Love For The Ladies: Chapter 64 – Holding down the fort

Well it’s me Liam.2 or what others call me L2. I thought about changing my name for some time cause mine is kinda silly. My teachers were confused when I wrote my name down. They were curious of why I added a .2 to my name. It’s my dad’s doing, he really shouldn’t be allowed to name kids. He wanted to name me after his dad, Liam but added a .2 like I was supposed to be an upgrade. However my dad made request that I should change my name to Borage.2 cause he hates my grandfather. Like that name would sound any better. For the most part, I kinda like my name but it gets awkward when writing my name down on paperwork or introducing myself to others. I’m given odd looks cause of it. They think I’m some super geek cause of the .2. I simply go as Liam now days.

My dad’s coma left the house in shock. My siblings are lost and unsure how to carry on without our dad around. Since I am the oldest, I guess it’s up to me to hold the fort down. I try to stay leveled headed, keeping up with daily task while working from home. The computer just recently broke and I spent hours trying to repair. Kimora has a habit of climbing up chairs now. Today she poured her juice into the back of the monitor. I replaced some parts with some I had in stock from my job. I know it’s gonna come out of my pay but I need the computer working so I can continue working. I’m an online computer tech for software company. I help others if they are having issues with the software. It pays well and I can work in the comfort of my home. Basically I needed something like this to keep tabs on the younger kids and my teenage daughter. 



I was left to comfort Clarissa, a young lady whom my dad was dating. Originally I wanted to keep this a family matter and leave friends out of it but Clarissa is dating my dad. Although things weren’t official between, Clarissa showed that she cared about him, she was distraught when she heard the news.

“What if he doesn’t- I regret one thing.. If I knew this would happen, maybe I would had given him a kiss.”

“My dad is strong, he’ll wake up.”

“Am I silly for holding out on a simple kiss? It’s all he ever wanted.. Now he’s in a coma. I feel so stupid..”

“I think it’s sweet. I wish I would have hold out on things but I would never have my daughter.”

“I know he had to go in hurry but where was he going? Why was he driving so fast?”

“June, her house was on fire.”

“Fuckin’ June…”



Clarissa shown some disgust when I spoke of June. It’s almost like she felt this was all her fault. That wouldn’t be fair to blame June however I will admit I am suspicious about June’s fire. Why did she stop and take the time to text my dad? I think it’s odd to text someone when your life is in danger. Did she text my dad and then start a fire for whatever reason? June seems sweet, I really can’t see her doing something crazy like that.

Clarissa stayed with my dad a lot, she watches over him as she trying to protect. I figure it’s werewolf instinct to stay guard but she really cared about my dad and hopes he awakes. She wanted to be there when..or if he awakes. She’s loyal and I admire that. The one time my dad meets a female who is good for him, he goes into a coma.


Mariah was extremely hurt when we told her the news about my dad. Mariah is very close to him, he’s more of a father than a grandparent to her. When Mariah overheard there’s a chance of my dad not waking up ever, she became distraught. I found it difficult to console her. She fought her way out of my arms and tried to her way to dad’s room. However Boragio got her, he was the only one who got her to clam down. I didn’t know Boragio was great with kids.




The doctors wanted to do another scan on my dad before we could see again. However it was getting late in the evening and felt it was time we should go. I didn’t want to keep leaving the little ones with the neighbors all the time. Mariah wanted to stay so she could see him. She hasn’t seen him yet but I felt she needed to come home with me since she has school in the morning.

Boragio said he would stay with her, saying he had nothing to do and did want to see dad. I knew that wasn’t so true. Boragio has been chatting with a female online for 2 years and she lives here. Naturally she wants to meet but Boragio puts it off. I didn’t see him as the shy type but not sure what’s up with him. I know he likes her, he talk about her all the time. I know she works at Alyssa’s school and he tends to avoid picking up Alyssa when I ask, fearing he might see her. I know he’s using dad’s coma as an excuse to not meet her yet.



I withheld about dad’s condition with Aries. I fear what his reaction would be knowing his unnatural attachment to dad. I didn’t tell him until a week later, I told him when I finally told the kids. Aries was upset with me that I didn’t tell him about dad’s coma. When he requested to see him, I was unsure about it but he needed to see him.




But there was dad, lifeless and battered up. It was upsetting to see him in this condition. He was always so full of life but he just lay there, motionless and quiet.





Aries remained silent as we sat in dad’s room. His face said it all, he’s distraught. I was surprise that Aries handle this better than I thought. He remained speechless for the most part.

“Daddy.. please wake up. I need you.”




Aries spend most of his day quiet and painting in his new art studio that Pedro built for him. Aries had neither of his parents now. With dad in a coma and Pedro taking flight soon before the accident, there’s no one to handle Aries. Pedro’s timing couldn’t be anymore perfect. He didn’t bother giving anyone a notice before leaving.




