State of Tigo


Hello! I’ve been meaning to post something about the happenings with my stories and all.

Yeah there’s been a decease in updates lately, updating every 2 weeks mainly cause I want to enjoy this game and I’m always building something. I had some freeplays that I shared on FB and a little on Tumblr but it’s easier on FB than Tumblr. I’m currently doing a Random Legacy that I shared on FB. I always wanted to try one, so far it’s been fun. But anyway……..


Dodder’s story. – I had plans to transition Dodder’s story into Erica’s but I’m not. I can bare to write about him anymore, updating his story has been a chore and I shouldn’t feel that way about a story. Instead, I plan to write up a summary than leads up to Erica’s story.  Dodder’s update was the last one for him.


Lilah’s story – I’ve been wanting to update her story but I lost her pics. Which I won’t get to show her silliness. At some point I will play her save again and start from there.


About Celsia – Her current story is still cancelled but I do have plans to give her a new story that carries from her old one. She’ll be placed in a made over Sunlit Tides and running a spa resort with her half brother Clark. Her save still needs to be worked on before I can start. It’s a empty world so there’s a lot to be done. Plus, I haven’t came up with a name for it.


Rio’s story – There will be more updates to come 😀


Borage’s story – Although I had plans to update his sometime next month, I felt I should focus on the other stories a little more. He may not get another update until December. He’ll be in a few more chapters of Rio’s tho :p


Party Montigo – It run it’s course. That story is done. The Montigos from that story will have life updates time to time. Some where added to other stories.

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