda bothers me a little.”





“Maybe we can get a place and you bring your daughters.”

“Piper, that’s not happening. I don’t wanna be with you “for real”. Why can’t you accept it?”

“You never given me a chance. You say I’m nice, sweet and you like hanging around me. You say you like a girl like me. I’m confused, Morde.”

“What I said is true but it doesn’t mean that I want an actual relationship with you. You gotta tell your folks the truth about us. We got drunk and we fucked. There was never a “us”. I gotta return home, my dad and his coma.. My brothers need me at home. Mariah is torn up about my dad.. I can probably get her to like me more if I was actually around. You can’t keep, keeping me away from my other kids.”

“You never seemed like you were too interest in them. You said you don’t think you can do the “dad” thing.”

“Things changed.. Since my dad’s accident, it got me thinking. What if something happens to me? Will my daughters give a fuck? Their mom is dead, they only got me. My dad is actually being a dad and I thought.. Maybe I should be a dad. If you thought I couldn’t do the “dad” thing, why would you wanna be bothered with me? I coulda ditch you and the baby and not give 2 fucks.”

“I believe people can change.”

“Yeah? What I didn’t?”




“I know you’re a good guy and would eventually. I just wish you would actually try me before you decide we wouldn’t work. We got a lot in common. Isn’t that enough for a fair trial?”

“Isn’t this whole thing a trial?”

“Not really, you’re just going through the motions. Besides, all we do is have sex. When my parents are around, you only kiss me on my cheek.”

“Maybe I wanted to show some respect and not do a full make out session in front of them. Besides, it’s sex like great  for pregnancy. Does it jump start your labor. You’re due any day now and plus.. I wanna have some benefits for staying here. So let’s have some sex now.”

“Show respect? Such a cop out. But every time we have sex, I start to like you even more.”

“Maybe you should stop.”

“I don’t have an off and on switch, Mordecai!”

“You can try finding one. Take off your panties.”

“No.. I’m not having sex with you!”

“C’mon, you gonna you wanna ride the Morde train.”

“Ugh.. I’m kinda not in the mood.”

“I can get you there.”




“Why do I keep doing this with you?!”

“Cause no lady can say no to the Morde train.”

“Oh god! Stop talking!”




“Morde, are you hungry? I gonna make us a salad. I’ve been craving one for a while.”





“Ohhh! Ohh! Morde! Morde! I think my water just broke! I think it’s time!”





“Now what?”

“Didn’t you hear me?! My water just broke!”

“I told ya that sink was janky.”

“I’m not talking about the stupid sink! I’m in labor! I’m having contractions!”

“Well can you stop them? I’m watching the game.”





“Hello, how may I help you both?”

“I think she’s about to have a litter.”

“Shut up, Morde. My water broke and I’m having contractions.”

“How far apart?”

“About 7 to 10 minutes.”

“Sounds like you gotta a little bit more time. I take it you’re a patient of Dr. Adams?”

“How you know?”

“You’re a werewolf, most of his patients are occults. I’ll page him and get you checked in.”




“So while she’s pushing the kid out, wanna hang out with me? I can show you a great time. I’m known to make some fairy wings flutter.”

“Are you seriously hitting on me in front of the woman who is having your child?”

“Not like her and I are together. I think you might like the Morde train.”

“Ugh.. You’re such a D-bag.”

“Ah, pretty lady.. Don’t be like that.”

“I got Piper checked in. Room 208 is available. Dr. Adams will be up soon.”




“So I gotta wheel her in?”

“Uh yeah..”

“Can’t one of the nurses do it?”

“You’re a strong man, Mordecai. I’m sure you can handle pushing a pregnant lady to a room.”

“Just do it Morde. It’s not a big deal.”

“Ugh.. whatever. If you ever change your mind Shae, you know where you can find me.”

“Not a chance in hell, Mordecai.”

“Seriously, Morde? Ugh.. can you not do that in front of me..”




“Can you believe it? We are about to become parents tonight.”

“I know Shae is totally into me.”

“No she’s not. She doesn’t like you.”

“She digs me. She’s just playing hard to get. No lady can resist the Morde train.”

“Give it a rest Morde.”

“What room did she say?”

“208, weren’t you listening?”

“I was busy admiring her sweet tits.”





“Your contractions are getting closer together, I think it’s almost time for the baby. Get ready to scrub in Selene.”


“You can sound a little more thrilling than that.”

“Sorry, I’m just tired and my kid is stressing me out. He stole a giant fake plant. What does he need a giant fake plant for? He claims the moon made him do it. I swear my child gets stranger the less time I spend with him.”

“I’ll give you a week off with pay. Now let’s get this baby out.”

“Okay, whatever.”

“Please take a shot of coffee for heaven’s sake….”




