A Field of Dodders: The Finale

I decided not to do the transition of Dodder’s story into another one. I couldn’t bring myself to continue with this one and ready to start a brand new in Moonlight Falls. So instead of doing a cliffhanger, I thought it was nice to type up a summary of the ending of Dodder’s story that leads into the newer story.


In the last chapter Dodder received a call from an anonymous person asking to meet him at the park later that afternoon. The call was made from Florita Hernandez, a local witch in Moonlight Falls. Florita along with her good friend Regan Locke waited for Dodder in the downtown area park. Florita and Regan know a secret about the curse and know that it could be easily be broken by Tykisha.

Regan works for child services and has been doing some digging around after Florita become suspicious about the situation of Tykisha’s first child being taken away. Regan doesn’t remember hearing about Tykisha having her child taken away from the state and believes she lost custody to the real father of her son. However the case files went missing. The last time Florita spoke to Tykisha, she had an extreme fixation on Dodder. She now believes Tykisha may have fooled her mother into placing a curse on Dodder.



Once Florita saw Dodder, she made her presence be known to him. Florita explained herself while Regan was called over by her old roommate, Isabelle. Florita was once friends with Tykisha when they were in high school. They remained friends until college but the friendship turned sour over the years. Florita told Dodder that she’s aware about the curse and is willing to help him break him. But when Dodder showed signs of a second pregnancy, Florita decided to hold back the information she knows on breaking the curse.




Florita later confronts Tykisha about curse and threatens to expose her if she doesn’t break the curse. Tykisha scoffs at Florita and told her that she’s just jealous cause she got to him first. Originally, Florita was supposed to meet up with Dodder at a club in Starlight Shores after chatting to him online for some time but Tykisha purposely gave her the wrong directions to the club and got there first. Dodder left the club with Tykisha, leaving Florita alone.



Florita and Dodder started to form a friendship as she spent time together along with Dodder’s son Rhythm. Florita often debated on telling Dodder about Tykisha but decided against it until Dodder gave birth since any kind of stress can harm his unborn child. Dodder enjoys spending time with Florita but had to take Rhythm with him to throw off any suspicions from Tykisha.



Although Dodder wasn’t too fond about being a father and having deal with pregnancy, he was starting to enjoy his time with Rhythm. Dodder found himself being the kind of father that he wish he had. Dodder realizes that he didn’t want his kids to grow up like he did, fatherless. Dodder took Rhythm to the park almost daily. Rhythm is closer to Dodder than Tykisha since he spends more time with him. Dodder doesn’t mind if Rhythm prefer his company over Tykisha and rather have it that way. However he does make sure Rhythm has a good relationship with his mother has well.



The more time Dodder and Florita spent time together, the closer they got. It wasn’t long before Dodder started to have some feelings for Florita. He haven’t this way about a woman until he met Florita. She was always so nice and kind to him. Rhythm took a liking towards her. One day, Dodder made a move on Florita, embracing her into a kiss. At first Florita was rejected his kiss as she didn’t want to be involved with a known married man. Dodder expressed that how his marriage with Tykisha was forced and shouldn’t be seen as valid.

Florita could no longer hide her feelings for Dodder and expressed how she thinks she’s falling for him. Dodder often made visits to Florita’s house at night, claiming to go visit his friend Larry from the elixir shop. Dodder was ready to take their relationship to the next level but Florita wouldn’t go for it. Dodder explained how to curse made it where he can’t get another female pregnant. Florita is aware of it but doesn’t feel right sleeping with a married man and thinks what they are doing is still wrong.




Florita makes a call to Regan telling her that she’s going to tell Dodder the truth but Regan advise her not to. Regan thinks it might ruin things between them since she knew of this and been holding out this whole time. Regan has an idea to could press the truth out of Tykisha. Regan makes a trip the elixir shop to research on brewing a truth serum that could be given to Tykisha. However Regan misread the ingredients ended up setting the shop on fire. Larry barely made it out alive.




Yvonne makes a visit to Adaia Grove to speak with Remi’s sister. Yvonne is slowly dying from a rare illness that only occur with witches. Remi’s sister was able to slow the illness from destroying Yvonne as they are long time friends. Yvonne enlisted Remi’s sister in help of finding the next wife for Dodder once he’s done having his first 10 kids with Tykisha.

