Love For The Ladies: Chapter 63 – No Fairy-Tail

Note: For the record, I’m not very organize writer, my writing is usually a spur of the moment. If I randomly have an idea, I’m gonna pull some random pics and go with it. This chapter is random, meaning it has no reflection on the current story line. Basically it’s Borage sharing one last memory from his past. It’s filled with important detail that will come to light in future chapters. Enjoy!



I remember when I was 18, just moved out of my mama’s house and into a nice apartment across. I remained in town despite of it being filled with hags and fuglies. I guess I wanted to stay close to my mama but I took interest in bartending school. I want to own my club someday but not here, I wanna go where all the sexy ladies are. I figure why not Bridgeport. It’s the city that never sleeps. I figure I should work on a business degree as well but it’s so boring. I figure I do several courses on bartending as I want to be the best in Bridgeport.




Unfortunately for me, my annoying twin sister decided to rent the apartment next to me. We often had run ins with each other. I go to check the mail and there she is, waiting to bitch at me about her issues. It was mainly about a guy named Antonio Day, he’s a genie like her and I but I don’t believe he’s a Navox. Actually I’m not sure which tribe he belonged to, I only met him once. But she liked to complain about him. He recently got a job where he travels a lot and she wasn’t happy about it. He tried to convince her to come with but she declined for whatever reason. I wish she went with him so I didn’t have to see her everyday.



My older sister Acacia lived across the street from us. She often invited just me over for dinner. AC wasn’t a fan of Cece as she got older. She tolerated her for so long but there are times where she didn’t want to be bothered. It would be years before Celsia got it somewhat together and is tolerable for extended mounts of time. Not sure what her issue was when we were younger. I did like coming over for dinner. AC didn’t use her magic much when it came to food. She was married and she liked to prepare meals for her spouse.



My sister married a werewolf named Yolanda Shaw from Lucky Palms. Acacia went on a trip to Lucky Palms for a weekend of hardcore gambling cause she kinda have a problem. She then meet Yolanda but their meeting wasn’t no fairytale. Yolanda was a drunken mess after giving her son up for adoption. Not just any adoption but a werewolf adoption. Yolanda was apart of a pack and was booted after learning her involvement with witch magic. The pack leader took her son to insure the child’s survival, werewolves live longer when they are apart of packs. Yolanda was marked, so that means no other pack will bring her in. Loner wolves don’t live long without a pack however, Yolanda’s involvement with my genie sister may have extended her life.

They were both drunk when they hooked up and learned they got hitched at one of the 24 hour wedding chapels. They got to know each other over time and Acacia convinced Yolanda to move with her in Riverview. They fell in love and renew their vows to make their marriage official since they have no memory of the first time around.



“How can you be a lesbian? You’re so hot. You haven’t even tried me yet.”

“Ha ha ha! You’re funny, Borage. Actually I’m bi but I love your sister. So I’m pretty much done with men for good. AC is all I need.”

“I wish I coulda gotten a taste of you before you went all les for my sister.”

“Ha ha ha ha!”

“Borage, please! Stop hitting on my wife.”

“Sorry sis, she’s just so hot.”



Acacia knew I didn’t mean any harm whenever I flirted with her spouse. However she did get annoyed time to time. It was just harmless flirting and I know she wouldn’t go for me, she loves my sister a lot. But Acacia confessed how she gets a little insecure whenever Yolanda is getting flirted by men.

Yolanda was bi and my sister is a lesbian, she never liked men but gave one a try. She said sometimes it’s a little scary to be with someone who is bi, not only she have to worry about other females but males too. She always have the fear that Yolanda might switch back but I don’t see that happening. I mean I can tell Yolanda loves her but we were raised in a house where cheating was okay. I guess it’s only natural for AC to be insecure. She doesn’t want a marriage like mama.



“What are you gonna do about kids? Two chicks can’t make a baby, you need a stick, a magic stick and I think my kids would be cute. I don’t mind having a nephew-son or a niece-sister. I’m willing to help if you want it. Let me help.”




