My 2 cents and stuff…


Oh look what we have here. A world that finally got my interest since Monte Vista, that’s been almost a year or now? I’m just glad they are done with the fantasy worlds. No matter how much I edit it, DV and MNH would never be remotely interesting. I think I played DV twice, once to try it out and the other time was with a sim wearing a hotdog suit with a horse mask on roller skates dancing around town Video But that may of been the only time I had time with it cause I had a insane sim in a hotdog suit wearing a horse mask on roller skating. I only played MNH once and was bored with it quick although I dressed Cergio as a pimp, it wasn’t enough. Plus it was too dark for my not so great vision.



As for Aurora Skies, it just sucks… Ugly ass houses with a pretty sky, it didn’t make sense. Anyway… Roaring Heights looks pretty interesting BUT I’m not too crazy about the name. Sounds like a name for a high school.. the fuck EA. Stop smoking so much crack when you come up with these names, Barnacle Bay doesn’t roll off the tongue so beautifully. I’m currently Barnacle Bay in PC’s updates but I renamed the town, cause that name is stupid  -_- So if I were to use Roaring Heights, I’m most likely to rename it to something similar. EA lost a point on the name >_<

The roller coaster! Now that looks pretty nice! It would be fun to have our sims ride that thing and die like in Final Destination. It looks cool and all BUT… remember how the hot air balloon was with AS? Yeah.. disappointment. Let’s just hope EA does a better job with this unlike that jank ass hot air balloon that doesn’t do shit. “Ooh we went up 4 inches into the sky. OMG we up so high!” Half of the time, that piece of shit gives me scripts errors and resets.


Now I already built a carnival in Borage’s save, he’s in Evansdale County. I have no use for the fest grounds and unset it and made a year long carnival lot. The roller coaster would do nicely on my lot and as I was building this lot I wished there was a roller coaster. And now there’s about to be one. However my lot is pretty filled up.. I’m sure I can find a spot for it.


I’ll find room :p And I can’t wait to finally use my own lot. It’s still currently winter and blanket with snow. Borage’s family won’t be doing too much, beside.. Borage is still in a coma and all. Anyway.. I have no plans to upload this lot so don’t ask. Maybe in the future I’ll build a smaller carnival lot with things that aren’t decrapped cause some of my store content was decrapped, one reason why I’m not sharing this. Another reason is placement, it’s difficult to place with half on land and half over water.




From what little that I can see, I’m pretty excited about this new world. And man it’s been a long time I’ve been excited about a new world from the store. If all goes well, I think Roaring Heights would be the right city for Borage move to. Honestly… as pretty as Evansdale County as may be.. that world as been a headache. It’s almost insane to pick and leave after all the hard work I put into editing that world to make it better. I did a lot to make it over, removing lots and replacing them with my own. However I intended Borage to move again over some time. But I think he may move again sooner than I planned. But I will see how things will go.

I do know at some point I will need to patch my game but I don’t wanna (still on 1.55) The new world don’t come out til Dec 12 so hopefully by then every mod I use should have all their quirks fixed. I still debating on getting the last EP although I think it’s lame as hell. Into The Bullshit.. Bleh!


As far as the fashion. Meh. Not too crazy about it and well probably never use it like most of EA’s world clothes. I’m aware if I play the world, some of the townies will be walking around in that attire, throwing off my vibe of my town. Unless I use…..

I do that in every town and place down all of my friend’s lovely sims. We share our sims and they breed like damn bunnies so it’s not like we will ever run out of sims ever.. So I guess it’s time to save up some change, probably rob some old ladies or employ some hookers. 😀


Here’s a random pic of Borage waking a baby with megaphone…


You’re still an ass lol



And the horse guy……

12 thoughts on “My 2 cents and stuff…

  1. Ugh that hot air ballon is such a piece of shit. It looks so nice too, and I get so many script errors from it.
    The new world looks amazing, I agree 😀 My WoL will probably move there eventually!

    • It was such a disappointment. I swear if the roller coaster is flop I will total annihilate EA LOL I hope the world is nice as it appears in the pics cause I really want to move Borage there. It kinda reminds me of Starlight Shores but better.

  2. I so agree, this world is the only one I’ve been interested in since Mount Vista, I hope it doesn’t suck, and is full of bugs, routing issues and shit like EA worlds usually are. Not to thrilled about the outfits either, more crap for random townies to walk around in. I lol’d about the random pic of Borage waking the baby up with a bullhorn. LOL

    • I see what they are trying to do there and they just need to stop and just give us a freakin’ city for goodness sake! We don’t need no time era or anything silly.. We have DV and that ITF EP, enough with the time era crap >_<

      I had no ideal sims could wake babies with the megaphone but I found him waking up his daughter, being an asshole lol

      • YES! What is it with the time era bullshit. Oh well, the town still looks gorgeous, it just better not be filled with route issue errors like Mount Vista was. I’ll be pissed cause this is the first world i’m looking forward too. Borage is lucky he’s waking a baby up in the crib, if he woke me up with a megaphone I would have falcon punched him right in the nuts. LOL

    • Hopefully! I’ve been waiting for a world that I would actually like. It’s been way too long. I really haven’t gotten to play MV the much either. Someday soon I guess.

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