Instead he left us with a newly made over basement. It looked nothing our old basement. The room where spent most of his time was gone. He left a note saying he couldn’t finish his project here as the environment was too distracting. I’m not sure what that means but he didn’t bother telling Aries goodbye. Aries didn’t seem bothered by it, he was more upset about dad. Maybe that’s why Pedro left? He was always unappreciated by his kids, they seek dad’s attention and affection. I guess its normal behavior, most people flock to their mother before their father. Technically my dad is their mother since he gave birth to them.  

I was quiet curious about the basement cause it was done over night. Aries smiled and said its alien magic. They have the ability to recreate a room or a house by memory. This basement was something Pedro saw in a magazine and thought it was fit for the family. I guess it was a nice parting gift, showing thanks for allowing him to stay with us all this time.



Then Mordecai, whom remain M.I.A. for the most part until now. I asked where has he been. I hardly seen him before the accident. Since dad’s coma, he returned back to the house and shown his youngest child a little more attention. Mordecai explained his whereabouts, he was staying with at a girl’s place to help her out a little.





Piper Labbore is her name and I remember her. Piper was a classmate back in Starlight Shores. I do remember her obsessive crush on Mordecai during high school. She’s a werewolf and often followed Mordecai everywhere. He was a bit annoyed by her cause he had no interest in her. It was cause of his involvement with Bruce Lee’s mom.

I always thought she was sweet and kind although she hung out with snobs. Piper was a cheerleader and was popular in school. Her family is wealthy and they own the science facility, Labbore Enterprise here in town. In fact they have several Labbore facilities around the country. Her dad is a well known scientist. I thought about applying there once. 

I was interest in why Mordecai is helping her out. She’s pregnant with his child and things are going well with her parents. She lives with them but has her own little house on their lot. Mordecai was apparently pretending to be her boyfriend to smooth things over with her parents. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The last thing Mordecai needs is another child when he doesn’t take care of the two he has now. I think it was foolish to trick her parents into thinking they are together. At some point they will know they aren’t together. I am curious of when this happen knowing that their baby is due any day. We only been here for 7 months.

Before we moved here, one of Morde’s friend threw him a going away party. Morde got drunk and hooked up with Piper and got her pregnant. Piper and her family relocated here just a few months after we did. Morde recently ran into her 2 months ago. He figure he should be a better dad now with his third child on the way and it’s his reason why he suddenly attentive to Kimora.


The twins aren’t taking dad’s absent well. They cry all the time, especially Solar. At times it seem impossible to console them. They refuse to sleep in their cribs. They haven’t learned to walk but figure how to fly. They often fly out of their cribs and find their way into dad’s room. Dad had a habit of letting them sleep in his bed with him. I often told him that’s not a good thing, they need to learn how to sleep in their own bed. But dad wanted them close in case their mother came back. They leave their cribs and sleep on dad’s bed. I thought about washing his sheets but decided against. It still has his scent and it calms them. They only thing that makes them happy when handed something with dad’s scent. Solar loves his pillow, she snuggles with it and shouts “Dada”. But Orion and Solar often fight over the pillow. 

Aries is of some help with the twins. They both like him and now starting to attach to him. Maybe cause of the likely of dad. Aries looks more like dad and even wear his hair like dad’s. I thought maybe they think he’s dad but he doesn’t have his scent. They know he isn’t dad, Aries said aliens know who’s their parent by scent so they weren’t confused. However the twins are willing to accept a likeness of dad. But I know they miss him. We all do..

“Don’t cry sissy. We can play dolls. You can be the mommy doll and I’ll be the daddy doll, okay?”


“Daddy got hurt, sissy. But he will get better and be back to play with us. Please don’t cry, sissy. It makes me sad.”




During one of my visits to the hospital, I was greeted by Selene. She said Eli was stable enough to have visitors if we wanted to see him. Eli is a week old and I haven’t met him yet. Clarissa was with me and asked her to come with me. If she’s dating my dad, I figure she should meet my newest sibling.




Eli was so tiny and weak. He was hooked up to different machines, one was helping him breath as he still hasn’t taken his first breath on his own. Eli was still in danger of dying unless he takes his first breath. The doctors were baffled on his condition given his genie occult. His body should be naturally healing him but he remains as ill as a normal infant. They aren’t sure what’s going but they are running a series of test to find why he isn’t self healing.




“He’s so tiny.”

“Yeah.. I just hope he pulls through.”

“I find this a little odd, meeting Borage’s son. Borage and his mom isn’t still having a thing are they?”

“No, dad doesn’t say much about June. As far as I know, he’s into you.”

“So this is his 25th child?”

“Yeah you can say.”

“25 kids is a lot..”

“Yeah, dad doesn’t believe in condoms.”





“I’m sorry… Can you give me a minute.. I need some air.”


I guess this was too much for Clarissa, seeing dad in a coma and meeting his youngest son who is fighting for his little life. I let her have a moment to collect herself. It was heartbreaking watching little Eli struggle in the NICU. It was a little too much for me as well.




