Love For The Ladies: Chapter 57 – Journey to Consciousness

Where am I? What is going on? I’m so confused.. I heard people. I can hear them talking. I heard machines, why am I hearing machine. Beeping.. it’s annoying. I just wanna get up and make it stop but I can’t. I can’t move. Why can’t I move?

I find myself standing in a white room. It’s empty, it’s cold. Why am I naked? Not like it bothers me. I like being naked but I wanna know what’s going on. I hope no big buff black guy named Tyrone doesn’t come out asking me to join him in a gay porn. I’m not into that shit. Maybe some sexy ladies will appear? What the fuck is going on here? I’m so confused in this place. I feel like.. somebody is watching me. I always felt like somebody is watching me. But suddenly, I started to remember something…



I remember I was driving but where was I going? I was driving fast. Why was I driving so fast?


There was a fire.. Her house was on fire. She texted me but why did she text me saying there’s a fire. Why didn’t she call the fire station? Something.. something doesn’t seem right about this. But she was pregnant with my kid and all I cared about was my kid. I had to get to her, to safe my unborn baby. But what happen? Did I get to her? That beeping.. I wish it would stop!



Something went wrong.. I didn’t make it there. The radio.. the radio said there was sleet on the roads. I didn’t listen.. I just needed to get to my kid. I slid across the ice.. I crashed.. I crashed into something. A tree or something. I really can’t remember. I just remember being thrown from my car then everything went black. I know that I’m not dead. I can’t die. So where am I? Why do I keep hearing a beeping sound? Why can’t I move nor get up? 



Then I realize what’s going on. Why I couldn’t get up and why my memory was so cloudy at first. I’m in a coma. A genie’s coma.. Why couldn’t I be careful? Why did I have to drive like an insane person? I may never awake from this.

Genies don’t recover from head injures so well. It was miracle that my daughter Miyoko awoke from her coma. She stayed in one for 7 years, I thought I would never heard my angel baby’s voice ever again. How long will I be out? Will I ever come out? I’ll miss out on my children and grandchildren’s lives. I gotta awake myself from this.

It’s really up to me rather awake or not. With me being an older genie, I’m placed in the place of limbo. If I walk far enough I’ll find an area where there are doors to other realms. Those realms can lead me to different places, my past, my future, my fantasy and one leads to find my spirit guide. The spirit guide is who I’m after. He or she can help me awake from this coma however I have to past some tests first. I was never good at taking test and such. I just have to pick the right door.

I found the area.. I’m not sure which door to pick. Eeny meeny miny mo, catch a tiger by its toe.. I think I’ll pick this one.



I see myself on the beach with Clarissa. I must have picked fantasy. However this is nice. That’s the first thing I’m gonna do when I wake up. I’m gonna take her to the beach.. If there’s no snow of course. I just want to wake up now. I don’t want anytime to go by. I can’t miss any moments of my family’s lives you know. it’s almost Christmas. That massage feels nice, I can feel it. Her touch is so soft, warm and sweet. As much as I enjoy the fantasy, I want the real thing. I gotta find the door out of the realm and pick the right one. It’s so dark in here. I can’t see where I’m going.




Lois.. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a little love for her still. She was my first love after all, even after she smash my heart into a million of pieces, I would like to see her just one more time. But I did banish her to hell out of pure angry. She’s gone forever.




Kimora.. I can read. I can actually read my g-baby a book! It’s shame that I can’t read for shit to my own little ones. I mostly just tell them a story out of my imaginary, which I have a pretty good one. My kids always loved the stories that I made up on my own. However, I really need to learn how to read past a 3rd grade level. I’m a grown ass man after all. I miss Kimora, I miss them all. I’m not sure how long I’ve been out but I really need to find the right door…



I found my way out. I guess I shouldn’t do eeny meeny miny mo. And now I have clothes on, I was kinda happy being naked. 3 doors left, not sure which one to pick. If I wait out here long enough, there’s a chance my spirit guide would come to me.. That’s if he or she likes me but I’m a cool, sexy guy with a big dick. Maybe my spirit guide is a sexy lady, I’m sure she’ll come to me but she might wanna keep me here so she can check my sexy body. But what if my spirit guide is a gay dude? I’m so not blowing him just to wake up. I’ll stay in this coma forever!

However I could be waiting forever for my spirit guide and I have a better chance if I look for him or her myself. Just getting out of the realms can be tricky. I’m not sure how much time went by in real time although it felt like it was only a few minutes here. Time here moves slow, it’s what my grandmama  told me when Miyoko was in a coma. Since Miyoko was young, her spirit guide came to her and took care of her. It’s reasons why Miyoko stay under so long, her guide was most likely a motherly type female who couldn’t let out. Once Mimi was older, she was old enough to do a test. But sometimes young genies aren’t given test and their guide finally lets them go. Genies who never woke up either fail the test given by their guide or never found them. 

I’m not gonna sit back and do nothing. I will start my journey to find my guide, I will pass the test and I will wake up….

16 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 57 – Journey to Consciousness

  1. *snort* Of course he was naked at first. I guess Borage doesn’t want to think that maybe when he wakes up, Clarissa won’t be around anymore, maybe because she got older or because she’s dead or just gone because she married some other guy. I hope not, though. It would just suck if his second chance at love turned out to be gone when he’s finally ready for her.

    I’m kinda wondering if he’s going to wake up when his great-grandkid is born. The first one.

      • I can remove it if you want me to. I didn’t know you could comment while logged into FB. You’re so pretty tho :p

        Of course he had to be naked, he’s Borage ya know. If he can get to his guide quick enough and stop playing eeny miney mo when picking a door then perhaps not much time would of pass by before waking up. However Borage never made the right decisions in the past. He’ll figure something out 😉

  2. haha, Borage is silly. It’ll be fun to see what else takes him so long…I kinda hope his spirit guide is a gay unicorn because that would be all kinds of awesome. And by unicorn, I mean an actual unicorn. bahaha

    Thanks. 🙂 I don’t care, it can stay up. I never really meant to be anonymous as far as usernames go – it’s just whenever I see a username field I usually go for something whimsical instead of my real name.

  3. Great update, I seriously love how he’s evolved over time. I know it seems like I’m saying that every time I comment but seriously how he is with his gbabies and kids now is so different from where he began. ❤

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