Remi’s sister kidnapped a young single mother named Astrid Foster. She remained quiet and huddles into a corner motionless without saying a word. Remi’s sister had abducted her and brainwashed her. Astrid doesn’t think twice about taking flight from Adaia Grove. She believes this is her home and Remi’s sister is her friend. Astrid doesn’t have much memory about her infant daughter or her mother. Remi’s sister is slowly wiping her memory away so placing her into Yvonne’s home when she’s ready would be easy.



Yvonne was outrage to find Astrid in this state of mind and recognize her from TV. There were reports about her going missing and Yvonne knows she’s a young mother to an infant daughter. Yvonne demands Remi’s sister to undo any harm she cause on Astrid and return her home to her daughter. However this was a mistake on Yvonne’s part.



Remi’s sister doesn’t take to Yvonne’s demands and sped up Yvonne’s illness and request that she never returns. Yvonne becomes distraught learning what Remi’s sister had done. Before leaving, Yvonne begged for her to return Astrid home but Remi’s sister laughed in her face and banished her from Adaia Grove.



Yvonne rapidly grows weaker and sicker as the days passed by. Yvonne is too weak to get out of bed however her curse remains strong. There’s nothing that anyone could do but watch helplessly as Yvonne’s life slowly slips away.



Florita finally breaks down and told Dodder she knows the truth of how the curse can be broken. She’s afraid that Dodder would be angry at her for not telling him that Tykisha has the ability to break it but refuses to. To Florita’s surprise, Dodder wasn’t angry at her and told her if she told him right away then they would have never gotten close. Florita thought holding back for so long was a mistake, however it did more good than harm.




Dodder confronts Tykisha about what Florita had told him. Naturally Tykisha denies that she has the ability to break her mother’s curse without conceiving a child with another genie. Dodder calls her out knowing that she didn’t need any extra magic and how she’s more than capable of breaking it. Tykisha admits that she could break it but refuses to saying that he now belongs to her and there’s nothing he can do about it.



Dodder gave birth to their second child named Alicia.



Yvonne doesn’t know how long she has and orders Tykisha break the curse since she’s too weak to do it herself. However Tykisha has no intentions in breaking curse and will allow it take its course or until her mother takes her final breath. Yvonne is too weak to argue with Tykisha about her refusal to break it and slips into a deep sleep.



However Florita over heard Tykisha refusing Yvonne’s order to break the curse as it’s dying wish. Florita feels that she have to take matters into her own hands now.



Sometime has passed since the birth of Alicia and Dodder is seeing some signs of aging. Dodder figure with Yvonne dying that her curse would be weaker but her curse remains strong. Dodder gives in and becomes pregnant with his third child.



Florita met up with Regan and learned about Tykisha’s case with her first son. The state didn’t take him away as she claim to her mother and Dodder. Dodder didn’t fathered her first child and she had lost custody of him to his real father while she was in jail. Yvonne wasn’t clear when the state came in. Tykisha didn’t go to jail for a diamond that Dodder stolen. Tykisha went to jail for unpaid tickets. She made herself look like she was a saint and how everything was Dodder’s fault. She fooled her mother into placing a curse on Dodder, claiming that he ruined her life along a few other females. Dodder couldn’t believe what he was hearing about Tykisha. He no longer hated Yvonne as she was innocent in this whole thing. Pregnant with the their third child, he needed to find a way to get Tykisha to break it or he’ll have to wait until Yvonne finally passing on.



Dodder confronts Tykisha with everything that he knows. Tykisha denies at first but later admits that he’s not the father of her first child. Dodder again demand she breaks the curse but Tykisha denies him and reveals to him that she’s working on a curse to make him hers forever.



Dodder meets up with Florita one night after she told him she has a plan. She hands overs an apple requesting that he gives this Yvonne. It’s a Cynio apple, a poisonous apple that can kill a witch. Florita made a visit to Adaia Grove and was given the apple from Remi’s sister after making a special exchange.




