Love For The Ladies: Chapter 65 – Mystery Magic

The holidays is just a week away. I’m not sure how my family is gonna celebrate with our dad in a coma still and Eli struggling in the NICU. Things wouldn’t be the same without him but it would be pretty depressing if we just mope around the house during the holidays. We should still make it a great time given the situation.




I set up a doctor’s appointment for the twins. Since their birth, they never been seen by a doctor nor been registered. They were the results of a surprise alien pregnancy and my dad didn’t bother to have them register as citizens. I got them registered last week and waiting for their birth certificate along with their ID number card. Dr. Adams was curious about the twins and agree to see them when I don’t have all of their documents just yet. He specialized with occult children and alien fairies peaked his interest. 

Getting the twins already was no issue as they knew they were going on a car ride. They like car rides for some odd reason and they squeal with delight as I got them dressed. It’s almost like they knew they were going for a ride. However if they knew they were going to see a doctor, they would be less happy. I’m sure shots will be given and such.



I knew I should had asked for some help when trying to take the twins. It was a hassle trying to carry them both along with their diaper bag. Solar manage to fly out of my arms. Selene giggled a little as I struggle to get Solar to fly herself into the building. We haven’t taken the twins to see dad cause we fear their reaction. I know they are attached to him but we finally got them to latch onto Aries and I.




“Hi, I’m here to check in Orion and Solar Montigo. They have an appointment with Dr. Adams.”

“I can do that for you. Do you have their documents since this is their first appointment?”

“Well no, it’s coming in the mail. Dr. Adams said he’s willing to see them still and made special arrangements.”

“Oh I see. Okay, gotta. I see the special note that was made. We still need you to fill out some paperwork for the little ones.”

“Okay, that is fine.”

“Great! I got you all checked in. Here are the papers, Dr. Adams will see them shortly.”


“You’re welcome.”




“No.. no.. it’s not true!”

“I’m sorry Ms. Lex but we did the test 5 times already. Did you need to speak with a counselor about this?”

“No! Just do another test! It’s not impossible!”

“Alexia, its positive. All 5 test proved to be positive.”

“There must be an error or something. I know it’s not true. I can’t be!”

“You’re going to have to come to terms with this, Alexia. You’re pregnant.”




“I’m not fucking pregnant, Evan!”

“Alexia, calm yourself please!”

“Don’t tell me to calm! You do another test! I can’t be pregnant!”

“I know vampire pregnancies are difficult but sweetie you are with child now. I’m still your friend other than your doctor. If you need my help, I’m here.”




“Evan.. I don’t think I can do this again.. alone. It’s a struggle handling Axel. He ask about his dad all the time and wants to see him. His dad lives in Lucky Palms, too far just to randomly go on a trip. Plus I’m between jobs so I’m struggling. I can’t have another baby.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, but you know I would always be here for you. What about the child’s father? Is he not in the picture?”

“He’s around, I just haven’t heard from him in the past couple of weeks. He’s kind of a jerk anyway…but a sexy jerk. Why couldn’t I just leave that genie man alone. I knew he had a bunch of kids.. But we only had one night of unprotected sex. We were careful the other times. You see why I don’t think it’s possible?”

“Alexia, it only takes one time.”

“Bullshit, Evan!”




“I told you about genies. You gotta be careful with them. But it’s possible, Alexia. I’ve had many girls come pregnant after a one night stand.”

“What do I do then? What if this kid is a genie like their dad? I know nothing about raising a genie kid. Axel and I are both vamps.”

“One suggestion is to start buying food. I specialize with occult infants, I can guide you on raising your possible genie child. I currently have a half genie and half witch infant in my care. So I’m learning more about genie children. It’s such a shame the poor child is fighting for his life while his father lies in a coma.”

“That’s one way to avoid responsibility. “Oh I’m having a baby.” “BRB, gonna put myself into a coma now.” I just hope this kid’s daddy doesn’t do anything like that. He seem like an okay daddy I guess.”

“I don’t think he did that on purpose. If you don’t want to keep the kid, you have options.”

“I know but I’m just lost right now.”

“If you need to talk, give me a call.”

“Thanks, Evan.”

“Can you please call me Dr. Adams when I’m at work?”

“Yeah right! We go way back!”




As I waited to be seen by Dr. Adams, I saw a familiar face. Alexia Lex, Collette’s vampire sister. I haven’t seen her in a while. Sometimes her son comes over to play with Axel but since dad is in a coma, he hasn’t been over. We haven’t told Alexia about the accident yet.

“Hey L2, what’s up? Bout to find out your due date?”

