Love For The Ladies: Chapter 66 – Taken

Knowing how difficult it was to handle 2 antsy toddlers with wings, I made a call to Aries asking if he could take one of twins. Aries along with Boragio was on their way to the hospital. Boragio who answered Aries’ phone told me Aries is having one of his panic attacks and was taking him to see dad. I knew this was coming sooner than later. Aries hasn’t been away from dad this long, the last time he went without dad around he set the house on fire. Aries made a few visits during the week but maybe he should have daily visits instead. Clearly the painting isn’t calming him so much anymore. I can’t have him stressed out, it would upset the twins.

“I need hugs from daddy!”




“Hi Aries, is there something I can help you with?”

“I am sad today..”

“Oh I’m sorry to hear that, Aries. Is there anything I can do to make you feel happy again?”




“Can you wake my daddy up pretty please? I need  hugs. I miss daddy’s hugs.”





“I’m sorry Aries, I can’t do that but I can give you a hug. Would that make you feel better?”

“Maybe.. But I wish-“

“C’mere, Aries. Isn’t this nice.”

“I uh..uh.. This is nice.. Really.”

I do believe this may have been Aries’ first time from being touched by a female whom he’s not related to. Aries’ words were twisted as he didn’t know how to react to Shae’s friendly embrace. From the looks of it, it appear that he enjoyed this encounter from this fair fairy. Like Selene, Shae has always been very helpful with our situation. My brothers and I quickly became familiar faces at Glendale Memorial Hospital. Shae always took a liking towards Aries, offering him tea and now hugs. Its something that Aries needs, he loves to feel the warmth from others, it helps him feel protected. He’s still scarred from his time on Ziharia. He fears someone will take him away and lock him into a cell. Shae doesn’t seem to mind Aries is basically a grown child, she understands his sensitivity when she’s not aware that his childhood and peace of mind was taken. 




“I still feel sad, Shae.”

“Would you like some tea instead? I don’t want you to be sad.”

“I just want my daddy to wake up.”

“I know sweetie but it’s all up to him on that.”

“Can I talk to him? Maybe if he hears me then he’ll wake up.”

“Sure Aries, you can do that.”




“I think you guys’ father is ready for visitors.”

“That’s great but I don’t we can stay cause I looked at the time and realize I have to go pick up a package from the postal office.”

“Oh I see.”




“But I wanna see daddy, L2. I don’t wanna leave. Boragio said I could see him today.”





“I’m sorry Aries, the twins are starting to get hungry and-“

“It’s not fair! Boragio said I could!”

“I know but the twins are difficult to handle alone and I wanted you originally to take one of them. Cause after I pick up the package we were gonna head out to get something to eat. The girls want dinner at Roll N’ Bounce tonight. We can come back later.”

“But.. but.. that’s too long to wait.”

“Hey, I can stay with Aries. I can drop him off during my next break.”

“You would do that?”

“Yes, I think it’s only fair if Aries sees your dad. Isn’t that why your other brother brought him here?”

“Yeah but the twins are antsy, gotta think about them first.”

“I understand but Aries’ needs are just important as the twins. I don’t mind staying with him. Besides, it’s Reba’s turn to do check ins.”




I did feel like crap trying to deny Aries from seeing dad now. But Shae was right, Aries’ needs were just as important as the twins, given he has a state of mind of a child. I felt the twins priorities were higher with them being little. I was content that Shae offered to stay with him and willing to take him home afterwards.

“Are you ready to see your dad?”

“Yeah, can you hold my hand? I kinda like your touch. It’s soft and nice.”

“Sure, I can hold your hand.”



“Daddy… I need for you to wake up. I miss you. I hope you can hear me. Can he hear me, Shae?”

“He might be able to.”

“Daddy.. I just need you to be up so I can feel safe again. Suziu left so I don’t have anyone left. I need a parent around to feel safe. I have visions that Suziu’s people will come to get me again. I don’t wanna go back to that scary place again.”




“Please daddy, please wake up. Mariah misses you. Kimora misses you. I miss you. We all miss you. Why did you have to drive so fast? I think June set that fire and now Eli is sick. You gotta wake up to see Eli and make him better. He might die if he don’t take his first breath and he haven’t yet. Please daddy.. you gotta wake up. I don’t like seeing you like this.”