“Thanks B. that’s sweet of you to offer in helping us start a family but I know it’s just a lame attempt to sleep Yolanda just so I can have a child that is biologically linked to me. Besides, if I were to take you up on your offer it would have been done medically with a doctor. You wouldn’t get any enjoyment besides rubbing one off in a cold room with some dirty magazine. You’re too young for that anyway, you’re 18 and haven’t started living just yet. Don’t worry about us, we were thinking of adopting a genie baby anyway.”




It was worth a shot but having a kid conceived medically didn’t cross my mind. I wasn’t ready to be a father, besides if I did help them out, the kid would be raised to know I’m just their uncle and not know I help create him or her. AC was right, I was too young to think about that stuff and didn’t feel right having me involved although they liked the idea of having a kid who was biologically linked to them both.

I returned home and got a call from my little brother Dodder. He wanted to come over cause he has a new game for the Gamestation X 360. He came over and we played for a while. I like having him come over to hang out. I tease him about his height since he was super short for his age. He didn’t like it but I was the big brother and it was my job to tease him.



I started my 2nd course of bartending school. I wanted to learn tricks as I’m mixing drinks. Bartender school only took a couple of weeks but you can take other courses in enhancing your bartending. I wanted to know everything and I had plenty of time, I’m only 18. There wasn’t no rush to open my own club plus no club would hired a 18 year old bartender. Anyway.. I still needed to work on getting a business degree.




This class was in the club in town. Nothing too special about it but it looked nice I guess. I do come here time to time to party but some fugly is always starting to get me to come home with them. I can’t have a moment to myself when I step into the club, the hags flock to me like flies with shit. There’s not enough alcohol in the world that can get me to sleep with them.



I do remember seeing this one sexy lady in class. She’s a flame genie, genie who enjoy fire more than any other genie. Naturally she’s hot, fiery red hair and with a smoking hot body. But they tend to be temperamental and not easy to love. They are just like fire, unpredictable. I remember her name, Holiday but she was far from being merry, she said she’s a Christmas baby.

I thought about seeing if maybe we could exchange some fiery magic in bed some day but she was kind of an bitch. She was nice to me and said hi but I watched her with others and decided I’ll back off. Maybe she’ll come to me but she didn’t. Holiday wasn’t from here. She was from Sunset Valley and returned when this course was over. Maybe someday, I hope to run into her. I still think she’s hot. I’ve never been with another genie, maybe it’s time I should.



There were last when the class was running late. I would get bored but made my way over to the DJ booth. I figure I would give it a try and see how this is. I always been a little curious about it. One day I gave it go, I sucked but I knew with some training I could possibly get a hang out it. One of the students in class was a DJ and offered to let me hang out in his studio. He showed me the ropes you could say.




After class was done and over it, I would head over to Twin Lakes Diner for lunch. I was upset when they stop serving Cechive which that was my favorite food. That day I was greeted to something new..




New face, a pretty face. Her name is Remi Montalvo. She was the new waitress in the diner. She just moved here for school and this was her part-time job. I usually not into ladies with short hair but I didn’t mind it on Remi. She was always so nice and sweet to me when I came in. I always picked a table outside so she knew where to find me.



One day she suggested that I try their tri tip steak dinner. I would get hot wings since they stopped with the cechive. Remi soon opened me into new things.




Over time, Remi would sit and chat with me after I was finished with my lunch. Sooner than later, she became my friend.




Some of the guys knew her, she’s from Moonlight Falls. They said she’s an easy chick and would sleep with anyone. I liked that info. Maybe if I hang around more, then maybe she’ll make me into a man and give me some fairy tail. I was still a virgin, the females here are just too damn ugly. I could swipe my card at anytime but not with any ol’ hag. I think Remi will be the one. She’s easy right?



As time went on, we hung out. We got closer, we had a lot in common. She liked me and I liked her..




Our friendship blossomed into a relationship. I remember Remi moving in on this day..




But there was something missing in our relationship. Something important, something that genies need..


Being a 20 year old virgin didn’t set right with me. Plus Remi is my girlfriend and you would think we would be fucking but we weren’t..



“Oh come on. I’m ready. We been together for 2 and half years now..”

“I told you Borage, I want to wait til after marriage.”

“But the other college kids do it. I’m horny as fuck. I wanna be a man.”

“I love how you are pure but I wanna wait. I wished that I waited.. I just want our first time together, your first time to be special.”

