Love For The Ladies: Chapter 56: A Mother’s Love

From the moment he was born, I made him a promise. I would always protect him no matter what. The second I laid my eyes on him, I knew he was special, I knew he would be a star one day. I named him Borage, the star flower. With his hair being the same color as the star flower, I felt it was perfect, he was perfect. My precious star flower.



It started with a little arrangement that I made with his father Liam who I brought in from Twinbrook. You heard the story a million times but in case you don’t care to follow along or easily confused or you can’t stop smoking crack, he has 100 baby challenge of his own.

Originally I felt I could have 100 of my own having my daughter Acacia but my husband Max wasn’t having it so I found an ad by Liam. If Liam helped me then I would later helped him. That was the deal as crazy as it sounded. I was young and thought it was great but didn’t think parenting would be so difficult. Needless to say, I ended my journey to 100 kids shortly. I should have stopped after Borage and Celsia. I could have spent extra time with them.




My heart sank after receiving a disturbing call from my grandson L2 about Borage saying they found face down in the snow, he was in a car crash and is now in coma. At first I didn’t want to believe it. It wasn’t true. My Bubba isn’t in coma, he wasn’t in a car crash, he’s fine. I just didn’t want to believe anything my grandson was telling me. Genies and comas are not a good combs. Genies tend not to walk up.




As I chose not the believe.. A picture was sent that forced me to believe. My baby.. he looked so.. lifeless.




I remember the day I took him to the lake for the first time. He giggled like he never giggled before. His eyes lit up as he splashed his little hands in the water. He kicked and wiggled around in water. It was precious a moment we shared that warm summer day.



I would give anything just to relive that day all over again. Just to hold him and hear his little giggle again. Not sure changing his diapers, he left some pretty nasty ones. I did a lot of magical cleanings with him. Things got better when I start feeding him cake.



The arrangement didn’t require visitations however Liam was a bit concern mainly cause of Rosette and did drop by to see the kids time to time. Liam did like seeing his kids and I guess it was good he wanted to be apart of their lives.




However Bubba wasn’t Liam’s biggest fan. He was more of a momma’s boy and didn’t care much for his mainly cause he was a stranger for the first years of his life.




Liam was busier as the kids got older and didn’t see them as much but when he did, he got a lot of attitude from Borage if he saw him flirting with me. Borage was always protective of me and disliked any flirtation between us, a very jealous boy. Most of the time he didn’t like my husband Max flirting with me.




Over time Bubba got use to his dad and warmed up to him. He looked up to him…..




Until he knew the truth about Junior…




One visit didn’t go well when Rosette forgot to put one of her kids to be and left Martini sleeping in the front yard with the cow plant.



We often got phone calls from Liam asking if all of the kids were in the house away from the cowplant and asked to send pics of the current location of each location. After while it was annoying but looking back, we were terrible but it was mainly Rosette who was terrible.

“Yes Liam, the kids are still alive. The cow plant is a vegetarian anyway. Rose try to fed Fin to it but he wouldn’t eat him. He likes salad.”


“I know my boo called for me! Why didn’t you give me the phone?”

“He didn’t call for you. He was checking on the kids cause your dumb ass left one outside.”

“I thought I got them all. I counted them all! I got like 5, right?”

“Ugh! You have 4 and that includes your triplets, you idiot! You can’t even count!”

“Whatever! Next time my boo love call, give me the phone you skank!”



Sometimes… Just sometimes I just wanna choke Rose…




Besides I took good care of my Bubba baby..




And Cece as well.




My twins got along well. They fight a lot but it’s their odd way of bonding. I made sure my babies stayed close. Family is important to us Montigos.



Keeping the kids close was important. As fucked up as they may be, they are close and love each other. They fight and call each other names but they know if one is in trouble they have someone to bail them out.




Birthdays came and came. Bubba got older and older. I didn’t like when he started to get older became his own person. I enjoyed his baby years, I enjoyed his child years, I enjoyed his teen years. When it came to his 18th birthday, I locked myself in my room and cried for hours. I wasn’t ready to let him go though I still had a preteen age twins to love.I cringe when I was told from Borage and Celsia about them wanting to move out at the same time. However it was just across town. I’m just glad they remained in town for some time.

Over the years all of my kids left town before I did. I was proud of kids, taking lead in their lives and not sticking around cause they didn’t want to break my heart. I allowed my kids to live their own lives and not worry about my feelings. I just let them know that a mother’s love can never be replaced.




“Ah man! This prank is gonna be some awesome. Cece won’t know what hit her when she washes the dishes.”



“I just gotta make sure this is just right. I gotta be the prank king of the house.”






11 thoughts on “Love For The Ladies: Chapter 56: A Mother’s Love

    • It did appear at first she didn’t care so much but she did had a nurturing trait for some time :p But she does care about her children and their feelings. Just raising them properly wasn’t her strong point. Yeah he does look pretty banged up there 😦

    • Yeah, he was a cute kid. It was good to see him as a kid again and him being silly like he use to be with his twin and sister-cousins lol Maybe one day soon he’ll leave the bed.

  1. Aww it is great to see her perspective, she is really torn up about Borage(understandably).
    Hope he will get better quickly!
    Such cute pics of him and Cece as kids 🙂

    • Zinnia adores her first born son a lot of course any mother would be torn up hearing about their child is in a coma. I’ll get more into about genie comas in a bit. Zinnia like Borage is starting to develop as I felt it was time for her to mature a little. But she’ll still have her moments like Borage will always have his lol

  2. It’s nice to see that she does truly care about him. Growing up and babies are tough and mistakes were made, but you can tell just how much she does love her kids.

    I hope that he wakes up though 😦

    And the photos are super cute too

    • Characters must develop and grow over time and Zinnia is a favorite. i always did like writing her along with Rosette. Even Rose will mature at some point and that would be interest given how she is lol. She loves and cares about her children and only wants the best for them. Only time will tell if or when Borage awakes.

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