Love For The Ladies: Chapter 59 – Once upon a Childhood – Part 2

After I couldn’t convince any ladies in the chat room show me their tits, I figure I should go outside and play with the others. It was almost hopeless trying to get a peek at some bare tits. I was curious 8 year old boy ya know. I wasn’t sure what was I gonna do when I do actually get a peek but I was on a mission to get a sexy older lady to show me. I guess I was attracted to older women, it explains BL’s mom Eggroll or whatever her name was. She was in her 40’s when we hooked up.



I did normal child stuff when I wasn’t at home serving and mixing drinks to the adults. During the summer is usually when I had an actual childhood. Grandmama made the day camp report to her rather we attended or not. On days we didn’t get to go, she was sure to chew out the adults over the phone. We missed a week on time and it made my Grandmama furious. I never seen my mama cried before, I guess Grandmama really told her off. My Grandmama may have been strict but us having some normalcy was important to her. Mama made sure we didn’t miss a day since, Rosette didn’t care much but she doesn’t care about anything other than herself.




“How come you don’t let me join you and August? I don’t wanna play with those losers.”

“Cause you’re a girl and we do boy stuff.”

“Like what?”

“None of your business!”

“I wanna join in! Tini is dumb, Tequila is annoying, Regret is weird, Cece is a jerk and AC ignores me!”

“Not my problem.. You wouldn’t have fun with us anyway.”


“You don’t know that! I might be interest in your boy stuff.”

“We play race cars and try to find sexy ladies.”

“Oh.. Well I like race cars.”

“Yeah? But we like trying to find sexy ladies more.”

“What’s the big deal about finding ladies anyway?”

“Cause I wanna be like dad. A pimp.”

“That’s lame.”

“You’re lame!”



I wasn’t sure why Amaretto suddenly taken interest in wanting to hang out with August and I.  I guess I could understand her not wanting to hang out with the girls, they kinda suck. Amaretto liked to be the center of attention and she was probably not getting enough attention from them so she hope to gain it from August and I.

It was warm that day and the day camp was near a lake. August and I were still on our sexy lady mission that summer. We wanted see some bare tits in person before the summer ended. It was our goal. August overhead some older kids saying sometimes there are some ladies sunbathing topless by the lake. With excitement, August filled me in with this news.



“We gotta get to the lake. It’s not like the camp counselors are watching us. I heard from the bigger kids that sometimes ladies sunbathe by the lake. We should go and see if it’s true or not. I hope it’s true. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this! And… and.. and they said they were sexy too. Can you believe that? Sexy ladies in Riverview!”



“Sexy ladies in Riverview? That’s almost unheard of! Maybe those ladies by the lake are out-of-towners cause this town is full of hags other than our moms. But if it’s true then we better head to the lake like now!”



“Can I come with you guys?”

“No! This is boy stuff. You stay here and do your girl stuff.”

“But I wanna come with you guys!”

“Like you wanna see topless ladies. You’re a girl!”

“Some girls like to look at other girls. I saw daddy Finn watching a movie of it but they were doing some gross stuff but he said guys like that. I need to start liking to see boobies so guys will like me.”

“I don’t care! You can’t come with us!”



Amaretto was hurt cause I didn’t let her join us but I didn’t understand why would she wanna come knowing what we were going to do. All but one of my sisters ended up being bisexuals and my older sister is a lesbian. If I knew how they would turned out later in life, maybe I would have let Amaretto join us. Girls liking other girls never crossed my mind, I was just a kid. I mean I did know about some things but the girl on girl thing was unknown to me. I just thought my sister-cousin was just being weird. 



August and I made it to the lake but we were greeted with disappointment. There weren’t any sexy ladies, there weren’t any ladies at all. The lake didn’t have a soul there, quiet and peaceful at least. I sighed with disappointment and gazed at the lake. “It’s pretty here at least.” August said with a smile. He was right, it was pretty here. I don’t think I ever spent time at the lake. Mama said she use to take me here and let me play in the water when I was a baby but I don’t remember that. Since we were out here, we might as well enjoy the rest of the day at the lake.



We had a skipping stone contest. We tried to see who could skip the furthest. I had a pretty strong throwing arm but August felt I was cheating and claimed I was using my magic to make my stones go further. Genies are kind of stronger and I couldn’t help it if I was a little better.




I won of course and since we were wearing our swim trunks under our clothes, we decided to have a dip in the lake. The water was cool but felt nice. We swam around in the lake for a while. Slashing water at each other and having fun.




It wasn’t long before the girls followed us to the lake and joined us for a swim. I’m pretty sure the camp counselors notice we went missing by now. We were always a hassle and with the camp suddenly being quiet, they’ll know that we’re not there.




“Ya know what would be kinda funny? If I just peed right now. The water would get warm right?”



“That wouldn’t be funny, Tequila! That would be gross! Why would you wanna swim in your own pee! We don’t wanna swim in your pee and neither do the poor fish! You’ll kill the fish!”