“Ha ha, very funny Alexia. How are you?”




“Not great, L2. I found out that I have a parasite.”

“Oh.. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope treatment goes well for you.”

“Oh I’ll be okay, it won’t come out til 9 months from now.. Maybe 8 months. I’ve been in denial about it.” 

“You’re pregnant?”

“Yeah, I didn’t plan for this. I blame your dad.”

“Wait.. Your baby is my dad’s?”

“Yep. Congrats L2, you’re gonna be a big brother…again.”



“I dunno what to say. We just had Eli come into the world and now you’re pregnant with my dad’s kid?”

“Yeah so I need for you to tell that asshole to pick up his damn phone. I’ve been trying to tell him that there’s a chance that I’m knocked up. But I had it confirmed 5 times so he put a baby in me.”

“He can’t right now. You see he got in a car wreck and he’s in a coma.”

“You gotta be kidding me.”

“No, I’m not.”

“That’s fucking great! I’m not sure what to do with this kid and he’s in a damn coma? Now I’m really lost.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Why didn’t no one tell me about him? Does Ramiro and Collette know? I gotta wait here for a while to have a sonogram. They wanna check the baby. I’m probably 10 weeks by now.”

“We haven’t told any extended family about it yet. If you need any help-“

“I know.. You’ll help me. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. I just wish your dad could weight in his opinion.”



I’m not sure of what my dad feels about abortion or adoption but I imagine my dad would be pissed if Alexia picked one of those options without him having a say. It’s her body and she has the right to decide about keeping the baby or not but it sounds like she wants dad’s opinion. I get the impression that she doesn’t want the kid and that tends to be the issue with dad’s previous baby mamas. Our moms left us with him. But she knows we are a wealthy family and the kid would be taken care of.

“Liam, Dr Adams is ready for the twins.”




Selene was kind enough to help bring the twins to the examine room. She picked up Solar knowing she could be a handful. I love how Selene is very helpful and nice. There’s something about her that makes her special. I feel warm and fuzzy when I see her. I love the scent of her sweet perfume. Her smile makes my day a little better when I visit. I haven’t felt this way since Ashley.




Dr Adams carefully examined both twins. He was quite puzzle and wasn’t sure about them. He never encounter their species before as this is something new to him. He wasn’t sure if he should treat them as a genie, fairy or an alien since they were all 3.

The twins are technically 4 months old in age but have the appearance of an 10 month old. They can’t walk but can speak a few words. After a few test he mention that do have mentality of an 11 month old and I should try to teach them to walk and talk. He gave them shots for alien infants but wasn’t sure about giving them shots for genie and fairy. They appear to be mostly alien and felt it was safer to treat them as aliens for now.




“Well Liam, the are twins are a very interesting case. I only dealt with 4 alien infants in my career. One here and 3 in Sunset Valley, my hometown. I think I will treat them as aliens for the most part but I will need to run a series of test on them.”

“Oh okay. It won’t hurt them or anything?”

“No, they will be since. Just a few scans and blood work for the most part. But the twins do need to be seen by a specialist about their motor skills and mental development. They indeed have a mentality of an 11 month old but clearly a bit behind. I do believe it’s due to their rapid growth. I think we should schedule bimonthly appointments so I can keep track of their growth.”

“Okay, that sounds fine to me.”

“Let’s set them up to return in 2 weeks. I want to give them a low dosage vaccine for genie and fairy infants. However I would like to run a test on their blood work first. For now I’ve given them a high dosage of alien vaccines.”

“I’m glad you’re their doctor. No one was willing to take them.”

“Most doctor don’t treat occult  children, less money that way since most occults are self healers. However children will still need medical attention in the first few years of their lives. I chose to treat them more than human infants, they are remarkable.”




After making a second appointment for the twins, I was greeted by a cop. Although the wreck was 2 weeks ago, this particular lady cop named Sunny Flower still wanted more information although it was ruled as an accident due to the ice on the roads. 

“I just have a few more questions about the accident.”

“I thought this case was closed.”

“I just need to have some things clarified is all. The toxin reports shown he was sober but that’s not cause of his genie magic hiding it?”

“No. If a genie is drunk, trust me it will show.”




“Okay, that’s all the info that I need. You don’t mind if I have a quick peek of your father. Borage Montigo, right?”




“Um why do you wanna see my dad? He’s in a coma and besides we made it that only family can see him.”





“Just let me see him! It’s for police business!”

“I don’t see how that would be police business! His case was closed!”

“You know I can write you a ticket for double parking!”

“If seeing my dad will make you happy then go ahead!”