“Do I gotta be in here for this?”





“Of course Morde, I want you to witness the birth of our daughter.”





“Oh gross, Piper! I don’t wanna witness the death of your vagina!”





“Oh my stars! Really Morde? I can’t believe you just said that! Witnessing the birth of our daughter would be the most wonderful thing you can experience. Don’t act like a baby now!”





“You’re doing good Piper. You’re starting to crown. Now when I count to 5 I need for you to push as hard as you can. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes! Why does this have to hurt so bad! I should have gotten the E drip! Stupid, stupid me wanting to do this natural!”

“Keep breathing, hun. You’re doing great.”

“I can’t Selene! I can’t do this!”

“Yes you can, you’re almost there.”

“No! No! No! I can’t!”

“I’m gonna count to 5 now.”

“I’m gonna push!”

“Don’t! Don’t push yet! Wait til I count to 5.”

“Please! Please hurry!”

“1…2….3…4…5. Push, honey.”





“How are you doing over there, dad?”

“I want no part of this.”


“Please sir. Don’t stress out Piper, it can harm the baby.”

“A litter isn’t gonna come out of there is it?”

“Shut up, Morde!”




“It looks like roast beef that went bad. That pussy is destroyed forever. Why child birth gotta look so nasty?”





“I swear I’m gonna choke you if you don’t shut up!”





“Well Eli, you have a new niece just 2 weeks younger than you. I just wish I knew what’s slowing down your self healing process. I guess I will have to run more test. Hang in there little guy.”





“Hey, what’s on your mind?”

“Still trying to figure out Eli. Do you have the new baby weighted, cleaned up and ready for her parents to hold her?”

“Just about. Still haven’t found an answer for Eli?”

“No. Something about the mother puzzles me.”

“Like how she rarely see him. Maybe it’s postpartum depression?”

“No, June doesn’t show any signs of it. I recommended skin to skin contact therapy. Perhaps it could help with his healing process. Most babies in the NICU tend to improve with skin to skin contact with their mother, however she wasn’t interest in doing so.”




“That’s strange. Most mothers want to be with their sick baby as much as they can.”

“Indeed. I’m aware she’s a witch and sometimes these witches do silly things for reasons unknown with their magic.”

“What are you saying?”

“Someone need to be with Eli all times. Watch him closely and see if any spells are being placed on him.”

“You don’t think June is harming her own baby?”

“I’ve had a case like this back in Sunset Valley. The mother had the Munchausen syndrome. She cast spells on her newborn, keeping him sick to gain attention from her family. I fear that the incident in Sunset Valley may be happening here.”

“Okay I will send out notices.”

“Thank you Selene. You’ll be the head nurse in pediatrics in no time.”





“Your daughter is ready for you and Piper.”

“Do you know what is she?”

“Little Kiara is a werewolf and a genie oddly. I understand werewolf but genie? Aren’t you just a regular human?”

“Yeah. My daughter Kimora was born a genie. The same happen with L2’s daughter. We carry genie genetics still even when we aren’t one ourselves. L2 and I are known as sleeping genies. Something in our genetics didn’t awake so we were born just human.”

“Wow, that’s very interesting.”

“Are you ready to officially meet your new daughter?”

“Yeah I guess.”




“Hey Kiara, I’m your daddy. That’s cool how you’re a werewolf and a genie. You’re gonna be the most awesomest kid at school along with your awesome big sisters, Mariah and Kimora. We are an awesome family. Wanna meet your papa? He’s asleep, you can still meet him. One day, he’s gonna wake up and love you as much as I do.”




“Dad, I wish you were awake. You gotta meet your new granddaughter. Her name is Kiara Sky Labbore-Montigo. Isn’t she lovely? I gave her Sky cause you said that’s my mom’s last name. I kinda remember my mom. I think Kiara is as pretty as my mom is. I just wish she’ll come back someday.. I just wish you would wake up too. Kiara needs her papa. She’s lovely, dad. Just lovely.”




“You’re so good with her, Morde.”

“I just want her to like me.”

“You can do the dad thing.”

“I’m trying.”

“So ready for bed?”

“No.. I’m just gonna tuck her in and go home.”




“Go home? For a night? I guess it’s okay. I can do a night without you here.”

“I’m going home to stay and live. Spend time with my daughters. Besides, tomorrow is Christmas. I gotta be there for my girls.”

“But what do I tell my parents?”

“The truth, Piper. I can’t keep doing this with you. We got Kiara now. We shouldn’t confuse her and this isn’t right. It will teach her the wrong thing. It’s not cool to lie just to save your ass.”

“My parents are going to be furious and disappointed in me. I threw away my life cause I hooked up with a guy who I don’t plan on marring. I’ll be a disgrace in the Labbore clan. My family is a proud family.”

