Montigo Extensions: Phoenix C. – Update 2

I spent the last few weeks preparing for college. Doing as much drawing and painting as I could. I kinda felt like I needed to impress my art instructors although it seemed a bit silly. But I enjoyed my time sitting in the cool grass and drawing whatever inspires me.





I was going to miss my 3 cats while we went away for school. I just added Iggy, a young kitten into the house. I felt that Tiger and Liliana needed a new playmate. I hope Iggy doesn’t get too big before I get back. I’m gonna miss my kitty babies.




College life was pretty fun I guess. I didn’t attend many parties like I thought I would. But I wasn’t there to party. I was there to study and get a degree in  fine arts. Laurie and I would practice sketching each other for fun. We would pose in the most awkward ways just to make each other laugh.




It was long before we met up with another art student from our classes. His name is Kai Locke and he seems to be pretty cool.  We found him one day playing the keyboard after one of your classes. I liked what I heard and figure to chat with him  a little.




Soon we were friends and also found out that him and his brother stayed in the same dorm as we did. We been in this dorm for a few months and I never seen him or his brother before. It’s probably cause Kai is always wrapped up with a book. He loves to read and play his keyboard, he’s not out of his dorm room much.





Kai soon join Laurie and I with our awkward sketch poses. We all have fond memories of those days.





His brother Keith was often seen around the dorm now. He tends to be very popular with the ladies on campus but he doesn’t seem to like their attention.




I have to admit that Keith is kinda cute but he doesn’t seem to like all of the attention that gets from most of the females on campus. I’m not sure what about him makes him irresistible to females. Kai said he’s the most flirtiest unflirty guy he knows. 




I did see him hanging out Laurie a lot. She wouldn’t spill much detail about the deal between the two but I think they might have a thing going on or something. Keith doesn’t seem to mind Laurie’s attention.




Lotus surprised me the most. She started to come out of her shell a bit. I caught her in one piece swimsuit that she planned to wear at a party. Lotus has never wore a swimsuit since the fire. She figure this would keep the guys from focusing on her face. I hope she knows what she’s doing. She might attract the wrong kind of attention.




College did change my sister for the better. Over time, the scar on her face vanish. Lotus felt more confident about herself. She got a new attire. She liked to wear long skirts with flip flops. I thought I would never see her in a skirt, even if it was long.



I liked the new Lotus. She was still sweet and gentle but now had a habit of starting protests. Who knew she had some rebel in her.





Maybe this guy was some of the reason for the change. His name is Jeffery Dean. He was also majoring in fine arts. He doesn’t look like a typical college student, but he’s a sweet given his appearance.




However Laurie didn’t take a liking towards him. I’m not sure what their issues were but I heard a rumor that they dated back in high school. Laurie hasn’t admitted if it was true or not. But he likes Lotus and has so far treated her good.





I’m glad that I finally decided to attend school. My dad was very proud of me. Getting a degree was very important to me. My dad taken over paying for Lotus and I’s schooling. I wanted to pay for myself but he said it’s a parent’s job to pay for their kids’ school. I didn’t fight with him and let him be a dad.




I told my dad about how Lotus and I made the Dean’s list. He was very proud of us. Sometimes hearing his voice over the phone makes me miss him more. Sometimes I wished that I didn’t move so far from him. It’s about a 3 hour drive if I wanted to visit him. It’s not too far I guess but I stayed in Storybrook it would have been a shorter drive.

When I’m not working on projects, I’ll paint a portrait for my dad and send it to him. He later told me how my younger brother Aries likes my art and he paints himself. Maybe someday Aries would attend school with me. But remember how Aries is, it’s unlikely he’ll ever leave our dad’s said. 




I did get in a bit of trouble during my college days. I was caught spray painting a ground mural at the park. I thought my dad would be disappointed in me for getting arrested but he wasn’t. I was doing something that I loved, art. Dad didn’t find anything wrong with it. He had a word with the police over the phone. I never heard my dad yell before but I could hear him chewing them off as I was being held back to the holding cell. I was there for maybe an hour or 2 before I was released. I had to pay a fine but my dad took over it.




Kai teased me for few days when I got back from jail. He nicknamed me “jailbird” for a while. Since then Kai and I hung out a lot, working on projects together. Kai was pretty much my only guy friend. I didn’t feel anything romantic with him. Maybe cause hearing about his ex girlfriend all the time turned me off.

