Love For The Ladies: Chapter 60 – Once upon a Childhood – Part 3

I remember this day. My dad came into town for a day to see us. He would come time to time, we would get excited whenever he did. It just sucks how he visits were short, for the most part he was in town for only a day. He barely stayed longer than 2 days. I wished that he could stay longer but he often said he couldn’t.




I’m pretty sure that my aunt was the reason why my dad didn’t stay longer. She was always so pushy and obsessive with him. She would spend hours online, looking at wedding dresses for her “wedding” with my dad. She was convinced that he would give in one day and marry her.



Over the years, my aunt finally gave up on my dad and came to terms that she loved Finn. She married him after all. Finn got older and turned gray, but Rosette couldn’t stand the sight of him. She came into some magic randomly and turned him into a life size toad so she didn’t have to look at his wrinkled face. But she still loves him.



We all had our special ways of greeting our dad when he made his visits. Celsia was always a brat when she saw him.

“Only a day?! Why can’t you just stay longer! It’s always just one stupid day! We don’t get to see you that much! Why daddy?! Do you like those other stupid kids better?!”



Celsia did have a right to be mad in a way. One day wasn’t enough for us. These one day visits were so spaced out between each other, it almost felt like a lifetime since the previous visit. But dad was busy, busy making 100 babies.




“When are you going to tell these losers that I’m your favorite?”

“I told you this before Amaretto, I don’t play favorites with you all.”

“That’s bullshit dad and you know that.”

“You need to watch your language young lady.”

“Mom say it all the time.”

“Well you don’t need to repeat what you hear your mom say.”

“Don’t be a lame dad.”




“Tequila! Don’t sneak up on my like that.”

“I got you good, loser! Ha ha ha!”

“Hey now, don’t call me that!”



“Hey daddy! Look at this face I can make!”

“Hey Martini, that’s cute. Look at this face.”

“You look funny, daddy!”



“Hey dad.”

“Hey Borage. Have you been taking care of your sisters?”

“Yeah right, those hags gotta look after themselves.”

“You’re the oldest and the only male. Most older brothers look after their younger sisters.”

“I’m only older by a few hours. We were born on the same day. Besides, they are annoying. I hope the aliens will come and take them and not bring them back.”

“Don’t be mean, Borage.”




“Now that you are here, can we go to a strip club so I can see some boobies. I wanna be just like you when I grow up so I kinda need to see some boobies in person now.”



“I’m flattered but a boy your age is too young for a strip club. We can do more kid friendly things but the strip club is out of the question. Maybe when you’re older someday.”

“But I wanna be a pimp like you and get ladies. Maybe if I start collecting ladies now then I can be a super pimp. I think all the sexy ladies are hiding in the strip club.”

“Borage, I’m not a pimp. What on earth gave you that ideal?”

“My aunt said you have a lotta whores in your house and I google what a whore is. So if you have whores then you must be a pimp!”

“Those are women who are carrying my children, your little brothers and sisters. They are helping me with my quest. They aren’t what your aunt said and I’m not a pimp.”

“Do they have nice boobies? Do you have pics? Can I see?”

“I think we should head to the movies.”



We got to the movies but dad made the mistake of asking us of what we wanna see. None of us could ever agree on what movie we wanna see.

“What movie would you all like to see?”



“I wanna see the movie about the rainbow pony. She’s so pretty. Can I have a pony, daddy? I’m the favorite you know.”




“I wanna see Twerk City. It’s about a white girl wanting to learn how to twerk so she moves into the hood. She’ll probably get killed. White people can’t twerk.”




“We should see Newsea Disco. I heard it’s very popular and tumblr is raving about it.”

“Newsea Disco?! That movie is terrible! Everyone has the same hair! Nobody wanna see that movie!”




“How about I just pick the movie. I think everyone will like it.”




Things couldn’t go any smoother.. Celsia and Amaretto had to fight over who was going to sit next to dad. They often fought over his attention more than the rest.

“You sat in the front seat on the way here, Cece! I get to sit next to daddy!”

“I’m older than you and I get first choice! I’m sitting next to dad!”

“You sat next to him last time!”

“I did not!”

“You did too!”



While they fought over who was going to sit next to dad, I decided for them. Neither one of them will. My sisters were annoying. Why couldn’t I have brothers instead?



We watched a movie about some bigfoot monster or something. It was okay I guess but Tequila kept heckling the whole time.



After the movie we got hungry and dad took us to Twin Lakes Diner for lunch. We never been here before and the place looks kinda nice.



The waitress was a hag. She had a terrible make up job done on her face but she matched the diner. She kept flirting with my dad, he flirted back but I can tell he wasn’t interest in her. He was just being nice but I would have told her that she was ugly.




After we all got our food, we chatted a bit. Dad seem like he was having a good time for once. Probably cause we were better behave for the moment. We were getting older and more mature.