“I want my first time now, please.”




Being in a sexless relationship does take its toll on a love genie. I want it, I need it and she’s not giving it. I was often upset with her. She always walk around wearing sexy underwear and wouldn’t just fuck me for once. She tries to give massages, which were nice but it always made me more horny. If she’s not gonna put then she could at least touch it but she wouldn’t. I couldn’t get a hand job from her either and it was starting to piss me off.

“I’m sorry.. But I can’t. It will just lead into something that I’m not ready for.”

“Well I’m ready for it.. I’m more than ready.”

“I know but we talked about this.”

“I’m a love genie for fucks sake, Remi!”

“How could want and need something that you never had?”

“Cause I’m a fuckin’ love genie! Sex comes natural to us..”



She would only give into dry humping. It’s as far as she would let me. But sometimes I would get carried away and try to slip in some fingers but she got mad and pushed me off. I couldn’t help it, it was just something natural like an instinct.

She didn’t want to dry hump anymore cause I was pushing it. Later I was able to convince her into doing it again. I got carried away again and slip in some fingers but she didn’t get mad. She enjoyed it. I was getting further with her. I could finger her and taste her but this still wasn’t enough. Not enough to keep me again..



But did I love her? No.. I liked her, I cared about her but I can’t say that I ever loved her. Maybe in a friendly kind of way but I was never in love with her. I’m not sure if she loved me. But I often asked myself, why am I still with her?




I did find ways to relieve myself from sexual frustration and get paid for it. A cryobank opened inside of the near by hospital. They were looking for special donors and willing to pay a lot of money. There was a high demand for genie donations. I took Dodder with me during one of my visits, he may have been 17 but they didn’t care. Genie males were rare to come and ignored Dodder’s age. I was in business school but jobless. I saw this as a job and a way to pay for my schooling. Plus this job was pretty awesome. I was pretty good at donating my magic cream.



However I didn’t think much of my donations actually being used and creating some children. I just like getting to rub one off in front of a topless lady. I got special help from one of the nurses. She wasn’t suppose to do what she did but she liked me. She was okay looking, average but wasn’t a fugly pudding face. She would get topless and massage her tits for me. Then there was a time that she took matters into her own hands, her hands felt nice. I didn’t see it as cheating cause I didn’t fuck her. I was still a damn virgin! However she got caught and was fired. I had to go back to whacking it off with a magazine. But I wonder how many kids did I just make? Did they ever use my donations? The cryobank didn’t stay open long.

“Wait.. do I gotta take care of all those babies if they use me?”



Remi knew nothing about my cryobank visits. If she did, she would get mad. But I needed a way to relieve myself.. And get paid for it.




I had my 21st birthday in Starlight Shores, my birth town. My friends thought it would be lame if I had a party here in town so they threw me a surprise party in Starlight Shores. The ladies were fine as hell there. At the club we went to, the DJ was late. I offered to fill in while the DJ was on his way. The club owner loved what he heard and saw. All the sexy ladies were dancing, everyone was having a good time. It was my birthday and I was supposed to be partying it up but instead I find myself DJing. I had fun and all. When the DJ did show up, the club owner told him this was his last night. He was fired.

The owner made me a deal, he offered me a DJ job and promise me super stardom. He felt that I had the look and style to become one. It would have been an honor to him if I started at his club. I would be surrounded by fine, sexy ladies all the time. I would get laid every night by a different female. This is what I wanted. Business school sucks and my relationship with Remi was going nowhere. I think DJing was my calling and it’s time to end my lame life in Riverview.



I had to break up with Remi. I didn’t know how to break up with a lady. She’s my first girlfriend, most of my family didn’t know about her even though we been together for 4 years. I met her sister, she was strange and was always looking at me like she wanted to eat me. She gave me the creeps but I needed to be gentle about breaking up with Remi.




“Remi, can we talk about something?”

“Borage, I told you.. Not til after marriage.. If you’ll ever ask me. Anyway I hope you’re hungry. I think your magical food is adding magical weight. I made a salad.”

“It’s about something else Remi.”



“I think I added too much olive oil. You don’t mind extra olive oil do you?”

“I guess it’s fine..”