“Awe Aries, please don’t be upset. Let me give you a hug.”





“He’s gonna wake up someday. And I know he heard you this time but sometimes is a little hard for genies to come out of comas.”

“Can I go beat up June?”

“No Aries, that isn’t nice and it’s not her fault.”

“I got a bad feeling.. Something is dark about her. I liked June but I don’t trust her.”

“Aries, you’re just venting. You want someone to blame but it isn’t fair to blame her. The fire was an accident.”

“I heard the police thinks different…”




“I dunno all about that but let’s take your mind off of that. I kinda like you Aries, you’re a sweet guy. I was wondering if you would like to go out for coffee with me at the Perc someday.”

“Like a date?”

“Well a friendly date if you’re more comfortable with that. I would like to be your friend it’s okay.”

“I thought we were already friends?”

“Kinda… I guess we can say we are official friends now.”

“I like that. I would love to have coffee with you, Shae. You smell so pretty and very nice. You’re beautiful lady.”

“Awe, thanks Aries. That was nice of you to say.”




“And why are you still in the hospital, sis? Like you had that baby 2 weeks ago.”

“I’m still sick. I don’t feel so well so they are keeping me.”

“You’re not sick. You’re not sick at all, you faker.”

“I’m not faking it, my asthma is out of control.”

“So is Eli’s dad still in a coma?”




“You know it’s kinda your fault.”

“No it’s not. I didn’t make him run into a tree.”

“You set that fire.”

“No April, I didn’t.”

“The investigators believe you did. And if you did, that was insane. You coulda die. Like Mr. Magic man would get there to you in time.”




“Look April, I don’t wanna talk about the fire anymore.”

“It’s cause you did it!”

“If you don’t stop, I’ll call in my vampire nurse.”

“There’s a vampire here!!”

“Yes, sister. There’s a vampire here and she’s my nurse.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about the vampire?! You know how I feel about vampires!”

“I do.. Not sure why you wanna be a vampire when you are afraid of them.”

“I think vampires are cool but they are scary!”

“Well I’m gonna check on Eli. Stay.”




“But what if the scary vampire nurse comes in? You’re my big sister! You gotta protect me from vampires!”




“Hey my sweet boy. I see you’re starting to get better.”




“But I can’t have you getting better. I need a reason to keep coming here to see your any chance I can get. They only allow family but I have to sneak in. I’m sorry I gotta keep doing this to you but you gotta stay sick longer.”



“June.. no.. You’re gonna kill the baby..”





“June! What the fiddlesticks! You’re purposely keeping Eli sick?! Are you insane?!”

“I got my reasons and it’s not hurting him. He will get better. It’s not like he’ll die. He’s a genie like his daddy.”

“Are you that stupid?! Do you know anything about genies?!”

“Yeah! They are immortal! Eli will be fine.”

“No he won’t you cunt! Obviously you don’t know that genies don’t get their immortal status until they take their first breath of air! As long as Eli is hooked to that machine, he can die! His little body is trying to heal with little magic his has and you’re killing him! He’s young and sick! He doesn’t have enough magic to keep healing himself. He’s gonna tap out and die if you don’t stop! No wonder why mom never liked you! You are a disgrace! Harming your child for selfish reasons!”

“I thought they were already immortal before birth! Maybe I should have been more careful with my fire.”



“So you did start the fire… What else did you do? Did you finish off the house while you were here? Cause your house just magically caught on fire again.”

“I’m not telling you anything and you’re not telling anyone of what you saw.”

“I’m not gonna let you kill this innocent baby. I’m gonna tell.”

“No one will believe someone who spent 3 years in mental ward.”

“Maybe you should have been there instead of me. I gonna put an end to this.”

“I like to see how try. I know you can’t.”

“Watch me.”




“I only got one shot of doing this. But since you couldn’t come to my fire to save me and you would realize I am the better woman for you. I’ll just take your memory of Clarissa from when you finally awake. You and I can raise Eli like a real family.”




June was released from the hospital and asked if she could stay until her and her sister can patch things up. June’s house caught on fire and she has no place to stay. I wasn’t sure about this but since she’s the mother of Eli, I figure I could let her stay with us. We could use the extra help. I got her set up in the guest room and turned in for the night.





