Disco Insanity: Log#4 – I’m an Acrobat

“I wasn’t finished getting read for our date my beloved! Don’t you want me when I’m all prettied all?”




“What are you all pissed off about? I was asleep you know.”

“The wrong alien took me. I need someone to complain to about it.”

“Okay, bitch about this with me later. I’m a chicken and I’m asleep at this hour.”

“I don’t care! I wanna talk now!”

“Look here ho…”

“No you look here!”








“How about a hug?”

“I don’t do hugs.”

“Oh how come on. One hug doesn’t hurt.”

“Hugs are filled with happiness with love.”

“Yeah, true.”

“Happiness and love is pain that I cannot bare.”

“What! Happiness and love isn’t painful, sourpuss!”



“Evil chicken, come talk to me.”

“Can you bitches let me sleep?”

“My sister said being happy makes her hurt. Why she gotta be a sourpuss?”

“Why do you gotta be annoying?”

“I’m not annoying! You’re annoying!”

“I’m annoying?”




“You came to wake me up to complain about something stupid that I can’t do nothing about and you’re calling me annoying? You got some nerve, STD girl.”

“Who you calling an STD?!”

“Your name is chlamydia isn’t it?”

“It’s Khlamydia with a K so there’s a huge difference you big idiot face!”

“Whatever, just go away like now.” 



“I had to get a new job cause my boss said men don’t like wearing skirts! Can you believe this shit?”

“Look it’s early. I didn’t get much sleep cause you and your STD sister wouldn’t leave me alone.”

“I gotta find a new job! I’m mad.”

“I think it’s for the better.”

“I wanted to be a stylist!”




“How about being an acrobat?”

“Hmm I never thought about being one. I guess that would be fun.”

“Good. I hope you break all of your bones.”




What are you doing?

“Spray painting a mural on my house. I want to do 3 of these.”

You want 3 ugly murals on your house? Why not around town instead?

“I want memory of my awful mistakes. Besides, this star is pretty. I’m gonna be a star since I’m going to be an acrobat.”



“Awesome! I’m an acrobat now. I gotta let the town know of this amazing news.”




“People of Lunar Lakes! I am now an Acrobat. I demand that you give me money when I perform. So get over here now and give me your money cause I need it! I am a star!”




“Well? I’m waiting! Give me your money! All of it! I know you bitches have some money! I seen you around town, stuffing your fat faces with fattening food!”




“I know you’re in there! I can hear you breathing! You’re all still fat!”




“I’m gonna show these guys that I’m the best acrobat in space! This is always been my dream since the evil chicken suggested this. I got this career in the bag.”




“Whoa! Whoa! Whoaaaaaa! This wind is really taking me awayyyyyyy! Stop it dude! So not cool!”



“Oof.. Could of given me a softer landing…”



“I totally meant to do that!”


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