“My family is proud too but we are only humans, we will make mistakes. Your parents have the right to be pissed, you lied to them just to save your ass. Just move out, you don’t have to live here. Move out and over time, your parents will cool off and forgive you. Plus they wouldn’t want to be away from this angel too long.”

“I know you are right but my family is so uptight and we have to be perfect.”

“You’re not perfect. No one is. We all got errors. I would offer for you to stay at my house until you find a place but we got a lot going on. I can keep Kiara.”

“I need her…”





“You and I both. I gotta get going. It’s getting late.”

“So you’re really leaving? You’ll miss Kiara’s first Christmas.”

“I have 2 other daughters, remember?”

“I know but it’s kinda special…”

“You are more than welcome to come to my family’s dinner. Kiara can meet her big sisters.”

“I can’t, my family is having dinner too.”

“Okay, I’m come over with my girls after our dinner so they can meet her.”

“Just let me know when you’re done.”

“I will, I gotta go. Take care. And I’ll see you tomorrow angel face.”





” I care about Piper. I think she’s a sweet girl. I hope Piper finds the right guy for her someday. She gotta accept that I ain’t him. Besides, the baby probably ruined her vag…”



10 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 68: Isn’t She Lovely?

  1. Lol…Morde train. Oh boy..just like his father! Piper is a tad bit clingy :O. I’m glad Morde is finally coming around and wants to be in his daughter’s life. It will make Borage happy. Looks like roast beef gone bad! LMAO. His face.
    Finally, someone has some sense.. Good job Dr. Adams! I wonder if June is the mother from SSV with Munchausen syndrome. I love that picture of Morde looking at Kiara. Aww, so sweet Morde introducing here to Borage.
    I’ve always loved that song.

    • I’ve felt the song was perfect. Kiara is gonna be such a pretty girl when she ages. Piper in a way can’t help herself, one it’s her werewolf traits, she’s very loyal to Mordecai and feels that he’s her “mate” Plus Mordecai inherited Borage’s irresistibility that only love genies have but Morde has a sleeping genie gene, he’s not a a full genie but he has the power of being irresistible like them. Piper has always liked him which doesn’t help. She’s pulled into his lack of charm lol.

      Of all of Borage’s kids, Morde is most like him and he looks up to Borage. He just wanna make him proud although Borage still favors L2. Borage would be happy to see his 5th grandchild. He got 5 granddaughters to spoil when he decides to wake up. Sadly no grandsons yet :-p

  2. Morde! He needs to get some more sense knocked into him for sure. At least it isn’t worse, Morde could not care about his daughters, but he is showing some more respect in life. Piper needs to let go, her parents will forgive her, her mom especially. She couldn’t help what she did while drunk.

    • Her parents wouldn’t be so forgiven, high society type of people. They would frown on Piper’s actions if they knew the truth. I dunno if I will get more into the Labbore family later on but I will say they are snobby and care about the perfect image of their family. Morde is like Borage but he’s young, over time he’ll see that being a father to his daughters is important.

  3. Lol. I love that he’s still calling himself the Morde train. He’s Borage’s son alright! 😛

    I dunno about Piper though. She’s being a bit selfish with Mordecai’s time, right when he’s trying to man up and be a proper father to his other kids. Yeah, she just had his baby too, but she can’t force him into being in a relationship with her for that fact alone. :/

    I’m glad they’re finally on to June though! I can’t wait to see her get caught!

  4. It’s good to know that Morde is bothered by his kids calling his dad “daddy” instead of him. I always got the impression he was just kind of a flake with that whole situation. I guess that people can change though, the family has been through a lot. 😦
    I still kind of want to slap him every time he opens his mouth, lol.
    I am soooo glad someone is looking into freakin June finally!

    • He started out like Borage when it came to kids but worse off. Borage did acknowledge them time to time. But he had so many at once so it was a bit difficult to give them all personal time. Morde only had 2 and had no excuse. Sadly it took a coma to whip him back into shape on caring for his kids now that he has 3.

  5. haha “stop talking!” He does have a way with words doesnt he >.<
    Aww once he met his daughter, he was smitten. I'm glad he has decided to give a shot to being a good dad. It's not too late, the girls are still young.
    Piper needs to wake up and face the consequences of her actions..things happen and it will all work out if she just accepts it!

  6. I love that picture of Morde staring into the crib and Piper watching. I think he really does enjoy being a daddy. Hopefully he can love Piper like she deserves, but I dunno about that…

    • He’s finally trying to whole daddy thing, Borage’s coma was a wake up call. If Borage never fallen into a coma, Morde would most likely not step up to the plate in raising his daughters. He doesn’t show much interest in Piper but hopefully she’ll find the right or is Morde the right one? Time will tell 🙂

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