“Orion, you have gotten big. Its time for you to come with me.”





“Are you ready to come with me? The queen has been awaiting you for some time but your father wouldn’t let me take you. Now that your father is out of commission, I can finally take you home.”




“I am sorry Solar, I have no use for you but I will make life easier for you. I will make it easier for you to blend in with the earth people. You will age like on earth. It is my gift to you.”




“Excuse me but what are you doing with Borage’s son?”

“Orion is mine. I am mother. I take him.”

“Oh I see. I guess if you’re his mother-“




“Wait! Where are you taking him?”




“Good morning sleepy head. Solar? You look different.. What happen to your skin? You have normal skin.”


“I guess maybe aliens do this?”




“Aly! Aly! Orion! He’s gone!”




“I’m gonna check on my sister!”




“Great! Kimora is here but where is Orion? Did he fly out the crib again? I’m gonna check Daddy B’s room.”




Orion was missing, Mariah checked all over the house to see if he flown out of his crib over night. Orion was no where in sight. I checked the doors and they were locked so he couldn’t gotten outside. I racked my brain over and over trying to figure where he went.

Just as I was about to report to the police of Orion’s disappearance, June came out of the guest room and mention about an alien woman who said she was his mother took him. I snapped and yelled at her for allowing Ahilac to take Orion. But it wasn’t fair for me to yell at her, June didn’t know about the situation. I apologize to her and she said it was okay. She should have been a little more suspicious but she said it happen so fast.  She said would stay at a friend’s house and let me cool off for bit. I guess the stress of trying to hold this family together is getting to me.



My daughter got Solar ready for the day before heading to school. She’s such a good kid and I’m glad to have her in my life. Solar’s new look is gonna take some time to get use to. She has normal skin but still have her alien eyes along with her fairy wings. I’m not sure if she’s still an alien but we’ll find out during her next visit to Dr Adams.

10 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 66 – Taken

  1. This chapter started off with me wanting to hug Aries. It made me giggle that he likes Shae’s hugs. I hope she is good to him! Then, we get to June and her sister. Ugh!!! Removing his memory of Clarissa >.<. Keeping Eli sick. Then letting mom take Orion!! ugh.. Stupid June. Then L2 being naive and letting her stay makes me want to trigger a meteor at him!! Lol

    • LOL Well L2 felt he was doing the right thing but he’s still suspicious but he didn’t have any proof of his theory. June is just a fucked up bitch. She’s selfish and apparently obsessive/possessive. She needs to be slapped real quick..

  2. This chapter is really sad :(. Solar is going to grow up normal, and possibly forget about her brother. And Pedro decided to leave at the wrong time! He was probably the last person in the house that kept Ahilac from taking Orion! I’m really mad at June, but I hope her sister keeps her in line! If I was June’s sister, I would probably go up to L2 and tell the truth, or figure out a way to stop June from hurting Eli.

    • Yeah it is. The only good of Solar’s situation is she’ll be able to blend in without sticking out like a sore thumb but she still has her uniqueness. However without her twin, she may not adjust well. Pedro has his reasons to leave, he mostly likely wouldn’t stop Ahilac. He’s a an alien too :-p Time will tell of what April does with June’s case.

  3. Awww, Shae was so cute with Aries! 😀

    But Ugh! I can’t believe June would make her own child sick just so she could remain close to Borage! She is legit crazy!!

    And that damn alien bitch took Orion!!! 😡
    She took advantage of Borage being in a coma because she knew that’s the only chance she had of taking him!

    But Solar looks absolutely adorable with human skin. 😀

  4. Awwww Aries. I just wanna hug him every time I see him.
    Oh man this chapter is such a wave of up and downs! 😦 Damn alien chick! I guess that was somewhat expected. GRRRR.

    • Like a roller coaster :p Ahilac has been after Orion since Borage told her no, course she takes advantage of Borage’s coma and June not knowing the situation.

  5. Awww Aries and Shae are so cute 😛
    Fuckin’ June!! Ugggh! She is horrible horrible horrible. Bitch needs to go! I hope when Borage wakes up he sets her on fire.
    Aww Ahilac took Orion 😦 Borage is gonna be so upset, hopefully one of his other alien kids can help him get Orion back. Solar looks cute with her human skin

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