Dodder didn’t like the idea of killing Yvonne just to break the curse and is willing to let it run its course or until Yvonne dies naturally. Florita admires his good heart but feels selfish for wanting the curse to be broken now so they could finally be together. Dodder holds the apple in hand and isn’t sure what to do with it. Florita suggest he give an offering to the Well of Iceia and the spirit of Iceia will give him a blessing and approve of the apple. Giving Yvonne the apple would be a favor since she is suffering.



Dodder didn’t believe much in wishing wells but gave it a try. Iceia spoke to him and gave him a blessing, assuring him he was doing Yvonne some good.



In the morning, Dodder found Yvonne in her rocking chair. She hasn’t left her bed in the past few months. Yvonne was happy to Dodder and spoke to him. She saw he was near the near of his third pregnancy and showed some disgust. She told Dodder how she ordered Tykisha to break the curse months ago but she refused to do it. Dodder then told Yvonne everything Florita had told him. Yvonne lower her head and apologize to Dodder. Yvonne told Dodder when she passes on that her house is his and not Tykisha’s.



Yvonne could sense the Cynio apple near by and requested Dodder to give her the apple. Dodder refused to give her the apple and told her he’s willing to let the curse take it’s course or until she passes on. Yvonne reaches her arm out and told Dodder that she’s ready now. Dodder holds the apple but refuses to give the apple to Yvonne. He expresses how he doesn’t feel right giving it to her. Yvonne explain how she lived a full life and requests he hands the apple over. Dodder stands up to throw it away but Yvonne quickly snatches it.



Yvonne returns to her room to get dress but locking the door behind her. Dodder pleads for her to open but Yvonne ignores his pleads and teleports herself in the front yard and takes a bite of the apple.



Dodder watches helplessly as Yvonne passes on….




Soon after Yvonne’s death, Dodder gave birth to Marcel and the curse was broken.




With the curse now broke, Dodder files for a divorce. Tykisha wasn’t going to let Dodder go without a fight and told him she wasn’t going sign any papers and how she’s going to stay married to him. She suggest they should have another baby seeing how she would be the one pregnant this time.



Tykisha lost her battle after the divorce was finalize. Tykisha fought for full custody of the kids but lost. Tykisha attempted to boot Dodder from the house but found the will stating that Dodder would own when Yvonne passes on. When Tykisha disobey Yvonne’s order and learned the truth about her, Yvonne magically changed her will making sure that her daughter got nothing before teleporting outside to die. Tykisha left the house empty handed one final time.




Dodder was ready to move forwarded in his life. Florita soon moved in and it wasn’t long before he asked to her to be his real wife. Florita accepted his offered and they soon wed.



A few years after the wedding, a new member was added into their home. Florita gave birth to her first child with Dodder. They named her Venus.



Erica had return home after leaving a few years ago. She got an invitation to a birthday party in Twinbrook from her younger brothers and haven’t been back since. Erica explained to Dodder she had an unnatural desire to have kids with Liam Gelman who is their older siblings Borage and Celsia’s father. Dodder was disappointed to hear this and to make it worst she explain that their cousins Regret and Fancy had 5 kids with him as well. Dodder wasn’t sure what to say at this point other than he officially hates Liam.

Erica grew depressed once she saw little Venus. It made her miss the 5 kids she had to leave back in Twinbrook with Liam. Erica wants to be mother and wants to raise her kids. Erica enjoys taking care of little ones and feels this was her life calling. Erica decided that she wants to be a nanny.




Dodder is happy with his life. He never thought he would ever be a family man. Dodder remains in Moonlight Falls with his new wife Florita and his kids, Rhythm, Alicia, Marcel, along with his child with Florita, Venus.


The End.



Bonus pic

Marcel is too cute with his evil self 😀

Dodder and his family will be seen time to time in the new story. I’m letting Story Progression take over their lives. Don’t you fuck it up, SP >_<

5 thoughts on “A Field of Dodders: The Finale

    • I’m gonna miss Marcel most of all. I love how he’s a neurotic evil artist. I made him close in age with Ada and technically they are cousins so hopefully they’ll naturally became friends in the new story. Alicia is a little sweetheart herself. She’s a social butterfly and loves to chat with Dodder. She’s a daddy’s girl. Dodder has a happy ending until SP screws it up. You can’t trust that jerk LOL

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