“Pee kill fish? I didn’t know that. The fish at the other lake are probably dead cause I peed a lot there.”




I found a flower and had an idea. If I gave this flower to a pretty lady, she’ll show us her tits cause ladies like flowers. Plus this flower smelled so sweet. I figure it would make a lady show us her tits twice.

“I got a plan.”

“What’s that?”

“We go downtown and give this flower to a lady and she’ll show us her boobies.”

“You think it would work?”

“Of course it would! Your dad gives my mama flowers and she shows him her boobies. But we gotta pick the most sexiest lady. We can’t give this to any ol’ hag.”

“Oh my stars! It is gonna be so exciting! We go! Let’s hurry!”



We headed to the plaza and saw a lady playing the guitar. She was the only lady around so we figure we could give her a try but who was kidding?




She was a total old hag with saggy tits. This whole town is full of pudding face hags but she was just butt ugly!



“This town has a lot of ugly ladies, B.”

“Yeah I’m starting to notice that. I wish we could have stayed in Starlight Shores. When I went on a trip there with my mama, I saw so many sexy ladies there. Mama said we use to live there. I wish she didn’t move us here to Hagview.”

“My dad said there’s a lot of sexy ladies there. He hasn’t taken me there yet. He said when I turn 18 he’ll take me to a strip club there. He said he found your mom there.”

“Maybe we should find a strip club then. I think all the sexy ladies are hiding there.”

“Is there one here?”

“I dunno, let’s ask your dad.”




After a little while, August and I headed to Freddie’s since I was starting to get hungry. I did like riding my bike in streets. Mama let me do whatever I wanted, so I was always riding my bike around town. I remember it being fun and all. I rode it around until I was a teenager cause I knew that wouldn’t impress the ladies. At some point I convinced Max to let me borrow his car although I didn’t know how to drive. I kept his car in one piece but one night, he got too drunk and crash it. There went my prop for impressing the ladies.



“Do you have any money, B?”

“No, I thought you would have money.”

“I spent it on gum. Isn’t your mom rich?”

“Yeah but she doesn’t give me any money.”

“Then how we gonna get food? I really wanted a taco.”

“I got us.”



I was old enough to conjure food but I could only conjure certain foods. We both wanted tacos but my magic was limited. At the moment I could conjure a few foods. Over the years my magic increased and I was able to conjure more food and do more with my magic.




August was always excited to see me use my magic. In fact anything excited him. August liked how I was a genie but was curious why I wasn’t blue like the genies in the cartoons. I don’t know why I wasn’t blue but I’m glad that I wasn’t. Blue genies would be so lame. Very lame if all the genies were blue like in the cartoons. It would be strange and boring.




“Let’s face it, B. Riverview has no sexy ladies.”

“We still got another 2 months to find one. Maybe we’ll get lucky and find a vacationer.”

“Who would want to spend time here?”

“Broke college girls on a budget?”

“If only! Maybe we can use the internet?”

“Internet boobs are just meh. We gotta see the real thing.”

“I guess you’re right.”



We did find a sexy lady while we were at Freddie’s. I couldn’t believe that there’s a sexy lady here. We finally found one!




“You’re a very sexy lady. If I give you this pretty flower, will you show me and my brother your boobs?”




“I would do no such thing! That is a very inappropriate thing you requested from me. Besides, you’re just a child!”





We didn’t get to see that ladies tits, in fact she just lecture us on how inappropriate we were being. With all the talking she was doing, she started to be less attractive. August and I headed finally home on our bikes.




I started to doubt that we would reach our goal for the summer. I found myself thinking about August’s mom June. I thought she was pretty and think she has nice boobs. I wonder if she would show me hers. I know August wouldn’t want to see his mom’s boobs but I got a feeling she would show me.

June was always so nice to me, always kissed me on my cheek and calls me magic man. I think she likes me. Sometimes I would watch her sunbathe and hope she would go topless but she never does. When I see her with Max, I would hide and hope Max would pull her shirt up, thinking no one was wonder. Max never did, my mama would walk in. He would ask her about threesome and my mama would get mad and leave. I didn’t know what that was at the time but I figure it wasn’t anything fun. I could be so wrong, but I never had a threesome before. I would like to have one but I gotta find the right door and wake up…

5 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 59 – Once upon a Childhood – Part 2

    • That town was worst than I remember it being. Hags left and right, reasons why Borage held out for so long from swiping his V card LOL

    • He still doesn’t know that woman’s name after she is dead and gone haha. August’s excitable trait revs up at the right timing. It was cute and I wanted him to do that but he did it on his own 😀

  1. Oh poor Sonoko, lmao.That lady really had kind of a weird life after she ran into him.
    ROTFL, yeah I’m not sure I recall any sexy ladies in Riverview.
    Aww he and August are just too cute in that flower pic. 😀
    It is funny how the context of some things from your childhood suddenly comes into focus when you’re an adult and are like “ohhhh..” lol.

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