“Great! Cause I’m not tossing this out. We were starting to get wasteful.”

“So can we talk?”

“I’m almost done. Can you get the plates ready, baby?”




We ate, in silence. I think Remi knew what was coming, she kept avoiding it. Or maybe she thought I was bringing up the sex topic again. How do I break up with her? I’ll be leaving in a month. I gotta do this delicately.




“We should break up cause I’m leaving for Starlight Shores to be a super star DJ and fuck 1000 ladies since I can’t fuck you. And I was a regular visitor at the cryobank before it shut down so I probably got a truck load of kids by now.”


“So you gonna be okay and not start crying? Cause I can’t handle that. You can still text me.”

“I’m in a lost of words right now…”



Remi took the news well however that was after she screamed at me for 10 minutes on I should have broke the news better than I did. Remi agreed that we should break up, not like our relationship was going anywhere.




As easy as it was for me to say it was over, I found it harder for me to let her go. There was something special about Remi. I dig the whole fairy thing but I disliked of not getting any fairy tail. I had a few weeks left before I go and I wanted to see if I can still convince her into making me a man.




“We can still do it. You know you love my kisses and finger banging. Plus I licked you good so.. wanna give it a go?”

“You just broke up with me!”

“So.. Doesn’t mean we can’t have some magic sex.”

“I don’t think we should..”

“Lots of people have break up sex. For us it would first time/break up sex.”

“Are you hearing yourself? Do you know how messed up that sound?”

“I’m not hearing a no..”



Remi still wouldn’t give in but made out with me. She’s gonna miss what little that I did for her. Cause my magic love is one in a million and it goes on and on and on.




“How about you just suck me off? It’s not sex. Plus I think it’s a fair exchange after all the tongue I gave you.”

“Damn it Borage.. You don’t quit do you?”

“You know you want a mouth full of genie dick.”

“Not sure if I should laugh or slap you.”

“I think I’ll like it rough.”

“You’re impossible!”




It was hard to see Remi go. A week before I left, Remi returned back to Moonlight Falls to stay with her creepy sister. I didn’t hear from her since I last saw her. I think she may had been hurt although she didn’t show it. I wonder if I’ll ever see her again.




The day finally came. Time for me to head to Starlight Shores and start my life. I can’t wait to finally start living the way I want. I’ll be surrounded by fast sexy ladies that I can stick my dick in. It’s gonna be great! I just can’t wait. My life wasn’t gonna be no fairy tale, I meet a nice girl, we fall in love, then we have a bunch of kids. However I somewhat wished for that with Remi but that shit didn’t happen..


9 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 63 – No Fairy-Tail

  1. I liked reading about Borage’s past, his first girl, and how he moved to Starlight Shores. LOL, He sure broke it gently to her! So he is quoting Aaliyah now? His magic is one in a
    You are on a roll this week! Can’t wait to see more like always :D.

    • I did like writing 21 year old Borage, he lacked tact LOL Aaliyah’s song just randomly popped into my head so I thought “Why not?” I tend to quote from my favorite songs from the 90’s time to time. There will be a update everyday expect for Sunday. I guess it can be catch up day haha.

    • It’s always been that color, she had a different hair in Dodder’s and the texture could of not make the color so noticeable. But then again when I shown her, it was dark :p

    • Hehehhe, he doesn’t know how to break things to others with tact.. especially in his younger days LOL He just say what he thinks is fine and it’s not haha. He keeps it real tho :p

  2. Celsia is just an endless pain in the ass for him, lol.
    Hahaha Borage will always be Borage, I like that he did apologize for hitting on her though.
    It’s really awesome to see the history with his first girlfriend a bit. I know it had been mentioned quite a lot, especially at the start of his story. I need to go finish reading through Dodder’s stuff.
    Even if it wasn’t directly related to the coma situation I liked this chapter quite a bit. 🙂

    • Thanks, I just didn’t know where to squeeze this chapter in but I needed it out before Chapter 65 as it applies to this chapter in some way. But I think it’s cool to start out a story and then show some past history later on. Even if it’s something pulled from thin air lol

  3. Lol! Way to let her down gently!
    I loved finding out more about his first relationship though, and how he ended up in Starlight Shores.

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