“Hey Liam, I know how hard it could be. My son was born sick, it was 2 days before he breathed on his own. Once he took his first breath, he healed himself and I got to take him home.”

“Healed himself? Is your son a genie?”

“Yes, my son is a genie but I’m not. donor you could say is a genie.”

“Ha.. a useless guy who left you with a kid? I know how that is. I’m raising my daughter by myself.”

“Oh so we can relate a little, I’m a single parent too. It’s just me, my son and my roommate. She’s a lot of help. I work odd hours here so she looks after my son.”




“Do you have any clue of what’s going with Eli?”

“We still have no answers as of now but soon we will learn something. Dr. Adams specialize with occult kids and even his baffled by this.”

“I’m sure you’ll go to the mother first but please contact us as well when you find something.”

“Will do, Liam. To be honest, his mom doesn’t seem too concern about his health. She made a few visits but remains in her room. She often request to be wheeled to your father’s room. She doesn’t need to be admitted anymore. Her house fire was small but it was enough to cause harm to Eli and she needed a breathing treatment. She has asthma and she uses that to extend her stay. She complains about pain in her lungs but the doctor isn’t finding anything. And on top of that, 3 days after her small fire, her house burned down to the ground. I heard witches can set fire to places without being there but that woman gives me an odd vibe. Oh crap! I’m sorry, I’m being unprofessional.. I shouldn’t be speaking of this.”

“It’s okay Selene, you’re only human. You can see me as a friend. But I was suspicious about the fire but this brings more light of what I was thinking.”




“A friend, huh?”

“Yeah, I would like to think of you as a friend. You’re caring for my little brother and been so supportive to my family. Mariah adores you, you made things easier for her along with my brother Boragio.”

“Aww thanks, I like your family. They are beautiful. I hope to have a big loving family same day.”

“Maybe one day it will happen. I think I should be going. I’ll take a peek at my dad, check on Clarissa and head to work.”

“It was nice talking to you Liam. Before you go, I need your consent if we need to do a transfusion if it’s okay to pull from your father. Since Eli is a genie like your father, he’ll need special blood and their blood is unique. It’s not really blood like ours, it’s glittery purpleish pink fluid. It’s kinda pretty to look at. Only a genie’s offspring can accept it even they are a human like you.”

“Sure, my dad would give anything to save any of us. It was nice talking to you too Selene.”




“Hey little guy, I’m gonna prepare you for another test. It’s not gonna hurt but I wanna make sure you’re comfortable, okay? You’re my special little friend and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get you better. Be strong little guy, I know you can do it.”



13 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 64 – Holding down the fort

  1. This was a great chapter, I’m glad to see how the family is handling things with Borage being in a coma. Even if everything is incredibly hard on them. And Aries handled it a lot better than I thought he would ❤

    And people are suspicious about June, with good reason too

  2. buahahaa to like I’m supposed to be an upgrade.
    BUT SHE DID L2, that June bitch is totally crazy. >.<
    Oh man I'm getting all teary eyed seeing him all beat up there again. 😦
    I hope the twins don't go too crazy and call their mama. D: At least Aries is being some help.
    Really great chapter. 🙂 I love seeing how the rest of the family is coping through things. Seems like Selene may be a bit interested in Liam. 😉

    • Borage can be a little silly with baby naming lol He got more silly names for future babies :-p June is one of those secret crazies. They appear to be all sweet & shit but deep down inside, they are fucked up. It’s sad to see Borage that way. When I had to edit out the Zs I notice how he just looks so lifeless. I never notice how sims look like when they are sleeping. But seeing him lifeless is hard when he was always so full of life. Aries is great with babies, he’s a big kid himself 😀

    • Aries’ sad face did make me sad even more when it wasn’t prompted. It was natural when he saw his dad 😦

      It’s possible that Selene might have an eye on L2 😉

  3. Oh, little Eli. :c I hope he pulls through – he has a whole family waiting to meet him. I wonder how the twins will take to him.

    I sense a possible relationship with Selena and Liam. As long as Selena’s kid isn’t another of Borage’s like Cocoa suspects. lol Would make sense with his donations to that sperm bank though.

    June I hate now. I hope she has an asthma attack. -.-

    • There may be a future between L2 & Selene if L2 plays his card right. You would think, isn’t it about time he had someone? Hahaha, L2 is such a awkward guy. That shyness of his doesn’t do any good.

      LOL June, the secret evil. I think everyone wants to see her burn by now hahha

  4. Aww, Aries face! It’s so heartbreaking! 😦

    Poor L2. He seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders right now, making sure everyone is doing okay. He seems to be a natural care taker though.

    I’m guessing that Selene’s donor sperm belonged to Borage? Haha, oh boy, that could get awkward.

  5. hehehe “Fuckin’ June”
    It’s sad seeing the family all sad. They are all pulling together though and they all really love their dad. 🙂
    L2 and Selene…hmmm he likes her a bit methinks. 😛

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