I wasn’t sure what to make of Sunny, she seemed sweet then turned a little crazy. I’m not sure what was her fascination with my comatose father but he is a genie after all and irresistible. Females tend to get a little nutty around him.

“Thanks! You don’t mind watching my daughter for a little bit.”

“Officer Flower I don’t think you should just dump your kid on me.”

“I trust you, Liam. Besides, I think you should get to know her.”

“Um.. not sure why I should.”

“Trust me, you and my daughter have a lot in common. I’ll be back.”  




Sunny seriously left me with her daughter. I’m not sure why she felt she and I should get to know each other or why she felt I had anything in common with a 6 year old child. She said her name is Aaliyah and gave me a warm smile. I did notice some striking features on her. She had my dad’s bright blue eyes and his lips. It couldn’t be possible Aaliyah had any relation to my dad. My dad only visit here once and that was a year ago. She’s 6, the same age as Mariah. But I am curious about her.




“That baby looks cool. What is her? Is she yours?”

“This is my little sister Solar, she’s an alien, genie and a fairy.”

“Wow! That is so cool! I wish I had a sister like that. But I’m just a genie.”

“You are? I didn’t know your mother was one.”

“She’s not. Just a lame human but my daddy is a genie.. But I never met him. Mommy said he was a special magic man. I wanna find him.”

“I hope you will find him soon.”




“Can you help me? Maybe your little sister can help us. She can use her alien, fairy magic to guide us. Mommy thinks he’s here but this is a hospital full of sick people so I know he’s not here. I think mommy is starting to lose a little.”





“I guess I could help you try but I’ll do my best. Do you know his name?”

“Mommy calls him Muscular Sexy but I’m sure that’s not his name.”

“Oh well maybe you should ask your mother what his name is.”

“Do you know what he looks like?”

“Mommy said he’s sexy.”

“Maybe you should ask a little more about your father. It could help us.”

“Okay I will! I like you. You seem cool!”

“Awe, thanks Aaliyah. I like you too.”




“I found you, Mr. Magic. Even with your face covered with bruises, I still think you’re hot stuff.”




“You look as sexy as you do in your pic on the website. I want to thank you, Muscular Sexy. Your sweet gift gave me something wonderful that my worthless husband couldn’t give me. A child. However my husband was killed so it’s just me and our beautiful daughter Aaliyah.”





“I know you were just a donation from the site but I want Aaliyah to know who her father is. If my husband never died, he would have been. I work long hours, I don’t get to spend time with her as much as I want. I hate having to leave my…our daughter with the nanny. She needs to be around her other parent. I know it’s not your responsibility but I just hope you’ll be a nice guy who would be willing to be apart of her live. Be her father. I know its insane to ask you this. But I don’t have a clue how to deal with a genie kid. She’s moody and she’s only 6! I wonder if you can even hear me..”





“I finally found you and you’re in a fuckin’ coma. Just my damn luck!”




11 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 65 – Mystery Magic

  1. Aww L2! I knew he was getting feelings for Selene. Evan looks sexy as a doctor! Oh geez, more kids. Borage reminds me of my uncle!Lol. Sunny! Her and her hotheadedness. Lol, all of his “donations” are catching up to him! Great chapter.

    • Evan does make a nice looking doctor 😉

      L2 is feeling some Selene, hopefully she’ll feel the same way.

      Oh yessssss! More Borage babies coming his way. Borage is like my cousin, there’s always some new baby on the way LOL However he was always a ladies man but he needs to calm down haha. At least my aunt has a lot of g-babies to love.

      Sunny was fun. I hope the real Sunny approves :-p She did come off a little crazy but with good reasons, she just wanted to meet her “donor”.

  2. Lol! So Borage has 2 kids from the bank that we know of, and he’s expecting 1 more! So that brings us to a total of…28 kids! He might have 50 more for all we know 😉

  3. Awww, L2 likes Selene! That’s so sweet! 😀 I hope he finds happiness again. He deserves it.

    Lol! Oh Sunny! That last pic is hilarious. 😆
    Aaliyah is an adorable kid too. 🙂

  4. Oh yeah I could see Borage not being happy about Alexia just choosing to do something with his kid without checking with him. 😦 Aww L2 is crushing on Selene. <3:D
    ROTFL being a bit obsessive there Sunny. Ohhhh Borage and his donations! 😀 Great chapter.

    • Alexia wants his opinion but that’s not possible at the moment. She’s lost and unsure what to do about it.

      L2 may have a crush on her :p

      Sunny was funny but she had good reason to see Borage, it just came off as a little crazy lol

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