I can tell the he still loves his ex and misses her. Kailyn this and Kailyn that, is what I heard for the most part. For all I know she lives in Lucky Palms. The more we hung out, the less he spoke of her.




For a while, people thought we were a couple. Kai and I were just friends and nothing more. Besides, I don’t think Kai would see me in a romantic way.




I wasn’t all study and no play during school. I’m a Montigo after all. I had my fun with pranking my college mates. Good thing most of us had a great sense of humor and there were no hard feelings.




Graduation day came. I earned a degree and my family couldn’t be anymore proud. Especially my dad. It was great to see my family once again. Now I guess it’s time to start my life huh?




After graduation Kai and Keith found their home burned to the ground.  Since I had extra rooms I offer to rent out a couple of rooms to Kai and Keith if they were willing to relocate to Clover Hill Bay. They took my offer and soon moved in.

Things were going good and all…

But on one fateful night, Kai and I decided to do a lot of drinking. I just came home from a bad date. And one way to feel better is to drink the shittyness away. A couple of drinks turned into a couple of bottles, possibly more. The last bit I could remember was playing some beer pong.




Kai drunkenly stumbled towards me, speaking gibberish that I couldn’t understand. I notice how close he was getting to me.

“I always thought you were pretty.”

I wanted to blush but I was too drunk to do so.

“I always thought you were pretty too.”

I didn’t think before I said that. I always thought Kai was cute like his brother Keith but I never thought I would actually tell him that.

“So whatcha wanna do?”

“I dunno.. Whatcha wanna do?”




“I wanna do this.”





He kissed me. What do I do? Do I kiss him back? Why is this happening? I never seen him in any other way than just a friend. I thought he felt the same way. But I wasn’t sure how to react to this.




I guess I didn’t have time to react, cause the next thing I knew. We were in my bed.




The morning after was awkward and uncomfortable. My head was pounding, this was the worst hangover I ever had. Kai stumbles out of my bed and slowly redressed before returning to his room. He didn’t say much to me and I didn’t have anything to say. I held my face in my the palms of my hands.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just this hangover is major.”

“Need me to get you anything?”

“No, I’m just gonna sleep some more.”

The truth is, I’m not okay. I feel awful. Why did I allow this to happen? Is this going to change anything between us?



Kai and I never to speak about that night. We kinda kept some distance from each other. We didn’t know what to say. Things are just awkward now. I find myself thinking about him a little more than before. But soon Kai announced that him and Kailyn are back together and hope to work things out.

I was a bit upset by this news, I don’t know why. Why I am starting to like him? Kai spends a lot of time chatting with her online and texting her. I guess that’s how things are going be.




I got a new hobby now, jogging. When I need to think and figure things out, I jog. After getting a degree, I still had done anything with it. I’m still sitting around, thinking of what I’m going to do with my life.

Life has thrown a curve ball at me…





Soon after my night with Kai, I discovered that I was pregnant. Entering my 7th month of pregnancy, Kai has no ideal that he’s the father to my unborn child. I just couldn’t tell him or anyone. As far as everyone knew, the guy who I went on the bad date on was the father. Kai is happy, I didn’t want to ruin it for him. Him and Kailyn are doing good even it’s a long distance relationship.




Keith has taken interest in my pregnancy, more interest than Kai. There’s no way I could tell Keith the baby is his niece or nephew. I love how supportive Keith has been with my pregnancy. He pulls away from his computer long enough to hang out with me. Kai and I use to hang out but now Keith and I hang out. Keith is nice and all but I can’t stop thinking about Kai.

10 thoughts on “Montigo Extensions: Phoenix C. – Update 2

  1. Aww Lotus is looking so cute and happy now. 😀 It’s good that she’s been able to heal, she just had to care about herself more. *warm fuzzies* Well that was definitely an unexpected ending. :O Poor PC what an awkward position to be in. 😦

    • Basically Lotus’ happiness would be the reason of finally healing. A depressed genie don’t heal as fast as he or she naturally does. Once Lotus started to be happier in her life, her healing process sped up. I’ll get to Lotus’ life update at some point. I’m trying to do these in birth order, however I’m skipping over the ones who are currently apart of a running story. We know what they are up to already :p

      PC got herself in a interesting situation but the autonomously of the house changed the course of what I had planned :p

  2. Poor PC. It’s nice to see Lotus is doing better though. Btw- I think my last 3 were a bit garbled when I was trying to describe the 3 scenarios I was thinking of with Erica and Regret. Should I retype them and re-email them?

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