I remember this was the first time that I had some hot wings. Those were so awesome. The best hot wings were at Twin Lakes Diner which I later found out. I can’t believe that I was missing out on this awesome food dish. Mama didn’t cook and didn’t bother to use her magic much. Most of the time, we just ate cake. It was always a special treat to get something different.



The waitress soon realize who my dad was. I didn’t know that he was kinda well known but she has a friend in Twinbrook. She made an offered to be baby mama of his and he was nice about turning her down. She had a hoarse voice and smelled like cigarettes. That’s probably why he turned her down. She kept making googly eyes at my dad and he suggest that we needed to leave with the quickness. 



Dad took us to the park. Celsia demanded for his attention once again. When he saw that the others went off to do their own thing, he gave in. He did make his rounds with each and one of us.



Tequila found “love” that day. She gained the attention from a younger boy named Dimitri. He really didn’t have much of choice, Tequila can be like her mom Rosette a bit, pushy.




“You’re cute and I decided that you’re my boyfriend. When we get older, we are gonna get married and have 3 kids. So I better not catch you looking at another girl. That’s if you wanna live. I know you’ll do right by me, husband.”



“Um okay.. “




Dimitri should had ran when he had the chance. This was the start of a fucked up relationship that lasted until they were in their mid twenties.



“Midget! You’re so short with your stubby legs! How you gonna kiss me? You gotta jump or step on phone books. I should call you Midgtri!”




“I’m not short! I’m the perfect height of my age! You’re like 3 years older than me!”




It didn’t matter how mean Tequila was to him, which was all the time…




He was always forgiving, maybe too forgiven. I wonder what ever happen to him.



I played in the tree house for a bit. I tried to see if I could see some ladies undressing near by with my scope but I saw nothing. But I wanted to do something that I thought was funny.





“Hey dad! Come here! I have something to show you!”




He didn’t see this coming…




“I hope you brought some soap! Ha ha ha!”








“You said you were hot so I thought I would cool you off!”




“I think park time is over with!”




My Dad took us to Drama Queen for ice cream. It was near the end of the day and this was our last stop before he dropped us home and returned to Twinbrook. He order a ticket since this was a self serving shop. We had access to unlimited ice cream for 30 minutes. This place is great, there’s one here in Evansdale County. I take Mariah there all the time. I really need to wake up.


Drama Queen is a kid’s paradise. The founder of the shop made this especially for children after learning she was infertile. She wanted be around kids since she loved them so much. Her shop was a success, she  franchised and has several shops around the country. She lives her in EC and it started here but I haven’t seen her yet. Mariah wants to meet her and I made her a promise that I will make it happen.




The ice cream was good and all but it wasn’t enough for my genie appetite. I needed more food, us genies love food. Having different food today increased my hunger more than usual. We complained that we wanted more food.



My Dad purchase another ticket and we decided that we wanted cheese sticks. The cheese sticks were smelling so good. I couldn’t wait to taste them.




But he just had to burn them.. He left them in the fryer too long. My heart was broken. He killed the food.




I never conjure cheese sticks before and wasn’t sure if I could. But I was willing to give it a try. I was starving.




I tried with all my might and it was a success! I conjure a perfect batch of cheese sticks for the first time. I was so proud of myself.



The girls were excited that I was able to. Even Celsia was impressed and is willing try for herself later on. Being a genie is so awesome.



My dad talked about how expressive it is to feed genie kids, he never seen such hungry kids. Only 2 of us were actual genies but the other 3 still have the same appetite as us. Rosette is a clone of my mama, she’s like my mama but without magic. Rosette carries genie genetics and it did pass on to one of her kids at some point. She also has some screwy genetics as well, some of her kids ended up with random occults. Some born with it, some waking up with an occult. But rewards, they all have a genie’s appetite.

“You kids eat a lot. I knew I should have withdrawal more money. Are you all not being fed at home?”

“We eat cake, sometimes waffles and cheese stakes. But genies like to eat a lot of food.”

“Only you and Celsia are genies, it doesn’t explain the other 3.”

“They have a sleeping genie gene. That’s what my grandmama said. They are like genies but they don’t have magic.”

“So they are just as greedy as you and Celsia.”




We had fun that day and my dad drove us home. He made promises that he will return sooner and stay a little longer.




I had no clue that my dream was about to come true that night….

8 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 60 – Once upon a Childhood – Part 3

  1. lol, I almost forget Borage is actually a grown-ass man lost in his memories. I’m curious to see what else he remembers – maybe someone he met in the past will turn out to be his spirit guide.

    • Getting close to that happening :p I’m trying to haul ass on pushing these chapters out cause I want the Christmas chapter to come out near Christmas. There will be even more updates next week 😉

    • His goal in his child life, a lot like his son Mordecai. Gotta see some tits. He was the same way, not sure how much of the older chapters you read. But hopefully someone would notice haha

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